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How Do I Create My Own Wiccan Altar?

A Wicca Altar is a sacred and divine focal point for you to manifest your spiritual practice. Altars connect you through your senses to your magick pathway. It helps you to focus on what you are creating and meditating on.

Keeping your altar in a private place is a good idea. It’s about respecting your altar, keeping it as a beautiful sacred place for yourself and the divine. The love and energy you put into your altar will reflect back into your life.

What Do I Put On My Altar?

Altars aren’t just for decoration. It should be the right size for you to work your rituals. There are no rules of what it should look like or what you should use, let your imagination run free. Work with your personal spiritual alignments. Below are some suggestions for your altar:

Altar Cloth- It can be plain in a colour that resonates with you or decorated with symbols or images.

Candles- There are a multitude of ways to set up your candles, depending on what magick you’re doing. You may want to set your candles as North (yellow candle, earth), South (red candle, fire), East (blue candle, air) and West (green candle, water).

Mixing Bowl- for mixing herbs, potions etc

Book Of Shadows- a journal of your workings

Statues- Goddess or God figures

Incense- each type of incense has different energies

Crystals/Gems- for spell work, meditations

Before you use your altar it’s good practice to cleanse it. Here is a simple ritual for you to use. All you will need is 3 white candles and incense. Light your incense, place one candle on the left of the altar and the other on the right, hold the other candle in your hand. Chant the following:

“The element of air, wind taking away negativity
The element of fire illuminating passion and truth
The element of water purifying
The element of earth sustaining growth
So mote it be
Bless my sacred space blessed Goddess
So mote it be”.

May the Goddess bless you, Amira.

Resonant Decor

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