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I’m a larrie and i don’t like Eleanor but this whole thing was just as unfair on her and that should be said. He got arrested for protecting himself and her when she was quite literally attacked by a fan who literally believes she and Louis are in a relationship and got up on E because she was “stealing him away”

This is fucked up on all levels and neither of them deserved that. Louis didn’t deserve to be arrested and Eleanor did not deserve to get attacked because regardless of what you think of her she’s still human and no matter what you believe her role is in all this shit she should be respected.

just to refresh everyone’s memory there has been loads of confirmations that elounor is real and that larry is fake, and it’s not like random ass people (like the ones who are only relevant when they confirm larry), all of these people are of course close to the boys

there was danny (zayn’s friend)

stan (louis’s childhood friend)

jullian (songwriter/travels and is very close to all of the boys)

Grace (harry’s friend)

Tasha (fizzy’s friend)

ella (eleanor’s friend)



jake (harry’s friend, the tweet was after his twitter blew up after his livestream after joking about larry)


max (eleanor’s friend)

lottie (this is only one of the many many occasions she stood up for louis and eleanor)

fizzy (also, one of the many occasions)

josh (their drummer)




oh how rude of me, let’s see all of those close to the boys who have actually confirmed larry and denied elounor

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Louis followed a girl and that girl defended Eleanor on March 4 and that girl's last tweet on March 4 and never mentioned Louis and that girl has about 30 followers and Louis found her and followed her yeah it's organic good job Rusty

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Louis followed a really dead account with like 3 tweets that said that Louis was only defending her girlfriend and the last tweet says “respect Eleanor” lmao 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:That Sadia Ahmad’s (the person Louis just followed) last tweets were defending Eleanor (from March 4) do u think we’d get Elounor today? That person hasnt tweeted since March 4 so how come he just followed her?

lol rusty really doesn’t know subtly 

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the account that Louis followed this morning was so stupid and obvious, they literally have 40 tweets and hadn't tweeted since the incident and their last one )before a retweet for JHO) mentioned respecting Eleanor. Can Rusty go play in traffic

Eww he’s so annoying like???? Bye.


amazing women series
Eleanor Roosevelt    
    She was an American politician, diplomat, activist and the longest-serving First Lady of the United States, holding the post from March 1933 to April 1945 during her husband President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s four terms in office.
    Though widely respected in her later years, Roosevelt was a controversial First Lady for her outspokenness, particularly her stance on racial issues. She was the first presidential spouse to hold press conferences, write a syndicated newspaper column, and speak at a national convention. On a few occasions, she publicly disagreed with her husband’s policies. She advocated for expanded roles for women in the workplace, the civil rights of African Americans and Asian Americans, and the rights of World War II refugees.
    Following her husband’s death, Eleanor remained active in politics for the rest of her life. She pressed the US to join and support the United Nations and became one of its first delegates. She served as the first chair of the UN Commission on Human Rights, and oversaw the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Later she chaired the John F. Kennedy administration’s Presidential Commission on the Status of Women. By the time of her death, she was regarded as “one of the most esteemed women in the world” and “the object of almost universal respect.”

its come to the point where every single thing louis does, you guys have to bring up eleanor and not ever in a good way and you guys call it a joke, but when you guys always bring her up in everything louis does, it’s not funny, it’s pathetic. I just do not understand that when you say: “eleanor is just a girlfriend”
“eleanor isn’t apart of 1d so I don’t have to care about her”
“she’s irrelevant”
then why bring her up all the damn time? and yet elounor shippers are obsessed with her? yeah okay

I literally sit in the lowest step of the PR ring, but a couple of weeks ago a close friend asked me to take a look at what was going on in the One Direction fandom and give her an external, kind of professional opinion. Little I knew there wouldn’t be a way back from there.

I admit I had never heard of any rumor about Harry and Louis or any of the other shady gimmicks surrounding this band and it took me quite some time to come along the basic facts and catch up with the most effective elements. That said, I think it’s relevant to state that even without an in-depth knowledge of past occurrences, even without getting to know the single profiles of the 4 boys, a slightly competent observer could easily come to the conclusion that the whole pregnancy story is purposely orchestrated. And the entire affair is so interestingly made up that I couldn’t keep from looking up the reasons behind it. So here’s my view on the current situation (I apologize in advance for possibly getting something wrong, I had to register many data in a short time and I’m totally here to be corrected).

