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my biggest dream is to speak spanish as good as english. my mum is latina from mexico, my dad is white. her marrying my dad caused a big fight in the family which led to the fact that she got abandoned by them. my dads family (even tho they're white) accepted her as one of her own. she never taught me spanish because it reminded her of home and she wants nothing to do with them. i'm watchin jane the virgin & i hope i can catch some phrases lol. pathetic but i really wanna speak spanish fluently

It’s not pathetic Anon. Many latinxs don’t speak Spanish for a variety of reasons. There are tons of ways you can learn Spanish, it’s not too late.

If you have a smartphone you can download duolingo, its a free app to learn spanish.

If you want to search for a penpal to practice spanish with (i’d be careful with that site because there are some pervs and scammers on there, but there’s always a block button ;) )

I’ve used this site before, its pretty good. you even get feedback on your work from native speakers.

Good luck! Also followers feel free to chime in with your suggestions as well.


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Are there any resources on irish mythology in particular you would recommend?

so you should check this website out - it’s the celtic encyclopedia mythica and it’s a good, quick resource to have. and this site seems pretty straightforward and like the first site is a good place to start.

some good books are -

Celtic Myths and Legends by Peter Berresford Ellis
Early Irish Myths and Sagas by Jeffery Gantz
Celtic Myths & Legends by Thomas Rolleston
Celtic Gods and Heroes by Marie-Louise Sjoestedt
Complete Irish Mythology (3 Book Set) by Lady Gregory
Celtic Myths and Legends by  T. W. Rolleston

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To the anon dealing with misgendering: something I do is carry around a physical object, like a piece of paper with my gender and pronouns or a pin that represents who I am, and when I get misgendered I can touch it and remind myself that I'm valid. Another thing I do is when someone misgenders me I wait until they can't see me and then I make a funny face, which helps lift my spirits a bit and also stay present (although sometimes retreating into my head is all I can do to cope). Take care <3

This account of CFS and the CDC draws from interviews, a close reading of a fraction of 4608 epidemiologic studies, and a review of many pages of government documents.

This article is really long and takes a lot of spoons to read so here are some highlights: 

“The reason for those failures, critics charge, is that the CDC has spent years looking in the wrong places. Starting with its 1988 report on the illness, they say, the agency has downplayed or dismissed abundant evidence that CFS is an organic disease, or cluster of diseases, characterized by severe immune-system and neurological dysfunctions as well as the frequent presence of multiple viral infections. Instead, say the critics, the agency has focused major resources on investigating proposed psychiatric and trauma-related factors and associations–the personality disorder and trauma studies were published, respectively, in the journalsPsychotherapy and Psychosomatics and Archives of General Psychiatry–even though stress and trauma make people more vulnerable to any number of health conditions.”

“There is no dispute that exercise can be a very effective treatment for depression. But people with chronic fatigue syndrome generally suffer from a distinctive symptom known as “post-exertional malaise”—a disproportionate depletion of energy following minimal activity that is not a typical feature of depression. (However, the word ‘malaise,’ like the word ‘fatigue,’ is a complete misnomer; post-exertional malaise is much closer to a serious crash or relapse than a Victorian fainting spell.) An emerging field of research—much of it taking place at the University of Utah and University of the Pacific in Stockton, California–indicates that people with CFS suffer from problems with oxygen consumption, energy production and muscle recovery. So it’s not surprising that increasing activity levels could lead in some or many cases to a prolonged resurgence of their symptoms rather than the improvement predicted by proponents of graded exercise therapy.”

“A Harvard-led research team described the Tahoe outbreak in far more serious terms than the 1988 CDC report: the patients, they reported in 1992 in the Annals of Internal Medicine, had abnormal MRI brain scans, significant alterations in white blood cells counts and functioning, and signs of active infection with a recently discovered pathogen, HHV-6. The illness, they wrote, was likely a “chronic, immunologically mediated inflammatory process of the central nervous system…

…In a letter to the journal listing more than a dozen purported methodological flaws, the CDC—with Dr. Reeves as the lead author—dismissed the Harvard study and its findings in unusually blunt terms. “We conclude that the disease…described is not the chronic fatigue syndrome or any other clinical entity and that they showed no association with active HHV-6 replication,” wrote Dr. Reeves and his colleagues.”

