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Ay look at me reading to far into a book again. Either @vaveyard is a genius putting little hopeful messages into her books first two words or she’s still a genius and I’m reading too far into this at 1am. Anyway the point of this post: these are the first pages of Red Queen, Glass Sword, and King’s Cage respectively. The first two words of RQ are “I hate”, and a powerful message through tall these books is the prejudice and privilege of the Silvers over Reds, who hate each other. Sound familiar?
The next is the first two words of GS “I flinch”, as in fear. There is fear on both sides of this book, Reds of how the Silvers may oppress or hurt them, the Silvers on how the Reds may fight back and change tradition that gives them severe advantages. Again, sound familiar? These are all too similar to modern times, and well…everything that is going on, from police brutality to “alternative facts” which all add to issues like racism, sexism, anti Semitism, homophobia, xenophobia, islamophobia, etc., and Ms. Aveyard has done a great job showing these same issues in a totally different world, and the fear and hate that create and add to them. Which is why I probably read too much into this and the beginning of KC.
Because the first two words of KC are “I rise”, which is what we all need to do now. Whether through speaking up and calling local politicians, or going to the woman’s March, pride marches, BLM marches, the science March, anything that shows we won’t give in and that we will continue to fight and have our voices heard. So if this was intentional, I applaud you Ms. Aveyard, and if it wasn’t I don’t care, because this was a message I needed for myself right now, and I’m sure many others do to. So listen to this, random tumblr, and instead of giving in to fear and hate, rise up. Rise up! You don’t need to be the Scarlet Guard or Mare Barrow, every rebellion and cause needs Kilorns and supporters who are not always spotlighted. You are important to these causes too. You are what drives them forward and makes them noticeable. Keep fighting!

Like if you think good fanfictions are real art and just as valuable as published books

I’m tryna prove a point to my dad because he’s genuinely curious and didn’t really understand the concept of fanfiction.

Also feel free to leave a few arguments for that, I’m out of ideas of how I could prove to him that fanfictions can be just as thought through and well written as published books.

Thanks! <3

Colleen Wing doesn't deserve any of this

I was trying to dissect Iron Fist episode by episode, but it is too painful. Here be spoilers:

Jessica Henwick is visibly struggling in some scenes where her character should punch DR in the throat for crossing her boundaries. Because it’s not in character for her to let him get away with stuff like this.

First meeting: Mangles Mandarin and polices her identity. He’s actually THAT GUY in that scene.

Second meeting: tries to get a job with her again even though she said no the first time and her dojo specialises in Japanese martial arts. Hey, she’s too poor to give him a job but she was nice enough to give him shoes.

Which is not an invitation for him to hide out at her place again when people are after him. 

Or mansplain martial arts to her in her dojo. They practice two different schools of martial arts

And it’s not an invitation for him to step into her class, interrupt the student leading the class and then hitting a teenager (from an abusive background) with a wooden practice sword for laughing at him. (This is already a major red flag.)

That’s at least two throat punches. But oddly enough, Colleen Wing, who does not take shit from other people in the show, does not punch him in the throat.

She also does not tell him off strongly for:

- Interrupting her training session with Claire Temple–that’s really unforgivable in general–interrupting a scene of Claire Temple being trained by Colleen Wing? Seriously? There goes any chance of passing the Mako Mori Test. (It looked like the actress was rather relieved when the script had Claire Temple stay for lunch so that she would not be alone with him.)

- Persuading her to back him up in a dangerous mission after Claire left by buying her building and becoming her landlord–that’s beyond overbearing, that’s some 50 Shades levels of controlling and rich man’s privilege. (She does not punch him for this–she just says “fix my sink”.)

- Rummaging through her stuff and taking her sword. He just forced her to go along with him to spy on dangerous people and he’s looking through her stuff? (She just says “you’re disrespecting my sword with your wuxia bs” and then they flirt awkwardly over swordplay. Ew.)

The writers try to hide how shitty all this was by having DR be Colleen’s enabler–because she actually wants to do dangerous stuff and he saw that in her. They are both secretly adrenaline junkies that like beating people up or something??? That’s some ridiculously far-fetched characterisation there just to give them some common ground (they don’t really have any common ground–the writers are forcing it beyond the bounds of belief).

