respect for all ships

shout out to all those shippers who respect people who don’t ship their otp and make it comfortable for everyone to ship what they want on this site, thank you for existing, you make the world a better place


Nov 2016: Zayn followed a Ziam account (check out her profile description when Zayn followed her 😏 and that Liam follows her already)
Dec 2016: Liam liked a tweet from @TheZiamNews about his BB Artist 100 list debut
Jan 2017: Zayn liked a tweet from @TheZiamNews about voting for him at the Brits

I respect all ships but I hate the tumblr mentality

If your first thought when you see a character is. “Hmm are they gay or straight?” You have a problem. A characters sexuality doesn’t define them. Just like an actual real life human being. Sexuality does not define you. Love who you love and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

But when you start telling other people what THEIR characters sexuality is you need to stop. Blizzard has been working on Overwatch for years. Longer than you’ve even known of it’s existence. Don’t tell them all THEIR characters are gay, or straight.

And for gods sakes let people be happy when two characters they love have more interactions. More character development.

Cause omg who would’ve fucking thought that characters are more than who they fuck??? WOW SO SURPRISE I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. Characters need actual story to be interesting???

Everytime you post hate or try to bring someone down you grown more and more pathetic as a person. You are a sorry excuse and you are not apart of any fandom I love. I won’t allow it. You call yourselves fans? HA pathetic a real fan wouldn’t quite on their fandom over fucking voice lines.

Guess what there’s more sexualities than straight and gay. I can’t fucking stress how little sexuality plays into a characters role. Especially on a game rated T for TEENS. The fact that yall put so much emphasis on it is sad.

If you deny that people on this site aren’t pan/biphobic, heterophobic, and acephobic you are insane. I have never seen so much hate for anything not 100% gay. STOP shaming people because they don’t like gay ships. You all seem like a bunch of psychotic people fetishsizing gay and trans people. That’s all I ever see from yall.

Bunch of hypocrisy too. Tracer can be gay and have a lovely girlfriend (they’re so cute together) but genji and mercy can’t be together? Because what some made up shit yall have about their relationship? Romantic or not Genji does not hate Mercy he calls her by her first name. That’s a big fucking deal in Japanese culture and a sign that he knows and trusts her well.

“Eww why do you ship them? They would never work together. They have no chemistry”


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No chemistry, you say

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Do you even know the definition?

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Because you clearly don’t see what I see when these two look at each other

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They have ALL the chemistry they need

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You’re just blind

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But it’s okay, you have your opinions and your own ships. We all do. And we should all be respectful of that. 

 So lets end this whole “Anti-ship” thing, shall we? 


I am currently dying, crying, screeching, screaming, and happy asf inside and realizes I’m not creative and bad at making art raffle thingys and omfg all of those have CA I’m still dying 

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Drawing Info 

- I ain’t the best artist out there what so ever so sorry if what I draw isn’t what you expect QvQ..

- I will NOT draw the following : 

  • Nsfw
  • Mechas 
  • Very very complex things or backgrounds (still not a great artist)
  • Anything offensive? Tho I don’t think any of you will ask for that.

- Things I WILL draw

  • Any fandom (tho I’m not familiar with much fandoms)
  • Any Ship (This is a free shipping blog, I never judge anyone in what they ship trust me XD I SHIP ALL AND RESPECT ALL SHIPS)
  • Literally almost anything that isn’t in the “NOT” list.
  • OC’s (yes a character based off a cannon character or a different version is counted as on OC)

If ya got any questions or whateve ask meh in an ask or message me


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Important Common Sense Things To Remember

Overwatch Shipping:

-No confirmed sexualities for any characters.

-Your headcanons are not canon. Your headcanons are no more true than someone else’s. Let’s all respect each other’s headcanons.

-Just because someone ships a mxf ship does not mean they are straight. Just because someone ships mxm or fxf does not mean they are gay. Real life sexuality does not necessarily guarantee what kind of ships someone enjoys. Everyone has different tastes. So let’s all have fun and write and draw cool stuff about couples and be nice to each other.

-Hating on ships is silly

-Hating on headcanons is silly

-Overwatch characters are not real.

-Taking advice from a fictional relationship(s) is very bad and you shouldn’t do that. Fiction =/= Real life.

-Be a kind and understanding person. Think before you post, think before you tag.

A Post-The Lying Detective Message:

(Spoilers, duh)

So, there’s something I just want to say as a fan of Sherlock regarding the latest episode and our fandom in general.

The Lying Detective gave each ship a little something…

  • Johnlockers got a rescue and a hug
  • Adlockers got a birthday text and confirmation of reciprocated correspondence
  • Sherlollians got a physical examination: “tell me when to cough” and a birthday outing with cake

So let’s put away the ship-bashing and agree to disagree that each one of these pairings has potential.

Sherlock has emotional investment in John and Irene and Molly. That’s something we all have to accept. However, whether this emotional investment signifies friendship or romantic feelings is ultimately up to Moftiss to decide.

