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My Confessions!

A follower reacted on my posting last Friday “it’s going to be a hot and wet weekend”; … and asked me; “what are your plans for the weekend?”.

I reacted; …It will be a hot and wet weekend

Based on the weather forecast, it will be a hot weekend. I mean not only the weather report, but also Hubby’s and mine agenda for Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday. This weekend it was the Pentecost weekend in the Netherlands, so an extra free day on Monday. Friends of us, living in Germany had us invited for this long weekend.

They had also tickets arranged for Pinkpop on Saturday. so we met eachother at Pinkpop, a mega open air music festival with very well know musicians like Kensington, Martin Garrix, Chef’s Special, Richard Ascroft and James TW. Pinkpop was as expected, drinks, good music, dancing perfect ingredients for to go all the way out of your roof. We felt back in our 30s!

 But age counts …. and during the last performance of Marnix Garrix we decided to go to our friends’ house, located in the beautiful Eifel National Park, not far across the German border.

We met our friends, Wolfgang en Sabine, many years ago at the “liberal” Naturist resort Cap d'Agde and it clicked immediately and also sexually. And although we don’t meet often, our relation is still as it was when we met the first time, full of lust and passion.

Our friends like, like hubby and I, to have sex with more people in the same room at the same time. For this reason they have even built a 6 person bed in their house.

After a couple of glasses of wine, Sabine and I started to kiss with each other, undressed ourselves and we made each other cum by using our tongue. Wolfgang and Hubby were sitting on the sofa, with their pants open and hard cocks in the free air. And while they watch they were softly playing with their hard cocks.
Wolfgang stopped and said. let’s go to the love room. We all did and within minutes our four bodies were intertwined.

Lust and passion took over the control and until the earliest morning we went on until we fell asleep one after another. And sorry to say, I was the first :-( The last thing I remembered was Wolfgang cumming in my mouth. And the image of Hubby and Sabine fucking in “Doggystyle”.

I woke up around nine o’clock Sunday Morning. My eyes scanned the room, the first I saw were Hubby and Wolfgang laying both nude on my left side. I could hear the typical noises of sleeping men, snore, cough, moan and smack sounds. I turned on my other side and before I even rolled on my side I felt Sabine her hand on my face. “Guten morgen” she said with a soft voice. Her blue eyes looked right into mine and I don’t know why, I felt a very strong urge to kiss her. And she responded immediately on the kiss. My hands were gliding over her beautiful body. Sometimes when I look at her, I have some jealous feelings regarding her body and was thinking what 5 year and having children can do with a woman’s body. My hand glided down to her pussy and two fingers slipped inside her. At the same moment Sabine was pressing her knee between my legs and pushed it hard towards my pussy. I started riding on her knee rubbing my pussy against her soft and thin leg and on every move of my hips, I moved my fingers inside Sabine. She started to moan softly and slowly turned herself a little on her back, open herself more for my fingers and giving more pressure against my pussy. I look at her, her eyes were closed and she moved her head backwards, opening her mouth. Her back pulled hollow, a suppressed moan and a thin jet of warm body juices squired against my hand. 

OMG what was this a horny experience and almost immediately after, I came too. Our orgasms faded into kisses again. Carefully, I took my wet hand away from Sabine’s legs and kept it for our two mouths. I had to lick Sabine her body fluids and Sabine wanted hers too. It was tasteful and I definitely wanted to taste more this weekend.

We laid close together for a while, touching and kissing each other, until the moment our feminine instinct and sense of duty, forced us to become active, taking care for the men and making breakfast. We had a hearty breakfast, an extensive coffee, when Wolfgang invited us into the garden to enjoy the beautiful weather in the nude.. After a long winter season, Wolfgang did not have to say that twice. The morning jackets went out and enjoyed the sun in our nakedness.

We also enjoyed each other’s presence so that Sunday became a pleasant mix of sex, discussing world politics, and especially about Mr. D. Trump and the Paris climate agreement, all decorated with tapas and wine.

