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Meet the “Renegade GTR”. Beast isn’t the word, nor is Godzilla. It thinks for itself (wait..wut?). Self automated weapons system integrated within the bodywork, nightvision windows, I mean who needs to look out the window when it can navigate itself ;D.

I LOVE making these so much, I wanted to make this just to mess with the idea of having Nightvision windows xD haha. Gojira gone rogue.

BG was made from a mix of these stock images here:

anonymous asked:

can you make graphic tutorials pls

tutorials i’ve made are tagged here!

but honestly making tutorials is really time consuming, so i won’t have time for any until the summer. maybe if i can find a good screen recording app i could film myself making some graphics?

graphic making is a fluid, creative process. it’s not like giffing where there are certain steps for everything. i change things a lot when i’m making graphics, you’ve got to practice a lot and gain an eye for layout and colour.

things you can do to improve on are common tutorials you can find on photoshop help blogs; you’d be looking to learn how to cut out images, using clipping masks, how to brighten/colour images.

another thing is to collect lots of resources: fonts, textures, stock images etc. having a good collection makes graphic-making a lot easier.

to begin with, you can look at other graphics and try to mimic the styles. most people don’t mind this as long as you credit (insp) to the original poster.

hope you found this helpful :)