“In his statement, he reported that, for example, in 1996 the agency spent $1.2 million for laboratory equipment and supplies for measles and polio and charged it to the CFS account. In 1995, he reported, the agency charged the CFS program $2.6 million for funding spent on unrelated studies. He had, he stated “attempted to rectify this within CDC” before going public.”

“A 1999 report from the inspector general of HHS found that of the $22.7 million the CDC charged to its CFS program between 1995 and 1998, less than half was clearly spent on the illness.”

“It’s a psychological model,” said Dr. Jason of DePaul University, of the British view of CFS. “It’s an illness that might be caused by some kind of virus or trauma, but what’s maintaining it is that you have some sort of phobic avoidance of activity. The idea is your bone and muscle mass decrease, you become weak. So if you can get a person to slowly increase the amount of activity that they do, they will break this phobic avoidance.”

“In the U.K. framework, graded exercise therapy is often paired with cognitive behavior therapy in the treatment protocol for CFS. Cognitive behavior therapy is a treatment modality with widespread application, and is likely to be useful to many people undergoing major stresses–whether from cancer, a back injury, an existential crisis, fear of sex, migraines, a bad divorce, or cognitive fatigue syndrome. However, the kind of cognitive behavior therapy prescribed in Great Britain to treat people with CFS—as Dr. Jason and other researchers have repeatedly noted–is largely geared toward convincing patients to overcome their avoidance phobia and increase activity levels; in other words, to encourage them to participate in something very much like graded exercise therapy…

But for people who experience post-exertional relapses of their symptoms, graded exercise therapy could be harmful, not helpful; in addition to the emerging research about post-exertional malaise, patient surveys in the U.K. have indicated a high degree of unhappiness and increased morbidity among those who have been through a course of graded exercise therapy. And, say critics, cognitive behavior therapy could also be harmful, if the goal is to convince patients to engage in graded exercise therapy or otherwise ramp up activity levels.”

“The CDC team reported that the illness cost the economy $9.1 billion a year in lost productivity, and people with CFS lost an average $20,000 annually in earnings.”

