What If BTS Had A Rap Battle With An AI? SK Telecom CF Filming Site Surprise Interview!

We were able to meet BTS, the idols who were noticed by Billboard, New York Times, Times, Rolling Stone, and other overseas media. In the past 5 months, they’ve once more proved to be the hottest boy group after being the first K-Pop group to win “Top Social Artist Award” at the Billboard Music Awards. Meeting them at the commercial filming site for SK Telecom, we were able to ask them some questions we were curious about.

[BTS’ Update Talk!]

Q: This is your 2nd year being active as the models for SK Telecom. How does it feel?

V: Even in the past, I would always go to SK Telecom whenever I bought a cellphone. Being active as a model like this makes me very happy.

Jin: I feel proud to be working with the most popular telecommunications company. My family has also been using SK Telecom for over 10 years. It’s always good.

Jungkook: I’ve also been using SK Telecom for a long time. Now that it’s our 2nd year being active as a model for them, it practically feels like we’ve become the face of SK Telecom.

Jin: To hear that the New York Times selected BTS under the “Music That Americans Love The Most” is an honor.

J-Hope: I still can’t believe it. I’m happy to think that we’re receiving so much love!

Suga: It’s all thanks to all the ARMY that love us!

Q: We heard that recently BTS was the only group among Asian singers chosen by the New York Times for “Music That Americans Love The Most”. Congratulations!

Jin: It really is an honor. I’d like to think that it’s not just thanks to Americans, but also to fans all around the world in order to get this result. I love you ARMY!

J-Hope: I still can’t believe it. I have the thought that we’re receiving a lot of love from America. I’m always very thankful to the fans.

Suga: It’s still puzzling and fascinating. I think it’s thanks to all the ARMY that give us love.

Q: Is there a foreign artist that you enjoy listening to recently?

Rap Monster: I listen to Vic Mensa, Mura Masa, and Lianne La Havas a lot.

Jin: Julia Michaels for me!

V: Lately, I’ve been listening to Bruno Mars.

J-Hope: Vince Staples!

Jungkook: Rather than listening to one particular artist’s music, I’ve been looking for a variety of music and listening to them a lot.

Suga: I’m always enjoying Vic Mensa’s music.

Jimin: I’m listening to Zayn’s music.

[Learning About BTS’ Mobile Life]

Q: You must have a lot of schedules overseas. How do you use your roaming?

Jin: We do have a lot of overseas schedules, but I usually just request automatic roaming and use it that way. Not too long ago, we had to go overseas for a schedule. But I forgot that I already put in a request for automatic roaming and contacted the advisor again to place a request. I remember being embarrassed because they told me that I was already using automatic roaming. Haha.

Q: Do you usually use your smartphone often? We’re primarily curious on how you use it.

V: I do a lot of things on my smartphone. Calling, texting, taking pictures, listening to music, SNS, and the Internet. I call a lot, I text a lot, I take pictures of the scenery, I listen to music daily, and I use SNS so I can’t be without my smartphone.

Jimin: I use my smartphone to monitor videos or listen to music. Also, I use it when I’m contacting another person.

[What Does BTS Think Is Happiness?]

Rap Monster: My happiest moment was our concert at the Gymnastics Stadium!

V: Me too, it was our first solo concert so I was proud.

Jungkook: After our debut, I’ve had so many happy moments that it’s hard to just choose one moment!

Jimin: As expected, every moment I spent together with the fans was happy~

Q: Until now, when was your happiest moment while being active as an artist?

Rap Monster: Our first concert at the Gymnastics Stadium. I can still remember it clearly.

V: I agree. It was a stage just for us, and I was proud that it was our first solo concert!

J-Hope: I think I feel the most joy when we’re having a concert and I’m singing while I look at all the audience members.

Jungkook: Um… I’ve had so many happy moments after debuting that I can’t pick a particular moment, but I think I was about to feel a lot of happiness due to the fans.

Jin: Every moment that I perform where there are fans. I get so filled with emotions that I feel like I’m going to cry. It makes me really happy.

Suga: I also feel alive when I do concerts, so I like it.

Jimin: Every moment that we meet the fans that cheer us on at a concert arena!

Q: What do the BTS members think is happiness? And what could the members put effort in doing together to become even happier?

