30 day challenge day 22: character I relate to most

Daishou is the most relatable character for me, not only because he is openly flawed but because he managed to say things that really resonated with me. I mean finally having a villain that people couldn’t turn into a soft precious baby  and outright erase his flaws was so refreshing. Idk man I relate more to heavily flawed characters than I do to the ones that are made to be “perfect”. I’m petty, I’m jealous, I’d do anything to win and I’m glad there’s finally a character that is just as shamelessly imperfect.
'The Batman': Matt Reeves Closes Deal to Direct and Produce

Matt Reeves has closed a deal to direct and produce The Batman for Warner Bros.

“I have loved the Batman story since I was a child,” Reeves said in a statement. “He is such an iconic and compelling character, and one that resonates with me deeply. I am incredibly honored and excited to be working with Warner Bros. to bring an epic and emotional new take on the Caped Crusader to the big screen.”

4.5/5 Stars.

I’m in awe of Roxane Gay. If this collection had gone on forever I would never grow tired of it. It contains the depths of the human condition in all its darkness, loneliness, quirkiness and indecency.

These are stories about people (mostly women) seeking to fill their hollow spaces however they can. They’re gritty and direct and real and utterly devoid of sentimentality. Gay’s characters accept life for what it is—all its ugliness, all its complexity—and there’s something strangely refreshing and comforting about that.

The subject matter is demanding and unrelenting; this is not a happy collection, though it’s by no means maudlin. Being human isn’t pretty, but there’s beauty in that. If that statement resonates with you, so too will these fierce, gutting stories.

African Wonder Woman

I saw these kids, 2 sisters, having a play fight. While striking their favorite Power Ranger poses, one of them declared:

“You can’t touch me! I have super powers!!”

“What super powers?” Asked the other.

“I’m Wonder Woman!!

Unfazed, the other replied:

"Well…I’m an AFRICAN Wonder Woman so you can’t beat me!”

I was Floored. Never in my life had I seen such a powerful assertion, spoken so matter of factly, from a child no less. To see such pride taken in her people, to see African-ness wielded like a weapon superior to any Superman, Batman or Wonderwoman cemented within me our responsibility to teach our children a profound love and reverence for our culture, for African-ness. What also resonated with me was this child’s understanding that this reverence for our culture serves as a power source to strengthen us and is key in our fight for liberation. She understood that African-ness is something to be revered as well as weaponized and used to fuel out struggle. She understood that African-ness is a super power and she is our African Wonderwoman. Kudos to their parents because these babies are a shining example of a conscious subversion of the white supremacist ideals our children are bombarded with the moment they enter the world. This is what we need to foster in our children, an unshakeable pride in their skin. It starts in the household. Ofcourse, before we can nurture it in our children, we have to nurture it in ourselves. African-ess is a grounding, self-affirming energy to imbue within our selves and a weapon to wield against our oppressors. Its a reminder of our African, radical tradition of struggle and perseverance. It’s an evocation of the enduring strength of our ancestors, an inextinguishable spirit that burns within us today. We all have this superpower; we just need to activate it.

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“‘Soon’, he said in his resonant voice that was like the tolling of a bell- and I felt, all at once, a sharp premonition of dread…”

Thesis previews. As I’m doing Angela Carter’s short stories, I’ll be able to post each illustration set as I finish each story. at 45 pages, the titular Bloody Chamber is the longest of them all, and what I’ve been busying myself with for the past month and a half. Coming super soon 👌
Matt Reeves to Direct and Produce 'The Batman'
Director was attached to helm the standalone "Batman" film but talks fell apart last week

NEWS: Matt Reeves will officially direct and produce “The Batman”

I have loved the Batman story since I was a child. He is such an iconic and compelling character, and one that resonates with me deeply. I am incredibly honored and excited to be working with Warner Bros. to bring an epic and emotional new take on the Caped Crusader to the big screen.” - Matt Reeves

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tfw u remember kylo ren is probably highkey obsessed w/ rey bc their connection in the force is the first bit of connection he's felt with ANYONE in a long time after separating himself from his family. mAKE ME SUFFER WITH YOUR FICCAGE, O GRANDMA OF FEELS

He never understood why his Force sensitivity was supposed to be a good thing. Both his uncle and his mother tried to explain it to him, the feeling of being harmonious and resonant with all living creatures in the universe, both past and present. What an honor it was supposed to be.

But it never felt like that to him. If it was supposed to feel like a light, it was only a mistaken glimpse seen from behind the shadow of clouds.

The Force had always felt murky. Dark and menacing and overwhelming. He got claustrophobic thinking about it, of the feeling of it reaching deep within him searching for a home.

After years of fighting it–perhaps out of curiosity or exhaustion or some mix of the two–he gave in, and it didn’t feel like choking anymore. It’s hard to feel like you’re suffocating if you don’t remember what it’s like to breathe.

