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I'm really sorry if you've answered this question before but do you have any other blogs regarding Canadian politics to recommend? Just anything similar to this since this is such a fantastic blog. Thanks so much for your time! :)

Hey, sorry this took ages to respond to, I was away on vacation initially and then it took some time to get the links together I guess, nah I dunno I’m just lazy. Anyway here’s some of my blogroll, would be happy for the other admins to chip in their own, I’ve got a pretty heavy bias for English-language and Vancouver here. Also, there’s some great people on my dash who are kickass politically but I restricted this to politics-only and Canadian-focused. In no particular order.

  • The Tyee in BC are a pretty great, independent, progressive online magazine and blog.
  • Canadian Dimension is a fantastic online magazine, really good and reliable left-wing journalism, can’t really recommend them enough. One of Canada’s oldest left-wing media.
  • The Media Co-Op. They’re actually the ones publishing Canadian Dimension, but in addition to the monthly magazine they also run some fantastic blogs, one each focused on Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Halifax. While they’re all great, Halifax is particularly wonderful since it’s often undercovered in the media.
  • 308 keeps track of polling and aggregates it for federal and provincial elections. A lot of the recent pollsters in Canada have done a poor job, especially at the provincial level, but he’s generally got a better record since he’s aggregating and weighting them. Not something to obsess about, but if you want an idea of the polling trends over the last few months or years.
  • ResistKXL is a tumblr focused on Keystone and environmental issues.
  • The Mainlander is a cool independent left-wing site focused on the greater Vancouver area, the Lower Mainland. When you wanna get mad at Vancouver’s wealth disparity this is probably the place to go.
  • NowToronto is like a better, more left-wing version of Vancouver’s Georgia Straight. Good if you want more about Toronto/Ontario politics.
  • NewSocialist is based in Canada, but doesn’t focus exclusively. Long, criticial pieces from a socialist perspective.
  • âpihtawikosisân is Plains Cree Métis woman blogging from Montreal about “education, Aboriginal law, the Cree language, and roller derby.”
  • Briarpatch is another great independent left-wing magazine similar to Canadian Dimension, also one of Canada’s older alternative media sources. Based in Saskatchewan and originally focused there, it now publishes long pieces on Canadian and some international issues.
  • The CCPA is a progressive and independent research institute. They publish several economic blogs, if you’re not into budget details it might get a bit boring, but they’ve been very important in refuting some right-wing bullshit and critiquing austerity budgets. They have a blog on BC, on Manitoba, and one for Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, and national issues.
  • Rabble. Okay. Rabble’s huge. It’s kind of like the DailyKos for Canada. Left-wing, and with a million different bloggers. Some of them more prominent than others but I stopped trying to follow individual bloggers and basically just started looking at what Rabble linked to on their twitter or featured on their main page. If you find a good individual blogger there follow em though.

Okay here’s a couple of individual Rabble bloggers. Many of them don’t update frequently or are always consistently good but that’s rabble, it’s useful because it’s a large collection of alternative voices.

The Toronto Star is Canada’s only major centre-left newspaper. I realise that’s not a blog and that they’re pretty weak stuff sometimes, but compared to the G&M and National Post it can be useful to read sometimes.

Le Devoir is probably Canada’s best major paper, published in Québec, progressive and Canada’s only major independent paper.

Places I get information from and post links from occasionally but cannot recommend in good conscience as they are trash:

Globe and Mail, National Post, HuffPo Canada, Macleans (with the exception of Paul Wells [very centrist but insightful journalism]), the Georgia Straight (all over the fucking map and not usually the best quality), anything by Sunmedia or Postmedia really.

There it is! If I’ve missed anything you think should be on there please let me know! Particularly french-language or indigenous issues.

- Kyle