All this bad writing in aid of trying to hook her up with DR. If anyone tried that first line with a biracial woman, it’s an instant bad first impression even if the guy was Asian. Everything else after that is worth of a restraining order–even if the guy was Asian (and should know better).

The worst part is, DR treats his other favourite-woman-to-stalk Joy better than Colleen, the one he’s allegedly attracted to. Because white women are fragile and much be protected–another trope that needs to die. Even though Joy is not very nice to him and will very likely turn on him in future.  This sort of thing would be less obvious if there were more women in this show or this entire series with lines–but it’s sort of glaring when Claire Temple was beaten up in Daredevil Season 1, Elektra was killed in Daredevil Season 2 and Colleen Wing gets her face smashed in and her fingers dislocated in cage fights with men twice her size (twice so far from episodes 1 to 5). 

That’s only episodes 1 to 5. I cannot stomach any more bad writing in the name of hooking DR up with Colleen Wing.

In summary: Even if they had cast a Chinese actor as DR, I would still root for Colleen Wing to punch him in the throat because the writing is that bad.

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thanks for this! the only thing I’d like to add is they also treat Karen the white woman better in Daredevil seasons 1 and 2. So while the Netflix defenders shows do have WoC they make sure to treat the WoC worse than the white women.  The only exception is Luke Cage where the WoC were respected and valued.

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Don’t touch my wife!

Pairing : Crowley x wife!Reader. Lucifer x reader
Word count : 1,576
Author : Mel (Now @fictionalabyss )
Warnings :
Touch of the smut. Breeding kink mentioned. Noncon when it comes to the branding. Angst?
Square filled :
Written for @spnkinkbingo


The one thing Crowley held on to, the one thing that kept him going while Lucifer had him playing puppy dog, was that you were hidden and safe. He would get free, get away, and get to you again. As he crouched in his small cage, all he thought about, was you.

He had saved you from hunters as a child. You weren’t human, but you weren’t quite demon either. Anti-christ. A man had scared you, and you accidentally killed him. That’s what had brought the hunters down on you. You had killed one of them too, in fear. Crowley spent years trying to ease that guilt. 10 years old, and two murders.

You had happily gone with him when he showed up. You wanted to keep your parents safe. He sheltered you, raised you. And when you grew into a beautiful young woman, he fell in love with you and married you. You were his Queen, his everything. And it killed him that he couldn’t get to you.

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To Save You

Prompt: Could you do a murphy imagine where he gets upset when he came back from COL to find out y/n is taken by Mount w?

A/N: Because some of you requested, i’ve decided to continue this series. Again if you’d like me to continue this series, let me know or I won’t.

Pairing: Murphy x Reader

Warnings: being held against your will

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Bellamy followed cautiously behind Maya, his eyes searching all around. Groaning in fear, Maya turned to the man she has just met behind her, and whispered in a hush; “stop scanning. You need to at least act like you’re a guard.” She fussed; and embarrassed, Bellamy nodded. Though he hadn’t had to play the role of a guard since coming down to earth, he straightened with practiced ease and stepped just a few steps quicker so he could stand beside Maya.

“Are you sure she’ll be here?” Bellamy asked, anxious. Maya shook her head; “no. But before your friends were quarantined in her, this is where we took them.” She explained, silence followed before Maya nodded and held up her key-card, the both of them gained access in and Bellamy stared confused at the white hallways and doors. “If she’s here, she’s in one of the rooms.”

“Hey, you two!” Jumping slightly, the pair turned the other direction where a guard in the same uniform as Bellamy came stomping towards them. Bellamy anxiously looked at Maya, as if to ask what she should do she only shrugged in response. “Hello, Kael.” Maya greeted politely, the guard, known as Kael, only glanced at her with a polite smile before turning to Bellamy.

“You’re late, cadet.” He stated.

Bellamy turned to Maya who with wide eyes, nudged him silently. “Sorry- I um-”

“Safe the excuses.” Kael held up his hand; “next time, don’t be. I need to eat, so watch.” He said and with that, he sent a small wave Maya’s way and exited the hallway. Bellamy let out a breath he hadn’t known he’d been holding, and looking around he raised an eyebrow; “well that’s convenient.”

