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hello would any trans girl be interested in getting clothing from m'wife (a femme)? she’s got stuff she doesn’t want (all in good condition, size eu 36-38) that’s like, taking up too much space in my closet

so we thought of donating it to girls in need of them - just tell us your clothing preferences (style, colours, shorts/dresses/shirts etc?) and we’ll do our best to match them

gotta be comfy with giving us your address though

if there’s not a lot of responses we’ll open this to nb women-aligned people and cis girls

please rb and spread this! would like to give as much as possible (also so I’ve wardrobe space to get m'wife more cute clothes lmaooo)

Finally Cracked It! - AbbyCatsUK

I finally feel after 3 years I have reached a point where I am able to cover my beard shadow fairly well, without too much blue showing through my make-up.

Consistency has also been a bit of an issue, it used to be really frustrating for one day it seemed I had covered it well and then the next it appeared as clear as day. So to finally have some consistency in my beard cover is something I am happy about too.

Plus I son’t think my skin looks too bad for someone who is 36 😜

If anyone is interested in knowing how I do my make-up, you can find it here.


For all your spider girl/boy needs.

I’m by no means a spider expert, or a spider owner. I just wanted to get a little PSA going since it’s a pet peeve and halloween / monster girl art is right around the corner.  (who am i kidding monster girl art is all year long you guys)

It’s really tempting to draw a spider-person with human proportions, but for people who watch spiders it’s really weird to see a half spider that looks like it would wobble around like a child on stilts than a spider that can deftly climb and run around lol. If we spend so much time rendering every breast and nipple in ~glorious detail~, we should at least give a little thought to the bottom half too TuT. 

We’re looking for other trans resource blogs

Are you a mod on another trans related blog? Do you know of any good trans resource blogs? We are starting a new page on our blog to list blogs that might help our followers out, so send us an ask if you know of any good blogs and we might add them to our list

We’d especially like informational blogs, blogs for specifically for trans people in languages other than english, and blogs for trans feminine people, but send us whatever you’ve got. They don’t need to be teen-specific, blogs for trans adults are also okay to send in. 

They must be:

1) Mainly or entirely about transgender things

2) Accepting of all trans people, including nonbinary trans people and trans people without dysphoria

3) Active blogs, or blogs that will respond to questions and are only inactive because they don’t get many asks

Please reblog this to spread the word and send us any helpful trans blogs you know of! 

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could you do a tutorial on how you do picspams please ? thank you !!

hi, lovely anon and sure! ^^

how i make a picspam from this

to this

tutorial & all the resources are under the cut. also English is not my first language so  i’m sorry in advance for any mistakes and please like/reblog if you find this useful, thank you

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A message for queer teen girls who are struggling:

You are doing great. There is no timeline for you to come out, and you are not “lying by omission” by not being out. I can’t pretend to know your home life, I can’t pretend that your journey will be easy or fun or fast. But it will be worth it. If you are out, excellent! I’m so proud of you, you’re braver than I was.

I don’t mean to add to the never ending line of “uwu chin up bb” posts, but I want you to know that there are things in this world that make it worth living in. I say this as a formerly closeted queer girl. When I was a teenager up until very recently, I didn’t believe that. I didn’t want to be here. There were long stretches of time where my Anxiety and Depression were so bad, I wished my entire being would simply melt away. I didn’t see anything worth it.

I am so damn glad that I made it through that, because there is so much power in beginning to thrive. I am turning 22 in a few days, and I am genuinely grateful for every single day I live. I go to sleep wanting to wake up the next morning. I have a community of queer friends who support me in every single thing that I do. And I never would have made it to this point if it weren’t for the queer people I saw along the way who begged me to hold on just a little longer.

So this is me, begging you to hold on just a little longer my friend. You have a place in this world. I won’t tell you to hang on for the sunsets, and the flowers and all of that good shit, I will tell you to hang on for you.

Even if you do not believe a word I am saying, I believe them all with my entire being.

If you want to talk about anything at all, or ask me any questions about anything LGBTQ+ you can come ask me on anon or off. I will do my best to answer you myself, or refer you to an answer. My ask box will always be open whether you want to tell me about your day or you have an LGBTQ+ specific question that you don’t feel comfortable asking someone in your life.

I love you. Truly.

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What foods boost natural estrogen?

phytoestrogens are natural plant hormones that your body converts into estrogen.

Foods that contain natural phytoestrogens can help gently raise estrogen levels in the body include:

Soy (soybeans, soy milk, Tempeh, tofu)
Bran (cereals)
Alfalfa (sprouts)
Sesame seeds
Sunflower seeds
Legumes like chickpeas, red beans, black-eyed peas, green peas and split peas and black beans
(Dried fruits)
Olives (olive oil)

Phytoestrogens are found in dried and fresh herbs and spices such as:

anise seed
red clover

Like other phytoestrogens, eating these herbs helps to slightly raise estrogen levels in your body.

Youtube channels for Physics students

I have been using Youtube extensively for my studies lately. It helps me understand many complicated concepts in Physics and keeps me up to date with the field. I think a lot of you guys are already familiar with the names below, but some of you may not. I am sure I have missed some, feel free to add to the list and tell me as well so that I can follow them!

Note: I have compiled the list keeping Physics in mind, but some of them are more general. 

Lecture style:

1. **Khan Academy
 I don’t think they deserve any explanation, they are simply the best. Especially for Maths, Khan Academy is one of the best platforms out there. They have everything, lectures, examples, demos, practice problems, tests etc.

2. Crash Course Physics
Based on AP Physics. This channel is a work in progress, they have covered Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves at the time of writing this post. But what sets them aside is their beautiful yet simple animations which make every concept crystal clear in your mind. They update once a week and every video is about 10 minutes or so. I think they are also working on a curriculum based on the videos.
If you are a fan of CCP, make sure to check out Doc Schuster. They have practice problems and examples based on CC lecture. Usually they update within 2-3 hrs of CCP video and cover 2-3 examples.

3. DrPhysicsA
Covers AP level Physics as well as some advanced topics. Great for understanding concepts. 

4. EEVBlog:Electronics Engineering
I remember struggling to understand Amplifiers and wasting 3 days trying to find something useful. He explained in 10 minutes what my teacher couldn’t explain in a 2 hr lecture. A must for electronics students but Physics people can also find a bunch of useful stuff.


1. **Physics videos by Eugene Khutoryansky
I love his videos! They explain everything by animations. If you are struggling with Relativity, Quantum Physics or Electromagnetism, go watch.

Cool stuff/Advanced:

1. **Veritasium
The key aspect of his style is that, he stresses on the misconceptions. He focuses on your pre-conceived notions and challenges them. I think anybody who is serious about science should examine their assumptions becuase we are wrong, more often than not.

2. **PBS Space Time
More advanced than a typical physics series. They cover topics like Relativity, Wave-Particle Duality and Cosmology in much more depth than any other channel I know of, but in a very entertaining way. There are challenges and rewards too to motivate you. They answer questions based on previous videos regularly which is an excellent way to learn.

3. Minutephysics
Cool hand-drawn animations+Physics!

Some more:


CGP Grey

It is okay to be smart

The physics girl

Sixty symbols

**Scishow space 

Kurzgesagt-In a Nutshell

**highly recommended.