elo, [8 femmes]
eight songs for eight femmes.

01. ’wax mannequeen
produced by cokejazz
composed by elo, cokejazz
lyrics by elo
arranged by cokejazz

02. ’f.w.b (feat. hoody)’
produced by dust, 김승진
composed by dust, elo, hoody, 김승진
lyrics by elo, hoody
arranged by dust, 김승진, 임현제

03. ’rose’ - mv
produced by gray
composed by elo, gray
lyrics by elo
arranged by gray

04. ’the end (feat. paloalto)’
produced by gray
composed by elo, gray
lyrics by elo, gray, paloalto
arranged by gray

05. ’day n night (feat. gray)’
produced by gray
composed by elo, gray
lyrics by elo, gray, goodkiddaily
arranged by gray

06. ’tattoo (feat. jay park)’
produced by cha cha malone
composed by elo, jay park, cha cha malone
lyrics by elo, jay park
arranged by cha cha malone

07. ’angel (feat. simon dominic)’
produced by gray
composed by elo, gray
lyrics by elo, simon dominic
arranged by gray

08. ’parachute (remix) (feat. gray)’
produced by gray
composed by elo, gray
lyrics by elo, gray
arranged by gray

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UK's largest gender identity clinic to close
The West London Mental Health Trust gave notice on their contract with NHS England today (25 August). News of the closure has raised concerns among trans people and their supporters as there is no alternative in sight.

In a statement from the WLMHT, the Trust said they will concentrate on mental health services instead of transition. They said this was because of ‘societal attitudes and understanding of this issue has improved so vastly’.

‘This has been challenging for the clinic and resulted in waiting times that are longer than we would like,’ they continued. ‘The Trust has come to the conclusion that patients requiring gender identity services would be better served in the long term by another provider, and has therefore served notice on our contract to NHS England.’

The number of referrals had almost quadrupled in 10 years at Charing Cross, from 498 in 2006-07 to 1,892 in 2015-16. New patients had to wait to up to four years for their first appointment.

The WLMHT said the clinic will not close immediately – not for six months at least, and people will not have to start their transition over again with a new provider. They also said they were committed to not reducing staffing and will ensure a smooth handover to the new clinic. With the closure of the gender identity clinic in London, there will only be six across the whole of England. One each in Sheffield, Leeds and Newcastle, covering the North, one in Daventry and Nottingham, for the Midlands, and one in Exeter, for the South-West.

Will Huxter, Chair of NHS England’s Gender Identity Task and Finish Group, said in a statement to GSN: ‘We are working with the Trust and clinic staff to ensure that a new provider is found as soon as possible, and that the process is seamless for patients.’ 

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anonymous asked:

(Hey so I know it won't work in all cases but I'm in college and I've had pretty good results with my new professors this semester bringing in an eraserboard and writing down that I can't speak sometimes/can't speak today and won't be able to speak at times in future. I'm diagnosed now but they don't know I'm autistic at all so maybe it's worth a try at times?)

wiredweirdaspie  asked:

First off, thank you so much for this blog. This will be very broad, but I was just recently diagnosed with DID. I was wondering if you have any tips on things that help you come to terms with it? I admitted myself to a day program to get some extra help with coping through. Just, anything would be helpful. I hope this made sense. Like I said, all of this is new to me. Thank you again for everything!


Thank you for sending us this ask! I’m very sorry for our delayed response.

Personally, what helped me the most was finding out as much information about DID as I could. In that regard, I have a website about DID here and a list of other potential DID-centric resources here. I also found it helpful to open up communication with my alters, as getting to know them better made a big difference in my acceptance of and ability to cope with my DID. I mostly did this through trying to talk to them internally, journaling, and leaving messages for them on various forums, but others also find leaving notes on their phone, on sticky notes, through friends, or through their therapist to be helpful. Support groups for individuals with DID and trauma survivors were a mixed blessing for me. I appreciated the support and answers that they provided, but most contain many highly toxic and drama-seeking individuals. Being able to make close friends who also have OSDD-1/DID, mostly online, was more helpful for me. 

In general, I’d recommend that you try to get small things for your alters to help them to feel more comfortable and to encourage them to trust you. For example, you could get small toys and coloring books for child parts, foods that teenage parts like, nail polish for an alter that enjoys dressing up, and so on. To combat amnesia, keeping detailed records helps, and you might want to try getting various logging apps on your phone and/or keeping a journal. To combat dissociation, grounding techniques are vital. Finally, it’s important that you try to keep your overall physical and mental health stable so that nothing is exasperating your dissociation or upsetting your alters.

Take care,

-Katherine of Those Interrupted

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Skin tone swatches, for use as a resource. 

Spudfuzz on Deviantart made the original resource, which I modified to be a bit more realistic. She gave me permission to post this.

These swatches, like all art resources, should be used as a “jumping off point!” All colours are relative, and change with lighting conditions. As they are now, these swatches work best for adoptables, character lineups, and other art where local colour is important.


In the aftermath of Orlando,  you can get free mental health services from United -- even if you don't have insurance
Yet another example of human kindness.

UnitedHealth Group is offering free mental health services to anyone in the country who was emotionally affected by the shooting at Pulse in Orlando – even if you don’t have health insurance.

Optum will operate a 24/7 helpline, and users can speak to a trained mental health professional for as long as they need. Individuals can call toll-free at 866-342-6892. The company is also providing access to their benefits site, which contains mental health information like professional tips on how to manage anxiety.

“The helpline can be an easy, accessible way for people to reach out,” William Bonfield, chief medical officer of OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions, told The Huffington Post. “It can provide support, an opportunity to talk and help a person decide if mental health treatment may be helpful.”

