You know what Fucking irks me to no end? People who feel like it’s just how a person is when they are blatantly sexually harassing others. Don’t Fucking touch someone who doesn’t want it. Don’t Fucking tickle them. Don’t Fucking obsess about sex and only talk about it when that person is around. Especially when you can see that that person Is in a happy healthy relationship. What in the actual fuck is wrong with us to just blame sexual harassment on a personality? Boys won’t be boys. Boys know you’ll let them get away with more and more so the keep pushing boundaries. Respect each other. You’re not gods gift to women. Back the fuck up and Sit the fuck down. Go talk to your wife and see how she feels about it.

I don’t usually share my personal life especially not on social media but this is was just something i thought was so great that happened to me today
My teacher had over heard a convo i was having while i was frustrated n stressed out -on top if that all i haven’t been eating much there hasn’t been anything in the house so not only did he give me 2 bucks that day to buy school lunch but i come in today to see a packed lunch on my desk
n the best thing was as i thanked him n gave him a big hug (which is a big deal cuz his a slight germ a fob) he took it as if it was nothing -not a big deal at all meanwhile i couldn’t express exactly how much i appreciated it
N u know what it shouldn’t b to big of a deal this should simply the humane thing to do ~helping those who need it especially when u have more then enough to offer
These r the kind people that make this earth worth it Be kind Help others U might just save a life one day without realizing it

Evanna Lynch aka “Luna Lovegood”‘s Profoundly Articulate & Powerful Message To Homophobes

This woman. The world is a better place because she’s in it. She truly embodies the character she played flawlessly on “Harry Potter” - Luna Lovegood. Luna IS Evanna. Evanna IS Luna. What a brilliant example she sets for everyone.

Just look at what she put on her Instagram! Could Evanna BE any more perfect?! What a phenomenally evolved human being she is! I bow to her in awe! 


Evanna’s original message on her FB page [x]

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Tumblr Logic is like
  • You’re straight and you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: You’re homophobic
  • You’re white and you’re proud of it: You’re racist
  • You’re anti feminist: You’re anti women
  • You’re anti SJW: You don’t care about the world
  • You’re a man: You’re sexist
  • You consider yourself a normal person: You can’t have problems at all
  • You’re american: You’re trash
  • You’re european: You’re racist AF

Thank you for reading… 2,852,901 people have been killed or injured fighting for this country. That’s nearly 3 million people that have stepped up to fight for our freedom and have been impacted because of it. Memorial Day has become a day off from work for most. To truly grasp the magnitude of Memorial Day is challenging unless you have experienced the fight. Having fought for freedom myself and lost more brothers than I can count on both hands, every day is Memorial Day. I will take this opportunity to share with you why it should be for you, too.

While you sit here and read this, what are doing? Are you driving in your car, or staring at your iPhone while you’re in a place free from conflict? Can you travel from state to state without getting harassed and stopped? Do you have the freedom to make this life what you want it to be? I encourage you to look deep within our history and realize that NONE of this would exist without putting it on the shoulders of the men and women willing and able to give it all for us… I feel as a whole, our society has become less connected with what the cost of freedom has been over the years because most haven’t felt the impact directly. I asked a bunch of people yesterday where Arlington was and the answer was not in VA… It saddens me to think we have the freedom to do what we please and create an amazing life, but it can be left unknown how we got to this point. It is so important that we educate our young people on what our nation was founded upon and what it took to get here. I encourage you all to embrace this weekend as a reminder of the sacrifices made by our soldiers and their families and encourage people you know to thank ones they know. Take time to appreciate all of the freedoms we have. When you support our warriors, they will support you

—  Dom Raso Jr. (U.S. Navy SEAL)