Complete Homestuck Character List

1.          John Egbert

2.          Rose Lalonde

3.          Dave Strider

4.          Jade Harley

5.          Jane Crocker

6.          Roxy Lalonde

7.          Dirk Strider

8.          Jake English

9.          Karkat Vantas

10.        Aradia Megido

11.        Tavros Nitram

12.        Sollux Captor

13.        Nepeta Leijon

14.        Kanaya Maryam

15.        Terezi Pyrope

16.        Vriska Serket

17.        Equius Zahhak

18.        Gamzee Makara

19.        Eridan Ampora

20.        Feferi Peixes

21.        Kankri Vantas

22.        Damara Megido

23.        Rufioh Nitram

24.        Mituna Captor

25.        Meulin Leijon

26.        Porrim Maryam

27.        Latula Pyrope

28.        Aranea Serket

29.        Horuss Zahhak

30.        Kurloz Makara

31.        Cronus Ampora

32.        Meenah Peixes

33.        The Signless/Sufferer

34.        The Handmaid

35.        The Summoner

36.        The Ψiioniic

37.        The Disciple

38.        The Dolorosa

39.        Neophyte Redglare

40.        Marquise Spinneret Mindfang

41.        E%ecutor Darkleer/Expatri8

42.        Grand Highblood/Unknown Subjugglater

43.        Orphaner Dualscar

44.        Her Imperial Condescension/The Condesce

45.        Dad

46.        Nanna

47.        Mom

48.        Bro

49.        Grandpa

50.        Bequerel

51.        Crabdad

52.        Ram Lusus

53.        Tinkerbull

54.        Bicyclops

55.        Pounce de Leon

56.        Dragon Lusus

57.        Spidermom

58.        Aurthour

59.        Goat Lusus/Goatdad

60.        Seahorse Lusus (skyhorse)

61.        Gl'bgolyb (Horrorterror)

62.        Caliborn

63.            Calliope

64.            Jack Noir

65.            Hegemonic Brute

66.            Draconian Dignitary

67.            Courtyard Droll

68.            Typheus

69.            Cetus

70.        Hephaestus

71.        Echidna

72.        Hemera

73.        Nix

74.        Yaldaboth

75.        Abraxas

76.        Wayward Vagabond/Warweary Villein/The Mayor

77.        Peregrine Mendicant/Parcel Mistress

78.            Authority Regulator/Aimless Renegade

79.        White Queen/Windswept Questant

80.        White King/Writ Keeper

81.        Black Queen

82.        Black King

83.        Ms. Paint

84.        Spades Slick

85.        Clubs Deuce

86.        Diamonds Droog

87.        Hearts Boxcars

88.        Lord English

89.        Doc Scratch

90.        Itchy 1

91.        Doze 2

92.        Trace 3

93.        Clover 4

94.        Fin 5

95.        Die 6

96.        Crowbar 7

97.        Snowman 8

98.        9

99.        10

100.     11

101.     12

102.     13

103.     Hussie

104.     AR

105.     Jake’s Brain Dirk

106.     Nannasprite

107.     Davesprite

108.     Jadesprite

109.     Jaspersprite

110.     Tavrisprite

111.     ARquiusprite

112.     Erisolsprite

113.     Fefetasprite

114.     Crabdadsprite

115.     Aradiasprite

116.     Tinkerbullsprite

117.     Bicyclopsprite

118.     (Nepeta’s Sprite)

119.     (Kanaya’s Sprite)

120.     (Terezi’s Sprite)

121.     (Vriska’s Sprite)

122.     (Equius’s Sprite)

123.     (Gamzee’s Sprite)

124.     (Eridan’s Sprite)

125.     (Feferi’s Sprite)

126.     Casey/Viceroy Bubbles Von Salamancer

127.     Poppop (John Alpha)

128.     Bro (Dave Alpha)

129.     Mom (Rose Alpha)

130.     Nanna (Jade Alpha)

131.     Lil Cal

132.     Imp

133.     Ogre

134.     Basilisk

135.     Lich

136.     Giclops

137.     Guy Fieri

138.     Crocodile Consorts

139.     Iguana Consorts

140.     Salamander Consorts

141.     Turtle Consorts

142.     Lil Hal

143.     Squarewave

144.     Sawtooth

145.     Jaspers/Frigglish

146.     Vodka Mutini

147.     Betty Crocker

148.     Colonel Sassacre

149.     Mierfa Durgas

150.     Nektan Whelan

151.     Nic Cage

152.     fedoraFreak

153.     Angel (Species?)

154.     Horrorterror (Species?)

155.     Oglogoth (Horrorterror)

156.     Nrub'yiglith (Horrorterror)

157.     Fireflies

158.     Leprechaun

159.     Harlequin Doll

160.     G Cat

161.     His Honorable Tyranny

162.     Imperial Drones

163.     Troll Will Smith/Thresh Prince of Bel-Air

164.     Troll Adam Sandler

165.     Bec Noir

166.     Genesis Frog

I couldn’t find a full list anywhere so I made one tell me if there is something missing and I’ll add it

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So you have any tips for passing as male? Or do you know how I can make my voice deeper?

On passing tips I can recommend this video by Alex Bertie as well as this video by Benton Sorensen. And there are many, many more videos on how to pass as male on youtube. As for voice there are some exercises you can do to make your voice deeper you should check out this video by Alexander Jasper-Jay aka Xander Pander. -Alloy


Just found a gender therapist AND a doctor who prescribes T.

Both in the same town about 45 minutes away from me. Which I would totally be okay with commuting!

I’m thinking I’ll schedule an appointment with the gender therapist after everything with my surgery is over with.

That’s enough to keep track of as it is!

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I was just wondering if you knew anything about studying for the SSAT

Hi. I don’t have any personal tips for you, but here are some links and resources about revising for the SSAT. Note: one of the links is only for the math section of the SSAT.

SSAT Tips | ExamTime

Quick tips for SSAT success -

SSAT Test Study Guide - Free SSAT Math Prep - YouTube

How to Prepare for the SSAT: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

SSAT Study Guide - Free SSAT Practice Test

SSAT Practice Test Questions - Prepare for the SSAT Test

Okey dokey, friends, here’s the situation.

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3). Utilize my services as a content creator. I charge more for this kind of content than I would at Fiverr, which is why it gets its own category. But I’ll write blogs for you, write up whole web pages, create Tweets & FB statuses, programs, “About Us” bios, pretty much anything you need. Contact me privately for more info. Starting rate is 4 cents per word.

4). Reblog this. I know it’s ugly and everyone hates to see other people beggin’ for money, but you know I’m good for it and I’d appreciate it a ton.

