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Aaaah Soul Eater was such a good manga I really miss it. Maka and Soul’s relationship is goals tbh though forever salty about that ending tsss and the SOUL RESONANCE I cry when I think bout it. The concept is just so SO good, how cool is it to be able to have people that can transform into weapons to bond in such a strong way with their meisters and on top of that they also hunt down crazy witches and demons??!! Sign me the hell up. The characters were also amazing

Special mention to Excalibur


i-rant-for-pleasure  asked:

Do you mind if I ask what's this anime you're talking about? Because so far from you you've blogged about I'm digging the lack of fanservice and moe face!

Hmm…. it depends on what you perceive as “the moe face” because that term is so nebulous and up to personal interpretation, unfortunately. I tend to define it as “characters looking much younger than their actual age, with typical anime style of drawing” not characters that are just as young as they’re drawn thus the designs are simply “cute” not “moe”. :v

In this case, I’m pretty sure you could enjoy:


It’s a very lighthearted show about a school for witches, that’s sure to give u a Harry Potter childhood nostalgia ;D. It actually feels exactly like a cross between this and Ghibli movies = cute, super cool action and absolutely no fanservice. Also female protagonists because that’s …. an all-girls school. The animation is so beautiful u want to eat it and the show is very funny but can be pretty emotional at times as well!

Addition: If you love Mabel Pines - you’ll love Akko - the main character, as well!! 


There’s also Mob Psycho 100 which… hmm I personally wouldn’t say qualifies as “cute” at all, unless some specific scene calls for it (mostly as a joke lmao). 

Extremely good animation - seconded! It’s not only insanely fluid but also uses SUCH UNIQUE TECHNIQUES, Yes you’re gonna see full sequences made via paint on glass or charcoal, pencil etc. This is… kinda an action show but it’s ABOUT action, it’s central theme is kindness. However unlike in other shows with the same theme it doesn’t feel forced. It’s so natural and all characters are so real and you’ll end up loving them all! This show’s not only super hilarious but it brought me to tears more than once… I’ve never seen anything so accurately showcasing character’s emotions through just the visuals.

So yea it basically has it all: almost no romance, amazing plot, animation and characters, humor!

Additional bonus if you’re a Gravity Falls fan: it has a conman character with a hidden heart of gold that actually cares about the main character that’s a middle school kid = so if u love Stan, you will love him! :D


Well, I’ve already talked about why this show is great [HERE]!


Then there’s a show that’s pretty heavy and entirely psychological, meant for the mature audience. - and yes there’s no fanservice here either. If u dig diving into twisted mysteries that make you question what’s real and what’s a figment of the character’s tortured psyche’s - Paranoia Agent is the show for you.

^^^ extremely creepy in context/paired up with the soundtrack = the intro is characters laughing in dangerous/deadly situations… the song is sickeningly joyous… you see nuclear bomb exploding, flood, war… and they laugh

It deals with so many kinds of mental illness or very serious horrible situations life puts us in, that make us feel trapped, absolutely lost. It can get VERY visually abstract and this gets more prominent as the show goes on so I won’t post any screencaps of this to not to spoil too much. 

The best thing is that despite dealing with very dark matters… the show does allow the viewer to draw some positive lessons from it. So you won’t just feel crushed after all that heavy stuff going on, more like… enlightened, emotional and utterly fascinated. I think it’s most helpful for someone with suicidal thoughts.

I’m yet to see enough anime to make a comprehensive list of those “safe to watch”. I realize there are way more out there but I’ve decided to only talk about those I’ve seen personally. 

But in general other movies made by Satoshi Kon (who made Paranoia Agent) are just like that show so go watch them too! Just as all of the Studio Ghibli movies are very fun, beautifully made, devoid of “moe face” and esp fanservice since this company is kinda like the Japanese Disney = keeps stuff kid friendly (but still some of the movies really do deal with heavy real-life matters like war or destruction of the environment! so it still stays very intellectually satisfying). 

