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I can’t be the only one...

Who smiles every time Wildcat laughs,

Who sings Basically’s outro,

Who does the Arnold vioce along with Terroriser,

Who gets too happy every time I see Vanoss’s thumbnails,

Who tries to do the Squeaker voice, but always fail,

Who falls in love with Delirious every time he laughs,

Who respects Cartoonz even if I haven’t met him,

Who almost cried while watching Droidd’s goodbye video,

Who giggles every time Moo laughs

Who gets mad along with Mini,

Who mimics Nogla’s laugh.

 * PSA- because it’s easy to forget our days over the festive period /  so embrace the shiraz and snacks fellow fan girls, it’s holby day! *

~ Our Queen wishing us well on Holby Tuesgay / Reminds us to enjoy the good times (before our bratty little daughters come and fuck up our sexy-times with our deliciously macho, army medic girlfriends)


The signs as crushes(guy version)and how to approach them
  • Aries Crush: Be confident and stand for yourself. Don't care about what others think of you,it will surprises Aries because he is pretty insecure but he hide it behind this though exterior.So he will admire you. Be headstrong but chill at the same time. Be friendly with them. Just respect them.
  • Taurus Crush: Laugh at his jokes. Even if it's lame. Just talk to him casually,talk about your interests.pretty sure he will listen. U can be touchy-feely with him after having him open up a lil bit
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  • Gemini Crush: Laugh. Just have a good laugh with friends,he will show interest in you because he will think that you're an easy going person who knows how to have fun. Be social, dress up. Have something intelligent or fun to say. But be yourself. Dont force.
  • Cancer Crush: Be kind, show that you're attentionate to people needs, show them you're a determined person.
  • Leo Crush: talk with many people. Have a good heart , be generous.Take care of yourself and your appareance,laugh,be sassy but intellectual,
  • Virgo Crush: start conversations with him. Whatever topic. Be Neat and be fun to be with.
  • Libra Crush: be attentionate to him. Libra guys loveeee when a girl just pay a tiny bit of attention to him. Be nice,not too serious and dress up. Engage light-hearted conversations
  • Scorpio Crush: be intriguing. Have a loud mind and a loud voice but be quiet. listen to them.compliment them!
  • Sagittarius Crush: show them that you have a nice heart and a nice person in general who knows how to have fun. Don't be afraid of standing for yourself.
  • Capricorn crush: be classy. Don't talk when you have nothing to say. Give your all to everything you are doing.
  • Aquarius Crush; try to make jokes, or debate with him on a subject. Yeah these two things will definitely work.
  • Pisces crush: look at them like if they're your daydream and make The first move ! They will appreciate for sure . Dont be too bold but come to him first in a nice way.
  • -Celine♐️
How to make your boyfriend happy (narry edition)

-surprise him by buying something he really likes

-make him laugh

-respect his dreams and be excited about him 

-plan something you both enjoy doing together

-don’t tell him merely that you love him,tell him why you love him

-hug him tight

-cuddle him 

  -make him feel good about himself

-participate in activities he likes

(bonus if you score a goal for him)

I am not adorable.
Must I be forever treated like a child,
who yearns to be taken seriously,
to be respected and not laughed at?
Why can’t I be treated for what I am -
both needy and independent,
both soft and unbending,
sweet and bitter,
reserved and passionate?
I am made of contradictions and variety, like life itself.

Do not diminish me,
do not belittle me,
do not make me small when I’m more than you can put into words.
I am not “lovely”, “nice”, or any other superficial and meaningless word.
I am the feeling that you get when you look up to the stars,
hear the roar of the sea,
or see a winter landscape touched by a soft sunset.
I am a beech wood filled with sacred quiet,
I am a wind-tossed grass plain in a storm,
I am the storm too.
I am solid rock, rising to breathless peaks,
I am ice on the river and pink clouds in the sky,
I am rose petals and tidal waves,
I am consuming fire and cherry blossoms.
I am moss, stone, and soil,
I am leaves and roots,
I am primal cries and soft whispers.
I’m all of nature and all is in me.

I recognise the relation of the flower to the galaxy,
and the thunder being the sibling of the falling snow.
But most people can handle neither gentleness nor passion.
It is something too real for those, who have adapted to a life of falsity and artificialness.

