French Masterpost #2

Watching movies in the language you’re learning is great. Helps you learn new words, listen to a conversation and even learn slangs that are used. Remember french accent for different places sound different and so do the slangs.
Here’s a list of movies you can try watching
1. Amélie
2. Le intouchable
3. Jules et Jim
4. La vie en Rose
5. Paris, je t'aime
6. La vie d'Adèle
7. Persepolis
8. Une vie de chat
9. Mon oncle
10. Pierrot le fou
11. Astérix et Obélix : Mission Cléopatre
12. Les choiristes
13. La Haine
14. Le concert
15. La dîner de cons
16. La placard
17. Le prénom
18. L'arnnacouer
19. La cité de la peur
20. Starbuck
21. Kirikow
22. Les quatre cents coups
23. Hiroshima mon amour
24. Un prophète
25. Des hommes et de dieux
26. A la vie, à la mort
27. Amour
28. Le passé
29. L'inconnu du lac
30. Tom à la ferme
31. Deux jours, une nuit
32. Populaire
33. L'aurberge espagnole
34. Ne quittez pas!
35. Gemma Bovery
36. Kirikou et la sorcière
37. Monsieur Ibrahim et le fleur de coran
38. La marche de l'empereur
39. Potiche
40. Rosalie Bleem
41. OSS 117: Le carie nid ďespoine
42. Alceste á bicycle
43. Belle & Sebastian (Comme recommandé par @formyfrench)
44.Au revoir les enfants
45. Cyrano de Bergerac
46. Jean de Florette
47.Le dernier métro
48. Ridicule
49. Manon des Sources
( 44 à 49 Comme recommandé par @nessday. Dans un manuel avec des mots de vocabulaire pour chaque film )
50. une longue dimanche de fiançailles (Comme recommandé par @enchantecherie)
REMARQUE: J'ajouterai plus comme je le trouve. Commentaire si vous voulez que j'ajoute un film.
Merci beaucoup!

Places that carry clothes for smaller trans men/trans masculine people

- H&M (Has men’s xs and jeans with size 27 for waist and up. Fairly cheap)
- American Eagle Outfitters (Can be pricey. Has men’s xs and jeans with size 26 for waist and up)
- American Apparel (Has men’s xs and jeans with waist size 26 and up. Pricey)
- Old Navy/GAP/Banana Republic (They are all owned by the same company and have jeans size 28 for waist and up)
- TOPMAN (Has xxs in men’s shirts and jeans size 28 for waist and up. Pricey)
- ASOS (Has men’s xxxs and jeans size 26 for waist and up. Pricey)
- Express (Has men’s xs and has jeans size 28 for waist and up. Pricey)
- Pacsun (Has men’s jeans with waist size 28 and up. Pricey)
- Aeropostale (Has men’s xs and jeans with waist size 26 and up)

- 21MEN (Has men’s xs)

That is all I can think of right now. If you would like to add more feel free to!

Skin color palette

щаI have already recieved several questions (on Tumblr, DA) about the skin palettes that I use.

Guys, are you serious ??
You don’t know how to use the Eyedropper Tool (pipette)? Cannot you make a palette by yourself ? And why do you need other people’s palettes?

You can find а lot of skin palettes in the Internet. It seems to me that, someone who asks me about the palettes don’t understand something in coloring or drawing in general. [forgive me~]

The palette of the image depends on some things:
1. Color palette of the character.
2. Time of day (day, morning, evening, twilight, night).
3. General mood of the picture.


4 characters - different times of the day, different moods of pictures. And their skin palettes.

    I.    If we take and substitute the 1st palette on the 2nd or 4th, we get a strange thing. For the 2nd picture, the 1st palette is too cold and for the 4th is too light.
    II.   The 2nd and 3rd palettes of skin are almost similar, however the pictures have the huge differences in color and mood. The face in the 2nd picture looks darker than the face on the 3rd because of the shadow. That’s why Chuya’s face looks more red and Dazai’s face is more yellow. (That is, the ratio of dark and light tones in the palette play a big role).

I have a question: a person will customize the whole color palette of the picture  based on the colors of skin palette? Why you ask for a color palette of skin?


I took 12 of my Kuro-colorings (randomly) and took the colors with the Eyedropper Tool (pipette). This is the result. 

Just set of colors. Without any meaning, idea, mood, etc. I’m sure nobody can say what colorings it is from.  
It is possible not only to color the faces by these palettes but in general to color the whole picture. And the most important thing: every person is able to come up with a palette for himself.


Why do I consider all these palettes to be an unnecessary bullshit for me?
I don’t use colors, I use the layers modes. More layers - more color changes.
I decide what kind will be the picture, determine its overall palette by myself and just make coloring. I don’t looking for ready-made palettes in the Internet.

If you don’t color the comics (many identical pages), and if you are not a colorist of a cartoon serial  or anime, then you don’t need a template palette. 

You can use palettes as inspiration. Color combinations are beautiful~ But you shouldn’t  based on ready-made palettes all the time.
There is a challenge - draw in the palette. But this is just a challenge. Challenges don’t determine your artworks creation as a whole. Each person has his favorite colors, his favorite palettes (color combinations). 

                      Please, use your imagination!  °˖☆◝(⁰▿⁰)◜☆˖°

P.S. I understood one thing while I coloring the manga for many years. It’s better firstly color the background - and then the characters. Because the background determines the main colors, the light source and the overall  mood of picture .

