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I’m not really sure what makes it 2.0, I just really wanted to put that…

This post is ever expanding as I search and find new spells to add, so you will find multiple drafts of it all over the place. This version of the list has around 36 hours of work put into it, probably more, and constantly increasing. Please do not copy-paste this list to your own blog or posts - reblog this post and keep the source. I am doing this in my free time, without any sort of recompense, to help out the witches of Tumblr, and to compile as many spells of as many different types in one place as I can. Please respect me, my work and this post by reblogging it and not reposting / copying it.

And, as a favor to all you mobile users, it’s under a “read more” cut.
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Updated 07/01/15

* If you see any of your own spells on here and you would like them removed, please inform me and I will delete them immediately for the next update.

* * Please also inform me of any spelling mistakes or broken links.

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kapantu asked:

Hi I've looked through your FAQ, masterlist and several pages of your blog and I haven't been able to find what I need. I'm cosplaying this fan-fusion torterra(.)tumblr(.)com/post/119581840196/pearl-rose-fusion-sketch and I'm worried about the top because the pearl tops in your masterlist don't really fit what the fanart depicts. Can you help?

Sorry its taken so long to answer this!

Torterra’s design has it look like the top is similar to Pearl’s younger design, just a little shorter. For this, you could make a twisted bandeau top and add more fabric for length. 
For a pattern, the easiest thing you can do is make a tulip skirt as a top. It has the right shape and the length all depends on how much you want to hem off. 
Here are a couple tutorials on tulip skirts:
(1)  (2)  (3)

Since the design doesn’t show the fusion’s full top, its kind of difficult to see what might work. An asymmetrical tube top might also work, as would a simpler wrap (something similar to wrapping a towel around yourself). 
Its really open to interpretation. 

Again, sorry this took so long,and we hope this can be helpful!

Female Superheroes Under the Costume by JohnRaptor

If superheroes really existed, I don’t think the female ones would look anything like they’re usually depicted in comics. I mean we’re talking about women who’ve dedicated their lives to violent conflict with extremely dangerous people (and aliens, and robots and monsters).

Very helpful comparison between what image of female superheroes media tries to sell us versus what real crimefighter physique would look like.

We’d like to point out, though, that the “chest like a stripper/athlete” bit is problematic and poorly informed. Presumably the artist was referring to the fact that most superheroines are drawn with really big breasts, but framing that as a stripper/athlete dychotomy implies that strippers and athletes don’t come in all shapes and sizes. It also implies that there’s something inherently bad about big boobs and sex work.

Let us propose changing it to from “chest like a stripper” to “magical breasts that stay put without any support” and “chest like an athlete” to “breasts with supportive and comfortable underwear”.

Also a minor note compared to that, but long hair, if tied up or otherwise managed properly, don’t have to get in the way.


similar comparison for barbarian characters | more references | more resources

Resource: Writing a Fighter

So you want to write a fighter–a “tough” character who is trained in the art of Martial Arts or is a pro-boxer. Or perhaps your character just tends to pick a lot of fights on the street. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to sound educated when describing a fight but also to pace yourself: just like writing a sex scene or creating good dialogue, writing violence and fights is a skill all in its own. Here are some resources I hope will help: 

Writing Tips:


Martial Arts:

Street Fighting:

Please note that these guides are for writing; please do not go out and engage in a street fight just because you read this resource post. I promise, I am not that good at providing advice.

Spell and Sigil Directory

Here is what I have so far. Most of the spells are ones I already have on my blog, but I want to add as many more as I can find on Tumblr. (Yeah, I’m crazy.) The sigils aren’t anywhere close to being done yet either; I forgot about them until just a few minutes ago tbh… But yeah, here you go, have fun. :D

Updated 06/14/15

Entries with a ★ indicate sigils














Decision Making























Miscellaneous Spells



Moving On











Self Love






Truth and Honesty





As always, please let me know of any spelling mistakes or broken links, thank you!

Productivity Resource List!*

*All these are free. Just sayin’.


