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The Avengers (28)

Branded (My first imagine…beware)


Get A Handle On Things


Game Night

Safe Place

Cross Two Three Four Five  Six


Who Live Who Dies Who Tells Your Story

A Dot Ham

Ham4Avenge  (kinda sequel to A Dot Ham)

The Variable

You’re A Rogers




Pink Panther

Respect Your Elders


Be Careful



Marvelmas (series masterlist)

Dear Millennials,

Do you hate the way Baby Boomers talk about you?  Well, I want you to remember something:

The Baby Boomers were also the generation of the Hippies.  And the so-called Greatest Generation said the exact same things about the Baby Boomers as the Baby Boomers say about Millennials.

The exact same things.  The only thing missing was the word “selfie”.

Hippies/Baby Boomers were called lazy and entitled.  They were called selfish and self-important.  They were treated as if they didn’t know how to work or show proper respect for their elders and everybody thought that they wanted some sort of special treatment.  The Baby Boomers were perceived as this group who thought everything was all about them.  If you asked the Baby Boomer Hippies, at the time, they’d say they were just exploring sexuality and fighting racism and trying to do away with the old ways because the old ways weren’t working.  They fought and they protested and they were passionate.

Then, to borrow a phrase from The Dark Knight, “you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain.”  That’s what happened to the Baby Boomers.  But, there’s a third option.


Remember what this feels like.  Remember what it’s like to be in your teens and twenties.  Remember that it’s not easy.  Remember everything the past generation says about you.

Because there will come a day when the Millennials are in their 30s and 40s and 50s.  Where the President and Congress will all be Millennials.  Where you will be the establishment.  You will be in charge.

And there will be people of your generation, your age group, who will look at the Post-Millennials and say “Look at how selfish and disrespectful they are!  What is wrong with their music?  What is wrong with their hair?  They can’t be separated from their technology for one second, can they?!  People in my generation knew how to work hard!  They weren’t lazy and entitled like these kids are!”

It will happen.  Don’t let it.

Fight it.  Fight for yourselves now but, when you’re older, fight for the next generation.

Break the cycle.

If you hate the way you’re treated by the older generation and the media, then remember that and don’t do it to the ones who come after you.


When that one brotherhood guy insults Hancock and you want to kill them but pretty much everyone is watching

