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The more I think about the last clip,the more I love Sana? Didn't think it was possible,but here we go. She knew Even all this time; she never said anything. She respected his privacy, she treated him like everyone else. Even when she caught Isak watching the video with Mikael+Even? She saw that, 100%. She could've said something back then, but she didn't. She obviously trusted Even enough to give him space and time. I love her so much what an angel!!!!! I wanted Sana x Even for so long now 👼🏼



Scandal 6x12 “Mercy” Season 6 Episode 12 Sneak Peek - Rowan (Joe Morton) appreciates Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) hospitality but he is not happy about Fitz and Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) relationship. The disdain on his face when Fitz kisses Olivia in front of him makes his disapproval clear. He commands respect from Fitz telling him to call him ‘Mr. Pope’ instead of Rowan.

Real True Story that Actually Happened

My Dad will be 64 this autumn. My Dad is a die-hard Republican. My Dad was a Southern Baptist pastor for nearly 30 years. And my Dad is a Heathers fan.
He’s always had movies he enjoyed but he’s mostly a passive fan, never getting too invested.
Dad called me a couple weeks ago, voice a little tremulous, begging me to send him a link whereby he could stream Heathers and bypass the PBS waiting period, I happily sent him the best one I’d found. He didn’t want to wait, he wanted to watch it NOW, and I could respect him for that. It was a pleasant surprise, him loving the movie so much he had to watch it NOW.
Today, I finally got the chance to ask him about it.
I was bouncing on my toes, excited to be fangirling about my fave show with my own father. “What did you think, Dad?”
I didn’t expect him to get a little choked up. His next words blew my mind.
He said, “Sweetie, I’m old. Set in my ways. I was taught, and adhered to, a certain way that people should be with each other. I preached it, and I voted in light of it, and I taught it to you and your sister. But I watched this show. And I watched these two men fall in love with each other. And the only thing I could think was, ‘These two souls are meant to be together’. Kurt Kelly and Ram Sweeney are… soulmates. Over my years as a pastor, I’ve seen couples get married.. And couples get divorced.. It happens. But I’ve never seen two people who were more perfectly designed to fit together, and it broke my heart to see it not happen for them. I’m sorry I’ve been such an ass.”
Given that it was a brave moment, I blurted out, “Dad, I’m bisexual.”
And he turned to me and smiled, tears in his eyes, and said, “Just… be happy.”
Don’t fret that the press “has yet to discover” the “subtext” inherent in Heathers Don’t fret that the creators and the actors still deny it. Because if my Dad can see it, then it’s crystal clear. My almost-64-yr-old-Dad ships Kram. My SOUTHERN BAPTIST PASTOR Dad ships Kram.
To the point that he internalized change in his thinking about same-sex relationships, and happily accepted my (rather abrupt) coming out.
Keep the faith.
This ship has sailed; and my Dad, of ALL people, is right on fucking board.

please don’t dismiss the pain that even and his old friends clearly went through with ‘this isn’t fair on isak’. even moved away, sana kept her distance and mikael and yousef told the others to be quiet about it. they had all tried to move on.

but now BECAUSE of isak, because he’s friends with sana and because even loves him and respects him so much he would never try to keep them apart - the truth WILL come out and there will be healing and isak and sana will be at the centre of it.

no one is keeping isak in the dark. EVERYONE’S in the dark. but things will get better. all the squads will come together and everyone will learn and grow

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i love hxh with all my heart and it deserves all the praise it's getting but i think it's also important to acknowledge its flaws, i understand how good it is but one can get lost in that and forget the shitty things it has? like the fact that hisoka is a pedo and coded gay? as a Gay, that's.. not good. there r probably other things but my intention is not to create discourse but just to say that i think it's important to keep those problems in mind. i'm still gonna keep loving hxh ofc

yeah like hisoka himself is just… a whole can of worms. i think, when it comes to “problematic” characters like hisoka, the key for me is how the narrative frames them. hisoka has never been written as if we should sympathize with him or respect him, he is generally treated with contempt. in other words, there’s no notion that hisoka’s behavior in acceptable, even within the bizarre context of the hxh universe. i think it’s okay to write characters that do horrible, terrible things, you just need to make sure it’s clear to the audience this type of character/behavior is condemnable. i think one of the main issues with hisoka is that his creepy sexual interests/arousals are arguably treated as a source of humor rather than horror (like his hard-on in the gon fight, which has become a widely known hisoka gag).

i kind of briefly discussed hisoka as a ‘gay coded’ character on this blog before. you could also make an argument that a protagonist like killua is also ‘gay coded’ – this came up in a japanese forum discussion i found and overwhelming the response was “no, killua can’t be gay, because hisoka is the one who’s gay” (implying that gay coded = predatory pedo, and also implying there can’t be multiple gay characters in a series). anyway, i don’t think it’s wrong to necessarily write a villain as gay coded, but the context is crucial. are there other gay coded characters in the series – protagonists, ideally – that aren’t treated like jokes? but one thing that is definitely bad & no good is contributing to the gay = predatory pedo stereotype, especially as that’s still commonplace in the japanese media, unfortunately. :/

