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Bonny Scotland by Frank Pickavant
Via Flickr:
Cottages on Loch Carron, Plockton. 

The thing I dislike about most of these hyper-intelligent but “brutally honest”, cold dispassionate asshole type characters that we see so often, is that they almost never say anything nice.

I mean, I understand that the concept involves not resorting to white lies or disingenuous social niceties…  But if we’re talking about someone’s honest opinion…doesn’t this person have ANY positive opinions?

I mean, obviously there are a few exceptions (I keep thinking of that very cute gifset from Elementary, where Sherlock notes that Joan is wearing her hair up because she thinks it’s more flattering, but she’s wrong “of course” because her hair is always flattering.)

But it occurs to me that I’d enjoy seeing a character who acts like this but ONLY has positive opinions about people, just delivered in a completely assholish “brutally honest” way.

“I know it isn’t obvious to you, despite your considerable intelligence, because you’ve been trained to look at the weapon rather than…”

“We have to put ourselves in the position of the suspect, a person of low social confidence and physical awkwardness.  Obviously, your natural attractiveness and personability will make this difficult for you.”

“We can likely rule out a clerical error, Ms. Johnson is tediously meticulous, and organized to the point where I suspect a minor neurodivergence.”

“We can likely assume that the suspect lacks the considerable athletic fortitude and impressive build of Officer Johnson and would have thus found a different means of exit.”

It’d be a nice change of pace.