“Look through any of the doors,” Maya ordered. Nodding, Bellamy began searching through the doors, looking for you. He felt his heart spike when he saw your familiar head of hair, though your head was turned away as you seemingly struggled with something. “She’s here!” He called and Maya came running over, peeking through the hole, Maya fell silent and her eyes widened.

“That’s her?” She asked incredulously. Bellamy furrowed his brow, confused; “yes.” He replied; “why?”

“Cage talked about her… he said no one was allowed admittance in.” Her wide eyes turned on him and she shook her head; “I can’t let you into help her.” Bellamy’s heart sunk and he shook his head baffled, turning back to you, his eyes softened desperately when you slumped, hopeless and held your head in your hands. Still unaware of Bellamy’s presence, you felt despair fill you.

“Please, I just need to talk to her. Let her know she isn’t alone.” Pleading eyes turned on Maya, and with a guarded look your way she shook her head. Guilt filled within her and frustrated, she pressed her key-card against the keypad. “Five minutes. Five minutes before Cage comes.” She warned, opening the door for Bellamy.

Almost instantly you snapped up in surprise, fright filling within you at the thought of Cage being the one coming in. Though, your eyes widened and your mouth fell open in bafflement when it wasn’t Cage and rather Bellamy. Your eyes instinctively scanned him for injuries (him being one of your closest and kindest friends, yes it sometimes got of Murphy’s nerves) and more confusion filling within you when you saw his attire. “Bellamy…?” You whispered in shock; “what are you wearing?”

“I only have five minutes Y/N.” Bellamy explained in a rush. “Are you okay?” He asked as he stepped forward, he sat beside you on the bed and you leaned into the hug he offered you. You ignore the way your left arm strained against your restraints which had been changed, and leant into the warmth. He wasn’t John, but to know that Bellamy was alive and okay, made instant relief fill within you.

“I’m fine. Are you okay?” You asked.

He nodded; “Maya, she’s helping us;” he pointed to the girl outside and she offered a small smile. “I’m gonna get you and our friends out. I promise.” Bellamy swore, staring at you in a mild mix of fear and hope. Placing your free hand against his shoulder, you smiled reassuringly at him; “don’t worry about me Bellamy. Just get out friends out.”


“No Bellamy, I don’t care what happened to me. But you get them out. There’s something wrong with this place.” You explained, staring at him. With a smile, you nodded at him. Maya peaked her head in, staring worriedly at the both of you. “They’re coming, hurry.” She rushed and you smiled at him; “promise me.”

“I’m not gonna just leave you Y/N.”

“Bellamy, please…” You stressed, Maya made eye contact with you and stressed you turned to Bellamy. “Just promise me.”

“No, i’m not leaving you behind. I’ll get you out, besides, Murphy would kick my ass.” He smirked at you and cautiously he stood up, backing out of the room. You shook your head at him, frustrated but sent a knowing smile at him. Figures, he would go all out and be the hero.

Shutting the door behind him, Bellamy quickly moved to look as if he was taking watch. Maya stood next to him and he could feel her fear, bracing themselves Bellamy tried to ignore the feeling in his stomach when he heard the synchronized steps of the guards. Not long after did the door to the quarantine zone open up and in stepped a bunch of guards and a man in the middle. “Cage.” Maya greeted respectively bowing her head, Bellamy followed suit.

Cage stepped forward, his scrutinizing eyes floating before the pair. “President Cage now.” Was all he said. Shocked, Maya was quick to nod. “President.” She repeated.

“I’ve just heard an order of two separate people opening door ten.” He explained, eyes ghosting over Bellamy. Bellamy remained silent, not saying anything and keeping his head down. Maya gulped, quick to answer.


“I requested specifically that no one but me or ordered by me enters that room.”

“I apologize. I misheard instructions and was just cleaning as I do other rooms.” Maya explained. She watched cautiously as Cage remained silents. Hands folded before him, his eyes scanned Bellamy one last time before nodding. “Yes, well don’t have it happen again. That girl is very important to me. I have big plans for her as you know.” Bellamy’s eyes widened and he felt a spike of panic as he thought of your well-being, he needed to be quick and get you out of there before something happened to you.

“Yes, president.”