The sun began to sink, the dusk set in and the air cooled down, actually I wanted to pull some warmth when Wolfgang called; That the jacuzzi was on display and whether we wanted to accompany him.

The jacuzzi was on the terrace on the side of the house, a little less sheltered than the large terrace, but with a beautiful view over the Eifel and the reservoir. Everybody wanted to go to the jacuzzi, but Hubby said, “Stop a moment” and he continued. “Wolfgang will you sit on that chair." Then he looked at me and said; "Car show your respect to host and reward Wolfgang with a wonderful blowjob.” Wolfgang sat down, and I kneeled down for him.

The many efforts that Wolfgang’s cock held in the last few hours and the cold air had left their signs behind. Wolfgang’s dick hung little and sluggish. Without any effort I took his whole cock in my mouth. Hubby sat next to Wolfgang and looked at how I woke up Wolfgang’s dick again. Sabine also added her head on Wolfgang’s belly and asked whispering to me; “I can also watch” With Wolfgang’s his cock deep in my mouth I nodded yes.

Men sometimes ask me; “What do you think is very exciting?" One of those things is actually something very small, namely, a little floppy dick slowly grow into my mouth to grow into a hard straight upright powerful dick. My warm mouth and teasing tongue had soon affected.

I felt how, very slowly Wolfgang his cock started at his resurrection.
By moving my tongue, mouth and head, a warm "enclosure” slowly changed into a deep throat. I focused on every change and tried to overcome the transformation in my mouth without gagging.
My mouth went up and then very deep down again on Wolfgang’s cock and every time my mouth was at his head I was sucking extra hard.
Sabine had slowly pushed her head closer to my head, and just the moment I was again with Wolfgang’s head into my mouth, Sabine pushed her lips against mine. I immediately understood what she would like.
We kissed each other, our tongues hit each other and Wolfgang his cock especially his the head of his cock was in between.

Sabine laid her arms around my neck and pulled me firmly towards her, while we moved our mouths synchronously up and down and over Wolfgang’s dick.

Wolfgang began to move his hips. A followed by a loud moaning and panting. Suddenly he pushed his pelvis upwards, and at that moment, accompanied with loud moaning, Sabine and I felt how Wolfgang was cumming into our mouths. Warm shots of cum were filling our mouth And nothing betrayed that this might be was Wolfgang’s 8th or 9th orgasm in a relatively short time. We held our lips together until we felt Wolfgang’s dick shrinking again.

 We turned our faces towards Wolfgang and Hubby, and  presented Wolfgang’s cum on our tongues. Then we looked at each other and …. swallowed everything. Many women do not know what this has an effect on men. And that gesture of unconditional love creates a bond between each other for life.

After some cleaning work removing Wolfgang’s cum, we went into the jacuzzi. The hot water, the bubbles and the the wine were a guarantee for a few hours of coziness. Unfortunately for Sabine and me, we hadn’t any sex anymore due to the fact that the men were exhausted.

But happy with each other, because just like women’s work is never done, is it the same for women’s sex ;-)
As a final fireworks, I suggested Sabine to surprise the men with a private “lesbian” show. Sabine who is just as “crazy” as I am, hesitated for not a moment. And said loudly; “Yesss!”

I whispered in her ear what I wanted to do. She nodded enthusiastically. I rushed to the “love room” and took the big double dildo.
At the same moment Sabine had been spreading a thick soft blanket on the floor of the living and invited the men to watch the “live act” of Car and Sabine. We lied to each other and carefully I pushed the dildo a little inside Sabine and me. we moved carefully towards each other, letting the dildo slowly disappearing completely in us. * Why carefully an attentive reader will wonder? 

Because, at least in my case, my interior had become quit sensitive because of its many uses. Our pussies stroked each other. Sabine pushed the on Bose remote control and a compelling music filled the space. Rhythmically, we began to move our pelvises. Our pussies rubbing each other and the dildo sliding in and out. Slowly we built our cumming … and when one of us felt she was cumming, we slowed down .

