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Cheap Transition Starter Kits
How to Take Measurements

The Tumblr Transgender Clothes Exchange
Reflectre Voice Pitch Tracker
Enter Pronoun - Unisex makeup

Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide
The FTM’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Looking Like a Hot Dude (warning for fatphobic language)
Chest Binding 101
The Do’s and Don'ts of Chest Binding
FuckYeahBinders (Tumblr Blog, info and resources for binding)
Underworks Pullover Binders
Big Brother Binder Repository (For people 18+ [or emancipated minors] who cannot afford a binder. This link is to their FB page, but they will be moving again soon. You must be logged in to FB to view.)
In a Bind Binder Donations
Discreet STP Device
Cotty Underwear (Boxer briefs w/fake bulge that can hold sanitary pads)
The Male Fashion Fit Guide
AK’s Guide to Suits (this is a drawing guide, but contains useful info)
TopMan (Small size [XXS, XS, etc.] masculine clothing)
Throat Exercise to Deepen Voice (Video)

Tucking How-to Guide
Realistic Breast Form Tutorial (Video)
The Breast Form Store
Cheap (Sale) Breast Forms
Cheap silicone breast form
Breast Form Adhesive Discs (For wearing breast forms without mastectomy bra)
How to create cleavage using a silicone bra (video)
Measuring Bra Size for Trans Women

Women’s Clothing Terminology
Chrysalis (Lingerie for Trans Women, autoplay music)
Mastectomy Bras with Built In Flap for Breast Forms
Cheap Control/Shaping Briefs
TheLeelahProject (Provides free essentials to those who cannot afford them)
Miss A (Accessory/makeups $1 shop)
How to hide stubble (Tumblr post)
How to remove and hide stubble
How to Contour and Highlight Using Makeup
How to Apply Eyeliner with a Spoon
How to Apply Foundation (video)
How to Apply Blush (video)
How to Apply Eyeshadow (video)

Nonbinary Specific Resources
Nonbinary Safe Space (Tumblr Blog)
GenderQueerID (Tumblr Blog)
Multilingual Pronoun List (Tumblr Page)

TransLifeline Support Hotline (Run by trans people, for trans people)
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Transgender Housing Network

National Center for Transgender Equality
Transgender Law Center
Change your Name for Free - Civil Indigent Status (Tumblr post)

Transgender Surgeons in the U.S.
Center of Excellence for Transgender Health
NHS Hormone Guide
Mcalc Gender Neutral Menstruation Calculator (For Android)

Mental + Support
Online Gender Therapy (can also issue letters of recommendation)
Emotional Baggage Check
TransSpace Reddit
#RealLiveTransAdults (Twitter)
TransTorah - resources for Jewish trans/nonbinary people

School + Education
Trans Student Education Resources
Trans Student Scholarships
Study Abroad for GLBT Students
Applying to College as a Non-Binary Trans Person
Harvey Milk High School, NY (High School designed as a safe space for LGBTQ+ youth)

List of Employers with Trans Friendly Policies

Additional Resources
Susan’s Place Transgender Resources and Forums (Some people have had problems with fighting/drama here in the past; I’ve never had any problems but please be aware.)
Laura’s Playground Transgender Resources
The Gender Expansion Project (Provides resources and education)
The Gender Expansion Project Tumblr
REFUGE Restrooms (finds gender neutral bathrooms near you)
pllantprince’s trans men resource post

Domestic Violence Resources for Muslims

Unfortunately, resources for Muslims experiencing abuse seem to be few and far between, so I’ll post what I can find here and keep adding to the post as new resources come up. These websites look helpful but as a non-Muslim I can’t say for sure, so feedback would be wonderful.

Muslim Women Support Centre

Oh yeah, forgot to mention

That trans crisis hotline I linked the other day? Totally legit. Last night I talked to a wonderful trans lady who helped me survive the night, and without the clueless bullshit I sometimes get from crisis hotlines. Like, instead of, “Why are hormones/surgery/etc. so important to you? Can’t you just learn to be happy without those things?”, it was, “I know. I totally understand. I’ve been there. You have options, so please don’t give up.”

So yeah, great, life-saving resource.