So how curious it was when he met the girl and melted into her mind and the Force sang–it actually sang–between them. She was a desert rat, but her aura smelled like spring meadows and flowers and–had there always been this much green in the universe?

He felt himself breathe deep into his lungs, felt the full shape of them in his chest and was stunned to feel how the oxygen vibrated in his cells and how that vibrated with the rest of the world.

For the first time, he heard the choir of the Force.

For the first time, he was no longer afraid.  

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This is a bit of a random thought, but in Dan's latest liveshow when he talked about the movie Moonlight (which made me really excited as it's a wonderful film) he described it as being a "coming of age story about a gay man" and I thought it was interesting bc most people would put the emphasis on it being about a black gay man, and highlight race as an important factor, but Dan only mentioned the sexuality arc, and I think it shows that it's what resonated most with him idk

i’ve been waiting for so damn long to hear dan talk about moonlight because it’s one of the best films that i’ve seen in my entire life and i was so excited to hear what his takeaways would be from it. i’m so glad that you picked up on the way he reviewed it with a focus on the sexuality components rather than on race. it’s kind of surprising on a number of levels: 1. because when a situation immediately calls for it dan has been reasonably good at talking about race issues (previous examples include the importance of representation in film, the validity of the blm movement, etc.) in general like,,, he doesn’t talk about race nearly enough but he also isn’t totally afraid to address it if a topic so obviously demands that it be recognized. so then for him to totally gloss over race being such a dominant part of the story of moonlight (namely how reagan-era drug policy completely obliterated the lives of poor black people in the 80s) was truly surprising to me. the most he said about it was to call it an “important story”… which it is, of course, but that’s like the understatement of the century. 2. surprising because actually talking about the sexuality storyline is kind of a spoiler!!!! like,,, i didn’t know that it was going to involve that nor did a lot of the people close to me who tend to go into movies with as little knowledge as possible. so despite the fact that it’s kind of a spoiler he mentioned it anyway, in direct contradiction of his no-spoiler stance when he gives opinions on films or tv shows in live shows 3. like you said, the sexuality struggle is just one piece of the complex relationships in moonlight–it is obviously a central one but the main character’s struggles with his mother and his sort-of-adoptive parents are just as poignant and crucial.

all things considered, i’m sort of with you in interpreting his reduction of the movie to the gay storyline as being a product of him perhaps connecting with that plot point more than everything else (he isn’t black nor is he poor nor has he grappled with substance abuse in any capacity that we know of, but he has of course struggled w his own queerness.) another possible reason is that watching this film perhaps brought him face to face with the intersections of sexuality with class and race for like,,, literally the first time, since i doubt dan just like brushes up on his intersectional feminism in his free time haha, and as we’ve discussed he seems to mostly have white friends. the sticking point of all of it might’ve been the sexuality struggle, as he may have found it difficult to broaden his scope of thinking/frame of reference and give equal weight to the socially-imposed struggles beyond that. yet another potential reason is that he may have been wanting to convince people to see it and, while this is a little bit sad, he probably believes that more of his audience would be convinced to see a film if they hear it contains queer themes than if they hear that it’s about race and poverty. yikes i am cringing writing that but my intuition is that dan feels this way about his audience and he can be a bit condescending in thinking about our interests when he talks to us about films and music and everything else. this is further evidenced by the way he like immediately qualified his review by saying that a lot of people could be bored if they watched moonlight bc it doesn’t have “like explosions and stuff.” he’s always had an undercurrent of conceitedness when he talks about his taste in media so,,,, it could just be that he’s like ‘welp my audience is into gay stuff i’ll tell them it’s gay and i liked it, then they’ll go watch it.’

for my own sake i want to just really fucking emphasize how gorgeous and complex and transformative this film has the ability to be. it didn’t really like “open my eyes” personally since a lot of the issues covered in the film are ones i’ve already thought and read about a lot on my own time, but the portrayal of the story is truly transcendentally beautiful and honestly the whole time i was watching it, i was just moved by how many barriers it was breaking and how poignantly it conveyed these themes. all of yall should see it and do better than dan, in realizing the equal weight of oppression born out of not just being queer but being queer and black and impoverished all at once, and the unique struggles that that poses, especially under a government that not only forgets you but actively wants to incarcerate and oppress you. also,,,, at the same time that it fleshes out these incredibly heavy topics, it’s somehow also just cute and good and lovely and the characters are rich and complex and nuanced and !!!! it’s v nearly a perfect film. i loved it so much, i wish dan could think more critically about it or, if he has, feel comfortable sharing those more critical thoughts with us. but w/e that’s never going to happen so i will just remain pleased that he even mentioned it and discussed it as much as he did. please go watch moonlight if you haven’t already. it deserves your support!


