It turns out I’ve been posting my art on the internet for a DECADE now (wow wow!) so I decided to dig way back in my deviantart for some old art to redraw. It was kind of fun but also a little embarrassing!!!

This is Jacob and Rick from a story I had made when I was 14 called Angelic Resonance. It’s a very long and tragic story, but at the same time I think it’s a little half-baked and needed a lot more research than I was able to put into it at the time haha. Here’s a folder with all of my drawings from 2009-2012 of them, if you care to take a look! U///U

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I've headcanoned Greg and Steven as either ethically Jewish, hispanic/latino, part hispanic/latino and part white or all of these at the same time. I hope I'm not the only one although I think I might have missed the discourse. What do you think?

steven is canonically coded as jewish; whether this is ethnic or not, it’s still canon, as he is seem expressing numerous specifically jewish customs, along with being based off of steven sugar, who was raised with rebecca as religiously jewish (unsure if ethnically). it’s really cool and it’s a shame it goes mostly unnoticed!! :0

me: i wonder if there will ever be an SU song that resonates with me personally just a bit in some way

SU: Here Comes A Thought

me: oh

Just a thought

Mindful education spoilers below

There was something I wanted to say about the message of Mindful Education, and I had to watch this episode a few times before it came clearly to me.

Here comes a Thought is resonating with a lot of people because it’s about facing issues that might distract you from living your life. In the episode the distractions are bad enough that they make fusions fall apart, unless the members of the fusion acknowledge that yes, the issues are still there, but they can move past them by taking a breath and setting them aside to focus on the task at hand.

After Connie acknowledges her feelings of guilt she’s able to take steps to solve her issue. By apologizing to Jeff, she was able to make amends, and even made a new friend.  But unlike Connie, Steven can’t do anything to fix what he’s done. And that’s the other message that shouldn’t get lost here.

“I spent all that time feeling bad instead of doing something.  I was trying not to think about it, and that just made it worse”

This is when Steven falls apart. He’s been avoiding his guilt by not thinking about it, but now Connie and Garnet have both told him that not thinking about it makes it worse.  (I don’t 100% agree with that message btw.  Sometimes you deal with such tremendously awful things that having to face them is too much to deal with, especially if you can’t escape the situation. Different people overcome trauma at different rates, and if you aren’t able to think about your issues until you’re in a safe place, that doesn’t mean you’re making things worse. If you need extra time before you can think about your problems that doesn’t mean you’re making them worse.)

But if you can face your issues, and acknowledge how they make you feel, you can start to accept that they’re a part of your experience, and start to move past them.  Sometimes - like Connie - you can resolve them

And - like Steven - sometimes you can’t. Some problems aren’t yours to fix. Some problems come from words that can’t be taken back or actions that can’t be undone. And some problems you have no control over at all. Some problems can’t be fixed.

The message here is that once these problems are just thoughts, it helps no one to dwell on it and let it consume you until you fall apart. All you can do is learn from what you’ve done and move forward, and let the experience guide you as you focus on the task at hand and just keep living your life.

Breathe. You’re here.


Guess what I just saw on my FB feed??!!

For those who don’t understand Japanese or the somewhat crappy Spanish translation I got from fb…

ZNT’S Stage Play is coming out on DVD on November 29th, 2016!!!

Now, the only link they give us is to this shop:

I don’t know if it ships worldwide or what, I need to figure that out, but I’m really hoping it will be sold on Amazon (Amazon Japan at the very least) at some point, thus making it more accessible to the majority of us.

 What matters though is that the Stage Play IS getting a DVD release AND IT’S COMING SOON.

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 It’s been four years since I first played Resonance of Fate! Because I’m a big nerd who is still as in love with it today as I was when I first played it, and because I’m currently working on a large fic for it, I decided to share some CHOICE snaps of the artbook that I love. I’d scan the pages in, but unfortunately I have no scanner, so my iPod photography will have to do. Read more due to length and pictures (my god I’m so sorry if you’re on mobile)

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Baekhyun stan are so fucking annoying, yall fucking annoying when you keep telling people that baek is better vocalist than jungkook when he's not. Jungkook is way better, his technique is better than Baek, stop dreaming!!,

But it’s the truth?? Baekhyun IS a BETTER VOCALIST!! the one who need to stop dreaming is YOU!. He is not even better than Chanyeol and he is a main vocalist and Chanyeol is a rapper, he is at Chanyeol, Suho/ Xiumin’s level at best. He is not even better than an EXO rapper never mind EXO’s main vocal Byun Baekhyun.