I just found THIS AMAZING WEBSITE called Trans Birth.  It is “a directory created to connect trans* and gender non-conforming people and their families to midwives, OBGYNs, and doulas who provide welcoming care to our communities.”

WHHHAAATTTT???  I’m sending them a blurb as we speak so that I can be listed on their directory.

Providers - sign up!!  It’s quick and easy.  Let’s make this an awesome resource for trans people!!

General Resources






Crime Fighting/Legal





Keep reading

General Resources:

Our #Tags:


Coming Out

Resources for Friends and Family



Singular They


DMAB Resources



DFAB Resources





I’ve started a new tumblr to share free/open nonfiction ebooks made available by the publisher.
The first few titles include

as well as some titles that deal with 20th history
I’d be grateful if you could let your readers know
Cheers — lascasartoris

This is an absolute GEM of a tumblr! Thank you so much for letting me know and sharing these FREE BOOKS with everyone!! I have added links in above.


you want that dotted effect over your images like everyone
else has? use these amazing textures to achieve that effect.

looking for psds and textureshere are some great places to look.

you should check out THIS amazing person, as they actually
go step by step in photoshop to show how they create some
of the most beautiful graphics you’ll ever see!

need some more photoshop tutorials? here is a whole youtube
user dedicated to photoshop, from beginner to advanced!

are you looking for a nice theme? check this place out!

don’t know how to format html? an experienced roleplayer
breaks it down here.

ultimate roleplaying advice here!

here’s a phenomenal masterlist for roleplayers (how to write
bios, how to avoid anon hate, how to write particular characters,
and so much more)THIS IS THE BEST SOURCE

wanna look for icons for your faceclaim? try hollow-art.

need inspiration for graphics? pinterest has an amazing slew
of samples to use as inspiration, not to copy. check out my
own personal board for design inspiration right here!

another amazing resource blog, here.

I work as an audio engineer and I freelance in my spare time. I don’t charge much for my work (if anything), since I enjoy it. I did a show for a small charity function that asked me to set up and bring gear. I did ask them to pay for the gear, since their show was bigger than what I had the readily available equipment for. However, when it came to budgeting the conversation went like this.

Me: So how big of a show is this?

Client: About 700 people.

Me: Ok, so with the equipment we’ll need, as well as the fuel to have me haul it all here in my truck, you’ll be looking at about $5000.

Client: That’s too much.

Me: Yes, well you are looking to fill a sizeable room, and with the lights that you’ve asked for, it won’t be cheap.

Client: Well I know a guy who has some speakers who can do it for $500.

Me: I understand it may seem like a lot, but you have to understand that there is no way I can get the equipment you’ve asked for less. If I reduce the size of the rig, I can maybe get it as low as $2000, but you’re taking a hit to the quality of the show…

Client: Fine, we’ll pay your stupid fees.

The day of the show rolled around, I did set up and sound check, the band was all ready to go. About 20 minutes before the show, the head coordinator showed up with my receipts in her hand and screamed at me.

Client: This is ridiculous! And what is this $150 for fuel?

Me: As I said, I needed to haul a lot of equipment a fair distance, and to multiple stops, plus taking it all back tomorrow…

Client: We’re not paying this.

Me: I’m sorry you feel that way. If that’s the case, I will pack up and leave.

Client: What? You can’t leave! We have everyone here! We’ve paid the bands, and they’re all set up!

Me: Then please write the check and let me do my job.

Client: Fine! But I will make sure every single person here knows how much of a cheapskate you are! I will ruin your career! You’ll never work here again!

She stormed off and tried to pretend like any hiccup was my fault. The show went over great and the band even thanked me. This charity is now being investigated for failing to declare expenses as she tore up their copies of the receipts and threw them out. I’ve done two gigs for the bands that played since.


alright, something that needs to stop is the whitewashing of POC—it’s been an issue for a while now, and it’s not just in this fandom, i know, but nonetheless it’s not okay. at all. so here i made some base psds to use on those “hard to color” scenes featuring POC(because these are most commonly when POC is whitewashed). this way their skintone isn’t washed out & they actually look like themselves. please don’t repost these or claim them as your own. you can see what they look like up above, which is how you should color poc.

good luck, and happy coloring!

the hunchback of notre dame - x ; atlantis:the lost empire - x ; pocahontas - x ; lilo and stitch - x ; aladdin - x ; mulan - x


the princess and the frog psd

A massive PDF compilation of writings about black radical and revolutionary movements in the US in the 20th century.