First kiss

I wanted to write out Zevran and Galains first kiss, as it would be in the wolf hunt; I can’t get the words right for that fic so I think I’ll keep posting short stories until I get over the disaster that was last chapter. Enjoy!

He shoved her into a dark corner of the tavern, their bodies pressed tight together as they were squeezed into what looked like a broomcloset without a door.
He had a way of finding suitable hidingspots and she was quite amazed by it, how he calculated the space to be just enough for the two of them without anything spilling out.

The gangly Tevinter men walked past and he pressed his palm flat over Galains mouth as he saw it turn into a snarl.

“Calm your thirst for blood, bonita!” He whispered with a little sting in his voice and it sent shivers down her spine; both the proximity of his body and the soft amber of his eyes did funny things to her mind.

She stuck out her tongue and licked his palm.
Zevran’s eyes grew wide as he stared at her in complete disbelief of her disregard to her own safety.
Galain let out a huff of air as she snorted silenty, although it was anything but silent and came out sounding loud and like something, something like the morning after a stew full of white beans. She clenched her eyes as she started shaking from withheld laughter, her eyes crinkling at the corners as she stared at Zevran who sighed and rolled his eyes.
She tested the waters again and blew another rasberry into the palm of his hand and started laughing in earnest as a man seated just a table away from them started looking at his companion with a distasteful sideeye glance; drunkenly sleeping he was, and apparently not in control of his faculties.
Zevran had gotten swept up by Galains laughter too, smiling into his arm as to will the laughter away, realising this was quite possibly the worst time in his entire life to release the sound of his throaty laughter, no matter how good it felt to act like little children with the woman he had grown so fond of.

Heavy footsteps gradually came closer and Zevran looked stressed for not even half a moment before an idea sprung to life, Galain catching onto it as she saw a his lip curve up into the tinest smile.
He removed his hand from Galains mouth and rested his forearm on the wall next to her, his breath now mingling with hers as she started breathing heavy.
It was all a matter of seconds, and now the magisters had nearly reached their little nook as they would, not daring to leave any stone unturned when it came to a stolen resourse.
Galain looked up at Zevran with a pleading look; a lifetime of torture flashing behind her eyes. There was no way she would go back to that and she would rather give her life than being dragged kicking and screaming back to Tevinter. She reached for the dagger strapped to her thigh as the steps came even closer and she stared into Zevrans eyes with a look that could only be described as resignation; he slowly shook his head and brought a hand to hold her chin, firm.

This was it, she thought, feeling dread creeping through her veins as she cursed herself for being so weak when it came to this specific matter. Zevran would give her up for a handsome reward and she would be used for bloodmagic once again, well, atleast for as long as she would live this time, or until Solas blew up the world. Comme si, comme ca.
Although her face was partly hidden in the shadow of Zevrans arm, her facial features were rare enough to be recognized and she-, she…

She found herself with Zevrans lips pressed tenderly to hers, his tongue running a silken line where they were sealed. Her body responded by kissing him in earnest as her brain prepared for a fight; the footsteps of the Tevinter magister stopping to linger for what seemed almost a century and then moving away again as they saw nothing but a kissing couple; Zevran could be passed for a human as his hood was pulled up and Galain so short she was completely hidden by the bulk of his body.
She let a soft sigh wander into Zevrans mouth as she heard them leave the tavern; only then did she realize they were still kissing, and that Zevrans tongue still felt like silk against hers.

Her hand gently cupped the side of his face and she could nearly cry from content as he pressed her closer, his hand resting on the small of her back.
She sighed again and this time it was a different sort of relief; a request made a while ago that she filed away as unreasonable suddenly fulfilled and it was dangerous just how good it felt.

He pulled away with a sort of reverance that completely swallowed the earth beneath her feet, the amber of his eyes suddenly the only color known to man. Or to her, atleast.
A forceful explosion of sorts; a star dying and being reborn in the space where her heart should be; but what she felt could also be described as her heart restarting as it got used to this new sensation, this unfathomable reach into the abyss where she found nothing but love.
And so it was, standing in a dusty broomcloset with a man that saved her life with a kiss; the beginning of a new chapter to the book she once discarded.


Assassin’s Creed Origins

 One of the most anticipated games of October 2017 is the new Assassin’s Creed Origins, which will be released on Tuesday 27th of October 2017, for PS4, Xbox and PC.
 As we all know AC, is an open world and adventurous game, that has a loyal fan base, anticipating for the next big thing. Parkour, fights and long rides, are always on the menu, which are what we love about the series.
 However, a big concern for the fans, about the new AC Origins is that the protagonist, Bayek, will be just another empty shell. From the little, that has been accessible to the public, he comes as very serious and dedicated to his missions, ignoring whatever may be happening in his surrounding. For that percent of the fanbase, that dies for a good story, nothing seems to top off Ezio Auditore, who seems to be the most charming protagonist of the series. In any case, we are ready to be surprised.