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Nessian Part Fifteen by L.J. LaFleur


Vibrant blue chains glimmered around my wrists, searing into my dirty skin. “Where are we going?” I said through clenched teeth. The blood beneath my skin felt cold—sharp, like shards of ice pulsing through me.

“The throne room or the great hall—your preference, really.” Eris didn’t hold onto the chains, instead he stood beside me with a firm hand around my elbow.


The corner of his lips twitched, his uneasy smile vanished. “My father would like an audience with you.”

I stopped, yanking my arm out of his grasp, “Eris, I am not a fool.”

“You’re certainly acting as such,” he snapped, looking in both directions of the hall. Eris grabbed my arm, pulling me forward.

“Excuse me?” I seethed with narrowed eyes, jerking out of his grip once again.  

“You were a fool to leave Velaris. A fool to think that you could survive on your own against creatures that have roamed these lands hundreds—some, thousands–of years.” Eris spat at me. “You were protected and you left.”

Heat moved across my cheeks.

Glaring, Eris’ voice lowered, “a foolish girl with cauldron magic and a sharp tongue.”

I charged forward but he winnowed just out of reach. The restraints glowed brighter as I fought to break them with magic, with fire. Nothing.

“Point proven,” he laughed hoarsely, reappearing several feet down the hall. Eris crossed his arms, muscles stretching the sleeves of his brown jacket. “You’re wrapped in faebane chains, you will not break free of them. Save your gods-damn energy for another fight.”



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The exploration of Tsukuyo’s character arc

I want to start this meta by saying this – I love Sorachi Hideaki! He is one of the best mangaka in the industry and I am so glad that despite everything he managed to keep Gintama alive in the industry where corporate heads prefer to prioritize money over original ideas and artistic freedom.  

Instead of going for typical “hero’s journey” narrative where everything serves to progress main character’s power trip, Sorachi tells more introspective story. At first glance, Gintama is not that different from any shonen manga: it has its big fights, heartfelt speeches about power of comradery, the Main Villain of the Arc narrative, etc. However, there is something more going on in this story. Unlike other manga that tend to focus solely on the Main Protagonist (or at best the MC and his closest friends/rivals), Gintama uses the fact that it doesn’t have the main goal that characters want to achieve (or does it?) and takes its time to focus on every character in this story. Everyone has the time to shine in Gintama, but there are certain characters who receive much more focus than the others do.

These characters serve for Gintama in three ways – they progress the main plot, they serve as the way for Sorachi to explore certain themes and their character arcs help Sorachi to structure Gintama in a certain way. Gintama isn’t just chaotic parody galore – it’s a very carefully structured narrative but instead of using the main plot to make us invested in it, Sorachi uses his characters to make this job done.

While we can clearly understand that the focus of the story is Yorozuya trio, they are not the only main characters of Gintama – you can actually see the whole main cast in this last poster.

And I want to talk about one of these characters in particular – the one character who sparked a lot of controversy in this fandom – Tsukuyo.

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On Dorian & Banter

I just love Dorian’s banter so, so much. There are so many beautiful little pieces of character writing in there.

Cassandra: You’re smiling a great deal these days, Dorian.
Dorian: I always smile. People like my smile, and they should! I have excellent teeth.
Cassandra: Do you always do it while staring dreamily into the distance?
Dorian: It depends how long until dinner.

God, you two. It always makes me happy to see my favourites getting on. And oh, Dorian. This is why I miss the old Origins options where you could just pull your companions aside and have your character give them a good snogging. Because believe me, my Inquisitor was tempted. Dorian’s deflecting with humour because of his depth of feeling, and how afraid he is of showing it.

I actually love Cassandra and Dorian’s slow-build friendship in general. Their banter is lovely. Her quiet understanding after the mess with his father, her eventual approval of him and the Inquisitor, the way he finally stops laying into her about the Seekers because he understands being ashamed of the people you thought you knew (”Knee-jerk defence of your former comrades? I quite understand,” he snarks at the beginning, but that comes to be sincere), and that they both understand the gilded cage of being nobility in their respective homelands… By later in the game, he grandstands less with her and obviously respects her, and I love it.