Other shows to consider

Terror in Resonance: The designs are one foot in the moe and one in a more grounded style so it’s for you to decide if this sits right with you. There’s not really any fanservice except one scene where a female characters simply takes a bath, it’s not sexualized… but u can see the boobs so… yeaa be vary of that. But overall it’s a fast-paced mystery-driven show about serious matters such as terrorism, childhood trauma, how WWII affected the Japanese society and so on… Plus it has really really unique and great soundtrack! It ranges from fast-paced jazz to stuff resembling Sigur Ros… (and I love this character on the right so much > . <)


This is, a very chill show about a group of friends hanging out and solving small mysteries in their school and outside of it. The mysteries aren’t that important but still they got this kind-of Sherlockian vibe? (later on those books are referenced just as Christie’s). The mysteries are fun but most of all it’s about watching these high schoolers grow as people. I mean that’s not the most ambitious premise but trust me, this is incredibly pleasant to watch, it always made me feel so relaxed, at ease. It’d say it’s quite beautiful! And yeah the design is meant to be cute and typical “anime style” but, uh, characters look their age (I suppose) so in my opinion that’s not moe.

One could argue they got just one “fanservice episode” but I personally disagree - I mean if just simply showing characters going to a swimming pool and one wearing bikini… and the guy who has a crush on her getting subtly flustered at her getting close is fanservice??? then probably all of the healthy romance is. Idk to me it wasn’t over the top but very natual and tasteful. Plus this show isn’t romance focused - rather is centred strongly around friendship and opening to others.

Madoka Magica??? 

I’ve started this show recently, I’m 6 episodes in and so far there’s been no fanservice and I wouldn’t say the style is the typical “moe”(… but it kinda is… it’s complicated: character design is moe but how they are handled isn’t), esp if u take a look at how original the environment where the battles take place looks! 

Beware though - it can get pretty bloody and the show spirals into darkness further and further as it proceeds… straying continuously from the usual cutesy “magical girl anime” tone (=it’s not afraid to brutally kill off its characters)

Red Warg
When you Normal Summon a “Resonator” monster: You can Special Summon this card from your hand, but its ATK becomes halved.
Can Be Found In: The Dark Illusion (TDIL-EN014)

Many Decks nowdays focuses on gathering materials to summon their biggest monsters as fast and efficient as possible. While each build have their own ways and mechanics to bring monsters out the goal is the same, making many Duels a race of which player can summon their best monster(s) the fastest or at the best moment. From shortcuts to ease the setup to effects combinining with each other to obtain powerful results, there’s a gamestyle for every player preference.

“Red Warg” doesn’t have an outstanding ATK for its Level, but that is because is a monster ready to setup bigger summons along the Resonator archetype. Once we Normal Summon a Resonator, “Red Warg” can be Special summoned from our hand in exchange of losing half its ATK. This drawback is not severe whatsoever, as due many Resonators being Tuners is obvious that the objective of “Red Warg” is to immediately prepare a Synchro Summon with no effort required.

The summoning options arround “Red Warg” can’t be as clear as its own effect. While cards like “Chaos-End Master” and “UFO Turtle” can easily bring it out from the Deck, due the mechanics arround Resonators is easier to simply wait to have it on our hand for once the time comes. If you can’t wait for “Red Warg” to be obtained during a possible Draw Phase, the Tuner “Red Nova” can look for it once is used for some of the most expensive Synchro Summons. All that’s left is to simply gather Resonators to Normal Summon, easily done as a card like “Resonator Call” searches for them.

“Red Warg” has a single purpose and that is to prepare a Synchro Summon along Resonators. The archetype consists of Tuners going from Level 1 to Level 3, therefore letting us Synchro Summon creatures of Level 7 through 9 by working with “Red Warg” alone. This gives us enough monsters to Synchro Summon depending of the circumstances of the Duel, going from “Black Rose Dragon” as a removal option to “Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons” for a sturdy field pressence. More importantly allow us to summon Red Dragon Archfiend monsters with ease, being the boss monsters of the Resonators as assists them to summon their stronger counterparts like “Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Bane” or “Red Nova Dragon” among others. No matter what monster we Synchro Summon, the cheap setups arround “Red Warg” and the Resonators will also let us trigger the effect of “Resonant Destruction” to destroy opponent cards. Is highly recommended that you summon “Red Warg” in Defense Position no matter what, not only because its low ATK but if something goes wrong during the setup its respectable DEF will block a few attacks.