Whenever characters don’t have canonical birthdays I make them the actors’ birthdays, so Rick is a Virgo and Negan is an Aries. I flip flopped on Rick, something in me leans to him being a Taurus, but the more I read about Virgo, the more I felt like that resonated with who Rick is on the inside. (But the Taurus/Aries compatibility is wild and you should read up on it for these two, it’s a more compatible side to them and its great, plus Ram + Bull) But I chose to go with Virgo, and frankly their compatibility with these two signs is more realistic >:3c 

  • teacher: if someone points a gun to your head and asks for your wallet you're going to give it to them
  • me: no some people have pride
  • student: we're talking about resonable minded person
  • teacher: even if you think you wouldn't in that situation you still would
  • me: try me
  • teacher: if someone didn't there would be something seriously wrong with their brain
  • me, and my depressed ass: nodding in agreement

So, I don’t even like Star Wars and I haven’t seen Rogue One nor The Force Awakens but I want to hug all the Reylo shippers because one of my best friends is a huge SW fan (she tried multiple times to get me invested in the movies, but the franchise simply doesn’t resonate with me) and she got harassed to the point that she decided to quit Tumblr for good because of what she likes to ship is considered “problematic”.

Human stupidity never ceases to amaze me.
If you don’t like stuff like this, it’s fine! But for the love of Nyarlathotep do not attack people who do! Respect artworks, respect the passion and effort that people put into their fanarts and fanfictions. Don’t JUDGE because you’re not in the damn position to do so. Nobody gave u the right to say what’s right and what’s wrong, ESPECIALLY NOT IN CREATIVE FICTION WHERE THERE ARE NOT RIGHTS OR WRONGS! Characters can be awful people and still be AWESOME characters. BAD things happening can be GREAT plot devices.

You are the disrespectful and ignorant ones around here. Peace.


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dancing daffodils by grayclouds (mature - wip) summary: "as love gently wipes away the tears that trail down his cheeks something within victor quakes, its tremors resonating throughout his entire being like a deafening echo.
he is in the arms of a god.“
a god falls for a man.

Here’s the skinny on the NASA discovery:

1) Spitzer detects 7 earth size planets around the TRAPPIST-1 Star System

2) 40 light years away

3) 3 planets are in the right zone for liquid water

4) Have measured the masses and radi of earth-size planets

5) Can look at atmosphere and bio-signatures

6) Planets are close to each other, you would see them similarly as you would see Earth’s moon.

7) Planets are so close, they interact gravitationally on each other.

8) Trappist-1e is very close in size to earth. It receives a similar amount of light as Earth does.

9) Trappist-1f (MIGHT) be water-rich and similar in size as earth (NASA just said currently no detection of water). Receives about as much light as Mars.

10) Trappist-1g is largest in the system, 13% larger radius than Earth. Receives about as much light as Mars and the Asteroid belt.

11) The six inner planets form a near-resonant chain, such that their orbital periods (1.51, 2.42, 4.04, 6.06, 9.1 and 12.35 days) are near-ratios of small integers. This architecture suggests that the planets formed farther from the star and migrated inwards.

12) Because of these short orbital periods, they’re speculated to not have ‘seasons’ as much as warmer and cooler days.

I’m at that stage of a 90′s kid life where I’m re-watching old saturday morning anime from my childhood. And I’m talking about the 4Kids/FoxBox/etc. english dub versions. They may be awful, but they’re the versions that resonate with me.

I just finished watching Kirby Right Back at Ya, and now I’m on to Fighting Foodons. I’m thinking of throwing in some Ultimate Muscle or Shaman King, too.

Déjà vu

Anybody else get this when leaving kudos on any of Dale Pike’s works?

I’m going in direct chronology, just finished “People Will” (X) and couldn’t help myself, it was so goddamn heart-healing. But I’m pretty sure I haven’t left any before, as it’s definitely my first time reading it.

Could be a login/cookie snafu on my end. Or could be apropos, an echo of this story’s  emotional resonance across the space-time continuum. They know what they are doing (and so do we). Huzzah!

19 days song dump

1. (I laughed so much.)

2. This is so lovely. And I think these lyrics resonate especially:

I was told that I would feel / Nothing the first time / I don’t know how these cuts heal / But in you I found a right 

If there is a light / You can always see / And there is a world / We can always be / If there is a kiss I stole from your mouth / And there is a light / Don’t let it go out

3. Oooh this is lit. Tbh I imagine in the first few weeks Guan Shan and He Tian decide to date, they’d break up like 50 fucking times and get back together like, an hour later, and He Tian would be a drama queen and post depressing Instagram posts and Guan Shan would just be like, ‘He Tian wtf why did you post a Bible quote about betrayal? We argued ‘cause you didn’t do the fucking dishes.’ (And then they both realise that their arguments are just… spats? Like the way they’ve always been? It doesn’t mean they have to break up over it but they’re both just idiots.)