resolute racing

regarding new years resolutions...

2014: Start a couch to 5K. 2015: Run my first marathon. Resolution for 2016: Race my first triathlon!

Please be kind to other resolutioners out there. I always feel that there is a bit of pretentiousness around this time when people start to complain that the gyms will be really crowded in a few days. We were all them at some point, whether we started our journey January 1st or not. Just because we’ve been making our fitness a priority before this time does not mean we should discourage others to start. We should all remember the courage it took. I too was obese and more than 50lbs overweight and understand how intimidating it can be at the beginning. Let’s all support and encourage each other. So if you’re setting some resolutions related to weight loss, fitness or your health: I wholeheartedly believe in you and support you. It will be hard, you will want to give up come January 15th, but it is well worth the effort. Get ready to be amazed at what your body and mind can do :)