Sugakookie Things pt 2
  • Jungkook gushing to Taehyung about how cute Yoongi is and Taehyung asking him if they’re talking about the same person
  • Jungkook using Yoongi’s shoulder as an arm rest and then replacing his arm with his head when the rapper glares at him
  • Yoongi finding out that Jungkook is conscious about the way he looks through Jungkook’s side handed remarks and using every change he gets to tell the younger that he’s the most beautiful person he’s ever met
  • Jungkook making fun of Yoongi’s singing/dancing and Yoongi letting him get away with it (Taehyung always complains about this because whenever he makes fun of Yoongi, Yoongi socks him on the head and tells him to respect his elders)
  • “I’m so fucking tired.” “Yah, don’t curse.” “…hyung.” “Shut up.”
  • Yoongi always gets this giddy smile on his face when his phone screen lights up with a text from Jungkook
  • Drunken Yoongi squishing Jungkook’s face in his hands and cooing - much to the younger’s embarrassment (“my baby’s so cute,” “oh my god, hyung, stop it!”) Hoseok recorded the whole thing and holds it against Yoongi whenever he says no to something Hoseok wants to do (“sunshine, my ass. Does the sun even shine in hell?” “Stop being so dramatic, hyung.”)
  • Sharing clothes (Jungkook lets Yoongi wear whatever he wants from Jungkook’s closet except for his Iron Man socks because those are Sacred™) 
  • Jungkook spends hours in Yoongi’s studio doing nothing but lounging on the couch, silently working or scrolling through his phone. The silence never bothered either of them rather, Jungkook finds it comforting.
  • Yoongi ruffling Jungkook’s hair as he walks by the sofa where the younger is seated and Jungkook’s face automatically lighting up with a toothy smile under the touch
  • Jungkook forcing Yoongi to wake up and go grocery shopping with him because Jin’s too busy at his vocal lessons to go but needs supplies for dinner
  • Yoongi initially saying “no” when Jungkook asks him if he has any free time just because he loves the way Jungkook juts out his bottom lip and pouts  
  • Jungkook pulling Yoongi into his lap even though there’s plenty of room on the sofa
  • Namjoon personally changed the neglected broken lock on the door to Yoongi’s studio after The Incident (Jungkook can’t look Namjoon in the face for an entire week without both of them blushing to the roots of their hair and awkwardly looking away)
  • Jungkook stealing Yoongi’s coffee 
  • Yoongi running his finger over the scar on Jungkook’s cheek when they’re laying down. (“Tell me how you got it again.” “I’ve already told you so many times, hyung.” “I know. I like hearing the story though.”)
  • Holding hands under the table
  • Jungkook spontaneously kissing Yoongi while the elder’s speaking.
  • Yoongi keeping his hand on the small of Jungkook’s back when they’re sitting/standing next to each other during radio programs/music shows
  • Jungkook randomly poking Yoongi/tickling him just because he loves the way the rapper jumps in his skin at the spontaneous contact. (“Yah, I said to stop.” “Make me.”)
  • Jungkook wordlessly slipping into Yoongi’s arms and burying his face in the crook of the elder’s neck. (“Are you okay?” “I’m okay now.” “Yah, how can you be so corny?” “Psh, don’t act like you don’t like it.”)
  • Yoongi telling Jungkook that he can speak in banmal with him while trying to act like it’s not a big deal (even though it is a Really Big Deal), casually shrugging his shoulders and avoiding the younger’s gaze (Taehyung and Jimin gape the first time Jungkook addresses Yoongi without any honorific tacked on in front of them and immediately complain that it’s not fair)
Christmas Songs In A Nutshell
  • Chat Noir: My life sucks, Christmas sucks, I want my mom fuck you all
  • Ladybug: Adrien is gone, Chat Noir appears, they look exactly the same, chat must be protecting him also I want to screw adrien so badly but no one must know
  • Santa: [ANGRY DABBING] Fuck you assholes, kids these days, respect your elders you pieces of shit

the funny thing about the “listen to your queer elders!” thing on here is that there are only a handful of people who actually count for these people’s purposes. a small group of under-50 (and mostly under-40) bloggers who say what people with a very specific brand of insular tumblr politics want to hear are Queer Elders who must be Respected by being agreed with unquestioningly. but the many actual community elders i know have no clue what any of them are talking about. when i’ve talked to them about it they’ve found it patently absurd. but they aren’t convenient and they don’t have tumblrs, so their experiences don’t matter. i’m told i don’t “respect my elders” not because i don’t listen to my elders, but because i listen to the wrong elders.

Respect Your Elders - Avengers x Reader

Originally posted by iwantcupcakes

Words: 1036
Pairing: Avengers x teen!Reader (mainly tony)
Featuring: Tony, Peter Parker, Steve
Warnings: swearing(?), sarcasm, fighting
Requested by @ibenkastbergskole
Hey I love your work, it’s so well written that I feel every emotion that you describe :) I was wondering if you could write a story with Avengersxfemreader. Where the reader is reather sarcastic, and she says something teasingly to Tony who tell her “to respect her elders” or something like that. And she tells him she’ll start when he does, and he asks what she means and she says he need to treat Bucky and Steve with respect as they are his elders? I don’t know just an idea I had 😉
Authors Note: i actually liked this more than i thought i was going to- yay!

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“Seriously?” You groaned with an eye roll when Tony walked passed the couch, taking your phone.

“Yes, seriously,” Tony rolled his eyes back at you, “You need to socialize, you filthy teenager.”

“I’ll socialize when I’m older and don’t know how to use social media,” You snatched your phone away from him.

“You-” Tony was cut off by Steve shouting for him before he could criticize you anymore.

“Oh, guess you have to go report to the big boss. Have fun!” You smirked and pushed him out of the room, looking back at your phone to send a text.

Clicking on Peter Parker’s contact name, RUN AWAY IT’S A SPIDER, you texted him. “Let’s hang out and complain about Tony.

I’m down,” He replied almost instantly.