Blank Slate  // Lets you type notes straight into your browser. Can save notes, export into Google Docs or pdf. Recommend pinning as a tab so it’s always available for a quick note.

Convert Files // Convert files online to a different file type.

PDFescape // PDF editor. Can edit files online, directly in browser or can download Windows program.

Pocket [also on Android and iOS] // Lets you save all your bookmarks in one place. Uses a tagging system to keep track of bookmarks. Automatically filters bookmarks by article, video, images.  Recommend for those of us who have multiple platforms to work on (ex, I own Apple, Android and Windows products), easy access to bookmarks if tablets/phones have trouble running Chrome or similar web browsers, and for bookmarks that can fall into multiple categories.

Pushbullet [also on Android and iOS] // Syncs devices in real-time. Send items from your computer to phone and vice versa. No compatibility between iPhones to Windows for text messages (assuming same goes for Android/Mac). Most effective for those who use one singular platform (if your computer + phone are both by Apple, and if you own an Android + Windows).

Pixel Thoughts // 1 minute meditation website. Watch your worries shrink, then float away (literally). 

Pomotodo [also on Android and iOS] // Simple, yet very effective. Tracks Pomodoros for those who use the Pomodoro technique. Includes to-do list. Charts completed pomodoros and shows graphs when pomodoros take place.

Sleepyti.me // Fix your sleeping schedule.

Cold Turkey + SelfControl // Block yourself from using specific Internet websites for a time period.

Coffitivity // Ambient coffee shop noise.

TitanPad // Multiple people working on one document simultaneously (pretty much same as Google Docs).

HabitRPG [also on Android and iOS] // Treat habits like leveling up in a video game.

Chrome Extensions

Prioritab  // Very simple interface. Shows daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists. Replaces the new tab page.

Overtask // Organize and save tabs into folders, which then can be opened at any time as needed without losing those tabs. Uses a tagging system, priority ranking and has a deadline alert feature. Recommended for when multiple projects are coming up and need to keep track of different websites for different things, or to group large amounts tabs into different sections. Replaces the new tab page.

Momentum // Shows weather, photography background, quote, goal for the day and has a to-do list feature. Replaces the new tab page.

New Tab Redirect // Replace the default new tab with a page of your choice.

Be Limitless // Photography background, goal for the day, a notepad feature with countdown and reminders. Shows how much time is spent on certain types of websites (shopping, social, etc) and most visited sites. Replaces the new tab page.

Cool Clock // Includes stopwatch, alarm and timer functions straight in your browser. Hourly pop-up alerts. Has to-do list function. Can be synced to Google Calendar. Can replace the new tab page.

Polar Clock // Simple, futuristic-looking clock. Shows the year by month, day, hours, minutes, seconds etc. Colors are customizable. Replaces the new tab page.

Black Menu for Google // At the click of a button, all (and I mean all, even the obscure ones no one knows about) of Google’s websites are a click away. This includes everything from YouTube, Gmail, Drive, Maps, etc.

Hola Better Internet  [also on Play Store, App store. Firefox maybe?] // Free VPN proxy service. 


Flat Tomato [iOS] // Pomodoro app. Minimalist design. Includes calendar function.

Focus Now [iOS] // Free version of Forest app. A few translations errors.

Forest [Android, iOS] // Free on Android. $0.99 on iOS.

Timeful [iOS] // Smart calendar app. Schedules reminders, project time blocks, to-dos, habits and everything for you. Integrates with multiple calendar platforms, Google Calendar included.

30/30 [iOS] // Schedule your tasks into time blocks, and alerts you when your time is up.

SolCalendar [Android] // Calendar app with color-coding, stickers and widgets available. Can sync to different calendar platforms, Google Calendar included.

Tasks: Astrid To-Do List Clone [Android] // Simple to-do list app app. Can organize by priority, type and reminders are included.

AirDroid [Android] // Sync your Android phone to your computer in real-time, wirelessly. Respond to texts, emails, and transfer files between the two without needing a cable.


Keeping cool can be tricky when you’re coated in thick insulating feathers, help your feathered friends cool down with some of these activities!

