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This is so not just because of that post you made... But... Do you happen to know of any guides about Paris? Specifically what there would be for young adults there? Or could you write one?

Okay. So, I don’t specifically live in Paris, I’ve got family here though. I can give you a few quick tips. I also know of one guide I’ve seen around, but I will not link you to it as it’s actually really damn bad from my point of view.

  • Paris is the most expensive city to live in in France, and probably one of the most expensive city to live in in the world. Unless they go to a prestigious college and got some kind of help to pay for a shitty studio, young adults probably wouldn’t afford to live in Paris itself, except if their parents are rich as fuck. Don’t you dare go and say they live near the Eiffel Tower. Hell. Unless you’re actually really rich and have a family appartment there you probably won’t afford to pay the billions needed for an appartment in the historical center of Paris. There’s some less expensive stuff in other neighbourhoods, but even these are still quite expensive and would be too expensive for most young adults.
  • Your character is most likely to live in the suburbs (from Nanterre to Créteil) - and have to take the RER (train. Shitty ass trains with too many people in it about always) for a bit to reach the city itself. It’s that or taking the car, and A) A lot of young adults don’t have their driver’s license before they reach 20-25 because, once again, expensive as fuck. And you don’t need it in Paris, not really. B) No one actually WANTS to drive in that place. No one. It’s the worst. There’s just too many people and no one cares about respecting other drivers AND MAN THE GODDAMN BICYCLES.
  • If your character is a young adult, they probably rent a Velib from time to time - which are these goddamn bicycle you can rent in the city. They are heavy as fuck. A lot of people drive with their earphones on. No one tells them anything because the bicycles and people walking never do no wrong, it’s always the cars who are considered responsible when there’s an accident. They are everywhere and make everything even more of a danger than it already was before them.
  • Most of the time, if they go to college, it doesn’t have to be in Paris itself. A lot of colleges are in the suburbs, a lot of private schools are in Paris itself and while, yes, there are some colleges in Paris, these are usually really damn hard to get in.
  • No you can not see the Eiffel Tower from everywhere in Paris for God’s sake. It’s not THAT big. 
  • Most of the people who live in Paris don’t give two craps about museums, culture and the like. It’s just their city - they live here, and they don’t have the time for that.
  • Adult hipsters are called ‘bobos’. They like bicycles and organic food. You’ll find a lot of them in Paris. 
  • The nightlife is great. Nightlife is amazing. That’s pretty much all young adults parisians care about.
  • No one wears bérets.
  • Baguettes come in bags because people rarely only buy one to walk around with it under their arm.
  • Our fashion sucks. It’s really bland most of the time.

In short, Paris is great if you’re a tourist.

You probably don’t want to actually live here. Or if you do want to live here because you’d care about the culture, well, you can’t. Because it’s too expensive.

That’s Paris.

I litterally don’t get how people can romanticize it.