What we know and what we expect:


 In general AC Origins, seems to have a great variety of both, heavy and light melee weapons, even though, there seems to be a preferance for the bow, as the main weapon of use.
 One of the biggest changes in AC Origins, is in the combat system. Instead of chaining together a series of basic attacks, parries and countering animations, like in previous AC games, now, you’re in control of every swing. This means, you need to know, the range and the speed of your weapons, otherwise your enemy will get the upper hand.
 Dodging and rolling, is initial in order to create an opening, in your enemy’s attacks. Knowing when to dogde is key.
 Plan your attacks and dodges.
 Be aware of your surrounding and pick your weapons depending on your enemy. There are area effect attacks.
 By aiming at an enemy with your bow, you can see the ammount of damage, you will deal.
 Headshots and backstabs deal the greatest amount of damage.
 When you do a headshot, you get a slow motion effect, which will let you cast another one, or even chain them.
 The surrounding is built in such way, that it supports all kinds of playstyle: ranged, melee or stealth.


 Bayek does not travel alone. He has a companion with him, Senu.
Senu is a female eagle, and their bond seems to be the beggining of the eagle vision, the other assassins possess. Even though, it is in a primitive state, which means, you can’t use it, where the eagle can’t travel (like houses or temples), you can use Senu, to highlight, tag enemies and see their paths.
She can also be upgraded to distract or even attack the enemies too.


 Another tool you are using through the game is a torch. They are mostly used, to search through tombs for loot and treasures, but there’s more to it.
 It’s important to say, that you can pull out a torch, whenever you want.
 With it, you can create distractions, drop it on the ground to create a fire, or even fight with it.
 It is not just to get through dark places, it is a utility tool.


 The world is alive. Sandstorms are quite active, and not planned, it may happen at any moment (They also have an effect on detection).
 There’s also a big variety of animals, such as: crocodiles, hippos, camels, cows, cats and flamingos, and there’s a high chance there is more to it.
 Small details like, river streams and markets, make the world feel real, that, until a chicken drops from the sky, or people walk through obstacles, but we all hope these are glitches that will be fixed, before the game is actually released.
 It is important to say that, just as in any AC game, the environment was created with respect towards the culture it depicts, in this case, the Egyptian. The monuments have been made, based on historical resourses, and are as close as possible to the real thing.

 To conclude, AC Origins , seems to be a very promising game, with a great gameplay, that will engage us all. Pretty as ever, and with a lot of interactions it is hard  to ignore the temptation of trying it out, even if you haven’t played, the previous games of the series. If your blood’s boiling for an adventure, just wait until the end of the month, and get ready to be thrilled.
(4th of October 2017)



They are so heavy with their beautiness! With all the difficulties on our way (including flirting with the packages delivery guy) we did it! Now we have everything we need in our cute lil storage (including the work space) to start the packing. HUGE THANKS to @armellin’s husband Sasha, we wouldn’t be able to do it without him! (Yes, secretly, we are having a “S4″ member in our gang).

We are still waiting for all the confirmations from the shipping guys, so when we have them we can update the timeline for you guys. We will try to process it as fast as we can, but please, remember that we have a very limited resourses of people and time here, but we will do our best for you.

Stay tuned for more photos of the packing process that will start tomorrow!



anonymous asked:

My grandfather was Basque, but unfortunately I was not able to meet him and lot of the culture was not passed down to my father. I am trying to teach my self the language, but it is very difficult for me to find good resourses. Do you know of any language classes that is available online so I can teach myself?


- Free Basque Course PDF
- Basque culture websites
- List of learning resources
- Bigger list of learning resources
- You can have a look at our #learning tag also to find some miscellanea

We hope you’ll find them useful! ^_^

anonymous asked:

It's so telling to me that those of us who predicted what would happen to Louis solo roll out have either been run off or completely minimized as outliers & Harry haters. It is an clear indication to me that TPTB do monitor us & are trying to weed out "problematic" Louis. This is so when the chips fall & Louis takes the blame there is no one to defend him. If blogs go the extra step & delete entirely, instead of just leaving, the resourses & information for anyone looking into the matter is lost

Thats a good point actually anon. Deleting takes away the evidence. And it hasn’t escaped me either that blogs that do genuinely dislike Harry or his solo rollout are left alone to their own devices (quite rightly!), while the Zombie Army is mysteriously directed only at active Louies.  And in this fandom, thats all it takes to remove bloggers who’re telling awkward truths. No need for evidence, just accusation by blogs who’ve gathered power and trust. Just a finger pointing. 

I have little doubt either that TPTB monitor and interfere with the fandom anon. Its incredibly naive to believe otherwise. They wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they just sat passively by and let us come to our own conclusions about their products, when lucrative careers and reputations are at stake. Hell companies who sell furniture astroturf online forums. Fandom opinion is a vital resource they’re going to mould and milk. I suppose we can only try to be aware we’re being farmed and resist as best we can? 

anonymous asked:

hi! i've never played ts2 before, but if i did i'd want my game to look like yours! i'm having trouble figuring out how to set up my ts2 game, like what are the must have mods or default replacements or what tools to use. do you have a tutorial or resource page or tips for a new player? the problem is i don't even know where to start since i've never played it before

Hi! And welcome to a wonderful world of ts2 :3 I can recommend you to start with default replacements. There’s a database for clothes/hair/make up. It’ll help you to discover some cool creators as well. Also, you can read my FAQ page, WCIF page, Resourse page. As for mods, check Deedee’s list (I love how she organised her page)  There’s a lot of useful information. And don’t be afraid to ask specific questions. I’ll point you to the tutorials/info with a pleasure. Good luck discovering this lovely game!

