resonance of souls

no scene in the history of cinema has ever resonated with my soul quite the way Allison Janney’s intro scene in 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) did 

Just two kids hanging out. <3

The outfits are based on one of the pages of the manga :) I gotta admit that that hairstyle suits Maka :’D and I just made up the lower clothing because Atsushi didn’t feel like drawing the whole outfit xD

I always try to avoid hands but not this time UwUr I’m going to learn to draw them someday >:’v!

Hope you like it :D!

The signs as anime openings:

Aries: Guren no Yumia - Shingeki no Kyojin

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Taurus: Tank! - Cowboy Bebop

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Gemini: A Cruel Angel’s Thesis - Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Cancer: Dried Up Youthful Fame - Free! Eternal Summer

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Leo: The Hero!! - One Punch Man

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Virgo: Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul

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Libra: Go!!! - Naruto

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Scoprio: Kuusou Mesorogiwi - Mirai Nikki

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Sagittarius: Resonance - Soul Eater

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Capricorn: Again - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

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Aquarius: The Other Self - Kuroko no Basket

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Pisces: Sakura Kiss - Ouran High School Host Club

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BTS reactions to their s/o having a big/nice butt

A/n: this request resonated with my soul, tysm for requesting!! - Amelia


Jin would be into a firm ass, like an apple. pffft. So when he’s in an intimate situation involving your ass…. He’s just…. so damn pleased, he will literally applaud your ass. Maybe not cry like in the gif… but idk what your doing that involves ass ;)

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He wouldn’t pay attention to your body until you were right in front of his eyes. He would be amazed by every inch of you, your ass wouldn’t catch his attention until he got to it, and then he’d be *gif* like dayyyummm girl. He’d appreciate it for sure. 

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He’d slap your butt all the time. When you’re alone at the dorm the phrase ‘Get your butt over here’ was guaranteed every time. He’d always have his arms spread open while he leaned back on the couch ready to take you in his arms. He’s not the kind of guy to have a preference, he’ll love any ass, he’s an ass hoe but yours will be his favourite… because it’s on you.

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He’s a giggly bitch. He’s going to laugh it up at his bros because his girl has the best ass and everyone knows. The other members can’t tease him, he’s immune, he brags about your butt and does unspeakable things with you in the bedroom. He’s got no shame and won’t stop complimenting you on your fine piece of ass. 

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The shyest boi. Ohmygosh. The other members tease him if they ever catch him looking at your butt and he becomes so red. If you ever ask him why he’s all *blushie blushie* he’ll cover his face and shake his head… but you have a rough idea. He worships your body like your his goddess and you know that by how he treats you but he’ll never say anything… bc he’s the shyest boi. 

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Taehyung is always poking and prodding at you. Tickling, jabbing, slapping, he’s just a silly touchy hoe. You having a nice butt is just an extra blessing on top of your personality. He’d love your butt in bed and love lookin’ at it in skinny jeans. He thanks your wardrobe everyday because he gets to see, touch and play with that amazing ass.

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I’m gonna let Jungkook live in this one. He’s a total ass man. He would take every chance he got to grab your butt and he wouldn’t be super shy about it… unless someone caught him in the act. He’d be lusting over your butt always and biting his lip so hard when he caught a glimpse of it. 

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Yuri!!! on Ice - History Maker (Acoustic Guitar Cover)

We made an acoustic guitar cover of History Maker from Yuri on Ice! 

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Oh my gosh this resonated in my very soul. Thank you so much. I cannot even express how frigging beautiful this is. Here, have some more keyboard slamming: l;bmb;sdzfpbamgbmgdab

Thank you so much for sending this. It’s beautiful and I’m totally not crying. I love this song so much. Thank you for making this.

~Mod Star

Honestly there’s something deeply moving about reading something about a deity and feeling it resonate in your soul, and suddenly it’s as if this ancient being is there with you, helping you breathe, and you want nothing more than to lay under the stars and feel that presence.