  • Allow access to a shallow dish of cold water (most heat escapes from their feet and beak, getting their feathers wet can trap heat let them walk around in cool water to help cool down)
  • Put perches or cushions in the freezer to cool them
  • Feed them some homemade sugar-free fruit popsicles 
  • Put ice cubs in water bowls, frequently check if they’re thirsty by placing them on to the dish
  • Tie an ice pack to the wall of the cage, place something chewable between the bars and the ice pack so the bird can’t chew the ice pack.  The ice pack will cool the bars and air around them. 
  • Offer frozen berries
  • Provide water-rich foods such as fruits or lettuces to ensure they’re getting enough fluids
  • Make cold fruit juices (no added sugars)
  • Supply daily bathing opportunities
  • Have a fan blowing out the mesh-covered window to draw hot air out, keep inside doors open to allow for more air circulation
  • Close the blinds if there’s direct sunlight

Also read up on the signs of heat stroke and immediate care response! Take care and keep cool!

How to Schedule Your Study Time

I’ve been asked multiple times to make a post about how to schedule your study time, so here it is! This is a little bit different of a schedule because it’s over mid-semester break (Easter break for most), but it still works.

Step 1: Write down everything you need to do.

Get out a piece of notebook paper or open a new document on your computer and unleash your brain’s to-do list. Write everything down from classes, work, events, and extracurriculars to your work outs, meals, showers, and sleep. Nothing is too small to be written on the list, so if you need to remember to shave your legs, write that down!!

Step 2: Assign each task an estimated amount of time it’ll take to complete.

This part is really crucial for me because it takes my organization a step further to help me achieve my studying and planning goals. It also gives me a reality check – sometimes I’m so ambitious I try to bite off more than I can chew. If I know from the beginning that I most likely won’t achieve everything I need to do, I won’t be as disappointed come the end of my planning and studying. It also tells me I probably need to pick it up during the week and stop procrastinating…

Step 3: Open up Excel, create a table on another computer program, or grab a piece of paper.

Next we’ll make the calendar with a readout of our obligations. I generally use Excel or a piece of paper, but I find that excel works best because I can edit future events easier if I didn’t quite complete a task I planned for.

Have the first column for times, then a column following for each day you want to plan. It helps to have the time column skinnier with the days’ columns wider so text can fit in easily. I leave two rows per hour (therefore one line is equal to one half hour) so I can plan for events or tasks that won’t be taking up whole hours.

Step 4: Designate a color for each of your scheduled categories.

These colors are the same as in my planner:

  • Purple: Anatomy & Physiology
  • Pink: Genetics
  • Blue: Beverage Management
  • Orange: Economics
  • Red: Work
  • Green: Extracurriculars
  • Black: Personal (showers, meals, sleep, relaxation, etc.)
  • Yellow: Travel

I enter in all of my class, work, event, and extracurricular times first – things I can’t miss. These are important to put into your schedule first because you can easily schedule studying around them. 

Step 5: Once all of your obligations are plugged into your schedule, it’s time to fill in your studying.

This is where the required times for your tasks help a great deal! It’s easy to spot an hour block here or there and plug in a 45 minute or hour task… something that may be a little hard for some when they’re just going through their day and have a block. I know whenever I get an hour block I try to nap or rest as much as possible, but this frequently puts me behind. :(

Also, it may help you to pull out your planner and see what exams, quizzes, or assignments are coming up soon. You should rank these at a higher priority and complete these sooner rather than later to ensure you complete them.

I also group lesser tasks; for example, on Thursday night at 11:00 PM I grouped two homework assignments because they really shouldn’t take that long and they’re on the computer at the same time, etc. It’s just easier for me to get them done at the same time. Just like if you need to go to a few different stores, try to go to them all in one trip. It’ll save you time, money, and gas!

Step 6: As you’re adding tasks to your schedule, make sure you’re crossing them off your list you made. You don’t want to miss anything or add something twice!

This is pretty self-explanatory but also important! Make sure you’re adding everything and not missing anything. 

Step 7: Make sure to schedule enough sleep during your night as well as time to eat/relax.

