respect and care

This is for my people who don’t have a g-spot up their ass.

Porn is definitely not a role model. The same way that movies make life and romance seem way more magical than it really is, porn makes sex seem waaayyyyy different than it actually is. One of the prime examples of this for me is getting fucked in the ass. Like I know y'all know what I’m talking about. In porn women cum like crazy over being fucked in the ass, they make it seem like it’s a glorious feeling and those not doing it are missing out. Lemme tell y'all it is definitely not like they make it seem.
Now I’m not gonna lie, I like getting dick up my ass but at first I hated it, mostly because it was hard for me to to make the distinction between porn and reality. Your ass needs training before it’s ready to take on some major dick-age.

Take MAJOR precautions. This goes for everyone getting fucked in the ass. Unlike vaginas, our assholes do not lubricate themselves, and if it’s dry and getting severely pounded it could have some big health repercussion. Be careful ya’ll. My partner and I carry a travel-sized lube with us in the car just in case. Also, face down-ass up is not just a sexy position, it’s honestly one of the best and easiest positions for a dick to easily slide right in. Again, always make sure ya’ll clean before AND after, especially the dick-partner.

I also strongly recommend to NOT have vaginal sex after anal sex, unless the dick has been thoroughly cleansed because that shit is not hygienic.

Take care of yourself my loves, and have fun getting your ass dicked if that’s what ya’ll want ;)

  • KakaSaku: The ship is about the newfound respect, understanding, natural chemistry and caring for each other that was built on in the last arc. We ship these two characters as adults and any depiction of them romantic or sexual with Sakura as a child is repulsive because we don't condone the pursuit of minors. Kakashi would never pursue a minor nor take advantage and purposefully harm someone because of their age and they've been shown to work together as equals.
  • Antis: Amazing I Suddenly Can Not Read #Pedophilia

I love the fact that King Arthur doesn’t have a ridiculously forced romantic subplot, but then again I love these two so much that I do want them to kiss and get married LMAO


And if you’re wondering why Cat and Kara seem to have a more complex and endearing relationship than Supergirl and Mon-El, it’s a simple answer: Their relationship is based on respect.

The fact that Cat always knew about Kara’s secret identity proves just how much the woman respects and cares about her.

In all this time Cat Grant has known about Supergirl but not once she ever outed her or took advantage of this knowledge.

And when she did try to pressure Kara to confess, she respected when Kara decided not to. Because she knows how important it is for Kara to keep Supergirl a secret, she values Kara’s intimacy and wishes. She honors it by never telling her she’s always known the truth.

Because sometimes being a hero means allowing our loved ones to be themselves. And caring means respect.

And Cat Grant always cared.


“…I can’t possibly accept this award. And I’m very humbled and I’m very grateful and gracious but my artist of my life is Beyonce and this album to me, the ‘Lemonade’ album, was just so monumental, Beyonce. It was so monumental. And so well thought out, and so beautiful and soul-bearing, and we got to see another side to you that you don’t always let us see, and we appreciate that, and all us artists here who adore you. And you are our lives, and the way that you make me and my friends feel, the way you make my BLACK friends feel is empowering, and you make them stand up for themselves, and I love you. I always have and I always will.“ - Adele when winning Album of the Year

salvador sobral: *tries to pass an important message about helping refugees but isn’t allowed to bc it’s too political*

salvador sobral: *thanks his sister and the composer luis figueiredo for making the song, giving them all the credit*

salvador sobral: *can’t get excited during the voting bc of his heart condition but when his sister is singing on stage he flails adorably at her performance*

salvador sobral: *during the press conference always refers to THE SONG WINNING - NOT HIMSELF bc that’s it’s the song that really matters*

salvador sobral: *doesn’t consider himself a national hero, he just wants to sing and live a peaceful life, he just hopes the song can make a change*

salvador sobral: *makes a slightly bad worded speech directing at ALL POP MUSIC, and NOT just for Eurovision competitors*

amar pelo dois: *a song with no specified gender, no specified sexuality, just the simplicity and strength of emotions conveyed in song can be applied to almost anyone over the world if you empathize with it, uniting people with a language that not the majority of the world knows about*

tumblr salty people: dude this guy is an arrogant shit saying he’s better than everyone what does he know about eurovision it’s supposed to be glamorous and full of glitter how straight is this guy with his incestuous boring duet ballad that puts anyone to sleep

me: ……….

As I was re-watching one piece film z I remembered why Brook is one of the most beautiful Strawhat members:

he’s protecting his captain from the rain, but he’s so tall and the umbrella wouldn’t reach Luffy, so he BENDS DOWN IN ORDER TO COVER HIM.



He’s already dead tho… yohoho

And then they just walk off like that, with Brook holding up the umbrella for the future pirate king like nothing, because he’s such a wonderful skeleton and HE CARES FOR HIS CAPTAIN HEALTH, GOSH NO DROP WOULD DARE TOUCH HIS CAPTAIN’S FAIR SKIN FIGHT HIM !!!!


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You deserve flowers on your doorstep and coffee in the morning. You deserve notes left on your dashboard and ice cream at 3am. You deserve honesty everyday and to be kissed every hour. You deserve to be reminded how beautiful you are.
—  Unknown

It’s absolutely impossible to please everybody.
It really is.

With there being so many desires, opinions, and expectations being flung at us within a single moment, it’s just not possible. We are only one person. One human. There is only so much we can do when it comes to satisfying everyone around us.

However, we must do everything in our power to make sure that we ourselves are taken care of. That our needs are satisfied. That we are loved and nurtured. That we are genuinely happy.

We are only one person. One human. And that, my friend, is the perfect amount to be able to manage ourselves. So make sure to do so; with unconditional love and care.

—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

You don’t have to be in a relationship to be fulfilled. You are enough for yourself.


Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet :)