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One Year Together

As a celebration of our 1st anniversary, i planned to go on a swimming date, as such i really wanted something special for us and we ended up at the Valentino Resort.

Valentino Resort & Spa is one of the best resorts i’ve ever seen located at Pinagtung-ulan San Jose Batangas.
If you want an exciting get away then go here. Its a place of relaxation and tranquility since the resort is surrounded by plants and trees. You will definitely love the sound of the wind and the chirp of the birds.

The reception area. *look at the set up of the table, its instagrammable tho* Haha

Note: I will attach the VRS brochure/rates at the end of this post.

They have a mini store from the reception area, you can buy shirts, rash guard, cap, souvenirs, sunglasses, etc.

Actually, i requested to see the location of the cabanas (kubo) so we can decide where to stay or which is the best view to stay within day and i was surprised that we needed to ride on this golf cart. Hehe. Oh men, the resort is so big and beautiful. It’s an instagram worthy place! Haha

This is the Cabana (medium size) and it was perfect for our anniversary photos to hang with. Btw, they can put curtains on both sides of the kubo as per request of the guest. 

Epic set up, supposedly this is a surprise but i asked him to help me on this, haha. 

We had lunch together 

Foods: Carbonara, fried chicken, lumpia and bread roll. I cooked all of it by myself and he was so proud of me. Well, get you a girl that can do both: can annoy you & can cook for you.

Note: There’s a corkage fee of 25pesos per head.

Infinity pool was my favorite among the other pools + the jacuzzi. 

We had a tour around the resort before swimming. There’s a playground for kids, recreational center, sports gym, a mini garden, restaurant, function halls, hotel and a mini pond. Btw, Valentino resort has a lot to offer, spa, sauna, manicure & pedicure, ear candling, whole body massage and foot spa.

Note: Golf cart riding while on tour is free. 

The view from the hanging bridge was amazing. 

Yup, you can ride on one of these karts. Go Kart fees range from 50-80 pesos per 30 minutes. Awesome!

Note: I suggest that you go on a ride earlier of the day, 4-5pm isn’t a good idea. *Malamok*

At the Go Kart track with two duyans

This pool looks fab, so do i. Haha. My swimming talent is deeply channeled.

He was chilling out and flaunting his sexy body. I’m inlove.

Valentino’s Tunnel was an awesome structure, why? *it’s a secret* haha. You go here.

Valentino Resort exceeded my expectations. It was perfect for what we wanted in our anniversary. The staffs were very helpful and i love the panoramic view of Mt. Maculot. We will definitely go back here!


burberry-tea  asked:

Hi! I loooove your blog, it's amazing. Do you know where we will be able to purchase the Evil Queen's poison apple cup? Also, is the matching little apple light up cube returning this year, too? Thank you :-)

Poison Apple Stein is found all around the Disneyland resort – Served with fruit, beverages or ice cream sundae. I haven’t heard about the light up cubes this year and were wondering that myself, I asked around and will check myself when I go to the park on the 3rd if I don’t find out before then! 

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Music Meme | tagged by @ashesoftheearth (thank you!)

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person from their music. Hit shuffle on your music library and put the first 10 songs; no skipping. Tag 10 people to do the same and pass it on.

  1. Wiseman by Seventh Wonder
  2. Easton Hope by Orden Ogan
  3. This Pain by Kamelot
  4. Not Strong Enough by Apocalyptica
  5. Wanderer by Ensiferum
  6. King by Eluveitie
  7. Forever Yours by Nightwish
  8. Mond Tanz by Blackmore’s Night
  9. Natural Corruption by Epica
  10. Far Horizons by Jeremy Soule

I tag: @the-secret-ginger, @ever-dream-ocean-soul, @paksenarrion-reader, @thuviel, @mrs-cheese (as always, go ahead and skip if you don’t feel like playing) and anyone else who wants to do this


Former Trump Employee: Trump Is Not Racist 

Donald Trump was never called a “racist” his entire life, until he opposed Hillary Clinton and the establishment.  And we all know that according to the Left, if you disagree with them, you’re automatically a racist/sexist/homophobe/bigot/etc.  The Left likes to name call like a bunch of preschoolers because they can’t argue with facts and logic.

Over the course of Donald Trump’s business career, he has employed and empowered people of all races and colors.  There is nothing racist about Mr. Trump.