here’s  a  little  something  because  i  had  a  load  of  psds  just  sitting  in  my  folder  without  any  use  so  i  thought,  why  not  share  them ?  so,  with  that  said,  feel  free  to  download   alter  these  for  your  own  icons!  however  i  ask  of  one  thing,  that  you  please  either   LIKE  OR  REBLOG  THIS  POST  if  you  intend  on  saving/using  these.   have  fun  peeps ♡  

download link [ x ]

teen idle psd 001 by diana1x1.

this psd works best on pictures with vibrant blues, pinks, and reds. feel free to adjust, delete edit layers as you wish !! please do not repost or claim as your own. i’d appreciate a like or reblog if you download !! 

download  ( message me for an alternative link if necessary ! )


 THIS  IS  A  PSD  PACK    to  say  THANK  YOU  guys  for  following  me!!    i  appreciate  ALL  of  you  guys  a  lot,    you’re  AMAZING    &    i  am  SO  GRATEFUL  for  my  partners,    for  people  CHECKING  in,    for  people  who  send  NICE  ANONS,    reblog  my  promos.    all  THAT  kind  of  thing!!    it  all  means  THE  WORLD  to  me.    SOME  of  these  psds  have  been  MIXED,    credit  IS  GIVEN  where  it  is  due.    some  of  them  ARE  old    &    some  are  RECENTLY  MADE.    feel  free  to  DOWNLOAD,    please  LIKE/REBLOG  the  post  if  you  ARE  using  them  though!!


hey guys, so as promised a couple of weeks ago (i’m always late with these things) here is our resources pack we created in order to thank all 15000+ of you guys for following us. When we created this blog I don’t think any of us would have thought we’d reach this milestone or even get anywhere near it but, thanks to you guys, we have!! We took into account what you guys wanted and tried to get as much of it in as we could so it contains the following;

  • 004 x gif psds - made for gossip girl, teen wolf and the vampire diaries
  • 010 x image psds
  • 002 x gif actions
  • 002 x animated textures
  • 008 x textures
  • 003 x templates
  • 127 x icons - not included in the download, find them here

Download here: [MF] // Please like or reblog if you download