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I'm trying to find the right commander. I've never done an EDH deck before. I want something fun yet really messed up to play and it can't be something everyone uses. So I've been scrolling down the gatherer website looking for legendaries and find a lot I like but not the one for me. Any advice on how to start looking for one or your first commanders or anything?

I think the last advice I gave someone with a similar question was - “You’ll just know it when you see it.” but what about when nothing jumps right out?

Try starting with what you just have available.

We’re proponents of using what you have on hand, and sometimes that’s not always a lot. Maybe you don’t have a lot of legends, or a lot of cards that work with legends you want to test out. So use the resourses you have: But what are they?

1) Build out of your binder. Sure it may not seem original to build a Sidisi, or a Rakdos deck, but you can always put them together fast and try them with friends or at the LGS. You might be surprised at the interactions or how much fun you’re having with the deck.


2) Try building on your computer. Cockatrice, XMage, Magic Workstation, Tapped Out and others give you access to all the cards available and solitare play (or actual play if you can make them work). These will give you the chance to build your deck to what your specifics are and take it for a test drive.

If all else fails (and I personally don’t like suggesting it but) - check out MTG top8, Tapped Out and other decklist sites and see what decks others are playing and decide what looks like fun to try or to play.

- Mr. X

#1 Hi! I have resourse page where all essential CC is listed. Also check Simper-fi’s resourse list. She listed lots of mods there. Good luck!

#2 Hi! Sorry, I feel not so comfortable uploading my download folders. But if you tell me what food and from what site you’re trying to download I’ll reupload the download link to another file hosting :)

#3 Thank you so much! Glad you love my blog :3 I already made Mikasa and Eren here. They are not copies but inspired by at least. I’ll add the rest characters to the list for you :3

#4 Thank you! No, I haven’t uploaded the cats and don’t know about what upload you are talking. Currently it’s a little bit problematic for me to upload the cats as for uploading I’ll have to resurrect them. I don’t want to interfere to the legacy gameplay but I’ll share all the cats when I’ll finish my legacy challenge :3

#5 Привет. Несколько дней назад мне задавали подобный вопрос и я сделала небольшой тутор о том,как разнообразить династийную жизнь. Почитать можно тут.

Translation: Nonnie is asking how to play legacy and not be bored with it. I got the same ask a couple of days ago and you can read my tips here :)

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would you consider making a starter guide for those looking to get into ts2? i want to play but i have no idea where to buy it, what cc to use, etc. it would be very appreciated if you can!

I think that my entire blog is a guide for ts2 beginners :D Sorry, I really have no idea what to recommend. And I can’t imagine how this tutorial can even look and what should I tell there? <_< As for buying ts2, I see that most of people are downloading Ultimate Collection, I have no idea if it’s availabale or not currently as I don’t use it. And as for CC, I have a resourse page where all CC that I have in my game is listed and I’m trying to update this list from time to time, I also have WCIF section where people can ask where to download this or that piece of CC that they see on my screenshots. There’s a tutorial database where you can find all the tutorials from building and decorating to CC-creating and more and more. Plus my askbox is always open and you can ask all the game related questions :)