I am a human being.
Which is not something you can put a label on.
I deserve protection, not patronising.
It means that you have to know the preciousness of my heart,
and do not assume me to be without will.
My will makes me endure degradation, neglect, and mistreatment,
because I know that nothing anyone does to me
can ever change the nature of my self.
So keep smiling at my solemn words,
dismiss my appeal for consideration,
chuckle at my insecurity -
you are wounding yourself, keeping yourself blind and safe
from being truly alive and human.
You deserve better, but you don’t know that.
I know I do.

—  Indomitable (or Fullness of Life)

대박~ awesome! Swag!
멘붕~mental breakdown (comes from 멘탈붕괴)
심쿵~sound of a settling heart. When something is cute
헐~ wow. (sarcastically)
훈훈하다~heart warming
훈남/훈녀~a heart warming guy (rather than good looking)
미남/미녀~a physically attractive guy
엄친아~mother’s friend’s son (abr. of 엄마의 친구의 아들)
행쇼~”peace” or be happy (“peace” as in “peace out” or bye. Comes from 행복하십쇼)
갑 vs 을~superior versus subordinate
알바~part time job (comes from 아르바이트)
개소리~ nonsense (literally: dog noise)
게거품 물다~ to be extremely angry (literally: foaming at the mouth like a crab)
까다~ to criticize

Ahhh. (°_°) so many slang words~ obviously there’s more, but let’s move on to texting.

ㅇㅋ~ okay
ㄱㄷ~ wait. (from 기다려주세요)
ㅇㅇ~Informal yes (from 응)
ㅎㅎ/ㅋㅋ/푸하하하~ laugh/laugh/evil laugh respectively
ㄴ/ㄴㄴ~ no
ㅎㅇ~ hi (from 하이)
ㅇㄷ~ where? (From 어디?)
ㅃ/ㅃㅃ/ㅃㅇ/ㅂㅂ/ㅂㅇetc.~ bye
ㄱㅊ~ it’s okay (괜찮아)
ㅈㅅ~ sorry (죄송해)
ㅉㅉ~ tsk tsk
ㅊㅋ~ congratulations (축하해)
ㄱㅅ~ thank you (감사해)
ㄷㄷ~ shivering noise
ㄷㅊ~ shut up (닥쳐)
ㅅㄱ~ “peace” (kind of similar to 행쇼 except more of a goodbye than a be happy) (수고해라/수고)

ㅠㅠ/ㅜㅜ~ crying
^^/^-^ ~ smiling eyes
ㅡㅡ ~ wth straight face. Like -_-
orz/OTZ/OTL~ a dude kneeling over (I’ve known this for a very long time and I STILL read it as “orz” “O-T-Z” and “O-T-L” ㅎㅎ)

I hope this helped you guys understand any native texters that are texting you these weird things that you can’t understand. I suppose it is like an American texting a person learning English “lol wats up brah. U doin gud? Lolz k me 2” ㅎㅎ
Anyway~ if someone texts you some weird thing that doesn’t translate on the translator or dictionary, chances are, it’s probably slang. Just ask that person to write it out as a full word, or give you the meaning in English. If not, it’s probably online!

행쇼! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

~특별한 짱보라

I have an urgent need for Leonard Snart and Leslie Willis to meet and bitch about their respective heroes and laugh about how they think there’s still good in them

and then accidentally save a bus full of schoolkids together or something and hiss at a smug Kara and an even smugger Barry that “This doesn’t prove anything!”


Imagine Oswald being your older brother and always checking up on your relationship with Jim.

“So, how are things going with Jim?”

You arched a brow at your brother’s question, taking a sip of your tea, “You always seem to want to talk about my lovelife, brother,” you commented lightly, setting your cup down. “Surely there must be something more interesting to discuss between us, hmm?”

Oswald chuckled, his eyes crinkling at the edges. “I like to know that the blood of my blood is doing well. Has Jim managed to make a respectable citizen out of you yet?”

You laughed, “Respectable citizen and Gotham are not words that go together,” a small smile curled your lips, “But, yes, Jim has been good to me.”

“I would expect nothing less,” Oswald observed, having barely touched his own tea. “I’d hate to have to kill him for something so trivial as disrespecting you.”

You rolled your eyes, smiling softly, “Enough about my lovelife for now, brother. I want to hear about Mama. You’ve visited recently, haven’t you?”

“Of course.”

Gif Credit: Oswald

y'all I just want a cute boy to tell me I’m beautiful and kiss me everywhere. but now that I’m thinking about it I also want him to respect me, make me laugh and make me feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations. bby I know you’re out there but come into my life a lil bit faster ok???