Rap Monster: I think that happiness isn’t something grandiose, but something that begins from a small habit. Like a habit where you don’t compare yourself to others. Also, if you continue to devote yourself to what you like a little more and continue to believe that you’re right a little more, wouldn’t everyone be happy?

J-Hope: Oh, I feel similar to you. Loving yourself and slowly becoming satisfied is a big happiness. Let’s all have hope and passion in order to fulfill our dreams!

[What If An AI Had A Rap Battle With BTS?]

Q: Recently, an AI that was created using techniques from the 4th Industrial Revolution has been gaining attention. Overseas, the AI has already progressed to possessing the same skill level as humans in terms of writing novels and composing music. If by chance the AI came to challenge BTS to a rap battle, what would you do?

Rap Monster: I will do my best to fight it!

Jungkook: I’d like to carefully think that Rap Monster would completely defeat it…

Suga: I would not accept [the challenge]. How could I beat an AI! Haha.

Q: Finally, please say something to the SK Telecom insight readers.

Rap Monster: Insight readers of SK Telecom! It’s autumn. I’d like it if the heat passed by quickly. Please always be healthy!

Jin: Everyone, SK Telecom has a lot of benefits! Search well and use it in a variety of ways.

V: Please gives lots of interest to SK Telecom from now on! We’ll also show you an even better image. Please anticipate it a lot.

J-Hope: Please give lots of love to BTS and SK Telecom~

Jungkook: Thank you for loving SK Telecom and BTS. We’ll show an even more fun and diverse image from now on.

Suga: If it’s a telecommunications company, it has to be SK Telecom. I’m always thankful.

Jimin: I hope to see even more interest in both BTS and SK Telecom. Thank you.

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CN PLAYIN | Save the Light: Interview with Rebecca Sugar & GrumpyFace | Cartoon Network
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Ok, I need to nerd out about something.

This is very nerdy, I apologize. 

I do improv, I love improv and I love seeing how people use non verbal cues as part of their social dynamics. Bands that have been together for a long time are amazing examples of this, while on some level they can “read each others minds” they also have developed non verbal cues that other members of the band can usually easily read. 

This video that’s going around with Billie rubbing Mike’s thigh and kissing Tre during an interview is a great example of non verbal cues. I’m not even nerding out about the actual kiss, I’m nerding out over the non-verbal discussion that most likely went on between the three of them. (Though the kiss is great, too!)

This entire exchange happens in less than 10 seconds and this is entirely supposition based on what I know from improv/social interaction.

Tre mentions “alternative lifestyles” and Billie smiles. I would guess this is when some idea starts to form. Mike starts to answer the next question. No one is looking at any anyone else and all three of them have relaxed body language (hands in laps, relaxed, legs aren’t crossed etc) despite the weirdness of the interviewer. Given his repeated comments about being worried they are going to prank him, maybe they feel relaxed being in Oakland?

Billie makes an “offer” by putting his hand on Mike’s leg. An “offer” in improv can start a scene or it may spark another offer, which is the case here. (One can assume things would have gone differently if he had put his hand on Tre’s leg instead.) At this point he turns toward Tre. There’s no reason to turn towards Tre, he’s not talking. In fact, it would make way more sense to look at Mike or the interviewer. However, turning towards Tre draws his attention to what he’s doing. Like turning towards a friend who is watching TV, they’ll turn to see what you want. It won’t draw Mike’s attention because Mike isn’t making eye contact and is in fact engaged in conversation with the interviewer. 

The hand on his leg could mean multiple things: it enforces the “alternative lifestyles” comment, draws Tre’s attention and draws Mike into the joke without him having to physically turn towards them. Mike, however, does physically shift toward Billie, hand on his as much as possible without breaking contact with the interviewer as he’s still engaged in conversation. Tre makes eye contact with Billie and eye contact is huge. Billie has put out an “offer” and it can be safely assumed at this moment that Tre is on board. Staring at someone is a great way to get their attention without saying anything. Try staring at the back of someone’s head while you’re waiting in line!

Tre acknowledges the offer and makes his own “offer” which Billie accepts. The kiss is the kiss, who am I to break that down, but I find the lead up to it very interesting. Billie could have easily just kissed Tre or Mike, but it looks like there were layers to the offers. 

Anyway, this was longer and way more detailed than I expected. Yay body language and non-verbal cues.   


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