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could you do a tutorial on how you do picspams please ? thank you !!

hi, lovely anon and sure! ^^

how i make a picspam from this

to this

tutorial & all the resources are under the cut. also English is not my first language so  i’m sorry in advance for any mistakes and please like/reblog if you find this useful, thank you

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Youtube channels for Physics students

I have been using Youtube extensively for my studies lately. It helps me understand many complicated concepts in Physics and keeps me up to date with the field. I think a lot of you guys are already familiar with the names below, but some of you may not. I am sure I have missed some, feel free to add to the list and tell me as well so that I can follow them!

Note: I have compiled the list keeping Physics in mind, but some of them are more general. 

Lecture style:

1. **Khan Academy
 I don’t think they deserve any explanation, they are simply the best. Especially for Maths, Khan Academy is one of the best platforms out there. They have everything, lectures, examples, demos, practice problems, tests etc.

2. Crash Course Physics
Based on AP Physics. This channel is a work in progress, they have covered Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves at the time of writing this post. But what sets them aside is their beautiful yet simple animations which make every concept crystal clear in your mind. They update once a week and every video is about 10 minutes or so. I think they are also working on a curriculum based on the videos.
If you are a fan of CCP, make sure to check out Doc Schuster. They have practice problems and examples based on CC lecture. Usually they update within 2-3 hrs of CCP video and cover 2-3 examples.

3. DrPhysicsA
Covers AP level Physics as well as some advanced topics. Great for understanding concepts. 

4. EEVBlog:Electronics Engineering
I remember struggling to understand Amplifiers and wasting 3 days trying to find something useful. He explained in 10 minutes what my teacher couldn’t explain in a 2 hr lecture. A must for electronics students but Physics people can also find a bunch of useful stuff.


1. **Physics videos by Eugene Khutoryansky
I love his videos! They explain everything by animations. If you are struggling with Relativity, Quantum Physics or Electromagnetism, go watch.

Cool stuff/Advanced:

1. **Veritasium
The key aspect of his style is that, he stresses on the misconceptions. He focuses on your pre-conceived notions and challenges them. I think anybody who is serious about science should examine their assumptions becuase we are wrong, more often than not.

2. **PBS Space Time
More advanced than a typical physics series. They cover topics like Relativity, Wave-Particle Duality and Cosmology in much more depth than any other channel I know of, but in a very entertaining way. There are challenges and rewards too to motivate you. They answer questions based on previous videos regularly which is an excellent way to learn.

3. Minutephysics
Cool hand-drawn animations+Physics!

Some more:


CGP Grey

It is okay to be smart

The physics girl

Sixty symbols

**Scishow space 

Kurzgesagt-In a Nutshell

**highly recommended.

where’s the aisha content that separates her from just being “johnny gat’s dead girlfriend”??

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  • had a gang member known for being a hot headed bull wrapped around her finger. wouldnt be surprised if he wasn’t the first. 
  • her sister wasn’t at her funeral. i feel like aisha cut off all contact with her family after she faked her death, not just to protect herself but to protect her sister. she’s so incredibly strong willed

ShieldShock- Misunderstandings

Darcy wasn’t a hero groupie.  She’d also never seen Captain America up close OR in the darker, stealthier version of his super suit, OR while he gracefully beat the crud out of bad guys who’d tried to capture her and threatened unspeakable torture. Nor had she ever met someone who seemed so noble.  She didn’t know that ‘noble’ was a turn-on for her until she met him.  But everything about Steve Rogers left her a mess of wanton desire.

Steve had never fallen into bed with someone he helped as Captain America.   But the resourceful girl who tazed a machete-wielding goon from her hiding place in the vents had pretty eyes, a quirky-smart sense of humor, and a dreamy figure.  Her creative curses against the bad guys made him laugh, too.  He was on fire for her.

They didn’t bother with small talk or plans, just fell into bed together for a night of passion.  They finally curled to sleep together after the sun had risen again.  Both felt an instant connection that left them daring to hope for more.

When Darcy woke later, it was to the sound of a happily-laughing woman leaving a phone message- gushing over the perfect way Steve had proposed marriage.  

Darcy resisted the urge to throw up and to break her hand on his handsome, sated, sleeping face. He was practically-married. She was an idiot!  She congratulated herself for escaping undetected and tried not to remember his thrilling touch, the way their passion had her dreaming of ‘happily-ever-after’.  She also congratulated herself for not crying until she was at Jane’s place.  There, she bawled.

When Steve woke, he found a message from Natasha teasing him about freezing up on a mission where they pretended to be a couple looking at engagement rings.  Of lively Darcy from the vents, there was no sign.  He cursed himself.  He wished he knew how he’d disappointed her and how he could improve so she’d want to stay with him as much as he wanted her there. He pushed aside hurt, threw himself into work, and tried not to look for Darcy wherever he went.  She starred in his dreams for months while he fought to forget her.  

-three years later-

At the UN ceremony ending the Sokovia Accords, Thor called across a room, “Steven!  May I introduce my love, the renowned Dr. Jane Foster and our valiant friend, Darcy?”

Steve jumped at the sound of that name and hurried through the crowd to Thor.

Jane yelped as she recognized Captain America and smacked Thor’s arm, hissing, “No!” Thor smiled, perplexed.

