First day of PAX South was a BLAST! We got great seats at the Rooster Teeth Panel, and I got to use my super nice new camera to take pictures.  Here are ten of my favorites out of the 170 that I took!

Please, do not repost these anywhere and please do not remove my watermark/copyright thing.  I worked very hard to get these pictures and posted them for the enjoyment of others!

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It was two or three Christmases ago, and we were sitting down watching Ali G on TV,“ said (Prince) William.

"She (the Queen mother) saw Ali G click his fingers and say ‘Respec’, and Harry and I showed her what to do.”

Prince Harry, 17, continued: “It was at the end of the meal, and she stood up and said: 'Darling, lunch was marvellous - respec,’ and clicked her fingers.”

William said the entire family burst out laughing, including the Queen, to whom the remark was addressed.

—  Prince Harry and Prince William discussing the Queen mother. (BBC News)

[ image description: the arospec colors (green, light green, white, gray, black) border the left and right side, the middle is a dark gray box with a subtle thread texture; the words “Respec the Arospec” are stylized at the top, and below it reads “A skype group for everyone on the aromantic spectrum, including those who are questioning. If you’d like to join, add CensoredSecret on Skype and tell them you’d like to join.” signed ]

Respec the Arospec is an arospec public chat where we all get to hang out, get to know one another, and help each other deal with life–and not just the parts of life that deal with our aromanticism. We support each other and lend kind words and advice when appropriate, and share stories and thoughts all the time. We make respect one of our priorities, and try to make sure everyone present is comfortable.

If you are anywhere on the aromantic spectrum or questioning if you may be, you are more than welcome to send me a friend request on Skype (I’m censoredsecret) asking for me to add you to the group. We’d love to have you c:

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New Details on Dark Souls III!
  • Dark Souls II-esque fast travel will return
  • Skill respec will return, but may not work exactly the same as Dark Souls II
  • DS3 will utilize an MP system like Demon’s Souls, instead of spells each having limited casts
  • Magic spells will be designed to be more distinct from one other in order to emphasize build diversity
  • Unlimited invasion items will return
  • New Game+ will feature new enemies, remapped enemy locations, and new gear
  • Hidden walls are found by attacking
  • Weapon durability will be somewhere between Dark Souls 1 and 2
  • Bonfire Ascetics will not return (v_v)

Also, the release date may have been spilled a bit early! One site has listed it for February 2nd.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Livestream 9-10-2014 Summary
Here is my summary on what you (may have) missed.

Dwarven females can have stubbles (not full beards, though, but stubbles are confirmed!)
- The American voices for the Inquisitors sound so amazing. Funny story: when most of the devs heard Jon Curry’s audition, they didn’t even notice it was the same guy who did Zevran in Origins until they were told. Mike Laidlaw said he has “an incredible range”.
- Both 2H Weapons and Daggers have two kinds of styles
2H Weapons:
- Mauls have more vertical attacks
- Swords and axes have sweeping attacks
- Stabby daggers
- Sweepy daggers

- There is an amulet that allows you to respec aka Maker’s Sigh in DA2, though you can not opt out of a specialization and choose another like you could in DA2
- There are some skills that apply to the player’s position in regards to the enemy (for example in the Subterfuge ability tree for a rogue)
- Rogues have caltrops to throw on the ground and slow down enemies
- Healing potions are a partywide resource, yet there are other potion slots that apply on a per-character basis. 
Healing is not the only way to recover after a battle. For example, Cassandra has a ‘Guard’ bar, which is like a layer of armor over her health. Sound familiar to Mass Effect players? Mages have also barriers to cast that act in the same way.
- Mana regenerates over time
- Stamina regenerates slowly over time, and for rogues and warriors it increases by attacking
- The Tactical Camera looks really intuitive on a controller, as Mike Laidlaw gave a demonstration, though do remind it’s a developer that’s playing here. Laidlaw also gave a lot of information on how certain abilities work in combination with upgrades and statuses of enemies or allies within battles, and it sounded so complex ;-;
External image