I think it’s wonderful that the show sparks so many emotions from us and it speaks to the diversity of us all that we can ship so many different ships! So let’s keep expressing our shipping feels, but do so on each ship’s respective tags. Let’s try to all get along. 

I know Sherlockians are renowned for being a little crazy, but I think there’s something we can all agree upon: we love our show!!!
Let’s make sure that this love and respect is felt across the entire Fandom! <3


Lauren Zuke left the Crewniverse pretty much.

First off, before I make this rant against the fandom, I just want you all to know that this has nothing to due with bashing of anybody or there respective ship. We’ve all made our poor choices in life and we need to learn from them. Also, expect a lot of the info to be said in the video, as it was one of the two sources I found that informed me of her very likely and almost certain decision.

So basically, from the details gathered by recent people, it appears that Lauren Zuke, one of the 8-ish storyboard artists of Steven Universe has left the crewniverse due to some ‘drama’ regarding how she could create the stories to fit how she wanted them to do. For those who don’t know (as explained in the video) a storyboard artist can deliberately change and create any emotions or actions the characters can do as long as it sticks to how the plot is made using what the writers of the show have written down. Such gifted abilities also pertain to some very easy ways of creativity.

Lauren Zuke loved the concept of simply wanting a villain and a rival to make up and possibly form a relationship, which led to the support of Lapidot. This can be shown on how many people simply complained on the simple fact that she made Peridot and Lapis look “Out of Character.” This caused a lot of people in rival SU fandom ships pertaining Peridot such as Amedot (Note: This is not ship hate, the two are just well known to be rivals) to be disappointed and somewhat disgusted.

And then there are these sick fucks that think they can go around and think they own the place by shoving hate down the creators of the show straight in the throat! I’m not giving a flying fuck about this bullshit, as these are the same people that forced Zamii to attempt suicide, threatening people in other fandoms, and harassing people over a damn tweet that almost sank another ship. When I say this statement here, I mean it. It’s honestly like spitting in the face of god and telling him “I want you to go to hell”. Like seriously, those people are sick and honestly deserve to be shitted on.

Get this though. After she deleted her twitter from fucking ratings and shit on “how bad the episode Beta was”, they still shit on her. Why? The simple fact that they bashed her over Lapidot, a Steven Universe relationship. They then proceed to send death threats, forcing her to quit twitter permanently after she came back for only 2 days, and then moving on to tumblr, where she stayed in exile to prevent another breakout. After supposedly leaving the crewniverse, she gave up the Peridot Official Twitter account. She then hasn’t spoken sense as people went to check if she is alright, and it seems she gave up the internet all together temporarily.

Jesus Fucking Christ…

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Now, back to the sad news…

So if you haven’t already, watch the full video to understand. As for the questions that you might ask, here they are.

-Did that just happen, or am I dreaming?

Yes this just happened, and it depends on you all to fix this.

-Is Lapidot Dead? 0-0

No. It’s not dead, yet it sure did begin to sink a little. You Lapidot Shippers are all still safe. You just lost the sole supporter from the Crewniverse though. (Other than Rebecca Sugar, who ships absolutely anything SU related as it’s her creation, which is kinda messed up but come on. She made the show xD) .

And finally and most importantly

-Should we learn anything from this?

Yes! Abso-fucking-lutely!

The Steven Universe fandom has had enough of a bad rep to try and fix itself, but for people forcing a creator of the show to leave over the dumb reason that “You are not putting the right couple together”.

At this point, I think we should just let Peridot be single for all I care (by canon, not fanon). A relationship is fine, yet shipping can seriously be a pain in the neck. If there is one thing we have learned today, it’s not to harass people over what to ship, not to bully people for an opinion, and of course….

Do not make a member of the Crewniverse leave over death threats, single handed actions, and all out bullshit. I thought the shipping wars were over, and every single ship is canon. (Hell, even Lion x Pumpkin Dog as weird and controversial it can be.) Don’t you all remember the “Marry Each-other?”

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Overall, in conclusion, just stop with the shipping wars. It’s breaking peoples hearts, and I’m pretty sure Lauren Zuke is broken. She never deserved any of this, as she worked countless hours of her day to produce a show you all love. In the end, my word won’t make everything happen. It’s all of us together, right?

Stay Strong. ~ Daniel

Video is by The Roundtable.

Soldiers today.

To everyone still reeling from the fact that Sherlock is most likely done…we need to be Soldiers today. Support each other, lean on each other, and most importantly…be kind to each other. Some loved it, others don’t. Respect their opinions, and most importantly…respect their Ships. We all need to be Soldiers today. Take tomorrow as it comes, but today…we are Soldiers.

The Unofficial Rules of the Starship Enterprise

1. The laws of physics are not challenges.

2. You may not test theories on each other. Not even the senior officers. Especially not the senior officers.

3. Do not feed any tribbles.


5. Tribbles are no longer allowed on the ship.

5a. Edit: Dr. McCoy and First Officer Spock may use a tribble when absolutely necessary under dire circumstances only.