Natsume the Baby Sitting HCs

A bit of a continuation to the townsfolk post I wrote a while back.

  • Natsume does not dislike children he just does not think they will like him due to past experience.
  • Most of the kids he was with growing up react negatively to hints of his ability so he assumes that’s how all children will react
  • He has had to deal with younger cousins and such when he moved around and throughout his life. The younger the child is the better he can handle them.
  • babies/ toddlers: he’s great!
  • Middle Schoolers: fears for his health and feels mentally drained. Butdontweall?
  • One day he’s visiting the manju shop and chatting with one of the servers. she seems pretty stressed and complaining about how she never has time for just her and her husband to hang out together. Its not like they are workaholics it just sometimes their off days don’t coincide. and when they do they have no one to watch their 7 year old daughter.
  • or don’t they?
  • “Natsume-kun~ you don’t have any after school responsibilities right? no clubs and no job yes?”
  • Natsume get’s that feeling he usually gets when youkai try to ask him a favor that he is not trained for in the slightest. He confirms her questions anyway. She’s human and this can’t go too horribly wrong. right?
  • “would you watch my kid for me this Saturday evening?”
  • oh no. abort  abORT ABORT
  • Ah I don’t think you should leave me to-”
  • “PLEASE NATSUME! You’re so sweet and honest! a good role model and it will only be for a few hours! i’ll pay you! and you can even bring your cat. I’ll leave some manju buns for you three too!”
  • cue Nyanko-sensei’s insistent mews and the server’s pleading eyes and well Natsume can’t say no
  • fast forward to the weekend Natsume has read a child care book, asked advice from friends on how they treat their younger siblings/ cousins and grilled his foster parents on things they recommend. 
  • Nyanko-sensei suggest locking her in her room so they can enjoy the manju but no sensei she did nothing wrong we cant DO THAT!
  • They arrive and the 7-year old is pretty nervous to be around him and is very shy
  • Natsume is also very nervous but he swallows it down and power through like he always does.
  • He was only really given emergency numbers and a bed time so he decides to just?? do??? whatever she wants to????
  • she wants to play with Nyanko-sensei but alas Natsume brought no toys
  • “lets make them!”
  • so they wander around the house picking up things Natsume hopes will not be missed and spend time crafting toys
  • Natsume at it turns out is very resoursful and the little girl is full of ideas so combine the two and they actually make some pretty good toys
  • Nyanko was muttering about how he wouldn’t play with them at all but then a puff ball made out of old rags fling in front of his face and he cannot resist the power to pounce
  • The entire time Natsume is talking with the girl and going along with all the weird twist and turns their conversations gets into.
  • Natsume spends so much time with youkai the imagination of a 7-year old is very easy to handle
  • she’s talking about odd things that have happened in the forest and telling him his theories
  • Natsume decides to add his own taking experience from his encounters with Youkai 
  • “there was this little frog I saw one day! It looked lost so i put him back in the forest” “ah that’s good he has a really big and powerful master he’ll be grateful you helped the underlying out and might owe you a favor” “how big is he???” “bigger than this entire house!” “:0 woah”
  • overall he has a good night and when he’s tucking her in to bed she says: “Natsume-nii I hope mommy and daddy go on a date again soon so you and kitty can come over again!”
  • Natsume is generally shocked she had such a good time she’d even say that. he smiles gently at her and tells her good night. She’s happy so that’s all he could ever ask for and hey it wasn’t so bad he could do this again
  • Nyanko-sensei huffs but doesn’t directly say anything against which basically means he wants to come again too
  • Natsume tells the parents if they ever need one he’s free to babysit and the tears of joy that he sees streaming down his eyes mean that yes this will be a reoccurring thing. and he even finds himself looking forward to it a bit.
@quierosernauha replied to your post “@ariannenymerosmartell replied to your post “@quierosernauha replied…”

damn voldemort, now Slytherin HAS to be the evil house for everyone…. but she has MANY sly trait: strong leader, ambitious(in a good way), self-preservation(life kinda forced that one), CLEVER RESOURSFUL DETERMINATED, disregard for the rules… she is just not evil

A few things:

1) I love me a good Hogwarts House debate.  They’re the most fun. 

2) I don’t for a second think Slytherin=evil.  I also don’t think that @ariannenymerosmartell was trying to imply that.

I still disagree with you and will hold it to my guns that Arya is a Gryffindor; the exception that I like and accept is Arya as a Gryffinpuff.

The thing about Gryffindor and Slytherin is that they’re very similar.  Those things you describe above: strong leader, determined, disregard for the rules (see: Harry James Potter)–those are both Gryffindor and Slytherin traits.  Gryffindors can also be ambitious (Percy Weasley).  Gryffindors can also be clever and resourceful (Hermione Granger; also Harry, the boy isn’t dumb @ the HP fandom please stop).  So it comes down less to those “traits” so much as what fuels them, and that’s to me where the Slytherin argument for Arya falls apart.

