“Make the search for freedom the basis of yor work. Don’t complain, be creative. When 3 or 4 women come together produce a solution. Trust your feminity. Your place is not just your homes. You should be everywhere. If it hadn’t been for the women’s freedom struggle women would have continued to live as slaves.”

- Abdullah Öcalan, Kurdish Leader and PKK Founder
500 Catholic scholars lash back at Humanae Vitae critics

Nearly 50 years after the “prophetic” papal document Humanae Vitae, the Catholic Church’s longstanding teaching against contraception continues to promote the human good, said a group of Catholic thinkers on Tuesday.

“We hold that Catholic teaching respects the true dignity of the human person and is conducive to happiness,” said hundreds of Catholic scholars in a Sept. 20 document.

“Humanae Vitae speaks against the distorted view of human sexuality and intimate relationships that many in the modern world promote. Humanae Vitae was prophetic when it listed some of the harms that would result from the widespread use of contraception,” they said.

More than 500 Catholic scholars with doctoral degrees in theology, medicine, law and other fields have signed the document in support of Catholic teaching, titled “Affirmation of the Catholic Church’s Teaching on the Gift of Sexuality.”

…The scholars charged that a new U.K.-based statement opposing Church teaching “offers nothing new to discussions about the morality of contraception and, in fact, repeats the arguments that the Church has rejected and that numerous scholars have engaged and refuted since 1968.

The statement in question, organized by the U.K.-based Wijngaards Institute, claims there are “no grounds” for Catholic teaching against contraception. It questioned the idea that openness to procreation is inherent to the significance of sexual intercourse, and said that “the choice to use contraceptives for either family planning or prophylactic purposes can be a responsible and ethical decision and even, at times, an ethical imperative.”

…The Wijngaards statement was set to be presented at a meeting hosted at the United Nations Sept. 20 to “encourage the Catholic hierarchy to reverse their stance against so called ‘artificial’ contraceptives,” the institute said.

Organizers of the Wijngaards statement said they would promote their claims to Catholic Church officials, ordinary Catholics and “opinion leaders,” including bishops, priests, religious sisters, management and medical staff of Catholic health care facilities, Catholic social workers, and Catholic journalists. They said they would also promote their claims and theological materials to “all U.N. departments and development agencies who are trying to navigate the relationship between religious belief and women’s health as they work towards the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.”

The Wijngaards Institute was founded in 1983 by Catholic priest John N. M. Wijngaards, who was later laicized. His writings question Catholic teaching on masturbation, homosexuality and abortion. He also wrote a novel that promises “to liberate you from outdated Catholic sexual teaching.”

Yes, the U.N. will love this of course but the Church is NOT going to change.

I woke up this morning to the “leaked pictures of Chen and his ex” all over my Twitter (since most of the accounts I follow are EXO fanartists in Korea). While I’m happy to know Chen is fine and dating people despite his idol life, please don’t spread the pictures around. That’s something private and shouldn’t be exposed to the world. He’s also human and deserves privacy as well.

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If you're still doing the Kiss Art Challenge, could you please do #3 Keith and Lance from Voltron Legendary Defender? Thank you 💜 ~ @LegendaryLions


*A kiss for good luck*

The thing that always gets me is that even with fairly nonsexualized Rouge fanart there’s still sometimes this trend of like, her shirt suctioning to her body with her breasts just hanging out in space as if suspended by magic and faith

Because I guarantee you that Rouge, the highly athletic government spy and jewel thief who rides Extreme Gear for fun, throws bombs at her enemies, and hides iron tips inside the heart decals on her boots isn’t gonna be walking around without SOME kind of adequate support for her large breasts? Even a small-breasted person isn’t gonna be fighting without proper support bc otherwise boobs will be a-floppin’, but you’re telling me that the highly-practical and very intelligent Rouge is just gonna… let hers hang? You think she wants black eyes? Nah bro she’s gonna be smart about it! No way she’s going out without some kind of support! Jesus christ she’s smart please draw her costume to reflect that

Just to reiterate her costumes are not

They are

Notice how it’s a little more squashed down and like, actually looks supported under the costume instead of suspended out in space by a gravity field? Yes. That. Please and thank you.

@iwantthatbelstaffanditsoccupant this for me is less about personal headcanons/fics/ships, and more about arguing against canon or what canon is pointing to. Many people do this, they ignore any attraction Sherlock shows toward John/men in favor of stripping Sherlock of any sexuality. And by ANY we mean GAY. If Sherlock was obviously and unapologetically heterosexual, you would never see this reaction to him. The fact is, if you know how to read queer media, Sherlock is not ambiguous at all; he is obviously gay. The people who think that he is asexual are looking at him in an ambiguous way and that portrayal is essentially a joke on canon. Sherlock has been trapped in his love for John for far too long. The fact that there are still people out there arguing to keep this man in that trap because they don’t want him to be sexual with another guy is fucking homophobic and that’s all I can say about that.

Things Bex has taught me

•it’s okay to be myself
•i don’t have to go public about my sexuality
• it’s okay to not be okay
• i do matter

@bext-k you have made such a difference in my life in a short amount of time. (5 months to be exact). You are my role model and i look up to you. You don’t even know me personally,but you still have made a bigger impact in my life than anyone i have actually known. I feel like i can be myself thanks to you. You have shown me that i do not have to go public about my sexuality in order for it to be valid. I truly admire how you are passionate about lots of important issues going on in the world.
One of my dreams is to eventually meet you but not because you are famous, but because you have made such a difference in my life and meeting the person who has helped me so much these past few months would absolutely mean the world to me. You are truly an amazing human bean and i’m so thankful that you exist.

Just a Few Words

Some People in this Fandom (who keep calling us dumb or telling us to stop) realize that in every show in the world people Ship non-canon couples right? That when they start dating someone else doesn’t mean we still stop shipping them with the  person we want them with. People can respect what is canon , and still ship/head canon/theorize/ a non-canon couple. So keep shipping , and don’t let people make you feel bad :)