When Zayn announced he wanted to leave, One Direction had to finally come to terms with the rebranding. What was previously a step they probably wished to take, became then a necessity if they wanted to survive and move on successfully. Going on the way they had until then, with the same strategies, the same audience and the same line, would have had them doomed to fail, for sure. To rebrand means they needed to find a new target, a definitely older public to appeal to, to sell different images to, different songs, a public who was invested in them both as artists and people, absolutely far from the romantic interests they had been sold as for years. Nowadays few things would help a rebranding and call for the huge amount of positive publicity that would push it as a coming out. Luck wants that their team had not one, but two young, good looking, charming, gay men very likely wanting out and together. And, of course, the supporters of said two members are generally the more mature, aware and mindful expressions inside the fandom. The dangerous secret that threatened the band for years was now a strong source of safety and the attitude towards the supporters needed to be turned upside down. Larries are the exact kind of target they want to win over: generally not too young, looking for quality in music and shows, at all interested in a romantic view of the boys and completely loyal and dedicated. After gathering the common characteristics of the Larries, I was pretty sure if I went to compare the timeline of Zayn-deciding-to-and-then-getting-to-leave and the timeline of the-first-rise-of-the-larry-press I would have gotten some quite interesting infos. And that was it.

From what I extrapolated surfing Tumblr (sorry, I haven’t had the time to form my own idea about this topic, but it all seems to make sense), it’s commonly accorded that Zayn’s leaving was decided around the Steal My Girl release, October-November 2014. The first powerful statements from Harry come exactly on those days (Not that important, Don’t knock it ‘till you try it) during some wild interviews; then we have December, when, after years of complete separation, Harry and Louis start appearing close to each other in almost every possible occasion. Louis’ old love tweet to Harry experiences a fast increase (which I totally side-eye), becoming the 2nd most RT tweet ever, then reaching 1 million RTs. All of these receive massive and unprecedented press’ consideration that culminates the day Harry and Louis, after spending some time in the same city, publicly fly together and alone to Sidney. Some alluded sightings come often to light during the first leg of Otra and intensify in the English days of the firs little break and never stopped since then. A document about only 4 dressing rooms being requested for the boys as a general rule leaks. At the highest of it all, in the days between Zayn leaving the tour and the band’s official statement, Eleanor and Louis’ break up drops down and gets the very first high profile press trail. From what my friend told me and what I could gather around here, those last weeks before to the 2-month break were completely overwhelming, a feeling that something big was going to happen was everywhere, to the point where phone trees were actually a thing; many theories about an imminent coming out of Harry and Louis were circulating, speculations about Harry attending Louis’ match in England. The fandom, bent and disheartened by Zayn’ abandon literally sits on the edge, but it’s still, mostly, the Larry part of it.  And while Larry keeps finding his way through the headlines the whole time ‘till June, it slightly decreases and something happens that was totally unexpected. Louis’ image does endure a drastic twist, but it’s absolutely sudden and opposite to what had been suggested. The way he went for the general public from an almost Nobody (hidden, loved up boyfriend in fandom’s concept) to Shallow, Party Boy and Lady Man in barely three months is an actual evidence of a job well executed. Larry rumors don’t die and keep hope and expectations alive, hinting that this must definitely lead to a raise of Louis’ image due to a later outcome. In the meantime, while Harry is distanced from Louis and his bandmates, the solid building of his own new image increases. Pardon my immediacy, but he gets gayer and gayer by the day, perfectly according to the plans. It’s about the clothes he wears, the nail polish, the hair, the general attitude on and off stage, it’s about his always more vocal support of equal rights, among other causes close to his heart (the same boy whose “happy pride” was cut off the dvd has now shown his full support regarding lgbt issues both on social media and in person). More than anything it’s about the complete lack of stunts he’s undergoing. This is the longest Harry has had without being more or less seriously linked to any girl since the band’s first album and considering that more than half of the weight of One Direction promotion used to fall on his Casanova shoulders, this is pretty telling. And this is made unavoidably inevitable: he’s been completely estranged by any kind of women, he’s constantly, only surrounded by men whose possible involvement with him is highly, silently encouraged. The press and, more importantly, press supported by himself and his family, obviously catches on, and in less than a year you have a full overturning that feels absolutely natural to the fandom and the general public. Once again, a great job.