- Someone asked on what resolution the game will be playing for PS4. Mark Darrah answered with a witty: “I guess people will figure that out.” Hehehe.
- The quest menu mentioned Haven. The Hinterlands were mentioned by Laidlaw to be one of the earliest areas in the game. Huzzah \o/
- You can issue a command to your entire party to 'disengage’ combat. No more MOVING EVERY COMPANION OUT OF THE COMBAT RANGE INDIVIDUALLY THANK THE MAKER.
- After a while in the wilderness your boots become dirty, but once you rest in camp they become shiny again. So detail. Such attention. Much boots. Wow.
- Mike Laidlaw didn’t kill a fennec because he’s “not Cameron” even though Mark Darrah wanted to tempt him into it.
- You can claim landmarks and plant your banners there. Those banners will update overtime (as you can change how your banners look). When you claim such landmarks you get a nice little bit of lore, which is contextualized though.
- You can run around with less than the three companions in the party, even solo if you want to. But take this! *hands the player a party* It is dangerous to go alone!
- The gameplay was right near the beginning of the game and the player only had Cass, Varric and Solas to choose for the party so those seem to be the starting companions.
- Gore and blood can be disabled through the menu like always.
- No swimming in Dragon Age: Inquisition. “It’s a question for a later game,” says Mark Darrah.
- There is a heal spell in the game based on 'Focus’, which is generated through combat and is spent on upper tier abilities and spells: things like “Haste” and “Healing”
- There are health regeneration potions and grenades that create a 'healing mist’, yet assigning these to the potion slots will lose you the ability to equip damage-dealing potions.

They will be doing another stream on MONDAY the 13th of OCTOBER with VERY LIKELY (if they can figure out how to do that)KEYBOARD AND MOUSE CONTROLS & UI on the PC.
Anti-Semitic Incidents on College Campuses in 2015

After the alarm­ing anti-Semitic inci­dent at UCLA ear­lier this year, the national discussion about the prob­lem of anti-Semitism on col­lege cam­puses continues.

While such inci­dents are cer­tainly dis­turb­ing, it is important to note that these inci­dents are rel­a­tively rare, and the vast major­ity of Jew­ish stu­dents report feeling safe on their cam­puses. When such inci­dents do occur, they are gen­er­ally con­demned by admin­is­tra­tors and the wider cam­pus com­mu­ni­ties at their respec­tive colleges.

That being said, anti-Semitic incidents continue to take place on campuses in 2015. Below are some selected examples:

  • In May at Drexel, a student came back to his dorm room to find a swastika and the word “JEW” taped next to his Israeli flag.
  • Several swastikas, along with personal slurs and epithets, were spray-painted on Stanford University’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in April.
  • In April, vandalism of a dorm at the University of Missouri included a swastika, the Illuminati symbol, and the word “heil.” Later, another swastika and the words, “You’ve been warned,” were discovered in the same area.
  • A dorm at Pur­chase Col­lege, SUNY was van­dal­ized on March 18 with swastikas and other hate­ful graffiti.
  • In March at the University of California, Los Angeles, a student was asked, “Given that you are a Jewish student and very active in the Jewish community, how do you see yourself being able to maintain an unbiased view?” during the Student Council’s confirmation of the nomination of the student to the council’s Judicial Board.
  • At the Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­for­nia, Berke­ley, the phrase “Zion­ists should be sent to the gas cham­ber” was found in a cam­pus restroom in March and a swastika was found on a uni­ver­sity owned build­ing in February.
  • On Feb­ru­ary 22, Uni­ver­sity of Chicago stu­dents and staff reported anti-Semitic posts on a Face­book page called UChicago Secrets, such as “Peo­ple are hyp­ocrites. This is a fact. One exam­ple? The Jews at UChicago…” and “As a Per­son of Pales­tin­ian descent, I don’t think it is unrea­son­able or hor­rific for me to hate Jews…”
  • At the end of Feb­ru­ary, threat­en­ing anti-Semitic com­ments were posted on Yik Yak (an anony­mous social media app that allows peo­ple to send and receive posts in a local­ized area) for the Uni­ver­sity of Chicago area. Some posts named spe­cific stu­dents, while others expressed more gen­eral anti-Semitic sen­ti­ments such as, “Gas them, burn them and dis­man­tle their power struc­ture. Human­ity can­not progress with the par­a­sitic Jew.”
  • In Feb­ru­ary, three swastikas were drawn inside a George Wash­ing­ton Uni­ver­sity dorm.

If you have expe­ri­enced an anti-Semitic inci­dent on cam­pus or else­where, please report it to ADL here.