His sarcasm is rarely cruel - it only tends to come out that way when he’s baited - and when it is, he usually knows when to step off. For instance, he’ll ask the Inquisitor if he teases him too much, and I respected and loved him so much for this:

Dorian: So, I hit a nerve with the whole “murderer Grey Warden” business.
Blackwall: Are you speaking to me?
Dorian: Yes, you. “Blackwall,” or whatever your name is.
Blackwall: “Blackwall” will do.
Dorian: I’m saying I understand wanting to atone for one’s actions.
Blackwall: Is that so?
Dorian: Enough to know when I’ve stepped in it. So I apologize.

And later:

Blackwall: It was wrong of me to lump you in with peers you hardly resemble.
Dorian: Truce?
Blackwall: Gladly.

I love his surprising friendship with Sera and the way he genuinely seeks to understand her - he does that with everything, a true scholar in the best possible way, right from the beginning. (“How does that work, exactly?” he asks the Inquisitor, who has just closed a rift, when they meet.) He’s constantly asking questions and actually listening to the answers, following up on them. He’s curious and open-minded. It’s an utter joy to go round on quests and hear the constant mutters of  “Fascinating,” in that hushed tone only a true geek can manage, and his musings on the Veil, spirits and demons.

And most of all, he’s kind. He may sometimes cover it with snark, but loss of life seems to greatly upset him in any form. In Crestwood, when everyone else is focused on vengeance and wanting to throttle the mayor, it’s him and Sera who focus on how upsetting the whole thing is. If I recall, his take on it is: “What a sad mess.”

He’s far less haughty than he pretends. He cares, even if he wasn’t allowed to show it so much back in Tevinter and is trying to get out of some unhealthy conditioning. (It takes him a long time to call the Inquisitor a friend or pursue a romance with them, because he means it and he’s afraid of leaving himself vulnerable.) After all, his people “have no reserve - not in war, and not in love.”

What if Alya’s “he’s like a brother to me” statement stayed true and Alya and Nino just bonded in the cage over how cute their respective best friends are

Alya and Nino’s friendship is wlw/mlm solidarity yall

I’m watching the original Star Trek pilot “The Cage” entirely for Number One, and hoo boy her face journey when Pike said “I just can’t get used to having a woman on the bridge.” Offended indignation, brief relief when he apologised, and then ‘actually, you know what, fuck you’ when he then ruined that apology by saying she was “different”.

Someone save this woman from being in a 60s sci-fi show.

transgirlkoizumi  asked:

here's a question ive had since the localization came out; did the localization do anything to enforce more of an athiestic bent and put angie and shinguji in a more negative light wrt religion and spirituality (particularly angie)? or has that always been there? the whole "brainwashing" angle felt p harsh, not to mention saying angie's god outright is Atua instead of the general "my god" that the translations seemed to have. plus akamatsu seemed very internally harsh about her god in their FTEs

The localization definitely did change some things about the portrayal of Angie’s religion, but I would hesitate to say that they changed the overall feel or messages of Chapter 3. The original was already pretty… well, I don’t know if “atheistic” is the best term for it, but the point of Chapter 3 in the original was definitely to have a kind of clash between western and eastern religion that reached a boiling point. I don’t think any of the general negativity associated with Angie and her cult, or Korekiyo and his séances, was impacted by NISA so much as it was already there in Kodaka’s writing.

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Rfa + searan reacting to MC being a very talented, and very respected, cage fighter? But at the same time she is very cute and smol

Hey hey~ Guess who?! Mod Ayla~! Yaas! Here to save Longcat~senpai from the stack of requests in the inbox^^ (I feel like seven when saying that holy balls) But here you go!


  • Was really confused when you wanted to take him somewhere late at night.
  • “MC…are you taking me to this alley to kill me?!”
  • After the fight he’ll just stand there, dazed.
  • How…you’re so..innocent..and…YOU ALMOsT KILLED THOsE PEOPLE!?
  • Will go into dad-mode whenever you come back from a fight, since he obviously can’t bear watching you fight or get hurt. At all.
  • Worried you’re hurt, so will treat your knuckles, sometimes jaw as if you were this little porcelain doll.
  • He honestly hates it, but will bear with you if it makes you happy
  • This bean is too sweet…

Zen/Hyun Ryu

  • When you showed one of your fights, he was pumped.
  • Totally down for betting like, 5000 dollars on you, even if he won’t be able to buy groceries when you lose
  • He’s pumped man
  • He digs this
  • Worried that all the guys in the arena will be staring at you though…
  • Neither does he understand…you’re such a cute little thing, but you’re so..violent?
  • He still digs this though lolol


  • “Huh? MC, why are we in a..rotting alley?”
  • Will…hate this.
  • I honestly believe that she’ll hate this with all her might.
  • Worried and dissaproved mode - activated
  • But, you’re happy, so she won’t complain.
  • No more to be said.