To me what makes a Slytherin is not the ~evil~, it’s the sense of putting oneself (and one’s community) first.  It manifests as ambition most frequently, but I also think it appears in that “strong leader” and “cunning” that you mentioned above.  Whereas Gryffindors put the “right” before the self.  And that’s Arya to me.  Arya grapples intensely with self-effacement, and she puts herself on the line repeatedly in the name of saving her friends and her pack, and while I think you could make an argument for saying “that’s her pack, that’s her people,” (especially in the case of running after Gendry after the Mountain’s Men get him), it’s her righteousness (not a predominantly Slytherin trait) that fuels things like her list. 

When it comes to self-preservation…I actually am not sure I see it.  It strikes me as very much like Harry Potter (there are tons of Harry/Arya parallels, though the ones in that gifset are mostly “houseless”).  Preserve the self to keep fighting the fight, which I think plays in with Arya’s self-effacement theme–the fight is a major part of what drives her which is why she hurts so much when she thinks that her pack is dead and gone, not herself

I agree with @ariannenymerosmartell:

there’s cunning and there’s craftiness. I think Arya is crafty– she can get herself into and out of situations in the least harmful way possible. Cunning, I see more as, "i’m gonna do it no matter the cost”… There’s a ruthlessness to cunning that separates it from craftiness.     

Arya’s craftiness can be brutal: Weasel Soup; tricking Jaqen.  But I think that outside of the extreme of Harrenhal, she does have boundaries of what she is willing/not-willing to do, unlike Littlefinger who–moral judgements about Slytherins aside–doesn’t have boundaries for what he’s willing to do in order to get what he wants.

hi, are you being haunted or targeted by the PARANORMAL? like ALIENS , MONSTERS , VAMPIRES, GHOSTS , or just things that can’t be EXPLAINED? have you experienced any GOO , SLIME , and just plain ICKY stuff? well, i think MARTIN MYSTERY is the PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR for YOU! he is the center’s BEST agent, although he is FAILING just about EVERYTHING at school. with his U-WATCH and resourses, he will help HUNT down these creatures and put them away somewhere SAFE so they can no longer disturb the peace. if you’re having these problems, LIKE or REBLOG this so he can help you today!

                                                [ independent martin mystery. adored by cj. ]

Undercover or under the covers? The June trope MFMM challenge

Undercover, but rather uncovered.

June was the month for undercover, and this trope opens up for a broad range of possibilities – all the way from creating a whole case to sketching a teasing undercover attempt mostly to make Phryne and Jack get together in a specific way. Often, the two layers of the roles and themselves comment on each other in meaningful ways, and within this, the undercover scenarios – worlds to immerse in, roles to play – are more or less limitless, and also really tickles the imagination.

Compared to the other months, this month’s fics ran away and got rather long, and also published late in the month – so what first looked like an ‘easy’ month for me to write an overview for instead in the end became really fic heavy. This is also a trope that has already been extensively (under)covered in earlier fics – also there not seldom long ones. To just name a few, we have lovely longfics like @wah-pah’s “Undercover at the Elvsworth Club“, @phrynesboudoir/sassasam’s: “The Model Murders”; PlayfulMay/ @mollidraws’s ”Undercover Escort”; @firesign23‘s “The Uses of Adversity”; @missingmissfisher‘s series “Double o Phrack”; and two lovely and rather different undercover fics with a cycling theme: Miss_Lilian’s “Death at the Warrny” and hotelf’s “Murder at the Cycling Club” – just to name some of the longer ones. Undercover truly is a popular trope.

But this post is about the trope challenge, so we’ll concentrate on the fics from June. In most stories, it’s either Phryne, Jack, or both of them going undercover, and the focus is on their relationship and the case. A few fics are broadening that focus, which is really lovely. I will start with them, to then go on to the lighthearted fics, the smuttier fics, and finally end with the longer cases.

In @flashofthefuse, “The Red Flame”, there are two different undercover operations that unbeknownst to each other are set in the same place, a club/brothel. When Jack is in need for a woman to go undercover and pose as a criminal, the title’s red flame, he asks Mac – although it takes a little while for the reader to realise this, and it’s deliciously done. At the same time, Phryne has a case and makes her undercover work with Bert.

The repartee between Mac and Jack is glorious, like here:

“… you definitely look the part, but just looking like her won’t be enough, you know. Are you as confident in her character? I hope you took the time to read the material I sent.”

“Are you always this condescending?”

“Probably,” he admitted, earning him a small smile. “May I come in? I’d like to fill you in on what we’ve learned this afternoon.”

The story isn’t finished yet, but it’s lovely in more than one way to see the interactions both within and between these two pairings – having their own very difficult mission, but also worrying about the other’s. We often say that we want more interaction between Mac and Jack, and here that is given in a brilliant way, with sincere care and respect as well as banter – and also with a Mac that is a genius in playing a tough, nonchalant role undercover, using her experience of being a woman in a man’s world in a way that helps the case enormously.

@rubycaspar’s “And after all the obstacles” gives us a fic all from Rosie’s point-of-view. Even if it is Phryne and Jack that are undercover, the person we follow here is Rosie, being at a garden party and suddenly encountering Jack, who turns out to be undercover together with Phryne. We see all the action and scenes from her point of view, and the case part of the fic is thus brilliantly shortened. @rubycaspar gives us Rosie’s view and her observations and conclusions of what she sees – conclusions she constantly needs to revise, as more and more is revealed to her about Phryne and Jack. This also gives her the chance to work through her feelings about her ex-husband. It is set almost a year after “Unnatural habits”, and gives a strong and determined Rosie – “Rosie thought about avoiding him, but she wasn’t one to back down. If he didn’t want to see her, he could leave. With that in mind, she straightened her shoulders and made her way over” – and a Rosie ready to change her preconceptions. It’s a very hopeful story.

