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[TRANS] FINEBOYS (September 2016) - The Bag and Favourite Items of People You’re Curious About


Perfume has been trending amongst the members lately!

“All of them love clothes, but their tastes are totally different!” is B.A.P. If you ask “who is the most fashionable in the group?”, they’ll agree that “Zelo is the one who always chases after the trends!”. Within the B.A.P members, the one thing that is commonly trending amongst them is perfume. When they went to London during their world tour, it seems like they all visited Jo Malone and bought their favourite scent. Don’t forget to check out their new “FEEL SO GOOD” MV where they’re dressed in various outfits. 

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Thank you

Thank you to all the ladies who have responded to my “Girls like dinosaurs too” post, and to all the men who have participated by spreading the word. Your thoughts and stories about growing up loving dinosaurs were a blast to read, and are really helping me with direction for my upcoming product designs!

Frequent suggestions have included:

• Female representation in dinosaur media and products (girls playing on the packages, female paleontologists, etc).

• Making more realistic and less “movie monster” style designs, and offering baby dinosaurs and family groups of dinosaur toys so the story doesn’t always have to be “Slash! Bite! Blood! Trucks! MANLINESS!” (To paraphrase one response).

• The general consensus has been that most all of you like dinosaurs as they truly were, no need to “commercially girlify” them. Dinosaurs are awesome, and nature didn’t design them for just one gender. You have expressed a desire, however, to be thought of more by manufacturers and marketers.

• That said, many of you expressed that a certain amount of “pink-sparkly-cute” dinosaur toys would be welcome in responsible doses.

• Last, there was an overwhelming expression of desire for dinosaur clothes made for girls and women. Many of you recounted searching in vain for dinosaur clothes in your section and size and eventually having to resort to a shirt from the boys’ section or in some cases buying fabric and sewing your own clothing. That’s some serious desire unmet by the products currently out there. My wife and I were planning before on starting a Zazzle store that would include some dinosaur clothes for ladies, but your comments have persuaded me that our store should take women’s clothing seriously. Watch this space for updates on that ;)

Thank you all so much! Your thoughts have helped a lot. Keep spreading the word! If you know more ladies with thoughts, we would love to hear them, too!

univer_sea_rth: Just casually having some dinner…. With some deer… Oh and Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert just happen to be eating in the background!!!! Couldn’t get Miranda in the picture, but Alyssa did meet her in the bathroom!!!! #blakeshelton #mirandalambert #littlepalmisland #privateisland #resort #keydeer @hayitspickle