  • When you took him to the arena, in a dangerous neighbourhood, without his guards, he got worried.
  • When he saw why though, he got interested.
  • May or may not has bet 2 million dollars on you…uhm
  • Will become one of those maffia bosses over there in them leather chairs, you know?
  • Finds it hot.
  • Like, really really hot.
  • Will have the best doctors look over your injuries after a fight.


  • He knew
  • Was pumped when you took him to the arena
  • Actually suprised you when telling you he knew where to go
  • Will use his skills to make your opponents look bad for media/bidders
  • Loves this.
  • Loves this so much.
  • Worried af that you’ll get seriously injured though.
  • But that’ll come later...he hopes


  • Also knew.
  • He isn’t one for crowds, so he stayed at home.
  • Watched videos of every one of your fights though.
  • Worried someone there might take you, or hurt you.
  • But you assure him you’re really good, and no one would dare to do anything serious to you.
  • Which means he’ll have to trust you for that.
  • Will send saeyoung with you though to make sure you’re okay.
Chapter Eleven: The North Remembers

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I had been traveling for weeks now on horseback with a few of Winterfell’s remaining guards. I only took three with me, not wanting to take too many of the few remaining men from protecting the people of Winterfell.

I was extremely tired, having been too anxious to sleep much, and thanked all the gods when I saw Robb’s camp set up in the distance. I flicked the reins on my horse to make him run the rest of the way. 

As I approached the camp, I slowed down so that the guards looking over the camp would be able to see that my cloak and saddle had the Stark emblem embroidered on them. The last thing that I needed was to be shot with an arrow just moments before I saw Robb again.

“Leina?” I heard a familiar voice call out to me as I slowed down to a complete stop. 

“Lady Stark!” I called out to my now mother-in-law as one of the guards came over to help me down from the horse. I ran over to her surprised figure and wrapped her in a hug. I had missed her more than I thought that I would. 

“Leina, you’re married to my son. You don’t have to call me Lady Stark,” she chuckled. I blushed a bit, still not quite used to that. 

“Umm… where can I find Robb?” I asked, looking around. 

“I can take you, he’s right over here.”

I followed her as she lead me around the corner and towards a large cage. I saw Robb standing just outside of the opening of it with Greywind. Catelyn pushed me forward a bit, encouraging me to go on without her.

“Robb!” I called out as a ran over to him. He glanced up from whatever he was looking at and a look of disbelief crossed over his face.

“Leina? What are you doing here?” He asked me after I had jumped into his open arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck, burying my face in his neck as he wrapped one arm around my waist and gripped my hair with his other hand. 

I pulled back a bit, ignoring his question for the moment, and kissed him fiercely. We were interrupted by another familiar voice coming from inside the cage. 

“You know,” the voice called out. “It’s quite inappropriate to do that while you’re only betrothed. Don’t you have any respect?”

Robb’s grip on me tightened as he set me down. I turned my head slightly and noticed my Uncle Jaime chained up in the cage, with Greywind circling around him.

“Why don’t you show some respect, Uncle?” I retorted back at him.

“And why would I do that? You are nothing of importance. That’s why we sent you to the fucking North to marry this scum. You were a waste of space in Kings Landing and your mother couldn’t stand to even look at you,” Jaime muttered with disgust.

“How dare-” I stopped Robb by placing my hand on his chest. I stepped forward, Robb reluctantly letting me step into the cage. 

“You should show me some respect because I am the Queen in the North,” I showed him my wedding ring as I continued speaking. “You should show me some respect because I am the only legitimate daughter of Robert Baratheon. And you should probably show me some respect due to the fact that my husband’s direwolf is circling you like prey, ready to sink his teeth into your neck.”

By the time I had finished my speech, I was standing directly in front of him with Greywind at my side growling in his face. I didn’t give him a chance to respond before I turned around and slammed the cage door behind me.