In @longlineoftvdetectives‘s “Incognito”, finally, Jack is the one going “undercover”, but his undercover interplay is with Aunt Prudence. Aunt P is ill and needs to travel to England, and it turns out that she needs Jack to accompany her, thus forcing him to pretend to be her niece’s husband. With small gestures, the fic teases out many emotions, details and characterisations, in snippets covering many issues and building up a story about Phryne and Jack, about Phryne in relation to her family in England, and also about not hiding who you are (a second take on the theme ‘undercover’). Like this discussion about Oscar Wilde:

“Dragged out of his room by the police and sentenced to hard labor.”

“For…, um…” Jack stammered, unsure what euphemism was appropriate for the dining room of the establishment in question.

“For refusing to live his entire life undercover,” Phryne responded, her voice now clear and defiant. “For loving who he wanted to love. For not hiding or apologizing for who he was.”

Jack smiled and held her gaze. He loved her like this. He would have kissed her, soundly, if they weren’t in public.

“So the Wilde play, then,” he said matter-of-factly, after a long beat.

These undercover prospects are intriguing.

After these alternative perspectives, I’ll turn to the rather large section of fics that are fun and light hearted and sometimes also have a… shall we say more liberal view of what ”undercover” can mean.

The perfect transition between these two sections are of course @ollyjayonline‘s “The Inspector”, a fic that focuses on Isabella, the rather scandalous wife of Phryne’s cousin Guy, and has a delightful touch on the subject of both her and the theme of ‘undercover’. The two spouses have a conversation worthy of British toffs, discussing a news item about Phryne getting married, while simultaneously devoting themselves to both rather ‘dirty’ and casual carnal pleasures.

Isabella’s logic turns the tables on the “propriety issue” we often consider with respect to Phryne and her life style in contrast to Jack: “Really, it is quite wrong of your cousin. A divorced policeman? Why can’t she just keep sleeping with him? I mean, what will people say?"’ It’s a brilliant turnarounf. Reassured that this won’t affect her, she instead turns to daydream about the handsome and dour Inspector, something Guy doesn’t mind helping her out with through some roleplaying.

Isabella’s and Guy’s way of seeing everything as a game, of indulging in fantasies, and of having other people in bed with them – both physically and in role play – is all very in character, and an interesting contrast to Phryne.

The next lighthearted fic is @loopyhoopyfrood’s sweet modern AU “Love At First Swipe?”, where Jack Robinson is being set up for a date on an app as part of a case. He needs to find out how burglaries seem to have been conducted in relation to dates set up via this app; his only problem is that when he meets his date, it is not a suspicious stranger but a lady detective working on the same case.

Maybe it was her profile, as full as lies as every other user, but missing that hint of authenticity. Or maybe it was just Jack’s spidey senses tingling. Either way, something about Fern Roberts had him groaning in resignation and swiping right.

20 minutes later he had a date.

He tried not to think about how it was his first date since his divorce.

As a chapter 11 in her longer fic collection, “The Friday Phrack Series, @rositalg writes an intimate and atmospheric scene from Phryne and Jack in an established relationship. Phryne comes home to a Jack that sits and reads, and she simultaneously talks about her case and is seduced by him.

Her eyes closed blissfully, relishing in the attention.

“Perhaps you could help me.” She suggested, her thighs parting ever so subtly. “You’ve always been one to…dive deep into a case.”

He met her eyes, both of them knowing he was going to have her right here on this couch before the evening was done.

“Miss Fisher, are you asking me for assistance?”

In @omgimsarahtoo‘s “Under Cover of Darkness”, both the ‘undercover’ and the ‘under the cover’ theme is at play. Phryne and Jack has spent the evening undercover in a club, and the fic starts after this is over. Everything goes black, and when Phryne wakes up, he is in a strange room. After the first moments of fear, she deduces that she is not kidnapped but rather at Jack’s house, with a Detective Inspector sleeping in the chair next to her. The fic then turns to her instead indulging in pleasures under the covers with her crime solving partner, and it’s combined with really lovely banter:

“You, Jack Robinson,” she breathed, around sweeps of her tongue across his cheeks, “have a very talented mouth.”

“It’s entirely the subject, Miss Fisher,” he responded, his smile a smug tilt of the lips.

And in the end:

Catching her hand, he leaned up to kiss her, his smile tender. “You are an excellent partner, Miss Fisher. I enjoy working with you, undercover or not.”

“That’s because I’m exceptional.” Phryne grinned as she said it.

“And so modest, too!” Jack affected surprise. “A prize among women.”

Equally of the fun and teasing persuasion is @firesign23′s “Subterfuge at the Savoy” that establishes a gorgeous scene of Phryne in bed in a hotel in England – just to suddenly have her mother barge in without warning (of course Phryne Fisher’s mother is resourseful…). In the heat of the moment, Phryne decides to keep Jack hidden under the covers, but he is in a devilish mood and starts touching her and making her behave exceedingly oddly towards her mother.

“You aren’t still pouting over that policeman your father mentioned, are you? He said you told the poor man to come after you, which is utterly foolish.”