“Red Warg” might only be reduced to a material role, but is efficient on this objective. With more than enough Resonators at our disposition, soon enough Normal Summoning one of those monsters will be followed with “Red Warg” and allow us to summon a Synchro Monster right from the start of a Duel. Although efficient on its purpose, “Red Warg” is easily overshadowed by many other Special Summon options less dependable of the archetype it works along. While “Red Warg” will wait for us to have a Resonator to be out, monsters like “Cyber Dragon” and “Magical King Moonstar” have more flexible conditions to be summoned and setup Synchro Summons. But despite the competition, “Red Warg” does its job perfectly as Resonators are supported enough to always have one of them prepared to be Normal Summoned.

Personal Rating: B+

+ Special Summons itself when a Resonator is Normal Summoned
+ Efficient to Synchro Summon right from early game
+ High DEF

- Low ATK which is reduced by half when summoned by its effect
- There are more flexible Special Summon options to work with


Rubenian is an Elian (those born near El with the ability to use El energy) with particularly strong El energy. They are few in numbers. 

There might’ve been war specifically targeted to Rubenians (genocide?) because others feared their power:

  • Perihart was called a monster by his half-brother because of his lineage.
  • Perihart not only lost his mother but the entire townspeople in a war. 
  • Harnier was also found in a middle of a battlefield. 

Both Perihart and Harnier are the only known Rubenians in the game so far.

According to Perihart’s mother, Rubenians had to live separated from other fellow Rubenians. This could also imply that their true home/country/kingdom was lost for them to unite under.

Another interesting thing about Rubenians is the “Rubenian Resonance Stone”. This special stone has no other known purpose other than that they all react to Rubenian’s energy and resonate at the same frequency, no matter where they are. Each and every single Rubenian Resonance stones in the world all resonate… at the same time… consistently when held by Rubenians. The game simply calls them “mysterious magical stone that resonates with Rubenians.”  I even looked up the Resonance magical stone that you can socket with in game, but they didn’t provide any answer either.

What I want to know is… What is a Rubenian Resonance Stone? Why are they called Rubenian? The game obviously wanted to make a strong connection to the town of Ruben, hometown of our hero and the stage of the beginning of his journey. After all, the only two people who are known “resonate” with anything are Elsword and Elesis, and they are from Ruben. Is this the area Rubenians once lived in? Is this where the Resonance stones can be found…?

Tree of El:  A giant tree where El shards are embedded in. Ruben Villagers call it Tree of El.

Forest Ruins: This sacred forest was once inhabited by Elves before the El Explosion, but it’s fallen into ruin since they left.

Well, the only two interesting places in Ruben show two completely irrelevant things about Rubenians: Tree of El had El shards after the El Explosion and the Forest Ruins are Elven.

Those giant shards were all once a part of the Giant El…

This brings up another quesiton: Why is the Tree of El in Ruben and not some place else? Is Ruben where the Tower of El stood? We know that the tower was on the Lurensia continent… 

But we also know that the Tower of El was in Elianode, the capital of Elrios, and that blew up with the tower when the El exploded.

Now, that’s not much of a problem except there is one thing: Forest Ruins. It’s an Elven structure. Did Elves live in such close proximity to Ellians in the past? Only thing we know about that ruins is that the Elves left after the El Explosion… If Ruben was Elianode… there wouldn’t even be a ruin; it would’ve been wiped away from the explosion. If it somehow survived the explosion… then it’s all the more strange that only it survived while other remnants of Elianode were destroyed.

But the Tree of El? How come it has so many large and small El fragments embedded in it…?

I guess the only logical answer is that the town of Ruben and the old capital of Elianode were close to each other, but they are not the same thing…


We uh.. seemed to have created more questions than answering them. For now, there is nothing we can be certain about….

Hopefully in the future I can come back to this and add more information but until then…………………………………………… >_>