5b. Update: No crew member may ever have a tribble on the ship under any circumstances ever.

6. The ship is not sentient. The captain may not marry the ship, even if it’s only a joke. Neither may Mr. Scott.

7. We take it back. The ship is sentient. Respect her at all times.

8. Any non-standard maintenance (READ: modifications) to the ship MUST be approved by Starfleet and properly documented.

9. Even if the Captain would pretend not to notice them. Or wholeheartedly supports them. Or is the one doing them. 


10. Captain, Doctor McCoy is wise in his advice. I suggest you follow it before there are any…unfavorable consequences from the admirals in Starfleet Command.

10a. Spock, did you just threaten me?

10b. Negative, Captain. I merely wish to remind you of the upcoming ship inspections, as the last time Admiral Benett had to deal with the reports he was very adamant that our crew is no longer trusted to do our own quarterly inspections. Apparently too many of crew relationships are founded on “mutual propensities for non-strictly-regulation shenanigans.”

11. The illegal still in Engineering is—however appreciated—still illegal. No stills in Engineering, or anywhere else on the ship.

12. Alcohol from said still may not be sold for profit, especially outside of this crew. News of its existence cannot, under any circumstances, reach the admirals or their underlings. Or the engineering staff of other ships. Or the captains of other ships!


13. The first rule of moonshine stills: You do not speak about the moonshine stills. Just shut up and drink the alcohol.

13a. With pleasure, sir!

14. Lieutenant Uhura would like to inform whoever modified and reprogrammed the universal translators that she looks forward to personally ripping out their vocal cords and using them to repair the damage she’s been forced to spend the last 34 hours fixing.

15. The captain would like to remind Lieutenant Uhura that insults said in other languages are still insults, and still unacceptable.

16. Lieutenant Uhura would like to remind the Captain that insults are acceptable when sufficiently deserved by certain farm hicks and that if they are not understood by the enemy party then there’s no harm done.

17. The Captain would like to remind Lieutenant Uhura that he is, contrary to what she may believe, a genius who does know more languages than he usually lets on, and no sentient being would appreciate being called a [expletive removed, by authority of Lieutenant Commander Spock] under any circumstances.

18. Lieutenant Commander Uhura would like to politely remind the Captain—

19. Lieutenant Commander Spock, with the authority of First Officer, hereby orders this conversation to be dropped immediately. It is unbecoming of senior officers, and frankly, quite childish. If the two parties wish to continue, they may do so on their own time in private quarters.

20. On a related note to yesterday’s spat, no one is allowed to place bets pitting senior officers against each other. Especially not the other senior officers.

21. Karaoke night is hereby banned forever from the Enterprise.

22. The Captain is not allowed to declare laser tag wars in the Jeffries tubes. Even if everyone involved enjoyed it.

23. Pig Latin is not an official language of the Federation, nor an acceptable method of communication when working on shift.

26. The shipwide broadcast system is not for playing favorite music while at warp in to “set the mood.”

27. Regulations are not “more like guidelines, anyway.” 

28. “What the admiralty doesn’t know…” is not a phrase that should precede any statement on this ship. 

28a. Somehow, every time it’s said, the admiralty inevitably does find out. Senior Command is investigating the possibility of a jinx on the phrase.

29. The Captain is not allowed to name any newly-discovered dinosaurs by himself. We cannot have seven separate species of Kirkosaurus.

30. The marriages that various crewmembers have been forced into via alien rituals on away missions are not valid. If you wish to be officially bound, you can do so the normal, legal way.

32. Starfleet has officially-established drill proceedures. They do not include laser tag, paintball, Mafia, or capture the flag.

33. The Captain is no longer allowed to eat, drink, touch flirt with, or look at any unknown substances on away missions.

34. It is a punishable offense to evade routine medical evaluations. 

34a. This includes you, Jim.

34b. Any and all crewmembers found to be assisting the Captain in hiding from Doctor McCoy are subject to official reprimand and the immediate restriction of all deserts from their meal card.

35. No member of the crew may walk within five feet of Lieutenant Sulu’s plants. Some of them can move, and some of them are extremely…territorial. 

36. Starfleet is not responsible for the consequences if you decide to play tag in the Jeffries Tubes, nor will you receive any sympathy for injuries sustained while doing so.

36a. Except maybe for Chekov.

37. There is no such thing as being “allergic to paperwork,” especially since paperwork is entirely digital and no longer on actual paper.

38. The captain may not declare Casual Fridays.

39. The Captain may not declare a “Space Pirate Day.”

40. Officer Spock may not mislead crew members into believing that he is still ignorant of common human idioms and expressions of speech. 

41. However illogical the captain is being, when logic fails to persuade him, it is still not acceptable to pick him up and physically move him.


43. Shipwide games of Murder are not an accepted method of “team bonding.” No matter how much you try to argue that a common enemy brings people together, it won’t change the fact that organized serial murders—even fake ones—are not acceptable behavior on a starship.