This is the most important step of them all! Without recharging your smart little brain and body, how are you going to have the fuel to move on? Also, try snacking on fruits and veggies and drinking water when you’re studying. I’m one to love candy when I’m studying and it’s hard to say “no” to my precious chocolate and skittles, but I know they’ll just bring my metabolism and energy down. Drinking a lot of water helps too because that means more bathroom breaks – which means more study breaks! ;)

I hope you found this post helpful. If you’d like to see other posts about my studying tips and tricks, please share this post and leave me a message about what I can improve or what you’d like some advice on. Happy studying! – grxeek

Spell Directory

I have decided to move the sigils-only posts to a separate list, as a way to save space and prevent clutter. I will try and keep it updated fairly often, but for now it is still in my drafts. I will publish it when I feel it’s ready for a first posting, and will provide a link to it on this post for easy access.

This is still nowhere near completion. This is probably around 15 hours of work so far, maybe even more. Please don’t copy-paste this to your own blog or posts, reblog this post and keep the source. I am doing this in my free time, without any sort of recompense, to help out you guys and provide a HUGE resource for spells of all kinds. Please respect myself and this post by reblogging and not reposting / copying it.

Updated 06/16/15

* If you see any of your own spells on here and you would like them removed, please inform me and I will delete them immediately for the next update.

** Please also inform me of any spelling mistakes or broken links.



Anxiety / Stress

Banishing / Binding

Calming / Peace

Career / Employment

Cleansing / Purification






Divination / Psychic







Happiness / Joy


Intuition / Decision Making

Inspiration / Creativity


Love / Lust


Memory / Concentration

Miscellaneous Spells

Money / Prosperity

Motivation / Productivity

Moving On / New Beginnings



Protection / Shielding


Sadness / Grief

Self Love

Sleep / Insomnia



Transformation / Changes



Updated my Art Cycle image thingy to make it a little easier to read. Still lots of info packed in there with my sub par infographic making skills but ah well. 

Whenever you feel bad about your art ability, please remember this! Art improvement for many is a cycle, art blocks do not mean you are doing worse. You are just getting better at seeing your mistakes, which is CRUCIAL to getting better at making art!! 

(If you want to translate this to your native language here’s a blank! http://sta.sh/01r8b4swvhy4)

Portuguese by sulamoon

anonymous asked:

Can someone become a witch or are they born that way? If so, how?

You can definitely become a witch. I wouldn’t say people are “born” witches, but people are definitely born with higher levels of energy / power and would make great witches. Whether someone becomes a witch is completely up to them; it is not bestowed upon you, or a gift from gods, or fate; it is a practice and a choice, and anyone can take up the mantle. Some people are more apt at being witches than others, because of the energy level thing I was talking about, and sometimes the life isn’t suited for everyone. There can be rough bumps on the road as well - practicing magic tends to draw spirits to a person (good and bad), and it’s not always happiness and smooth sailing.

With that in mind, if you are really serious about pursuing being a witch, I recommend you research. Do TONS and TONS of research. Seriously, if you mean it, you’re going need to do a LOT of reading. You should know what you’re getting into, find out if this thing really IS for you after all. I’m gonna give you some links to check out. The links with the asterisk (*) are my personal recommendations.

Some good resource pages (lots of links for you to explore yourself):

Recommended blogs, in no particular order
(friendly, lots of information, I just like them [biased], etc.):

Okay, I’m done now. A lot of those blogs I listed have their own FAQ / resource pages, and some are very open to receiving questions about witchcraft as well. For the most part they have listed spells and other links to help out, so look around and see if you can find the information you want before sending in questions. 

I hope that helps you anon. If you want, I can help you narrow down your search or direct you to off-Tumblr sites (though a lot of those mix Wicca in with witchcraft, and that can be problematic). I am definitely okay with being a research buddy too, if you want someone to help look things up alongside you.* Good luck! :D

* I am okay HELPING, but I won’t do the bulk of your research and study for you; your path is yours to find and explore. I can be there to point in the right direction, but I’m not going to hold your hand or be a crutch. Keep that in mind ok?