Now, what we have is Harry with one foot (and maybe more) out of the closet and Louis still very well hidden there. How does that lead us towards a joint coming out? It much likely doesn’t. I’m well aware that this is 2015, that the world is different, that people are more willingly to normally accept their gay idols, BUT this is a boy band. No boy band has ever let a member come out while at their top, doing that already is a revolutionary step. I am sorry if this sounds bad, one may think the world is ready, but for how much things got better, we’re not at a point where a boybander comes out without it becoming a scandal. This is going to be a first, a giant first, it tells a lot about them that they’re doing this, about the boys and about their team. Dealing with a sexual statement is always huge. I talk from personal experience. The client my agency works for has never hidden their true self, neither was it difficult to guess, although they didn’t decide to have a proper coming out until a couple of years ago. In theory it was smooth and fast, in reality we’ve never worked as hard as in the weeks prior to it. Their coming out didn’t even involve a famous significant other, their persona was never romantically sold to their audience, there were no lies that had to be justified or erased in their past, it was the easiest coming out you could imagine, yet I remember it tiring and stressful as hell. I can’t even fathom the preparation, the attention, the work they’ve been doing to come to this moment. They must have concluded that having two separate coming outs would ease it all for everyone involved and calculated that it’s even the most convenient choice in terms of publicity, hence money. It’s about double coup de théatres, double exclusives, double trails of every kind of media press, in a few words double attention for the band. Moreover, the second coming out will bring along the revelation of a long term relationship between the two members, which is going to cause an immense abundance of publicity. I know, from what I’ve been reading, that the idea of Harry and Louis not coming out together is not very popular, but I personally have no doubt that this is the case, basing on the facts I’ve gathered.

Come to this point, the necessary, logical step is to separate Harry and Louis’ patterns the best way possible. What can assure a solid and at the same time very talked about straight image? Nothing better than a baby scandal (a cheating scandal would have been the only other as much appealing mean, but you ‘d have needed at least two famous protagonists, either the lover or the official partner, which you definitely lack here). To discard respectable, loving Eleanor and to use unknown, pretty bad painted Briana was the most natural pick. The story not only gets dirtier and juicier, but also much more easily deniable in the future. I’m quite positive a miscarriage won’t be the way out of this, it’s getting too late for that (there’s a tacit agreement in showbiz that you don’t fake a miscarriage too far in a pregnancy), even if the exact number of weeks is not clear, it’s now considered past the first 3 months.

You make a total mess out of the story within the borders of minimal credibility. On the one hand you try your best to make it believable to the general audience and casual or gullible fans giving away as few infos as possible, citing indirect sources but using the most reputable media outlets, on the other one you leave enough holes here and there so that some attentive, involved supporters can easily spot the fakeness and even suspect it be on purpose. In my personal opinion they’re going to stretch it as long as they can without exceeding a point of no return. They could even, while definitely not enjoyable neither easily manageable, keep it on ‘till the actual birth (IF they programmed a real pregnancy, but this would probably imply too much pretence to work on even for such a well built stunt). If they made it any other way, they’d either get awful mockery from the outside (and all their work’d end up useless, then what the point on even start with it?) or finally push away any reasonable fan left, aka the Larries. To balance things in such a complex yet not too dispersive way is anything but simple. Their team is displaying an enviable and undeniable level of capability and this, together with the unprecedented support of higher profile magazines, radio stations, tv shows starting from last spring, absolutely suggests that the team in charge of this affair (and the general new handling of the band) is indeed not the same one as before. I don’t feel like expressing an opinion about it being or not being Azoff-related, because I did not have the time to research on this subject yet and my job is totally Europe related, with very few American connections, but I’d definitely venture to say that it is an US based team (One Direction as a band and as singular members’ barycenter 100% moved overseas). This new team is skilled, powerful and even if I genuinely believe they’re at least a little bit struggling because of the enormity of what they’re accomplishing, thy seem to be totally able to positively manage every aspect of what is being orchestrated. I do remember my friend introducing me to this whole situation asking to find some sense in the mess that One Direction’s team was making and I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing is furthest from the truth. This is made to look like a mess, but is perfectly organized step by step. They (team and boys) know what they’re doing and especially where they’ll land.

So, while you have the part of the fandom you need to preserve in total shock but at the same time conscious enough to smell the lies, that same part is going to stay until the very end, sure that a clear cut will happen and that all the hints purposely dropped will lead sooner or later to the only possible conclusion that is Harry and Louis revealing their love. You got them and their full attention; they’re sure in their beliefs but more than a little furious for feeling perpetually used and lied to and while the push and pull technique (that in my slang I’d call Double Face approach) is honestly shitty to fans, it’s very profitable in its complexity (Sorry for spending much time on this, but fans testing and fans reactions are exactly my field of competence!). At the high of this, which could very probably be album promotion, you have Harry come out on his own. I personally see it happening out of the blue, with no particular warning, but I might be projecting on this one. It’s going to be a giant BOOM but not a shock for the general public, not for the best part of the fandom, by now accustomed at least to the idea of Harry being not straight. Larries will indeed be a little shocked and vulnerable (?), frustrated (?), surely bewildered, but they once again are going to stay. They’ll still hope for Louis to join soon and more than anything they won’t leave Harry at this point. It will be anyway half a victory. So, at the end of the day, you gain a lot of positive publicity and practically no one leaving the fandom, it’s a win-win situation. I figure at this moment Louis would still be stuck in the mud of baby gate. It shall be dissolved a little while later, at worst after the baby (if there’s a baby) was born. Other possibilities could be Louis having the baby and living the rest of his life with it (wouldn’t be the first one to do so, but in this context it seems pretty unlikely) or baby gate being solved before Harry’s coming out (surely not at the same time, because they are both going to bring visibility on their own to the band in promotion time), but I personally find it less probable and not useful to their purpose.