The art is, almost as close as possible staying on that turning point of cumming or not and to stay on this point as long as possible. But after a quarter of a hour, I heard Sabine asking; “Bitte, bitte” (please, please)

We did not stop anymore, our orgasm was cumming almost at the same time and very heavily. And in my case too long.Exhausted and satisfied, we turned on our backs and got a standing ovation from Wolfgang and Hubby. All in all it was getting late and soon we the four of us went to bed in the  "love room" and at least I felt asleep immediately.

The next morning I woke up with the smell of delicious coffee creams and everyone was already out of bed. Wolfgang and Hubby had even been to the bakery to get fresh bread and croissants. After the coffee we took our luggage and drove back to the Netherlands. I find it hard to start completely sexlessl. Not even a masturbation.

While driving, I began to challenge Hubby, by rubbing over his cock. At a restaurant, AC Nederweert, Hubby pulled our car on the side. He opened his pants and got his hard dick out in the open air. Without saying anything, Hubby took me by my hair, pushed my head down and said; Is this what you want?“ With his dick already in my mouth I muttered yes.

To anyone who saw a black Toyota Verso with hinged windows around two o'clock last Monday? Now you know who it was.

BTW on the way back Hubby told me that he Wolfgang and Sabine had when I was already sleeping  an awesome threesome. I was happy for him …. but felt stupid that I couldn’t stay awake. So the rest of the way back, I was thinking: - was I so tired due of hard work of is finally age starting controlling my life?



Sam gets back to his room in 10x17 

Incoherent Reactions to Chapter 143


Ishida have mercy I beg you.

Ishida has heard my requests for mercy and declined.

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Me: Maybe Ishida will give me back Shirazu and Ihei!

Ishida: takes the one living Ihei.



Also: looks like I was wrong. 3rd series incoming, most likely. I’m not super pleased because unlike the ending to the original TG there aren’t natural character arc ends for some characters, but there are for others, so. 

I just sold a few more years of my life to TG didn’t I. Lovely. Ah well. 

This is not how I wanted to start my Monday.

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I don’t want a relationship, I just want to cuddle, kiss and canoodle with someone!
—  said by the person who only can do these things if it’s someone they know and have feelings for 

hs-killjam  asked:

thank you so much for doing these reactions! you're really great and it's nice to see active reaction blogs (I came in late to the fandom so this is a blessing) How would romanced companions react to sole walking up to them, but they accidentally trip and fall while doing so. Before companions could say or do anything, sole says "looks like I fell for you again!"

You are very welcome, thank you for taking the time to read them!

Cait – She would just scoff and lightly punch their arm with a cheeky grin. “There are more subtle ways to hint for a shag, ya know.” She’d cock her eyebrow suggestively before muttering softly with a shake of her head. “Ya cheeky little shite.”

Curie – The little synth would blush profusely, trying to get something legible from her mouth but ended up just giggling and blushing some more before hugging Sole tightly, wondering just how she could be so lucky to have Sole fall in love with her.

Danse – To his own horror the Paladin would blush, surprise on his features as he too would stutter and try to rack his head for something clever to say before giving up and offering a courteous nod in his attempt to try and at least appear aloof to everyone else.

Deacon – Behind his shades Deacon would cock an eyebrow and cross his arms, shaking his head slightly as he regards Sole. “That was my line! I can’t believe you’d do this to me Sole.” He’d then turn around in mock hurt despite the fact that he loved it. “I’m not putting out for a week now!”

Hancock – He’d laugh a little, charmed at their wit and in the absence of finding any words to say in return he’d pull them in for a tight little hug so he could hide his slight blush, knowing he was the luckiest ghoul in the Commonwealth.

MacCready – The mercenary would just laugh with a shake of his head, secretly charmed but he’ll be damned if he let Sole know something like that could make him smitten for them so easily. “Lame,” He’d mutter with a smirk. “So lame. You can do better than that.”

Nick Valentine – The detective would chuckle quietly to himself with an easy smirk. “Kid, you’re gonna have to come up something a little less old to charm the pants off of me.” He’d have heard that cheesy line far too many times in his lifetime, not all necessarily directed at him per say, but coming from Sole he was glad he wasn’t capable of blushing.

