Here it is, cats. The first of my ten year old things redrawn. 
I have to say, when I started out redoing these it was in part to keep myself busy but since then stuff has come up to make myself extra double busy. 
I will still redraw the whole years worth but I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes longer than a year to do it and post them.


Reflections of Crowdfunding Panel at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy

This creative panel was held on October 2nd evening when five start-up entrepreneurs sat together and talked about their journeys of fundraising their projects. Dan Robert of Scout alarm was the first to identify himself not launching his project on kickstarter. Due to lacking prototypes, Scout Alarm was not able to launch from kickstarter and had to source backers themselves. Their strategies of doing it was to make things as visual for backers possible, and go viral on the Internet to attract as much interested people as possible. Their project in the end got funded 160000 USD and was able to work on later versions of the alarm system. 

Scale was the second thing that was brought up into the panel. Each of them had different projects to get backed on so their sense of scales are pretty different. However there are basic norms and rules of defining your scale of work, and by acknowledging that your ideas are established, the sense of scale will be clear to you. They also mentioned going onto the crowdfunding route was due to capital requirements in US business regulations, and the brought up of the crowd funding culture has helped so many personal ideas commoditize into successful businesses. 

Backers back projects mainly because of its creator, not the project itself. Sometimes the product can be backed by people who you have backed before. Nothing is free in a sense, but it gives funding a new social nature rather than the simple supply and demand form. Last part of asking for “sponsorship” on the world wide web is the facing of trolls or the 5% unsatisfied. All five entrepreneurs have encountered such situations and the tactics to encounter is to ignore them the first step. If they are able to influence your backers then you might need to step in and take actions to point the person out. Beau D'Arcy of Breakwater Chicago shared his experience of shaming one to his backers right before the editing close and stayed in records forever. Listening to these experienced people from the panel talking about this still undefined route of design is relieving, and the paths in front of EPD has become much clearer personally.

Thanks: DPI

Again again.

I’m a few weeks ahead in drawing (redrawing?) these and they sure are self indulgent plus I am worried I may slip behind but it’s my main jam right now.

See you Saturday the 10th! 


I think about this whenever I think of Tarzan. Surely sometime there has been a bearded Tarzan?

Also, I messed up by not having him be as dirty as the original. Dude should be jungle filthy.


Business Vampire!
The other rule I gave myself was to have the originals be complete pictures, so no photoshop which means I got to slap around a heck of a lot ink on here. Not being precious with ink is a thing I have to keep relearning mainly because I need to order that stuff online for the brush I use. For this vampire, I used an old ruined brush and some liquid acrylic I had lying around.


I have never been a fighting game guy but there was something cool about four player ones like Powerstone II and Smash Brothers. Plus the Gamecube Smash Brothers had those challenge things that were more sidescroller than fighting game and I got into that.

What I did here was actually use photo reference this time. I don’t even know how I would have done that back then. Was Google image search even a thing? Maybe I would have just yahoo’d that business after dialling up and such nonsense. 

Earlier today I was at the live recording for the 100th NonCanonical Podcast and that along with a few other comic happenings lately has me excited about comics again. Let’s keep all this stuff happening, okay?


Being sick is something I used to be really good at. I broke all kinds of sickness records. I was so good at it that I was awarded a medal for being so sick but I never showed up to the ceremony (because I was sick).


My bud Mijo Biscan used doodle this odd symbol and I turned into a dude. His deal was that he was a former superhero who now tells interesting stories if you put money in his hat.

From memory, this is the one I least wanted anybody to see (I haven’t looked ahead).


How DO you draw a haircut? When your hair loses a bunch of weight and is swooshed in a way that only happens in haircuts. Like you are head nude for the first time in a long time.