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Could you tell us a little about your job? I know your bio says marine biologist but what exactly does that entail??

I’m still in the month-long training process but my job will be accompanying commercial fishing vessels out to sea and sampling their hauls for species composition, documenting take of protected species (marine mammals, seabirds, turtles, etc.) and collecting fishing effort data for NMFS! Essentially I’ll function as boots on the ground collecting important conservation data that will be used to monitor fisheries resources.

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Dear British (Wo)Men of Letters,

it’s very nice that you’ve got your fancy monster detection sigils and that you’ve kept the UK safe for decades, but you’re still a bunch of incompetent, arrogant, useless douchebags, and you need to get off your high horse.

If you’ve got the monster situation in your own country so perfectly under control, and if you’ve got the time and resources to monitor the rest of the world, if you knew about the apocalypse(s) the Winchesters were trying to prevent, if you knew about the incredibly powerful and dangerous enemies they were facing, enemies that have killed or hurt countless people… Why the hell did you do nothing to help?

Your total lack of help would make sense if you were handling a supernatural situation of similar magnitude in Europe, like trying to stop the Ragnarök or something. But sitting on your asses and twiddling your thumbs while so many hunters in America gave up their lives trying to defeat enemies that seemed undefeatable, and while many innocent people’s lives were destroyed, doesn’t really make you look very trustworthy or credible.

Also, a little tip: when you finally deign to graciously lend your help to the pathetic, barbaric hunters in America, maybe breaking into their base, threatening one of them with a gun, shooting, kidnapping, demeaning and torturing him isn’t really the best way to break the ice.

Maybe you could instead wait outside the bunker, knock on the door and only enter once invited, ask if everything’s okay and offer your help. Or show up to give some hunter a hand in the middle of a hunt – that way you’d prove your good intentions, and would have the chance to show off those incredibly superior skills and methods of yours that you brag about.

That would be the smart thing to do, anyway.


Everyone with a brain

We must develop higher standards of planetary hygiene and significantly greater scientific resources for monitoring and understanding the world. And we must begin to think and act not merely in terms of our nation and generation (much less the profits of a particular industry) but in terms of the entire vulnerable planet Earth and the generations of children to come.
—  Carl Sagan, ‘Billions & Billions’