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im a black autistic wlw and i feel like im never gonna find someone???? like it's hard enough finding wlw as it is bc i live in a homophobic place but finding someone who also isn't ableist towards me for me and thinks i'm "weird" for my stims and habits, or fetishizes me and my black features. idk i'm just tired lmao.

hey anon

honestly, i felt like this too.

while the process of dating is a long, long tiring one (pluss the added bonus of coming across many antiblack / misogynoiristic people and ableist ppl) one thing to keep in mind is that youre not alone.

theres many black disabled wlw who not only experience these same fears, but also find partners who are respectful of their being black and disabled. 

and honestly, theres definately going to be someone whos respecful of you, and your stims, as well.

best of luck to you!


The Relax and Therapy have been re-released with new color schemes, earning them new names.

The smaller Tangle Relax, seen in the top picture, is now called Imagine. The larger Therapy is now called Think. This is the description on Tangle Creations about Think:

“NEW! Introducing the Tangle BrainTools Think! With latex-free rubberized and textured bumps, the Think is perfect for fidgeting anytime, anywhere! Slightly larger in diameter than the Imagine, the Think is the latest addition to the Tangle family of fun and effective fidget toys! Perfect for kids and adults of all ages both at home and in the classroom!”

I like the new logo and color schemes.

While I have not personally bought these yet, it seems that they are exactly the same material and size as the relax and therapy, respecively.

They are indeed the same price.


First day of PAX South was a BLAST! We got great seats at the Rooster Teeth Panel, and I got to use my super nice new camera to take pictures.  Here are ten of my favorites out of the 170 that I took!

Please, do not repost these anywhere and please do not remove my watermark/copyright thing.  I worked very hard to get these pictures and posted them for the enjoyment of others!

© Kinley Rice 2016

Every Halloween Tybalt would  follow Juliet and her friends at a respecful distance when they went trick or treating to make sure the kids were alright walking round town after dark.

Every year Juliet would chose his costume.

Mercutio couldn’t speak coherently for three days after seeing Tybalt in Cheshire Cat costume following Juliet who was dressed as Alice.

let me try to put out some things i’m enjoying about MEA

the scale of things in the game is really good though. and i do like that there are a lot of characters you can legit kind of interact with.   i like the jump jets. i like the Nomad.  

Combat is fairly fun… very in line with where previous games were going but with a few added touches.  I love that i can respec/redo my combat set up almost entirely.  Like, if i chose soldier at the beginning it doesn’t mean I can’t go biotic or tech or whatever if that doesn’t feel right.  the freedom there is nice. 

the emotionless faces aren’t always as bad as I was fearing.  And if I don’t stare at the humans’ eyes its a lot better.  

the graphics are mostly great.  Sometimes they really come out looking like a pile of shit. but for the most part very pretty.  

Scanning planets is very simple and doesn’t take a million years.  Mining is a more enjoyable experience then its been in the past. 

i’m loving this setting up colonies stuff.  and making the planet/area more viable and safe for life. 

‘Scrape?  You don’t see it much dese days now dat Slab’s so damn cheap,’ rumbled Detritus, who was watching his new find with a proprietorial air, like a mother hen watching a chick who was about to leave the nest.  'It what you “scrape up,” see?  It few bits o’ drain-grade Slab boiled up in a tin wi’ alcohol and pigeon droppins.  It wat der street trolls make when dey is short o’ cash an’…what is it dey’s short of, Brick?’

The moving spoon paused.  'Dey is short o’ self-respec’, Sergeant,’ he said as one might who’d had the lesson shouted into his ear for twenty minutes.

'By Io, he got it!’ said Detritus, slapping the skinny Brick on the back so hard that the young troll dropped his spoon into the steaming gloop.  'But dis lad has promised me all dat is behind him and he is damn straight now, on account o’ havin’ joined my One-Step Program!  Ain’t dat so, Brick?  No more Slab, Scrape, Slice, Slide, Slunkie, Slurp, or Sliver for DIS boy, right?’

'Yes, Sergeant,’ said Brick obediently.

'Sergeant, why do the names of all troll drugs start with S?’ said Vimes. 

'Ah, it make dem easier to remember, sir,’ said Detritus, nodding sagely.

'Ah, of course.  I hadn’t spotted that,’ said Vimes.  'Has Sergeant Detritus explained to you why he calls it a one-step program, Brick?’

'Er…'cos he won’t let me put a foot wrong, sir?’ said Brick, as if reading it off a card.
—  Terry Pratchett, “Thud!”
(Detritus!  Is!  So!  Important!  It doesn’t seem like in A-M, possession or use of drugs is illegal, although selling and possession with intent to distribute are–especially re. troll drugs, THANKS TO DETRITUS.  Detritus knows drugs are a big problem in the A-M troll community and little moments like this show that he’s made it one of his life’s missions to put an end to that both by getting the worst of the drugs (the ones cut with real bad stuff for example) off the streets AND by mentoring young addicts like Brick.  Detritus almost IMMEDIATELY tells Brick he could get a job in the Watch if he gets clean.  Detritus is Important.)
Gramander Prompt : Through Percival’s minions’ POV.

Maybe this should be 5+1 fiction or something like that, which show us how Percival’s minion see what happen between their boss and the british magizoologist. I love to think that Percival’s minion respect and really like Percival and at the same time are terrified by him too, but after the Grindelwald case they feel guilty and being more protective of their boss. So that’s why they keep an eye on their boss and found something they’ve never expect to happen with their cold, strict, grumpy boss. Especially with the adorable cinnamon roll british magizoologist. 

cheaters dont get teaters (boobs)

ma bf calum cheated on me the day befour today n i broke up wit him he at ma door rn i answer it n he cryin mad tears fam n i invite him in cause it raining obvioulsy he sit for a sec n i dont want him here so i say “whats up man” to establesh both mutul respect n dominence he look at me n say “i didnt mean to i luh you bitch” i tear up n kiss him hard as a rock n den i realise wat im doin n pull back but then i think i nead closur so i pull his pants down n blow him like the whistle he is n den he cum n i stand up and go upstairs he come try to cuddle but i kno bettr so i tell him to leave n he do cause he respec me i wil always luv dat ass tho so i spank him on he way out he cry harder n i move on like tha bad bitchh i be