Non-canon Chase/Neil comic drawn solely because of my need: PAGE 2 AND 3 DONE ;3; imma just put the finished pages so far here and let you all see how undecided i am at choosing style 

i think i will continue drawing with the last style. it was more challenging to put the solid black but a lot of fun at the same time!

i’m tempted to add hilarious moments but naah angst is the answer :3c

EDIT: cropped the pages so tumblr doesn’t resize and make them all blurry and annoying

Ugggh… colouring things in night colours is hard. Shoulda done. Like. Dawn light or something idk. OH WELL. Think… it’s good. I’ll prolly see lots of things to fix tomorrow…er later… just watch.  T_T;;;; EDIT: NOPE DIDN’T EVEN TAKE THAT LONG. Tweaked something already derp. lmao.

Coloured version of this. ^.^ (Ooph Tumblr resize makes it look all blergh… doing right click view image makes look smoother.)

erinjoyknits asked:

I loved how Newt proposed in the last "severe disability" au - what a sweet moment. What was Hermann's reaction?

Hermann forgets how to breathe.

The ring in Newt’s hand is a soft silver in the streetlights, glittering, his eyes are every bit as bright; Hermann’s own eyes dart from them to the ring, and back again; “Newton-” he breathes;

Newt’s smile flickers, struggles, Hermann remember to smile back, and it strengthens; “It’s beautiful;” he manages;

“Here-” Newt fumbles with his hand- clumsy, when he had handled Hermann so smoothly, when he had been caring for him- and slides the ring on, “If you want- I mean;”

“Shh-” Hermann covers his mouth- enough to be here, in this wonderful, incredible moment, without saying anything; he looks at the ring, it is a little large on his lanky fingers, but it can be resized;

Newt shifts over, bites his lip; desperate for Hermann to say something.

“Of course I will;” Hermann says finally, “Of course;” he smiles again, helplessly, unbearable happy;

Newt’s smile bursts across his face like a firework; he grabs Hermann’s hand and squeezes, almost painfully; “Oh, thank you I’ve been wanting to do this for weeks but it was never the right moment; I really-” he leans over, and hugs Hermann, words failing;

Hermann closes his eyes into the hug, and feels- wonderful, surrounded by good and love and- so much good, so much joy; the ring solid on his finger;

And when they do- Newt will become his next of kin, another freedom opening up to him.

someone asked for a tutorial on how to make this: 

so here we go! (wordy and lots of pics under the cut! i did it in a lot of detail because idk which bit u wanted help with.) hope this is ok :D (also let me know if you’d wanna see me stream at some point cause i wanna!)

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anonymous asked:

I have a burning question. The world needs to know: How many cats can Kheil bench press?

After doing some careful math, scientists have discovered that Kheil can bench press about 22 cats.
Also, I know the cats are hard to see. Sadface. I’ll try and up a bigger version once I figured out how to tumblr images without them getting resized.

I’m not going to sit here justifying everything the Tumblr devs do (the Android app is fucking broken) but they’re doing fine with the updates for the most part

returnerofthesky said: idk if it’s just me or not but tumblr’s been weirdly slowy scrolly and i don’t know if it’s the update or something else, but it wasn’t happening yesterday

that’s just you

tallestkin said: people flipped out bc it made every single image get resized to 500px and then resized to 512px, causing many images to become badly resized and blurry

I guess that sucks but this is more like a problem with using 500px. They updated standard image width to 540px and after the changes settled in, it was for the better (as good updates should be)

ask-the-cmb said: I’ve also seen multiple people whose dashes have been doing… since the update

haven’t seen it yet, but it could be a result of using XKit. And Tumblr tends to sweep these bugs after a day of big updates

enecoo said: Are you working at Staff?

Good idea, I should B)

( * shay mitchell gif hunt ).

under the cut are 50 gif icons of the gorgeous, pretty little liars actress, shay mitchell as requested by anonymous. none of these gifs belong to me, so all credits go to the original gif owners. however, i did edit and resize them all. please like or reblog if you found this helpful and is of use to you !!

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under the cut you’ll find #55 rp icons of crybaby herself, melanie martinez.

  • all of these are 100x100
  • none of the original images belong to me, but i am the one who edited them, therefore these icons belong to me.
  • do. not. claim. these. as. your. own. if you want to add a border or edit them for your personal use, feel free, but please message me or credit me if you do so. do not claim them as your own, though, ‘cause i put time into cropping, resizing & editing every last one of these.
  • feel free to use these, but please like/reblog if you do!

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