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Hey, I´ve been studying German for a few years, and I plan to go there soon, But before that, I want to improve my German, so maybe you know some good movies,books, or songs , which are originally German, since you are German, right ? Thank you :), and love your blog !

Hey,Thanks and  sure :)


Der Medicus  (- The Physican,  It is about a Christian in the 11th century who journeys acrossEurope in order to study medicine in Persia.)

Almanya ( The story of three generations of a Turkish immigrant family)

Jenseits der Stille ( A daughter of deafs discovers her love for music,which distance her from her parents)

Lola rennt (Action comedy in Berlin)

Goodbye, Lenin! (Mauerfall- comedy)

Oh boy ! ( A Life of a Berlin Boy who longs to participate in life )

Der Nanny (Comedy: David against Goliat, kids need his father)

Valkyrie (military resitance against the Ns-regime)

Fack Ju Goethe ( Comedy, German school life )

Schiller ( About Friedrich Schiller´s young years)

Keinohrhase (A woman has unfinished business with a man on work-release probation)

Zweiohrküken ( Sequel to Keinohrhase)

RubbelDieKatz (Actor dresses as Actress for a big role,but falls in love)

Honig im Kopf ( A granddad who suffers from Alzheimer, tragic-comedy)

Vaterfreuden ( Comedy, Last chance to be a father )

Das Parfüm (- Perume, bese on the novel)

Goethe! ( life of the young writer Goethe)

Die Unendliche Geschichte (- The Neverending story, fantasy)

Die Welle (a social Experiment with students)

Schlussmacher ( Romantic Comedy )

Grosstadtklein ( love story, between a city-gilr and a boy from a traditional village)

What a man (A man who questions his own manliness, comedy)

Kokowääh 1& 2 ( Father & daughter story)

Friendship! ( two east-Berliners travel to New york and San Fransisco)

Who am I (Computer- Hacker get into trouble)

Traumfrauen ( romantic comedy)

There are much more, but these are some that popped up in my head:)

TV Shows:

Circus Halligalli: ( click the link for every episode, late-night show with Joko Und Klaas, )

Tatort: (Crime, you shoulde watch “weil sie böse sind”, or the Münster Tatort)

These are the only one I watch


Rubinrot Trilogy ( Fantasy)

Die Seiten der Welt ( Fantasy)

Anne Frank Tagebuch 

Das Parfüm ( Perfume)

Im Westen nichts Neues ( All quiet on the western front)


Der Vorleser

Effi Briest

Die Blechtrommel

Die Vermessung der Welt ( Measuring the World)








Herbert Grönemeyer


Sportfreunde Stiller

All these artists sing mostly on German but some songs are also on english


Arthur: *sigh* “You lot and your incorrigible curiosities. You needn’t cajole Alfred into publicizing my private works. Here. This is the design for the armor I had commissioned as…a birthday present for him.”

Arthur: “It is specially designed to better protect Alfred against magicka, especially fire (I carved in the enchantments myself). It’s built from reinforced Dragon Bone and steel, with runes in the chain mail and leather to increase speed and stealth. I also added a more snapping belts to allow Alfred to shed or adorn the armor quickly in the event he had to change. It’s a rather practical and clever design, if I do say so myself, and still would turn heads in any court. Alfred deserves a complete and fully functional armor…

Anything I can do to better keep him safe…”

13.04.15 Back at school. Determined to not let a day go to waste now. I have my history resit in exactly a month! It can’t go as badly as it did last time but I’m still hella nervous. Stay hydrated !