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About that anon talking about Sana and homosexuality; i don't think she ever actually thought there was anything wrong with homosexuality. Immediately when she found out that Isak is gay she felt bad for the things she said and tried her best to help and support him. The things she said about homosexuality and evolution was, in my mind, more about the things he said about her religion than anything else. I don't think she would have said it if she knew he was gay. (1/2)

100% agreee my love. She was just defending her religion, what Isak said about her religion was quite offensive in itself, so it makes sense that she would argue like that. And I think she also felt like maybe he was accusing her and her faith to be against homosexuality which isn’t the case, and is often misunderstood for. So she snapped like that. 

But then when he was outed she felt horrible and did everything in her power to make Isak understand that she loves and supports and respects him.

I love them so much. 

But also I think the other lovely anon was just using this as an example as to why Sana didn’t play matchmaker but I dunno I like to think that Even might have asked about Isak or something and she was like “lol if you wanna talk to him just go to kosegruppa cos he’ll be there mwahahaha” 

but you know that is just Mikki’s silly hc again

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They once did an outfit switch on April Fool's Day. They kept mixing each other up.

“Anxiety, I have a lot more respect for you now. How the heck do you do this with your eyeshadow/liner everyday?”
“I’m sure Anxiety would be thrilled to hear you respect him, but perhaps you should tell him that.”
“Wait! Logic?! I thought you were Anx!”
Bonus: Logic and/or Morality as Anx/Roman and not wearing their glasses. They’re just constantly bumping into everything thing
Bonus 2: this goes with the Anx needs glasses hc, but him being Logic, or Morality and using their glasses and actually being able to *see*

List Of Powerful Friends

Please Note: This Is Not A List Of All Friends, Just The Folks Who Have Displayed Incredible Abilities At Some Point Or Another In The Time Since I’ve Met Them

In No Particular Order:

  • Friend Mungus: The Absolute Roundest Boy. Capable Of Screams Which Allow Him To Float Through Time.
  • Friend Oliver: The Absolute Biggest Boy.
  • Friend J: A Sneaky Boy Who Can Get Anywhere Unseen.
  • Friend Oscar: Also Quite The Sneaky Lad.
  • Coin Friend (So Sorry I Forgot Your Name Please Forgive Me): Possesses A Coin With Untold Abilities.
  • Friend Skylar: Capable Of Ancestral Awakening As Well As Mimicking Anything With Absolute Perfect
  • Friend Melvin: The God King. Even Roberta Respects Him.
  • Friend Taco: I Don’t Know What She Can Do But By Golly You Don’t Get That Cool Of A Name Without Earning It
  • Friend Emory: A Fellow Who Came From Nothing & Made Just One (1) Of The Best general Stores There Is. That Sort Of Determination Is Legendary.
  • Friend .-. — -. : The Bastion.
  • Friend Derrik: The Antibody. Capable Of PECK.
  • Police Friends: Harbingers Of Justice In This Weird World
  • Friend Rufus: Leader Of The Mud Crocodilians.
  • Friend Riley: Leader Of The Sneak Triumvirate. Also Commands The Rowdy Boys™.
  • Friend Oswald: Impenetrable Scales.
  • Friend Roberta: Commander Of The Gay Legions. Progenitor Of The Third Wave.

If I Missed Anybody PLEASE Let Me Know & Add On To This List I Want To Include All Friends

I’m here for a religiously stable Caleb.

He wasn’t the reverend’s son, but he held on to the faith even on the seas. He got teased for it, at first, but as he grew on everyone they respected his dedication and let him have his time for reading the Bible and praying and whatever it was he needed to do.

He comes home to find a town without Mrs. Tallmadge and without his parents and he turns to Reverend Tallmadge for guidance and they grow close, so close that Caleb doesn’t realize until Ben comes home from Yale and he recognizes that the Reverend is even closer to Caleb than he is to Ben.

Caleb spends the entire three days on the banks of the Delaware on his knees praying and reciting every Bible verse he remembers. A few of Ben’s boys relinquished their blankets and bedrolls for him and Caleb meant every word when he sent them off with a promise of God’s blessing. 

If Ben noticed that Caleb was silent on the way to the northern camp to retrieve Major Hewlett, he didn’t say anything. Maybe he was praying as hard as Caleb was. 

“What’s that word your dad used to preach about?” He knows the answer. He needs Ben to know. “Providence.” His humble appeals for his and Ben’s safety didn’t fall on deaf ears. Maybe Hewlett isn’t dead. God’d done more, hadn’t he?