Baekhyun’s Register: 

  • Lower register: Shows support down to C#3, with one or two supported C3s.
  • Mixed register: Bright and Resonant. Able to retain support and resonance up to G#4/A4.
  • Upper register: His upper register is the best in EXO. He is able to sing in a relaxed falsetto without strain up to F5. Has shown lots of improvement in this area in relation to pitch and control, as well as transitions.

Jungkook’s Register: 

  • Lower register: Most of his lower range is underdeveloped as he doesn’t generally tend to sing too low or too high. His chest voice maintains projection below Eb3, but support is only present down to Eb3. Below that, his voice lacks clarity in tone and becomes quieter.
  • Mixed register: His mixed voice is mostly on the head-dominant side, as he sings with a soft approach most of the time. Very early on in range he starts to sing with a tight throat and a high larynx, even as low as F4.
  • Mixed voice is very underdeveloped, often has to falsetto when unable to mix properly
  • Upper register: In a way, his most developed register. His falsetto is where he seems most comfortable, as he tends to switch to falsetto very early on in his range. Nonetheless, his falsetto can sometimes be flat due to too much airiness, this register still lacks proper support and development overall.

Malcolm in the Middle was such a quality tv show, and a very accurate portrayal of life with brothers. Being the youngest I resonated with Dewey.. older brothers are cunts

** This Garo The Animation (or Garo: Carved Seal of Flames as it was known in Japan) review is spoiler free **

Please note that as Funimation split the series in half, this review only focuses on the concluding half.  The first half review can be found here:


Without my repeating too much of what I said in the first half review, the animation and art is brilliant as expected of MAPPA (Terror in Resonance, Rage of Bahamut: Genesis).  There’s a general freshness and daring MAPPA exhibit in their work that doesn’t visually feel like “Oh, anyone could have done this.”  The GARO themselves look pretty good and integrate well as CGI entities in a 2D (sometimes 3D) environment.   The sakuga (action scenes) are fantastically choreographed and it’s where a lot of animation time and money was spent.  Completely over-the-top, yes, but the show doesn’t pretend to be down to earth. And MONACA’s musical score is fantastic, very atmospheric and fitting of the dark medieval fantasy theme.   And the new opening… it took a while to get used to because it was so jarringly different from its predecessor but I quite like it.  Definetely had the old-school tokusatsu (heavy special effects) feel to it, like Sekai Sentai or Kamen Rider or something.  I prefer the newer ending over the older one myself but that’s personal taste too.

Staying on sound, I definitely rate this to be one of my favourite Funimation dubs because the majority of the cast were so wonderful to listen to.  Vic Mongona (Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist or Babadi from Funimation’s Dragonball Z dub) was especially mesmerising as Mendoza.  As was Monica Rial (Emi) and I think it must have been Colleen Clinkenbeard (other voices) too, especially in the final episode.

The characterisation of León has been much improved from the first half.  From a somewhat indistinct, muddled middle evolves into a rather touching tale which zeroes in on the GARO franchise’s running theme of sacrifice.  Speaking of which, for long-term fans, there are a couple of nice Easter Eggs thrown in for good measure (though this can be completely alienating to those unfamiliar with GARO, which as far as I’m aware, have remained unlicensed in the West – correct me if I’m wrong!)   So all in all, a pretty good ride.


Violence: Fair warning, this show is fairly graphic in its depictions of death and mutilation from Horror invasion.  This isn’t for those of a weak disposition (or who were ill at the time of watching like I was) It’s something I should have mentioned in the first half review, though to be fair, most of the time it happened was in darkness. This half doesn’t censor nearly as much…

Pacing:  I feel like this is what lets the series down the most.  The first couple of episodes here dragged by because they’re relatively action-light and because there wasn’t sufficient time to develop the characters in the first half, it feels a bit… aimless?  Without giving too much away plot-wise, “And then they settled down,” felt like the only sentence ascribed to this portion, with no real afterthought as to how this would eventually lead up to something big.   Don’t get me wrong: a series can’t be high-octane action all the time, but I think it could have been handled a little better than to have the “and then, they did this and then they did that” treatment.  Looking back, I could see what the series was trying to do, but it felt… laboured.  Fortunately, the series does majorly pick up again, and returns to the fast-paced good quality standard of the first half.  That said, the final battle lacked something… the French would say je ne sais quoi, but just as hard as it is to directly describe this phrase in English, I’m not 100% sure how to identify what could’ve improved the fight…

 Characterisation:  Whilst the character development majorly improved for León, I sadly couldn’t say the same for Afonso or some of the supporting cast.  Technically speaking, there was just enough information and acting given to get a sense of whom the characters were and their purpose in the plot.  But it’s difficult to imagine their lives outside that. For a world that seemed to be brimming with possibility that was built up over the first half of the series, the scope really narrowed down in this half.  I’m still not even sure how or why it is that a certain antagonist acted in the way they did…  

Anyway, it’s not a complete deal breaker – the characters who are developed definitely make up for it.  By far, my favourite is Germán.  