The policeman in question was drifting dangerously high up her thigh with his tongue, and Phryne really had no idea how much longer she could keep this charade up.

Among all the fun, there is also a partly serious question from Jack, after Phryne’s mother has left: ‘“Why was it, Miss Fisher, that we are two consenting, independent adults and I still found myself hiding from your mother?” he asked, eyes dancing. “You’re not ashamed of me, are you?”’

But Phryne has an answer to that question, too.

A last lighthearted undercover fic is leavephryneforme’s “Undercover At The Great Australian Baking Show” – a fun romp told in small snippets about a modern Jack being undercover on a baking show. He decides to keep this a secret to Phryne, who starts wondering why he suddenly has so many cookbooks, and the fic addresses his far too alluring features – which the female judges appreciate – when baking.

Preparing Jack for undercover crossdressing. Art by @kidnthehall.

From lighthearted, we’ll turn to two fics that focus on putting Jack in costume.

@whopooh’s “The Importance of Being at the Wilde Cats Club”, is a case fic where the focus is not so much on the case, but more on the characters. In order to help Phryne’s old friend Eleanore, who is also a transwoman, Jack, Hugh, Bert and Cec need to go undercover at a club as men impersonating women. The fic focuses on the transformation of them – how they will need to dress, and move, and wear make-up – and also in Phryne’s complete delight in dressing up and putting make-up on Jack, and the shenanigans that follow from this, where Jack uses his newly painted lips to tease Phryne. There is both trust and teasing all through, and a slight continuation of the role reversal theme of April. It all came from two things: the comment “We need more mfmm men in lingerie”, and the desire to have a transgender person who would not need to die in order to be important in a case story. This turned into seduction via lipstick:

She pressed her lips together and motioned how he should do the same and he followed her lead, pushing his lips together. She smiled, and he followed her lead in that too.

“Oh, hang on,” she said, and procured a piece of paper. “Bite the excess colour off on this one, like this.”

But instead of doing that, Jack captures her and kisses her deeply, smudging the lipstick: 

When they resurfaced, she looked at him and couldn’t stop a smile from spreading over her face. He looked ridiculous, with the lipstick smudged and forming a mad pattern around his mouth. 

“Well, you should see yourself,” was all he said as he gave her a small smile.

Also in @scruggzi’s “Merciful Powers”, there is a focus on Jack in costume – this time in a luscious costume for going undercover as an understudy in a Macbeth production. Phryne takes great pleasure in the fact that he is dressed in tights, and that he also can be extricated from said tights, and there is a wonderful use of Shakespeare quotes as seduction throughout the fic. As the whole undercover trope shows, it is very fulfilling to put Jack in other clothes than his normal ones, while still keeping his restrained character, and here it is combined by a delicious push-and-pull between them: ‘“Mmm,” she purred, “much as I applaud your theatrical talent, Jack, that was definitely better than Shakespeare.”/ “Sacrilege!” he protested in mock horror, eyes twinkling at her.’

And heading into smut, there is a lovely self-awareness of the literary, and the way it comments on the two of them:

“Macbeth always knew he couldn’t resist temptation forever. All he really needed was an excuse.”

Phryne was fairly sure that analysis had very little to do with Shakespeare, but Jack’s hands had moved around to palm her breasts, and his lips had found the spot just under her ear that made her knees weak. Literary criticism could definitely wait.

The undercover work, and its implications of dressing differently than normal, and of perhaps partly trying out being someone else, is driving the sensual pleasure here.

A similar thing can be said about @phrynesboudoir /Sassasam’s, “The Captain’s In”. Here Phryne and jack are both working undercover on the same case, or rather, Jack is working undercover and a stubborn Phryne stumbles into his case. As they’re thrown together, Phryne having to pretend to be a prostitute, the undercover turns into rather rough sexual roleplay (‘"Get below and get naked,” he ordered. / Phryne realised with a rush of aroused surprise, that he meant it and she must obey in order to maintain their cover’), and also here there is the idea of heightening an experience through unfamiliar roles and costumes – in this case more ‘dirty’, and added to it a rather sinister on-looker.

Fancy meeting you in the US, Lin!

Over to the long, more elaborate case fics. First, @longlineoftvdetectives, “Welcome to San Francisco”, as the title gives away, set in the US where Phryne and Jack have taken a detour on their way home to Australia. In San Francisco they happen upon Lin Chung, who’s in need of their help. The stakes are high – Lin is threatened to his life – and it turns out that Jack will have to pretend to be Baron Fisher, while Phryne poses as Lin’s wife. In a lovely and similar way as the show, the storyline shows some of Phryne’s and Jack’s emotional journeys, but without settling anything too much, still leaving many questions unanswered. Their relation and the case is woven together, and there is a lovely relation between Jack and a young lad he takes in under his tutelage;, an interesting triangle between Phryne, Jack and Lin; an outsider view disapproving of the Chinese man that they handle brilliantly; and a very competent pair of detectives.

There are many poignant points, often made through dialogue, like here:

“Are you and Inspector Robinson in San Francisco on a case?” Lin asked.

“Not exactly,” Phryne replied. “You might say our relationship is no longer strictly business.”

“I see,” Lin answered. “Are you happy?”

“Very much so,” Phryne replied without hesitation.

“Should I still refer to you as Miss Fisher?”