Piper Wright – She would blush and try and say something sarcastic, but her words would jumble and she would be a stuttering, giggling mess at how cute they were. She’d resort to pulling her cap down over her eyes in an attempt to hide her face before giving Sole a tight hug.

Preston Garvey – He would flush and look away, smiling to himself as he tries to think of something to say in return but could only clear his throat and laugh a little, utterly charmed. He’d adjust his hat and give them a little kiss before returning to his patrol.

X6-88 – He’d cock his eyebrow and smirk a little, depending upon where they were he might even draw Sole in for a quick appreciative kiss.

anonymous asked:

When you have time, could you please throw out your thoughts on the Crowley/Good Omens aesthetic? From pics just out, it looks like a good fit for DT, some things could be from his own closet. That jacket with the buttons has the same vibe as the one he's wearing in one of my fave photos of him, the "Tentoo just got shagged" one in said jacket w/military buttons, the Tokyo Super Dry tee, & the Disneyland Resort cap. (You know, the usual DT default 'disguise,' fooling no one.) And the hair/shoes!

Honestly I’m still processing the whole ginger thing. It’s gonna take a while. 

I’m not familiar with the novel, so it’s a little tough to put these things into context. It’s a very snake costume all things together. I’m assuming that’s part of the character. The T shirt vest thing is making my eyes twitch. The jacket is double breasted which he’s been dressed in so much lately. But interestingly only by stylists/ costume designers. None of his own suits are double-breasted.

Those jeans man… there aren’t even words. 

I’ll be interested to see how his acting pulls this look together. Because honestly, crotch aside, it’s not doing it for me. But I have faith in our boy, and I’m open to being surprised.  

here’s the thing, though. i’m really not a pro-accords, pro-SRA person.

let’s stick to mcu for this particular rant. yes, i absolutely refuse to ignore the fact that t’chaka and rhodey are arguably the soundest and most objective moral centers of the film, i categorically reject anti-accords discourse that indiscriminately demonizes all parties involved in the accords based on the premise that the pro-accountability stance is somehow morally deplorable, i myself agree with the pro-accountability stance, and i think that if 117 countries are talking, you need to listen.

however. it does come down to the old “flawed execution” argument for me, which i personally don’t take lightly in this case. speaking as a non-american citizen and a latina with… relevant personal/familial baggage that i’m certainly not about to publicly discuss on this shitty blogging platform: you show me a scenario where people can be imprisoned while their right to a lawyer and fair trial is reduced to snickering by martin freeman in a suit? nope. absolute, instant, glaring NO in my book. like, no matter how good the concept is, this sort of thing is the negative number multiplied into a however endless string of positives, the final result will be a negative anyway. there’s no getting around that for me, no amount of tony stark desperately promising that “documents can be amended” that can make something like this feel even remotely comfortable.

so yes, i do understand and i can relate to all that stuff about the accords being bad. what i don’t understand is whatever logic that leads people to categorize tony stark as a malicious or naïve/privileged perpetrator of this Bad System, when he’s deliberately, and at great personal expense, putting himself out there as a political buffer between the avengers and said system

my god, speaking as someone who’s very familiar with Deportation ~Paranoia, yes, yes, there is something immensely satisfying in the escapist fantasy that the superhero genre provides, the whole “standing up for what you think is right, no matter what,” very steve rogers concept. you disagree with something in a visceral level? middle finger it. fight it. i do appreciate watching that in characters who are acting out of a fundamentally good drive. even if and when i don’t agree with what they’re doing. if my little brother fucking came home to me with some story about how he mouthed off to an authority figure who was being unfair to him, i would be fucking furious at him first thing, because rule number fucking one is DO NOT ARGUE IN A WAY THAT’S GONNA GIVE THEM RELEVANT REASON TO GET YOU IN LEGAL TROUBLE, because how fucking stupid can you be, but like. like. i would certainly god damn watch the entire episode

