respect my craft


This doll was done for design tech in 2016.

There is a very deep emotional connection between me and the creating/concept of this doll and what he symbolizes to me and my family, please, be respectful with this post.

He was made from a pattern of my own design and to this day one of the most professional plush that I have ever produced.

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Can we get some cuddle time with Jared headcanons, please?


★honestly you and jared are either super duper touchy or not at all

★and when he is touchy feely it is impossible to get him off of you bc he is a serious cuddler

★”im an olympic level cuddler, (y/n), you’re not respecting my craft”

★he’s really good tho yall like

★sometimes you’ll just lay in bed together and he’ll be on you like a koala bear

★he loves to put his head on your tum or on your boobs

★he’s a boob man guys c’mon

★he just reaches up and gently grabs himself a handful and whispers “boob”

★incredible i know but this is one of my favorite jared headcanons

★okay so he’s not picky right he will just watch you scroll through facebook or instagram on your phone

★he loves to spoon too okay

★jar would love to say he’s the big spoon and he is sometimes but he loves when he’s the little spoon

★you kinda tuck your face against the back of his neck and put your arms around his chest

★and damn if you dont grab a handful of his chest and whisper “boob”

★jared likes to lay on top of you and smoosh you okay

★but you like to sit on his lap and distract him while he’s gaming or working on his computer

★lbr some cuddle sessions turn sexual

★but it’s mostly a lot of non-sexual exploration of each other and loving gentility and sweetness

  • 21 pilots man: wish we could take back the good old days......
  • me: when this song wasn't popular :-)
  • 21 pilots man: Like I get that this is a chat post and I don't exist other than the confines of this fictional exchange but you know what, that hurt, I'm not going to sit here and pretend it didn't hurt, I know you're entitled to your opinion but I did work really hard on this song with my friend, and like I don't know if you could at least appreciate the effort that went into making a song maybe you could find it in your heart to at least respect my craft and not just shit on my art indiscriminately because it's popular. Like, jesus christ.
Okay, lets talk.

My fellow artists and talented folk; pretty much everyone, we need to talk.

And I say this because we don’t talk ENOUGH. Amongst others, or ourselves for that matter.

Doing what we do and live for is a constant struggle everyday. I will make no efforts to obscure this fact. Being an artist, or a writer or a musical composer or what have you in talents, takes a good amount of practice and motivation. You will have the wings of angels walking down the valley of death, because the world currently is BARREN. And this is why I say so.

For example, in fine arts, you are nobody unless you have a degree and/or a huge gallery show somewhere in some fancy museum or collection. OR you work for a huge studio. I know you are a somebody if you are a fine artist, you always will be. But these people, the people who may hire you only see money signs. They don’t see talent unless they themselves are a practicing true artist and not a businessman.

You know what happens next if you find yourself here? You play the money charmer, but keep your morals and talent close to heart and mind.


i repeat, DO NOT

let the business charm you out of your natural skin and strip the talent, the original you, from you. 

Ok, ill back up. Yes, the world is rough, especially for the youth who cant seem to find jobs, even with degrees. Im aware because IM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU, just a freelancer whos very passionate about art trying to find a home that respects my craft and allows me to make a living. I know what that’s like.Trust me. Im not even out of college yet and I know.

However, allow me to say this. And forgive me if it sounds fairytale, but let me say that its quite a real truth, for EVERYONE.

The key is to stay strong. Brave it all. Stay yourself, always. If something inside you is preventing you from knowing the truth about yourself, kill it with fire, sword, and courage, otherwise you will always believe the lies it tells you, that you can go nowhere and you’ll be a nobody. Dont give up. It is natural for the world to oppose the greatness that lies within you. The more hell you have, the bigger your throne will be. And you will conquer with both iron and gentle fist. Rest assure.


Hey, you see the image above of the two women with different hair styles, but both expressing the pains of being black women having to deal with the worlds opinion of their beauty/hair. That image belongs to me Kadejah H. AKA Babybutta. I made this image in the summer of 2013. When I made this comic I’ll admit I didn’t think it was going to have a huge reaction, it made me very happy to see how many people are pleased with my work, but it brought a big smile to my face to see everyone loved the message. I live for that shit. 

However I am not happy with the fact that I’ve had to deal with someone who runs a natural hair blog who took my image, cropped it, and took away my signature, AND NOT JUST MY FUCKING SIGNATURE THE WHOLE DAMN PICTURE. So I assumed they took the picture with their phone, and posted it on instagram, but with a little research evidence show that that person did not upload it from their phone to instagram. They just cropped it out, and pretended like they didn’t know who took. They took it. No one is going to beat your ass for taking my image and cropping it out (The first time) because I will tell you how it’s bad, and the pain of being an artists and having people just duplicate your shit with out even leaving your signature, the signature is the most important part, because it represent the person who created something and brought it to life.

Ugh, but you’d think people would know that right? Nope, people just wanna be ignorant. Not that they need to be ignorant, because they WANT to be ignorant. I’ve googled the image below, and I found many blogs and forums with that ripped off image. Many of them being black hair blogs, and forums ran by black women. I am here for these black hair blogs, and forums. This is why I made this image for these people, for you guys, but what do I get? I get the same people I’m supporting taking my shit and deciding that they’re not going to support me, they decide they are going to just take the image and remove my name, and the rest of the work just to have the pretty faces, and the message. That’s fucked up. 

That’s beyond fucking petty. These people need to understand that whatever image you take off of the internet it belongs to someone, and someone deserves credit. How are you even going to try to make yourself a respectable blog if you aren’t providing sources? What’s even more fucked up is these people are leeches, seriously they are, they leech off of artists who make artwork like mines because there aren’t many of them floating around the internet, artwork like mine comes around a dime a dozen, so I understand the need to want to have it, and post it places, admire it, wanting it to represent anything you want to, but you aren’t helping me, or artists like me by erasing our names off of our images, cropping, retouching, ect. That’s fucking disrespectful. 

You know I never really got why people didn’t let other people use their work on other sites, but now I know why, because these people will not try to credit you, or contact you to ask to use your stuff, nah man they just take, and expect to be given more, and more. Fuck you. I don’t want to cut off my work just because of some bad seeds, but damn why the fuck shouldn’t I? Why should I provide my artwork to the world if you people aren’t going to respect me, my talent, my craft, and my skill? 

What I want is for people to just keep my signature on my work. Do not remove it, do not retouch my things, and do not crop out my things. I know I can’t control everything that happens on the internet, but you know what that still doesn’t make it alright. It doesn’t make it alright for people to steal anyone’s artwork and just put it right back up. Like it’s theirs. FOR SOME FUCKING NOTES, I TOLD YA’LL THESE NOTES ARE OF THE FUCKING DEVIL, SO ARE VIEWS. 

I’m done….