“Then there must be more to Inspector Robinson than I had originally perceived,” he concluded.

A fic that teases out an emotional side of Phryne and Jack’s partnership, and of Phryne’s backstory, is @omgimsarahtoo‘s ”Ungentle Reminders”. The undercover stint in this story awakens memories of René in Phryne, and it also higlights misogyny and abuse. Phryne is unsettled by the happenings, where she has to pretend to be a subdued woman among other subdued women, and after the women unexpectedly has made a bloody rebellion, she states:  

“I’ll be a character witness for them,” Phryne said, her eyes on his face as he swept the cloth gently across her skin, wiping up the residue he’d left behind. His eyes flashed up to hers, surprised.

“You only knew them for a couple of days,” he said.

“Maybe,” she agreed, “but Jack, I was them, once upon a time.”

And Jack agrees about the woman who’s now going to be charged for murder: “She made her own freedom.”

In @zannadubs23 /Inzannatea’s “Things Said”  (her first mfmm fic – welcome!) the theme is also rather sinister: Jack is, on his way to London and Phryne, kidnapped in Egypt and taken by slave traders. The theme is serious and the case is given plenty of focus, building up the world where Phryne can be in place to save him – but there is also plenty of focus on more carnal pleasures, once Jack is finally released and still in her tent, as well as luscious details, like here, before Jack has realised who is his saviour: ‘The room had an amber glow to it. Jack couldn’t really tell where the lights were coming from, but the room decidedly glowed. The floor was covered with stacks of ornate rugs and large pillows in shades of orange and red and purple. “She would love this,” his traitorous brain informed him instead of working on an escape plan.' The fic grew out of the line “Shave him and bring him to my tent” – and from that start an elaborate story was built.

A casefic that has both dinosaurs, archaeological sites, a friend of Phryne with interesting parallels to her and the inspired idea to let Phryne and Jack pose undercover as siblings, is @firesign23Poetry of Earth”. 

Phryne and Jack arrive at the scene of an archaeological dig on Isle of Wight, where a clever female archaeologist, Lucy, that is a friend of Phryne’s works. There seems to be sabotage and ill will, and Lucy is particularly putting her neck out as a female archaeologist. There is a young girl that tries to flirt with the handsome brother in the newly arrived sibling pair, and there is a lot of tension and fun scenes as Phryne and Jack must take care not to seem to close for siblings. 

“Hence travelling as Frances and John Sutherland, amateur Australian archaeologists without the financial resources to make a name for themselves,” Jack concluded. “How fortunate then that I’ve decided to bone up on my childhood interests while here.”

Phryne looked at him, noting the small hints of a smug smile on his face.

“You know, Jack, one would almost think the pun was deliberate.”

“Thankfully you know my tastes are far too refined for puns,” he replied and she laughed at the glint in his eyes.

And there is a wonderful passage that comments on their earlier case at the observatorium, and that reflects on Phryne being rather alike her friend Lucy, who once almost got stuck in a flood because she was so focused on her work:

“That was careless of Lucy.”

Jack quirked a small smile. “She was distracted by a nearly complete skeleton they were uncovering. I cannot imagine what it would be like, working with someone so easily deterred by bones or luminescent objects.”

“If this is about the plutonium vial, I stand by my choices.”

He didn’t reply, merely smirked at a point well made; she glanced down the empty beach and then leant up to kiss his cheek.

At the same time as Phryne is standing by her choices, she is also all the time noticing how close she’s come to Jack, and contemplating on that sense of familiarity, all while not allowed to show any feelings for him openly.

In one last finished casefic, @ollyjayonline & @solitarycyclistadventures have ganged up on a case fic with plenty of tension between Phryne and Jack, “Death Under the Arch”. 

Here, Jack is going to Sydney for an undercover stint and leaves City South to a very handsome and eligible Inspector – Phryne, however, decides to join him in Sydney. The story is set after Murder and Mozzarella, right after they have said they’ll “make do” with each other, but before they have figured out what that actually means, which opens up for insecurities and misinterpretations on both sides. The mystery is set around the bridge that is being built in Sydney, and Phryne decides to play Jack’s ex-lover as a way to be able to keep watching him:

She leaned towards him, face alight with mischief, “I was thinking it could be fun if we were old friends.”

Jack almost laughed, how typical, only he would manage to go from strictly business to old friend without any of the fun in-between.

There is also a very perceptive young woman who tries to figure the two of them out, which adds to the mix of tensions and uncertainties, and a murder mystery that turns rather sad.

Finally, the section of “To be continued”: two fics that are not finished so I’ll only write shortly about them. In @missingmissfisher​’s “Hold out your hand” Jack has come after Phryne to England and meets her mother that instinctively dislikes him. It seems Margaret wants to stop her daughter from repeating her own mistakes by marrying an unsuitable man, and Margaret is something of Phryne’s kryptonite, so much annoying her that Phryne has troubles thinking straight. Added to the mix are snobbish and boring neighbours and a small mystery that turns into a much bigger and more serious one – and how that will unfold we’ll see rather soon. @221aubrina started “The Case of the Missing Moll”, which promises to cover both the tropes undercover and bodyswap, and has just taken its beginning – so far, we only now that Jack has been drugged and taken away somewhere… 

That’s all for June from me. I am very much looking forward to the July fics, on the trope “Through time and space”!