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Tutorial: How to remove background from image but still keep hair intact.
This works best when the background is solid but in the past I have tried it on images with a scenery background & it does work but it’s just a bit more fiddly with the mask & after editing. You’ll need a basic understanding of vector masks, here’s a tutorial if you’re stuck. If the video’s a bit fast & a little confusing I have written down instructions under the cut. It might be useful to watch it full screen.

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Hi everyone! 

First of all, I just wanted to thank y'all for all the love on the last tutorial I posted -I’m glad people found it worthy of sharing and reading. I wanted to make this one more in-depth. I don’t think I would call this a “tutorial” to achieve something specific, but a look into the thought process that goes on regarding environments, storytelling and execution. Hopefully you can relate it to your own thought processes you currently have.

Have a good one, guys! If you got questions, do ask ‘em. :)

(Also. I know I’ve been quiet in posting new art lately. A lot of the art I can’t show yet but there is cool stuff on the way.) 

{  Finished piece -original post: Bright Autumn  }


Hello! I always notice people asking other resource blogs where they can find a free download for Photoshop, so I’ve decided to compile this list of all different tutorials to download PS made by other users here on tumblr (: I’ve only gathered links for Photoshop CC, CS5, and CS6 (a few are extended/portable versions). Please reblog or like this if you’ve found it helpful! If you see any links are broken or they contain viruses/whatever, please let me know and I will take them down!

* - windows download
^ - mac download

Photoshop CC:
- chaoticresources *^
- firekrackers *
- imaginarylights *
- oswaldsps ^
- garbagerpts ^

Photoshop CS5:
- completeresources *
- samepsd *^
- emilliaclarke *^
- primgoesboom *
- thosetutorials *

Photoshop CS6:
- imaginarylights *
- totsofrp *^
- jaehos ^
- chanyeol *
- resourcely * (originally by beautyofps)

If none of those work for you, there is another masterpost here by fyeahtutorial you can download cs2-cs3 on both windows + mac!

hey pals so @cruvcio wanted to know how I made the doodle gifs in this post so I thought id make a little tutorial (pls bear with me this is my first time making a tutorial✨)

- okay so to start, I use photoshop (you can find great free download links at @yeahps​, @itsphotoshop​, or @completeresources​ ) so you want to open that up with your picture or blank canvas or whatever you want to doodle on

- next you want to go to your timeline (if you can’t see it, go to the tab windows –>timeline and make sure its ticked), click create frame animation, and then create 3 or 4 frames (the number depends on how much movement you want between doodles)

- next you want to create some new layers and you want the same number of layers as the number of frames you created 

- this is the fun part! select your first layer and doodle whatever you want (you can experiment with brushes and colours and all that fun stuff) and then once you’re done, select you second layer

- say you’re just doing little squiggly lines like the header on this, draw the lines on the second layer slightly to the left of the ones on your first layer. then once you’ve done that repeat for third layer and so on. in the end, with all your layers selected it might look a bit mad like this:

… but that’s fab

- next you want to make sure that your frames and layers match up, so when you click on the first frame, only the eye next to your first doodle layer is showing, etc. etc. for all your frames/layers (it makes more sense if you just look at the screen cap, i’m terrible at explaining)

- on the timeline bar, choose how many seconds you want each frame to be showing for (I used 0.2s for this, but I normally use anywhere between 0.05 and 0.3) and make sure that its showing forever (so the gif doesn’t stop)

- go to file –> save for web, and wham kablam you’re done!

I hope this was helpful, pls like/reblog if it was, and if you have any more questions just hmu  💛


Tutorial: Manga Colouring

  • Program: Photoshop CS5
  • Level: Beginner
  • Type: detailed, step by step
  • Duration: ~13min
  • Finished Colouring

English isn’t my mother tongue, so please excuse all eventual mistakes. Feel free to ask questions and/or request more tutorials! 

This was requested by anon and @warmvanillasuga; I hope it’s helpful :)

Moo’s Steven Universe Brushes v.1

This is my first attempt to make some Steven Universe themed brushes for Photoshop! I hope you like them and make awesome art with them! ♥

Brush pack contents:

1. Sparkle/Diamond brushes

-Diamond 1, Double Diamond 1 + Scattered versions

- Sparkle 1, Double Sparkle 1 + Scattered versions

2. Diamond brushes

-Diamond 2, Double Diamond 2 + Scattered versions

-Diamond 3, Double Diamond 3 + Scattered versions

3. Water triangles

- Water triangle, Double water triangle + Scattered versions


 - They are free

- They come with instructions!

- They work for sure in Photoshop cs6, but most likely they will work in the older versions as well!

- Credit is appreciated but not necessary!


If there’s any trouble with the download link please message me and I’ll solve it



EDIT: Also, in case you didn’t know it, I made a second brush pack! this time it contains clouds and cloud streaks, I’m sure you’ll find it useful! ♥