Soldier 76′s Fist Bump victory emote looks less like a victory and more like he’s tired on the way home from work, holding on to the handlebar of a train late at night on the way home form an unfulfilling office job.

Anybody else see it?

How about now?

I did NOT spend 30 minutes photo shopping this together.


The Department of Phenomenal Photoshop is delighted by a new photo editing app called Cymera, which features a tool that Japanese users are making the best of in order to give their cats, dogs, bunnies, and other pets cartoon mouse ears.

Visit the Cymera website to download the app for Android or iOS and give the ‘rounded mouse ear tool’ a try for yourself.

Photos by hayashibe_satoshi, mocapocha, a.k.i.aloha, himawariiiich, soutarou.yuna, 222mir, BigdipRoute58, cocokorira, 10_ek1987, and soutarou.yuna respectively.

[via My Modern Met]


Wow, I can’t believe I actually have reached the point in which my blog has over 5k followers, like?? what sort of magic?? Anyway, as I do per usual, I made another texture pack, which is a collection of pieces which I personally think could be used to inspire you to create but also include them in your creations! Because I enjoy editing and using photoshop a lot, I want to share this joy not only through my creations but also through contributing to the editing community. All in all, I would like to show my appreciation towards my followers and my mutuals and the tumblr community in general, by sharing with you what personally gives me joy and what made me love graphic design even more, to the point that I chose to pursue it. So thank you, I hope this texture pack is very helpful for you! Contact me here if you have any questions ❤️

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Every time I see you I act like I don’t care
- في كل مرةٍ أراك فيها أتصرف و كأني لا أهتم .. 💭✨