“I can’t believe that you’re here,” Robb whispered as we made it back to his tent. “Not that I am not happy to see you, but why are you here?”

“I had something important to tell you and I couldn’t send it to you with a raven.”

“You can tell me anything, my love.”

“I… I’m with child Robb,” I said softly.

“You’re…. you’re pregnant? Are you sure?” he asked, his eyes wild.

“Yes,” I laughed at his shocked expression. “The nausea and not being able to sleep kind of convinced me. And Maester Luwin’s confirmation helped as well I suppose.”

“I can’t believe it!” he exclaimed as he picked me up and swung me around and kissed me. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I whispered.

“What a happy sight,” Lady Catelyn said as she walked into the tent. 

“Mother!” Robb exclaimed. “Leina’s pregnant! Isn’t that great?”

Catelyn stopped in her tracks, holding a hand to her heart. 

“That’s wonderful!” she said, stepping over to me and wrapping me in a hug. “I am so happy for you, my love.”

“Is there something you needed, Mother?” Robb asked. “Not that I want you to leave.”

“I understand, but yes I did have something to ask you. I was thinking, that since Leina is here now, maybe I should ride back to Winterfell to be with Bran and Rickon.”

Robb hesitated before answering. 

“I was actually thinking of sending you to try and make an alliance with Renly Baratheon,” he eventually responded.

“I can go,” I piped up. Uncle Renly was nice enough to me when I was a child. Better than Stannis ever was. “Your mother misses her children, Robb. Let her go and watch over Winterfell.”

“I don’t know if I want you riding, Leina. What about the baby?”

“I’ll be just fine… we’ll be just fine,” I responded, resting one hand on my stomach. “I’ll be back before you know it.”

“I just got you back, Leina… I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, but you know this is the right thing to do.”

“Alright, Mother,” he decided. “You may go back to Winterfell and Leina will leave in two days time to make an alliance with Renly Baratheon.”

What I pictured Leina wearing:














B is for Better With You

Prompt: Comfort
Anonymous Prompt: Olicity + “I sleep better when I’m next to you.”
A/N: I’m combining this week’s prompt with a hurt/comfort prompt that has been marinating in my inbox for ages. Apparently I am incapable of writing pure fluff, because this turned into a pretty angsty AU. This story was initially inspired by the Jacin and Winter relationship from The Lunar Chronicles.
Word Count: 4.9k
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“Mr. Oliver?”

Raisa’s careful tone causes his stomach to fill with lead.

When he looks up from his desk, he doesn’t even have to ask her what she’s referring to. He can read the worry plain on her face, in her solemn, knowing look. It’s a quiet, secret language they’ve perfected over the years.  

She’s worse,” Raisa whispers to him in Russian. And if the pitiful look she’s giving him now is not enough to make panic flare up within his chest, the fact that she’s using Russian–to prevent listening ears from overhearing–is more than enough.

He swallows, trying–and failing–to repress the sudden, ugly worry ravaging its way through his heart. Worse.  Such a vague and agonizing word, one that tells him exactly nothing and yet conveys everything regarding the woman he loves in the other room. Is she worse than she was a few minutes ago or a few months ago? Is she worse than even his deepest, most twisted fears? Is she worse than ever and beyond rescuing?

Then again, when was the last time either of them was actually better after sundown? Nighttime remains more unpredictable than the day, darkness more oppressive than the light.

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& Carry on

A/N: Surprise! The final part of the I can’t keep calm series. Sorry it’s taken so long, I love this series but other stories distracted me & I had no idea how I wanted to finish it off. I hope you loved the series as much as I did!