When sharing my conclusions with my friend, she told me that I must have interpreted something wrong because she and the rest of the fandom just don’t get why Harry and Louis will want to come out separately. Of course I don’t think that’s what they want, but I’m sure they understood that’s the most convenient choice for them. From what I could have a glance at, Harry (and presumably the other boys, surely Louis) has worked for a very long time in order to ensure a better team for themselves, the Azoff connections have been going on for a couple of years (be the actual new team Azoff or someone close to and suggested by them), there’s then no way they don’t trust their new management or that the new management hasn’t guaranteed them their freedom as part of their deal. There’s no reason the new team wouldn’t act in their clients’ best interest, they’ve got a lot to prove on their part with the new assignment. That’s what they definitely switched management, to feel safe in the hands of someone they trust after years of mismanagement (and little contractual power). For how I see it, Louis’ coming out won’t be delayed for long, a few months, six at most? In the meantime they’ll already experience some positive changes in their lives, Harry may have to stand the press assigning him a few love interests, but he won’t have to actively do anything, will be free from that heavy womanizer image. Slowly, as soon as Louis is over the baby story, they’ll start to be seen together more, slipping more and more into a glass closet. It’s not going to get a lot, just think about their relationship right now: it was not that long ago that they were still referred to as barely able to stand each other’s presence and now it’s pretty accepted that they’re close friends again.

Based on what I could analyze in this short period of time my humble, professional opinion is that the current baby gate is clearly a stunt, the outcome is going to be a coming out (very likely two) and that, if nothing else, the band earned a quite competent management. The only person whose opinion I dared to ask is my boss, who’s still relatively young, but pretty experienced and the two things she was struck by were the obvious connection between Zayn’s  and Larry’s facts and Harry’s current situation. Her words about it, that I 100%  support, were: “Someone with such a past and nowadays  such a media stand is not gonna be breathing the closet air when New Year comes”. These are of course my two cents! I apologize again for the eventual imprecisions and I’m more than willing to discuss the whole topic and revise some aspects with the help of more accurate experts!

This was submitted to me. My main question is that if Harry were to come out the rumours surrounding Louis would basically out him as well. So it wouldn’t make a ton of sense to delay Louis’ coming out while everybody is sitting their “calling it.”  I don’t see either of them coming out without in turn outing the other at this point in time.

I also think that things can turn on a dime. So no, Louis couldn’t come out right now, but if they put 3 weeks of seeding into it, his image would be more ready than Harry’s. If they continue to prolong babygate I’ll think differently: but right now I think they can deny, get that off his plate, and stabilize back to the original seeding plan.

But I’m also not trained in PR, so your opinion is more valuable than mine in this circumstance!

it's ok to be a larrie and still support eleanor as a person

there’s a difference between believing that she’s an actor hired by management as a beard and being blatantly disrespectful of her (name calling, personal attacks, wishing her harm, etc).

the same goes for fans who don’t ship your otp. we can all get along.

be kind. ♡

I was scrolling through eleanor’s instagram account today and alright i’m a massive larry shipper but seriously guys how can you just spend most of your time spamming every single picture she posts (even not louis related!!!!) with ‘LARRY IS REAL’ ‘your boyfriend is gay’ ‘beard’ and so on. What the fuck is that, leave her alone. Do you even know what respect is? Do you even know bullying is fucking wrong?! You can ship whatever you want but YOU MUST NOT FORGET she might not be louis girlfriend but SHE IS A PERSON and you’re just being mean and vile. Honestly I am shocked.

Just…this woman writes my soul with her books these are literally the first books in years that I can and want and NEED to read cover to cover and it’s a joy to do so 🌞💖 thank you so much 👏🏻👏🏻 and please can SOMEONE make Carry On into a movie it needs to happen, not just for its fans but also because this wonderful author deserves recognition for her beautiful writing