When he finds out that the new Reverend in camp was working for the British it tore him up. Ben was all too ready to kill him, but Caleb tried to stop him. He was a man of God. That should be enough even if his similarities to Ben’s own father weren’t enough to halt his vengeance. 

If Ben breaks down, Caleb is there to comfort him. He constantly prays for Anna and Abe and Abby and Rob and all those poor souls they’ve put in danger. He and Washington, on the few nights he spends sitting around the fires with his men, speak about theology and the Word, even if Caleb isn’t as articulate as some others. 

If you’re not gonna give Ben his loss of religion arc, I want Caleb’s retention and growth in religion instead. 

Tim suggested I tell you about the depths to which we confused my mother-in-law today while at breakfast. Mostly stemming from Sunday’s Drag Performer Storytime.

Interestingly enough, she was unperturbed by the concept of the drag performers being there, which I’m honestly surprised didn’t throw her for a loop.

I brought up that there was a little boy there about 5 or 6 who came up to try showing Stevie the owls he colored. Little guy kept a respectful distance until we invited him closer to play with Stevie and even then didn’t get into the little guys face, kept trying to coax him to crawling… it was adorable.

Anyway, she asked how we found out about it and we told her my friend Sarah set up the storytime. And my MiL asked “Oh, does Sarah have kids?”

Tim and I shared a look before I answered “No, Sarah’s not gonna have kids.”

“What? If she doesn’t like kids, why did she set the things up?”

“Sarah loves kids, she’s just not gonna have any.”

“Oh, she likes being able to give them back?”


“What if her husband wants kids?”

Tim steps in at this point “I’m pretty sure Sarah’s goal in life is to become a spinster. A spinster that collects as many books and cats as she can reasonably handle. Which she chose a good career for that since she’s a librarian.”

Cue the mortified look on my mother-in-law’s face.

Then Tim adds “Anyway, she’s Stevie’s girlfriend. At least that’s what she says. I think Stevie just wants to keep it platonic right now and not put any labels on things. The only two women he needs in his life are his mama and grandma. But they do have a standing brunch date, so make of that what you will.”

i am absolutely stuck now seeing the four of sid, rachael, johnny, and joey as all really good friends together

like im absolutely positive that at least all three of my guys are like “those other three are my fucking best friends and i love them”

for johnny it’s like sid is his sweet little baby boy, rachael is his wonderful honorary niece who he really loves, and joey he probably doesn’t know quite as well and isn’t quite as close with as he is with the other two but is really fond of the little guy and thinks he’s a really good sweet kid and feels proud of him… and has a lot of respect and appreciation for him because he feels like the kindness joey showed to him even back when he was still rotten and up to some Pretty Dark Shit really helped to pull him towards the light. he feels like he owes joey a lot and could learn a lot from the kid.

for sid its just absolutely no question those are his three best friends and hed have a hard time trying to pick any kind of order for them to go in. they each fill kind of a slightly different relationship niche for him. he feels like none of his friendships with any of them are closer than the other, just all slightly different.

joey probably also doesn’t know johnny quite as well as he does the other two Kiddos and still might be a little intimidated by him but also thinks he’s so cool and really wants to get to know him better and become closer friends with him but absolutely feels completely safe and at home and at ease with sid and rachael and being close with those two helps him feel like he can also call johnny a friend. he’s just still a little bit shy towards johnny (and johnny can probably sort of tell and tries to pull joey out of his shell and ask him lots of questions and bring him into the conversation whenever theyre both in a group together) but it’s almost totally gone when it’s the four of them all together

in perspective, a timeline of dan's growth:
  • 2009: he was affectionate with phil, had low self esteem though and got little views
  • 2010: makes innuendos, only about girls though, laughs and jokes but still has obvious low moments of self loathe
  • 2011: ignores anything regarding his sexuality, very guarded as his subscribers grow
  • 2012: even more retreated, gay is not a word in his vocabulary despite all the phan shippers
  • 2013: careful not to get too close to phil, still wears dark "men's" clothing, nothing feminine, doesn't want to stand out
  • 2014: makes gaming channel with phil, still reluctant to bring up any topic regarding a relationship, constantly in all black but doing better
  • 2015: "im phil trash #1", acknowledges and writes a borderline romantic phanfic, owns haru pillow, goes on holidays with phil and seems happy
  • 2016: wears black nail polish, openly talks about his man crush, explores fashion, happier than ever
  • 2017, four months in: wears black ripped skinny jeans, paints his nails with glitter polish, makes a pastel themed video with phil and posts several coupley photos, makes gay innuendos every sentence, radiates confidence, personal space what's that???

can someone tell me where this fanon trend of making ladybug hate chat’s puns, hate chat’s humor, hate chat’s flirting, and be all around irritated with him in general comes from? seriously. 


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