I Can’t Keep Calm Masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader   Sam x Sister!Reader   Adam x Sister!Reader

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Dear Sammy,

I’m just gonna get straight to the point, that’s always how we always were, man that feels weird to talk about myself in past tense. Anyways, I know you’re not happy with what I did, but I had to do it and I hope one day you understand. I had to save Adam and putting Lucifer back in the box after we let him out was a plan that we just came about after talking to Rowena. I know what you’re thinking, ‘we could have thought of something different,’ but you’re gonna hurt yourself thinking that. So stop. Also, please don’t kill yourself trying to find a way to save me, you know there’s no way of doing it without possibly letting Lucifer out. Don’t make my sacrifice for nothing buy letting him out. I also need to make sure you take care of Adam, he’s going to be so confused and lost, he doesn’t know what life is like without Mom or me, so please be the amazing big brother to him that you always were for me. Don’t let him get dragged into this life, please. I’m telling him to go back to school. To have a life. To be normal. Make sure he does it. Watch over Dean too, him and I never got the chance to fix everything and I know he’s gonna beat himself up over it. He’s gonna be the usual Dean and blame himself, please don’t let him.

Okay, so I’m done telling you what to do, now it’s time for me to say goodbye. Sammy you are the best brother that I could ask for. When I lost my mom and Adam I was lost. I felt like an outsider with you and Dean when I first started following you guys, but you were quick to change it. You didn’t stop until you broke down my walls and got me to let you be the brother you wanted to be. Thank you so much. Please take care of yourself Sammy and don’t forget about me.

I love you Sammy,


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Ivar x OFC Fanfic!

Pairing: Ivar x OFC (There is only a handful of characters that I own everything else belongs to History Channel)

Rating: Eventual Mature Rating (I like it slow burn)

Author’s Note: Alright, I’ll be honest with all of you…I’m very nervous about posting this Ivar x Oc fanfiction. But with the encouragement of a very special sister wife I’ve posted the very first chapter of this fanfic! I hope that everyone truly enjoys the story and can forgive the first chapter for being a bit slow. If anyone has any questions or comments please shoot me a message and I’ll get back at you as soon as possible. <3

Everything was different here. The air was crisp, the skies clear showcasing a soft blue and sporadic clouds with a gentle shine. The grass, though moist from the fresh rain that cascaded down only moments ago smelt of flowers and the blooming of spring. Quiet calls of birds to their mates and the soft steps of deer filled the air. Yes, things were very different here. There were no screams. No moaning of the dying and no one to watch as you slowly wither away in a cage with a twisted grin on their face. It was peaceful. Whatever this haven may be, she was glad to feel safe again. Everything was perfect, just perfect…

Hands. That was the first thing the girl felt, grazing her skin with a blazing path from shoulder to shoulder as if someone were gripping them. Then it was scent, the smell of sweat and pine filled her nostrils as the hands begun to shake her softly. Finally, her ears twitched to life, a voice. Whomever this deep voice belonged to called out a name, a name that held some type of spell on her, willing her out of the paradise that she previously found herself in.

“…wake up…”

She shifted slightly in the grass, arching her back to find some sort of comfort, only to have the soft blades of grass leave her sensitive skin. In its place, rough sturdy wood slapped against her back, making her hiss slightly from the contact. The hands shook her harder, the back of her head lightly smacking the floor giving the girl a slight headache. As she grumbled, slowly lifting her head to the side, she noticed a bright light forming behind her lidded eyes. The girl blinked once, then again. Her eyes focused on the bright light, now a hole in the ceiling which was the source of her earlier blindness. Her half lidded eyes slid to the man holding her shoulders, covered in grime and filth, the man sighed softly. His chapped lips curved into a soft smile as he rested his large hand on the back of her neck and pulled her close.

For some reason, the embrace comforted the girl, and she rested her tired head on his padded shoulder, letting out a breath of air she hadn’t noticed she was holding in. The man released the back of her neck, retracting from the female to give her some space to sit up properly, his hand now on her upper back as the girl struggled to sit up.

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How many goddamn times do I have to say treat! The ! Twins ! Like ! Humans ! 1. So yeah its just shirts like they can get new one’s. THAT’S NOT THE POINT!!!! IT’S ! WEIRD ! WOULD YOU STEAL A RANDOM PERSONS SHIRT ??? NO ! YOU WOULDNT ! YOU SEEM TO FORGET THAT YES WE ARE THEIR FANS BUT THEY ! DONT ! KNOW ! US ! YOU CANT JUST TAKE PEOPLES SHIT ! YOU CANT JUST STEAL FROM PEOPLE. TREAT THEM WITH SOME FUCKING !! RESPECT !! seriously though. I’m disgusted. They aren’t caged animals and just because someones fucking “famous” it doesnt change the fact that they’re people.