Please please please take advantage of this if you need it! Mental healthcare is so important but can be so freaking expensive, and processing Pulse might take a lot out of you. That’s okay – help is out there. And if you’re looking for someone LGBTQ-specific to talk to, the Trevor Project and Trans Lifeline are available for you too. 


starting a bullet journal, a guide by studypetals

hey everyone! it’s rhianne, or studypetals. i’ve gotten a lot of questions and concerns about how to start a bullet journal, so i decided to start a new one myself to show you how i set mine up!


so what’s a bullet journal?
well, it’s not an actual journal, per se, but rather a system of journaling! the “bullet” word comes from “bullet points,” the way tasks/events are jotted down in this journaling system. (source)

what is a bullet journal used for?
a bullet journal can be used as a simple planner system, but it can also be a creative way to plan your daily/weekly tasks! some people even use it as a half-scrapbook/half-planner (like me!)

what’s the difference between a planner and a bullet journal?
this is a great question i’ve gotten before. a planner already has the dates/decorated pages/etc. all you have to input into a planner is tasks and events. a bullet journal is a book of blank pages, so it allows more creative freedom than a planner does. if you aren’t patient enough for free-handing everything, stick to a regular planner. if you like having a unique journal/planner and like customizing your spreads, look into starting a bullet journal!


picture 1: material starter pack
here’s what i use for my bullet journal (aside from the decorative things like washi tape, magazine cutouts, etc.)

  • moleskine notebook, regular, squared, soft cover
  • zebra mildliners
  • pilot g-2 pens
  • muji 0.35mm pens

picture 2: cover page
i just have a cover page to catalogue what this journal has in it. you can always put anything you want on the cover page, like:

  • the semester you’re using it in
  • your name
  • “bullet journal” or “planner”
  • a simple quote
  • etc.

picture 3: index
so for my first journal, i didn’t even use an index. it’s up to you whether you want to include one or not. if you use an index, remember to number the rest of the pages after it! you can either catalogue every page after you’re done with it, or only the pages you really want to reference.

picture 4 (left): legend
this is super important, especially for a bullet journaling system! so in this particular system of journaling, each task has a bullet point next to it. the most regular one i’ve seen is a square, so that’s what i use. what the legend does is keep track of what each symbol means. of course, if you just want to fill the squares in after you complete a task, then you don’t need this. however, if you want more organization, then make up whatever symbols you need to for this part! there isn’t one concrete symbol system, so do what works for you!

picture 4 (right): testing stationery page
i like seeing what each pen/highlighter writes like before i really use it, so why not make a page for testing them! what i do is write what type of stationery it is with the actual pen/highlighter so i don’t forget which stroke is which.

picture 5 (left): favorite washi page
ahhhh one of my favorite pages. you can put your washi collection on this page, or just strips of the ones you like a lot! they can be as long or short as you want them to be.

picture 5 (right): youtube ideas! (or other filler pages)
this isn’t for everyone, of course, but it’s one that i added! i just showed it to you guys since i wanted to show the washi tape page. anyways, there are a lot of cool pages you can add throughout your bullet journal, such as:

  • books to read/movies to watch/etc.
  • life goals
  • expenses
  • favorite quotes
  • moodboards
  • class schedule/information
  • recipes
  • AU ideas (for writers!)
  • favorite art pieces
  • favorite lyrics
  • etc.

picture 6: weekly spreads
the big one! so this is what i primarily use my bullet journal for. step-by-step, this is how mine are created (but you can always make yours unique):

  1. make the title (“week #,” or something)
  2. write the days
  3. write the dates
  4. write down the tasks for each day
  5. make a section for something you have to do each day (the “essentials”)
  6. write down the extra sections (goals, important dates, quote of the week, habit trackers, etc.)
  7. decorate with washi tape, doodles, printed pictures, magazine cutouts, leaves, flowers, movie tickets, etc.

extra resources from me to you:

some bullet journal examples and blogs:

WHEW. that’s all i have for this topic (for now.) i hope any or all of this helps you guys out there wanting to start a bullet journal. if you want to make one, we’re gonna be in this together! have fun and remember the most important thing: it doesn’t have to be perfect. not all the pages are gonna be great, you’re gonna make mistakes, and some pages are just not gonna be what you wanted them to be, but that is 100% okay. just remember to have fun with it, and just.. start!

-rhianne (5.30.16+6:48pm)

Bullet Journals are a diy planning system which can be a to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary. They are exteremely versatile and customisable! There’s so much examples online I’ve condensed some helpful resources into one masterpost!


*These are only recommendations, you don’t need any of these for a bullet journal but they’re just an example of some of the stuff I use in mine!*


There are many other brands but these are the most popular in the studyblr community! Also they offer dot grid, lined and square grid paper. 




  • a ruler
  • glue
  • washi tape
  • colourful card
  • sticky notes

Page Ideas

  • word of the year/month
  • year at a glance
  • tv shows/movies/animes to watch
  • books to read
  • reading log
  • tv show season tracker
  • college applications
  • packing list
  • blog post ideas/youtube ideas
  • doodles page
  • pen test page
  • bucket list
  • handwriting practice
  • quotes of the day/month
  • pictures from the week/month
  • favourite memories log
  • gratitude log
  • grade tracker
  • music playlist ideas
  • a favourites page
  • food log
  • monthly tracker
  • yearly/monthly/weekly goals
  • things to do when you’re happy/sad
  • recipes
  • birthdays
  • favourite words in other languages
  • study/school timetable
  • outfits of the day
  • dream journal
  • washi/sticker swatch
  • online order tracker
  • budget/savings page
  • importand email addresses/phone numbers
  • passwords  page


Doodle Ideas


I hope this was useful! If you’d like to see any other specific materposts, feel free to message me!