Black Reconstruction - W.E.B. Du Bois
What Socialism Means to Us - Hubert Harrison
An Appeal to the Conscience of the Black Race to See Itself - Marcus Garvey
Program of the African Blood Brotherhood - The African Blood Brotherhood
Report on the Negro Question - Claude McKay
Application for Membership in the Communist Party - W.E.B. Du Bois
The Negro Nation - Harry Haywood
An End to the Neglect of the Problems of the Negro Woman! - Claudia Jones
The Revolutionary Answer to the Negro Problem in US - C.L.R. James
Revolutionary Nationalism and the Afro-American - Harold Cruse
Is the Black Bourgeoisie the Leader of the Black Liberation Movement? - Harry Haywood with Gwendolyn Midlo Hall
The American Revolution - James Boggs
Message to Grassroots - Malcolm X
The 12-Point Program of RAM - Revolutionary Action Movement
Speech in Beijing - Robert F. Williams
Black Power - Stokely Carmichael
Beyond Vietnam - Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Pitfalls of National Consciousness - Frantz Fanon
The Correct Handling of a Revolution - Huey P. Newton
Power Anywhere Where There’s People - Fred Hampton
On the Ideology of the Black Panther Party - Eldridge Cleaver
On the Defection of Eldridge Cleaver … - Huey P. Newton
Prison Letters - George Jackson
White Blindspot - Noel Ignatin
Without a Science of Navigation We Cannot Sail in Stormy Seas - Noel Ignatin
Liberation Will Come from a Black Thing - James Forman
General Program (Here’s Where We’re Coming From) - League of Revolutionary Black Workers
From Repression to Revolution - Ken Cockrel
Black Women’s Manifesto; Double Jeopardy: To Be Black and Female - Frances M. Beal
Reflections on the Black Woman’s Role in the Community of Slaves - Angela Davis
The Combahee River Collective Statement - Combahee River Collective
Negro National Colonial Question - Communist League
Critique of the Black Nation Thesis - Racism Research Project
Revolutionary Review: The Black Nation Thesis - Congress of African People
National Liberation of Puerto Rico and the Responsibilities of the U.S. Proletariat - Puerto Rican Revolutionary Workers Organization
Revolution, the National Question and Asian Americans - I Wor Kuen
Chicano Liberation and Proletarian Revolution - August Twenty-Ninth Movement

Where's all the Black Sex Educators?
  • Bianca Laureano

  • My Sistahs

  • The Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians

  • Women of Color Sexual Health Network

  • Abiola Abrams

  • Alexyss Tylor

  • Ev’yan Nasman

  • Dr. Hilda Hutcherson

  • Jasmine Burnett

  • Kenya Stevens

  • Makeda Voletta

  • Dr. Phoenyx Austin

  • Twanna Hines

  • Black Women Birthing Justice

  • Nicole Clark

  • Arielle Loren

  • The HomeGirl TV (general resource)

Why does race matter in sex education?

RP Icon Sources

100x100 icons have become  popular in the community lately, and I just wanted to list some icon sources that will hopefully make finding icons for your FC much easier! I mostly only included places with a decent-sized, organized directory/tag system. All of these places are off-site because everyone usually checks their FC’s icon tags first, but a lot of people don’t know about insanejournal, dreamwidth, or livejournal icon communities. As an added bonus, many of these places have icons of underused FCs and sort their icons by ethnicity, hair color, eye color, and age, so you might find some new favorite FCs here! I’ll update this as time goes on; let me know if you know any other good sources!

FTM? Questions? Start here:

AoT Article Archive

Articles on Testosterone and Top Surgery

2013 Survey of Top Surgeons in the U.S. (Top Surgery masterpost)

How to Start Testosterone -or- Where do I Begin? (U.S.)