Steve’s heart leapt as he recognized the dream girl who’d fled his bed without explanation.  He recoiled as Darcy coolly asked, “and where is your wife today, Captain?” Her stance was one he recognized immediately, that of someone ready to fight him.

Steve shook his head, stuttering, “Wha..? Wife?  I… I don’t have a wife.”  

Thor shrugged, blinked hard, and then smiled as understanding dawned.  He looked from Steve to Darcy, anticipation building as he waited for his friends to see the happy truth.

Brittle, Darcy choked, “Did she find out you were messing around right after you took her to the jewelers and proposed?”  Her heart raced as it remembered Steve. In contrast, her hand twitched with the long-remembered urge to slap him. 

“What?!” His shock was obvious.

Darcy frowned, shifting uneasily.  “I heard a phone message from Natasha about your proposal.” She crossed her arms over her chest, defensive that she hadn’t spied as she overheard his apparent-fiancee’s words.

Steve sighed with relief.  “Oh!  That was about a mission gone bad because I flinched when she kissed my cheek.  I broke the display case, giving away my strength and…”

Natasha sauntered up.  “…all hell broke loose.  Most romantic proposal ever, Rogers!”  She eyed Darcy.

Darcy gasped, “Black Widow.”  She trembled and shifted closer to Thor.  “Don’t kill me.”

Natasha waited for more information, while side-eyeing the cacophony of feeling she saw in Steve’s expression.  After a beat, she groaned to Darcy.  “Oh, crap!  You thought… It never occurred to me that someone else might be there.  He never dated.”  Regret filled her lovely face.

Long-felt misery laced Darcy’s tone. “I wasn’t the other woman?” 

“Oh, no!  You were every possibility, I mean…”  Steve paled.  “I thought it was me, that I wasn’t enough.”

“Oh.”  Darcy’s gasp was barely audible.  “I’m sorry.  I thought…”

He closed his eyes, nearly dizzy. 

Natasha laughed kindly, “apparently, you both thought wrong.”  She watched them process the misunderstandings that had parted them.  “Come on, Thor, Jane.  Let’s leave these two alone.”  She patted Steve’s shoulder and nodded her approval, then turned and winked encouragingly at Darcy.

Tears pricked Darcy’s eyes.  “It wasn’t you.  I’m so sorry you thought that. I’m sorry if I hurt you.”

Steve struggled with the desire to pull her into his arms.  “I’m sorry you thought you were the other woman.”

She breathed in and out slowly and then smiled up at him.  “Hi, again.  I missed you.”

He grinned shyly.  “Hi.  I missed you, too.”  He swallowed hard.  “Can I do things right?  Can I take you out on dates… court you?”  Hesitantly, he reached for her hand, relieved as she twined her fingers through his. It felt right.

Electrified by his touch, she giggled happily.  “Court me?”

He stumbled over his words.  “I thought maybe I didn’t show proper respect or maybe I didn’t please you enough…”  His words trailed off as her giggle turned into full-on laughter.

“Didn’t please me?  Are you crazy?  Don’t you remember me passing out from pleasure?  I do.   The only problem I see with your current courting notion is that I may jump you before we even…”

He cut off her words with a kiss.


15 Minute Leg Blaster

We’ve all been there - It’s Saturday, you’re running errands, cleaning house and trying to catch up on your DVR while laundry is going. The time of your dinner reservations is looming closer and closer. You had every intention of working out but with minimal time to shower and straighten your hair the chances that a workout will happen are decreasing by the minute. Fear not, the Resource Girls have your back.

We hate anything over complicated and expensive and our workouts are no exception. We’ve put together a little fifteen minute leg burnout that will have you feeling like a million bucks in your skinny jeans and still have you making that dinner reservation on time.

What More Could A Girl Want?!

For this fifteen sweat sesh you’ll just need a clock, cell phone timer or some kind of stopwatch. There are five moves you will do for one minute each then repeat two more times for a total of three five minute blocks. Every minute on the minute you will change exercises.

1. Left Leg Dip

Wide squat position, rotate your left knee towards the ground while keeping shoulders and hips square and facing forward with hands behind your head. Once you come back to squat position dip right back down.

2. Right Leg Dip:

Same as number one but use your right leg this time.

3. Air Squats

Feet hip width apart, sit back so butt and legs are parallel to the ground. Make sure head and chest are up and your weight is in your heels. Keep your arms straight ahead and simply squat up and down for the full minute.

4. Ballet Squats

Keep heels glued together and balance on your toes with heels lifted. Bend over so hands are touching the ground, if you can’t reach the ground use a yoga block, hand weights or even your heels if you’re doing this in your bedroom. Then simply squat down and back up with legs straight, always keeping on your tip-toes and keeping your heels locked together. Tell yourself you have the winning lottery ticket between your heels and you cannot let go!

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

5. Lunge With A Kick:

Alternating legs lunge back and kick forward. Make sure to keep shoulders and hip square and try to keep your kicking leg straight and extend all the way through the kick.

Step One:

Step Two: (Don’t Forget The Facial Expressions)

Again, do each exercise for one minute and then repeat the entire set two more times. Thanks for sweating with us. We hope this mini leg blaster has your night off to a kickin’ start!

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