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  • Jess hater: Jess slacked off at school
  • Jess: actually didn’t feel school challenged him enough and it was boring to him, he also lacked self worth and didn’t believe he should even try to pass anyway because he didn’t think he would amount to anything anyway.
  • Jess hater: Jess manipulated Rory into leaving Dean.
  • Jess: loved Rory, didn’t kiss her first, didn’t tell her to break up with Dean, and Dean was the one who broke up with Rory.
  • Jess hater: he forced himself on Rory
  • Jess: stopped when she wanted to stop
  • Jess hater: Jess didn’t respect his elders
  • Jess: had no experience with adults who treated him like he deserved respect, and had no examples of how or reasons why he should respect adults automatically.
  • Jess hater: He was rude to Lorelai
  • Jess: Knew from the start that Lorelai wasn’t giving him a fair chance, so he didn’t try to win someone over who had already given up on him.
  • Jess hater: Jess didn’t treat Luke properly
  • Jess: learnt how to be a man after Luke had shown him, and he did see the error in his ways and respected Luke more than ever because Luke didn’t give up on him even when he hadn’t been the easiest to be around.
  • Jess hater: Jess was a bad boyfriend.
  • Jess: Had his own issues with trusting people and letting them in. He was terrible with communication, but he tried. He tried to make Rory happy and be there for her, he just didn’t know how to.

Maximum cultural development
(Revolutionary mentality)

1. Study oriented: reads, evaluates and debates books, newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals. Excepts the challenges of education.

2. Worker: looks for ways in which to actively work for self may hold a job outside in order to sustain self and family. Self-reliant.

3. Organized and systematic. Efficient and diligent.

4. Progressively collective; conscious of others and cooperative.

5. Family oriented: regards mate as a partner in struggle; loves children. Values trust in relationships.

6. Land conscious: realizes that the only thing that nobody’s making any more of this land.

7. Disciplined: strong, unyielding and energetic.

8. Serious. Practices Fairplay, order and punctuality. Honest and dependable.

9. Analytical and critical.

10. Frugal: buys mainly on a need basis; saves.

11. Social life is developmental and involves children.

12. Creatively aggressive: will dare of the impossible if it is possible.

13. Respects elders.

14. Dislikes incompetence and mediocrity.

15. Fights against black on black crime and understands that it’s root is white on black crime.

16. Loves black art, music and literature.

17. Can give and follow instructions. Encourages experimentation and criticism.

18. Committed to black liberation, local, national and international.

19. Does not use drugs.

20. Politically active. Not crisis oriented Acts on information rather than reacts. Plans for the long term; alert; prepared for change.

21. Self-confident. Respects others regardless of race or culture.

22. Understands the economic forces that control our lives on the local, national and international level.

23. Rational and decisions and actions.

24. Rewards merit and achievement.

Haki Madhubuti
Black men: obsolete, single, dangerous? The Afrikan family in transition
page 8

tree asks
  • ash: would you sacrifice yourself for a stranger?
  • bonsai: are you easily impacted by the feelings of others?
  • birch: how do you cope with loss?
  • cedar: do you feel like anyone's protecting you?
  • elder: if you had a fairy godmother, what would you ask her for?
  • fir: how long do you want to live for?
  • heather: do you believe friendship must be earned?
  • holly: what makes you angry?
  • juniper: are you easily pressured into doing things you feel uncomfortable with?
  • maple: if you could have one magic ability, what would it be?
  • oak: what element do you feel the most power over?
  • pine: list your favorite holidays
  • redwood: do you respect your elders?
  • wisteria: are you romantic?
  • willow: what was the last dream you had?

“If a person wants to kiss another person’s hand, if this is because of his asceticism, righteousness, knowledge, position or modesty, or other reason that has to do with his commitment to religion, then…it is mustahabb (a preferred act to do), because Abu ‘Ubaydah kissed the hand of 'Umar (may Allaah be pleased with them both).”
(From Fatawa al-Imaam al-Nawawi).

Two sons of King Salman. Prince Mohammed on the left is the Defence Minister of Saudi Arabia and Prince Khalid on the right is in the Saudi Air Force. This picture demonstrates a sunnah that isn’t practised much any more. Not only does it show respect to the elders culturally, but it shows a sunnah we no longer do. May Allah guide them and us all to perform the wajib (compulsory) sunnahs as well as the preferred sunnahs that are dying out as a result of modern times.