(by the way, that’s why the steve/tony dialog that goes “when i see a situation pointed south, i can’t ignore that. sometimes i wish i could” “no, you don’t” “no, i don’t” “sometimes i want to punch you in your perfect teeth” rings so true and compelling to me, and i particularly relate to it on tony’s end, because what i read into it is really not something i can quite verbalize, it’s just. honestly. that feeling when your little brother insists on doing something stupidly misguided out of a stupidly reckless drive that is nonetheless heroic, and you just eye-twitch into infinity because you wish he would chill but at the same time you’re glad it’s still him, that’s the feeling.)

anyway, yes. the whole “no, you move” thing speaks to my fantasies. but what spoke to me, personally, in this whole civil war construct? this thing where tony cannot move. tony having to act while politically and legally restrained – not in the “this is how cops and people with guns should be supervised” sense, but in the sense where he’s dealing with threats of unjust incarceration for his friends, and even threats against their lives

that’s what lives at the heart of my unhealthy fascination with the berlin sequence, i guess? everybody and their mothers know that i’m obsessed with tony being stressed out as fuck while still having to hold his own, self-restrained and beyond possible reproach, in atmospheres that are hostile and biased against him. hell, surprise, i relate. i still insist that at that point in the movie, the hold that the accords had on tony had more to do with his fear than his principles. their initial discussion is the only time we see tony actively argue using principles of accountability as a basis, after that, when trying to persuade steve, he keeps harping on the same point about consequences that he had already touched on during the first discussion. from berlin onward, he tells steve he’s doing what’s necessary to stop something worse, he says he’s trying to protect wanda because she’s politically vulnerable, he tries to convince steve and the rest of team cap to come with him “because it’s us” and not a damn killing squad. and then in the end, we do see the manifestation of “something worse,” what tony was trying to avoid, when we see the avengers locked up in the raft.

i said it once, i’ll say it again: when push comes to shove, tony’s not going after steve because he thinks steve’s position is morally reproachable and because the accords are Justice, he’s going after steve because steve running off after not signing the accords is actively making their situation worse

and i suppose that this kind of thing just invites the sort of reductive argument fandom has been indulging in, the whole like. who’s Right, who’s Wrong, tony’s taking the ~path of least resistance of the accords out of cowardice/malicious intent/naivety, or because that’s the path that saves his ass, etc etc etc. well, speaking again from my personal life perspective: when somebody subjects themself to a system out of fear of consequences for noncompliance that their family, friends, and self might be exposed to, and someone else jumps in and says that person must be a coward or lazy or bigoted or whatever because they didn’t explicitly middle-finger @ The System, it’s hard for me not to assume that the second person isn’t pretty much like one of those white american fratboys smoking weed in public because “fuck the system” am i right? like. clearly this sort of person doesn’t know what it’s like to sit your little brother the fuck down and tell him to fucking chill and endure a measure of injustice because you’re scared of what will happen if he doesn’t          

and like. give me a break, every day of my life i need to make a conscious effort not to call myself a coward for not Taking A Stand. even in a tony level, i have indeed tortured myself by briefly considering the possibility that tony may not have been heroic in cap 3 up until he rebelled, told ross to fuck off in not so many words, and went after steve, but hey you know what? nah. that’s not true. tony’s drive was heroic from the very get-go, and it gets especially so when steve steps into the room and tony’s already on the phone with ross, trying to alleviate the situation and basically offering up himself and his name as collateral. he’s heroic even as he tells ross “thank you, sir” after ross gives him 36 hours, instead of the requested 72, to apprehend bucky/team cap without resorting to lethal force – why? because he’s subjected to inhumane levels of pressure and fear and he still won’t “fuck off” out of the situation because he’s scared of what rocking this particular boat will mean to the avengers. 

it baffles me that people don’t seem to understand how huge this is, but then again, i don’t know, maybe it’s just a perspective thing. in the narrative itself, i don’t think steve & co really acknowledge, appreciate, or maybe even comprehend the level at which tony is acting in his attempts to protect them, so like?? this is probably a lost battle

(because people asked: yes this is ok to reblog)