GARO is definitely a fun show I’d recommend watching.  What it lacks in substance in some places, it majorly makes up for in terms of visuals, and a great dub.  And aside from some minor niggles, it’s definitely a great place to start if you’re curious about the GARO franchise.  Way more accessible than its contemporary, KARAS.

If you enjoy action-driven fantasy animated series but don’t fancy more GARO, you may want to try out Rage of Bahamut: Genesis instead.  Also by MAPPA, this well-producer fantasy series only loosely takes inspiration from the Japan-only card game and fashions its own highly original story. I don’t have any other suggestions as it’s relatively rare for me to watch action-driven fantasy.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to GARO’s sequel movie, because I am!  Yay!

Anyway, try GARO out for yourself and see what you think personally.

Introduction Meme

Thanks  to  @akb723  for tagging me.  For what it is worth here is a little character introduction of moi as if it were a character I was introducing.

She has a kind face, a happy disposition and a very outgoing personality that is evident right from the start with a warm smile that reaches her eyes.  Although she may not stand out in a crowd perse, once you have met her, she is not easily forgotten.  It’s the persona that lingers.  An extrovert but not overbearing, she is like a breath of fresh air that can change the atmosphere of a group with just her laugh. That is music for the soul and the sound that can brush the blues away.  It is infectious and engaging, resonates with joy and happiness and you cannot help yourself but to laugh with her for it makes you happy.

Second chances have a way of making you take stock of your life, so she lives life to the full.  But … she has also known immeasurable sadness or can be vulnerable or shy; however, she rises above it for she is a half glass full girl.  She’s a free spirit who embraces life and seizes the moment. A career in nurturing is second nature and one that is so rewarding because along the way she’s made a difference to so many lives. Creative, thoughtful, romantic at heart, down to earth and a good listener, however … she is also a Taurus so she can be stubborn, but hey that makes life interesting!

I would like to tag some people who are excellent wordsmiths @diggsydog, @myaccueill, @boyneriver and @dagmar686

Good luck girls, if you choose to take up the gauntlet.🤗🤗🤗🤗

* Describe yourself how you would describe a character you’re introducing  And pass on to others if you like! 

For @zilleniose-chu, who rendered me into a useless squealing mess for a full five minutes with their drawing. Here’s some more dragon shenanigans. 

Alisha looked up from where she was cleaning her armor as Edna grumbled. She glanced over at the dragon before leaning over towards her spear. Edna wasn’t getting up from where she was sprawled on the ground, but the low rumble wasn’t stopping either. Alisha swallowed, wigging her fingers she tried to decide what the dragon was saying.

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Pisces General Horoscopes

Pisces Daily-Today’s General Horoscope

Use the day’s boisterous energy to take charge and make things happen, Pisces. You’ll find that actions you take today resonate in the coming days. Don’t worry about the consequences. Simply go for the gusto. Strong forces are at work encouraging you to seek freedom in your creative endeavors and giving you more room to explore your inner sanctuary that you hold so dearly.

Pisces Today : General = 98% | Accomplishment = 83% | Support & Advice = 69%

Pisces Daily-Yesterday’s General Horoscope

A powerful desire for a current or potential romantic partner might come over you today, Pisces. This person could live far away or be on a trip, so you might have to be satisfied with a phone call or email instead of the meeting you’d prefer. Don’t get frustrated. Distract yourself with an exciting novel or movie and look forward to when you can get together.

Pisces Daily-Tomorrow’s General Horoscope

This is a wonderful day for you, Pisces. You’ll find that you’re holding all the cards you need to be successful. Today luck and prosperity meet with discipline to create a perfect situation for wealth. Your preparation is finally paying off. You’ll find that the more in tune you can be with yourself, the better integrated you’ll be with the people around you.