Post-Op Recovery - A Guide for Those in the Waiting Room

10 Common Myths about Medical Transition

Questions to Ask Your Top Surgeon At Your Consultation

The Endocrine System and Testosterone, An Overview

What to Expect from Testosterone and When

Risks and Dangers of Illegal Testosterone

Genital Changes on T

How to Tell if T is Covered by Your Insurance (U.S.)

On Partial Transition and/or Transitioning without Identifying as Male

Trans Guys, Genetics, and Hair Loss on Testosterone

How to Optimize Your Top Surgery Results (Double Incision)

Tattoos, Top Surgery, and Testosterone

How to Emotionally Prepare for Top Surgery

Ways to Save Money on Injectable T

Androgel Q & A

All About Top Surgery and Nipples

Questions to Ask Your Doctor On Your First Visit

Things to Pack for Your Top Surgery Part I

Things to Pack for Your Top Surgery Part II

Articles on Early Transition Issues, Binding, and Packing

Coming Out to Parents and Family

Advice for Choosing a Name

General Advice for Figuring Out Your Gender Identity and/or Transition Path

Everything You Need to Know About Binders and Binding

Using the Men’s Bathroom

All About Gender Therapy

To Pack or Not to Pack

The Art of Transliness Guide to Being Read as Male

How to Pack with a Sock

Swimming as a Trans Guy

Packing and Packers 101

Transitioning on a Budget

A Guide to STPs and Standing to Pee

Articles on Love, Sex, and Relationships

How to Support and Love Your Partner (for both Soffas and Trans Guys)

“What’s My Sexuality/Sexual Orientation?”

Egg Retrieval and IVF for Trans Guys

Safe Sex and Contraception for Trans Guys

Pros and Cons of Strap-On Sex for Trans Guys

How to Pick Your Prosthetic

Trans People and U.S. Marriage Laws

Relationship Tips for Trans Guys

Post-Op Recovery, A Guide for Caretakers

Articles on Social and Emotional Issues with Transition

Doubts, Decision, and Detransition

Dealing with Dysphoria and Helplessness

How to Correct People’s Name and/or Pronoun Slip-Ups

How to Explain your Transition to Kids/Younger Family Members

Tips for Living Stealth

Resources for Those who are Stealth

Dealing with the Dreaded Period

How to Survive the Holidays

Transgender Religious Expression and Spirituality

Trans on the Job, Part I: Working While Pre-Name Change and/or Pre-T

Trans on the Job, Part II: Working While Post-Transition or Stealth

Trans at School: Middle School and High School Edition

Trans at School: College Edition

Applying to College as a Trans Person

How to Deal with Parents that are Not Accepting

A Trans Guy’s Guide to Prom

Trans and Queer: Tips for Coming out and Dealing with People

A Piece for Parents of Trans People

Articles on Fashion, Grooming, and Health

Where to Get Men’s Clothes that Fit

Tips for Getting Rid of Back Acne

Making the Most of the Boy’s Department

Wardrobe Staples Every Guy Should Own

Dealing with Pap Exams

Smoking and Drinking on Testosterone

A Guide to Skin Care for the Transitional Male

How to Men Function without Handbags/Purses?

Workouts to Promote a More Masculine Figure

Trans in the Healthcare System

second mini collection of pixel backgrounds and different shapes i like i’m gonna use for my next themes. if you are using one of my themes, you can change their background with one of these or you can use this pack for your own themes (please always credit me, it would be nice and respectful). you can also use them for graphics, it doesn’t matter. addictional instructions on how to change their colours are in the little file read me you can find in the folder (because some are just grey and white, other are black and white. i’ve also made some with pastel colours but you can always edit them with the colour you like the most).

dowload mediafire .zip

please like/reblog if you find this useful, plan on using them or just like this idea.

Trans Student Educational Resources Official Website

Trans Student Educational Resources is a youth-led organization dedicated to transforming the educational environment for trans and gender nonconforming students through advocacy and empowerment. In addition to our focus on creating a more trans-friendly education system, our mission is to educate the public and teach trans activists how to be effective organizers. We believe that justice for trans and gender nonconforming youth is contingent on an intersectional framework of activism. Ending oppression is a long-term process that can only be achieved through collaborative action. 

If you want to learn more about us, click on the About section.

If you are interested in creating a transgender policy at your school, click here.”