If you have any questions, need any clarification, please don’t hesitate to send me an ask.

Thanks, everyone, and I apologize in advance for the reblogs to come.

A Tale of Two Viruses: Why AIDS Was Pinned to HIV, But Chronic Fatigue Remains a Mystery

Click here for full article (the link post button isn’t working for some reason sorry)

“…The story of CFS, generally defined as persistent fatigue of six months or greater not relieved by rest and accompanied by other specific symptoms, is markedly different. This syndrome was first reported in Los Angeles as well, but in 1934. There were subsequent sporadic outbreaks, some of which were reviewed by DA Henderson in 1959, who noted that females were more frequently affected, and suggested that a virus might be involved. In the 1980s Daniel Peterson identified antibodies against Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) in the blood of a group of CFS patients in Incline Village, Nevada. The CDC entered the investigation but was unable to confirm that antibodies to the virus were consistently present in patient blood. A subsequent case-control study failed to identify EBV as the causative agent of the disease, which was subsequently named chronic fatigue syndrome.

The search for that agent of CFS has continued to be fruitless. In addition to EBV, a host of other viruses have been found in CFS patients, including enteroviruses, measles virus, herpesviruses, and human T-lymphotropic virus type II. However, none have been consistently detected in CFS patients and therefore are not considered to cause the disease.

The possibility of a viral cause of CFS re-emerged in 2009 with the detection of a retrovirus called XMRV in the blood of a substantial fraction of CFS patients. A second laboratory subsequently identified sequences related to murine leukemia viruses, also retroviruses, in the blood of CFS patients. However, many other laboratories were unable to replicate these findings, and both papers have been retracted.

Why do the stories of AIDS and CFS have such different outcomes? One reason is that it has been difficult to reach a consensus on a clinical definition of CFS. At the onset the case definition of AIDS was simple—“Kaposi’s sarcoma or opportunistic infections”—which made it possible to rapidly and accurately identify new cases, especially among different research groups around the country. This led to the establishment of risk factors, and the epidemiological data obtained from this work made it highly likely that an infectious agent was involved, spurring the search for the causative pathogen. The case definition for CFS has undergone a number of revisions over the years. When different research groups use different definitions of the disease, it becomes difficult to compare findings. Most importantly, there is no indicator or diagnostic test that can be used to identify CFS, and since diagnosing CFS is a long and difficult process, cohorts established by different investigators vary, leading to different findings, confusion, and contention. In contrast, AIDS was readily identifiable and easily diagnosed once a blood test for HIV was developed.

Another problem is that in contrast to their excellent work on AIDS, the CDC has stumbled when tackling CFS. The CDC has dismissed evidence that CFS is an organic disease, and spent funds on investigating psychiatric and trauma-related causes, rather than infectious origins. The agency also diverted funds designated for CFS to other programs. These and other missteps alienated the CFS patient community—the opposite of what the agency accomplished with the AIDS community.

In part due to the standardized case definition of AIDS, identification of a candidate virus was relatively rapid. Determining its role in the disease was facilitated by the development of a blood test, which could be used to prove that HIV-1 caused AIDS. The relationship between HIV and AIDS was further confirmed by the development of antiviral drugs that inhibited viral replication and helped alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

Why have investigators failed to identify a virus behind CFS? (It is not due to the lack of appropriate technology; this has improved substantially since the 1980s with the development of polymerase chain reaction and rapid DNA sequencing.) One explanation for this dilemma is that an infectious agent does not cause CFS. However, there is plausible evidence for an infectious etiology, including observations that the disease is known to occur in outbreaks. Furthermore, in many cases the onset of symptoms appears to begin with a flu-like illness. Additionally, CFS is a heterogeneous disease, and may be caused by several different agents or a combination of viruses and non-infectious conditions. Another possibility is that an infection initiates an immune response that spirals out of control, leading to CFS symptoms. This scenario implies that at least some CFS patients have underlying deficits in immune regulation. If that’s true, it will be very difficult to identify the virus involved because it will likely have been eliminated from patients’ systems by the time CFS symptoms become apparent.

In retrospect, it is clear that the properties of AIDS made it an easy disease to understand. While the path to understanding CFS has been clouded by non-scientific issues, in the end the main reason why we do not understand this disease is because it is extraordinarily complex. But that never stopped a good scientist.”