Pisces Weekly General Horoscope

Your relationships look more sizzling than ever, especially as the Sun now enters this sector and brings many options for socializing, interacting, and taking a key association to the next level. This can be one of the better times to get into the dating loop or create a partnership for business or other interests. When it comes to pursuing one of your goals or plans, you could find yourself in a quandary midweek. If so, ease back and go with the flow.

Pisces Monthly General Horoscope

The August 2 New Moon highlights the importance of good health. You’ll look great no matter how you feel. Congratulate yourself for all your good habits and spread the good word. Someone important to you will listen. The Full Moon on August 18 brings you some quality quiet time. Be as private as you like or share it with your special, most intimate someone. If you prefer to rest, do it. Whatever you choose will be richly rewarding. August 27 could be full of romance as Venus and Jupiter come together in Virgo. You may feel reluctant at first, but that can change.

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I’m prepping to get my own apartment again and I’m worried I’ll look like a Travis Bickle. Not that I think I could ever become one but the image of a guy who works nights and lives alone and fails to make human connections seems like it will make it even harder for me to find friends because at the back of people’s minds will be “he seems nice but he might turn out to be a real Taxi Driver.” I don’t really relate to Travis Bickle, though, certain lines and scenes are resonant but his whole mind-state is not something I could really see in myself. I think Taxi Driver’s a great movie but I’m still pretty wary of people who are really personally invested in Taxi Driver. If I had to pick a Scorsese character I can relate to it would maybe be Rupert Pupkin without the delusional self-confidence that allows him to live. Side note: I prefer to think of the ending of Taxi Driver as real because that makes it an incredible bit of black comedy that undercuts the pop-culture idea of vigilantism. The ideas of vigilantes and men who would take no more or who lost everything and went for revenge is one of the most reliable action movie engines so people assembling that kind of heroic story around Bickle and actually celebrating him the way he sees himself when in fact we know he’s a sick man who just had a hideous burst of violence in him that through pure circumstance happened to hit someone else horrible makes it sort of a perfect refutation of your Death Wishes and Dirty Harry’s. Similarly I have to believe at least some of the murders in American Psycho are real (the movie, haven’t read it) because then it has a point about a monster hiding in plain sight because he’s surrounded by other guys just as soulless, narcissistic, and misogynistic on Wall Street. Otherwise it’s just a character study of a character I don’t find interesting.

Why Rumbelle is the best

Feel free to add to the reasons Rumbellers.
I want to see how many we get and I’ll compile the list after.

1) Their relationship has depth. I mean as much as I love to see them kissing, we get so much more than that. Intimacy. Kissing is superficial, intimacy is deeper. Intimacy is more than sex which is also superficial.

2)they argue, communicate (which they did before but now it’s more honest, open)

3) their wedding vows were spot on and not only did it resonate to everything about them it also shown that in ways it applied to the others which imo makes them the cornerstone relationship on the show.

4) they both are at a point where they realize and understand that their relationship needs work to be healthy again. Unlike other couples they aren’t ignoring and sweeping under the rug the wrongs each other has done. Meaning Belle has called out Rumple where as others have ignored the terrible things their love has done.

5) Belle realized the hypocrisy of the heroes last season and walked away. I hope that continues.

6) Even when the relationship was at its worst they never torn each other down, threatened to harm each other.

7) They cared about each other even when things weren’t going well.

8) They respected each other. Rumple letting Belle go, encouraging her to leave whether with Will or to see the world. He never let others influence how he felt about her.

9) Belle has encouraged Rumple to turn the darkness to light. She understands why he needs the power, isn’t forcing him but rather trying to show him it could be different.

10) Every moment with them has meaning. And even in anger the love can be seen.

11) Rumple has shown all the times he’s put Belle first. 3.11 sacrifice. The phone conversation. When he told her to see the world at least 3 times.

12) He acknowledges his faults, his lies and how he hurt her.

13) neither feel the need to place themselves on a pedestal by constantly complimenting themselves. Meaning their egos aren’t bigger than themselves.

14) Neither let the influence of others determine if one wasn’t good enough for the other.

15) Rumple is forgiving. He knows his faults are greater so he understands and forgives Belle when she’s controlled him etc.
You don’t see that with other couples where one person used to be (still is imo) a villain.

I know there’s more.. some may be repeats. But they have so many parts to their relationship. So many layers that it cannot be denied they have the most organic relationship on the show.

16 ) If the BTS pics show us anything they are communicating even if painful. Which can only heal and help a couple.
17) The BTS pics show what a sexy power couple they are.. 18) Their love grew organically. Wasn’t forced by one not taking no and chasing the other around like a dog in heat.