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Telling poe that you’re pregnant?

You’d had your suspicions for a while now, but you simply hadn’t had time to give them any thought. The Resistance was busier than ever, with squadrons disappearing for new missions practically every day.

But now that you stood in front of the mirror in yours and Poe’s room, frozen in the middle of pulling a jumper over your head, there was no mistaking the beginning of a bump forming on your stomach.

You breathed out slowly, something akin to excitement beginning to flow through your veins as you covered your mouth with your hand. Excited and nervous thoughts raced through your mind.

“I have to tell Poe…is it a boy or a girl?…oh god, what if the base is attacked?…we can’t bring a child into this mess…what if I’m a bad mother?…”

“I have to tell Poe,” you whispered to yourself, finishing putting on your jumper before setting off at a brisk pace towards the main hangar.

“(Y/N), hey!” Snap called, waving at you from his perch on the wing of his ship. He noticed your distracted expression as you waved back absentmindedly.

“You looking for Poe?” he asked. You nodded. “Over there,” he told you, pointing to the other side of the hangar. You smiled distractedly as a thank you, jogging between ships and trying to resist the urge to touch your stomach as you approached your husband’s ship.

“Hey sweetheart!” Poe greeted you, jumping down from his X-wing to take you in his arms. “What brings you here?”

“Just wanted to see you.” It wasn’t exactly a lie, but Poe still looked slightly doubtful. He pushed it aside though, pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead.

You held your breath as he hugged you, suddenly paranoid that he’d notice the bump before you could even tell him.

“Can I speak to you?” you blurted out before you could lose your nerve. “In-in private?”

Your husband nodded, smiling reassuringly but curiously. “Lead the way.”

You took a deep breath, taking his hand in his and trying to think of somewhere nearby where you could talk in private. With nowhere coming to mind, you led him to stand beneath his X-wing. Poe raised his eyebrows in amusement.

“This feels very private,” he whispered dramatically, stooping slightly so as not to bump his head off the belly of the ship. Noticing your serious expression, he stopped joking and squeezed your hand comfortingly.

“I, um…” You trailed off, unsure how to start. “How…how do you feel about having children? Or…just one child?”

Poe furrowed his brow, trying to decipher what exactly you were telling him.

“How soon are we talking here? Like after the rebellion is over?”

You bit your lip nervously. “More like in about nine months, give or take a few?”

His lips parted in shock, his hands moving shakily to hold your shoulders.

“You…you’re really pregnant?” he whispered, the beginnings of a grin showing on his face. You nodded, not trusting yourself to speak. “We’re gonna be parents,” he told you, the gleeful tone of his voice and the sparkle of tears in his beautiful eyes making you giggle in excitement.

“We’re gonna be parents,” you confirmed, grinning. Poe cupped your cheeks gently, bringing your lips to his repeatedly before smattering kisses across your face, making you giggle and wrap your arms around his shoulders.

“Can I tell people?” he asked, excitement bubbling from his lips in giggles that you’d never heard from him before. You nodded again, and he pressed his lips to yours before sprinting away across the hangar to tell Black Squadron the news.

You stood with your hand on your belly, smiling softly and feeling more ready than ever to start a family with Poe.

  • Me: Ahhh~ such a great day to be alive~
  • New Fandom: *a wild new gay fandom has appeared*
  • Me: ......Must...Resist...Urge....
  • New Fandom: *posts kawaii gay ship pics and gifs*
  • Me: ...Could just give it a small search~
  • ~20 years later~
  • Me: *still scrolling through the ship tag on Tumblr* Must... Find...More....

Sirius: Merlin, she maybe 24 years older but she’s the coolest cat.

Sirius: I hate that lately it feels like we are just pawns in his great chess game against You-Know-Who… 

Sirius: Not only was he a shit potions teacher, but he only cared about those in his disgusting ‘Slug Club’

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Hello auro if you still doing the shipping drawing, and have free time, can you draw a Shadamy one? (And what is your opinion about it?)

Anonymous also asked: (I’m the same anon about the shadamy question) I don’t know why but I always see them like vegeta and bulma (but I know bulma and amy don’t have many things in common)            

Anonymous also asked: Hello auro, I don’t want to bother you, but if you have the chance, You would like to draw shadamy, and if you like, what is your opinion about this shipping? Thanks you :D        

Anonymous also asked:  Shipping requests?  HOW ABOUT A LITTLE SHADAMY OR BLAZAMY XD I’m teh sorries.       


(I see Amy more as Chichi but since you mentioned Dragonball stuff I couldn’t resist the uRGE)

I personally…don’t know what to think of this ship? Like Shadow and Amy had so few interactions between eachother and yeah they were nice but I don’t have the immediate thought “Man they would make a great couple” when I see them. Plus the most important one they had got erased from Shadow’s memory it seems XD

So ye hope you enjoy them cosplaying :’‘

Me: Okay I’m gonna do it I’m going to resist the urge to ship Mio and Ritsu

*gets up to episode 1X11*

Me: what’s up with that face Ritsu?

*shrugs and continues on*

Me: What’s up with the sarcasm? And I agree with Azusa why you gotta sneak around?

*watches the rest of the scene*

Me: Ohhh, she’s jealous, I get it……. Well friends get jealous sometimes when they feel like they’re being ignored.

Me: Maybe she’s just taking the club more seriously now.

Me: Whoa things got tense

*Ritsu starts acting more childish than usual with Mio*

Me: Ummm *awkwardly watches*


*suddenly on the same boat with Yui, Azusa, and Mugi*

*Ritsu plays without her usual enthusiasim*

Me: Okay, I’m officially worried

*Ritsu stops comming*

Me: Is she really that mad at Mio?

*Mio goes to Ritsu’s homeroom the next day*



Me: hehe, friends memorize other friends footsteps all the time, plus they’ve known each other so long it’s to be expected

*cute music starts*

Me: Fuck


*Mio talks about how she misses Ritsu’s drumming*

Me: Daww *tears up*

Me: *incoherent noises* *pauses video* *flails around* *more weird noises* *takes a breath* *resumes episode*

Me: *whispers* they’re holding hands

Me: They're still holding hands

Me: *scene ends* *pauses video* *gets off bed* *sits in corner in fetal position* *whispers* “I ship it so hard” *cries because mtsu*

I love how Peter went from calling Twelveclara “platonic” and being against it to calling it “a sort of truly romantic relationship” like even he couldn’t resist the urge to ship it.

the small island i have washed upon is quiet
my only company the tree and its leaves
that whisper in time with the breeze.

occasionally animals will arrive on the shore
they’re here just for a visit i think
to lay on the beach and to take in the heat.

i make them stay for a while
and in return i give their bones back to the sea
and trust it will deliver them home.

dryness coats my mouth and i pick
at my cracked lips and the peeling skin
across my body until it bleeds.

the days are too warm because the sun gives too much
but the nights are worse for the stars
only give a faraway glimmer that do not help with the shivers.

i must resist the urge to light the tree on fire
in case some passing ship spots it
in case they mistake it as a call for help.

the tree agrees with me.
it sings to me that i did do the right thing for everyone
as its chorus lulls me to sleep.

i wonder as my bones become numb,
i wonder if i had stepped into the sea
would it have managed to find me a place to call home.

—  shore leave || h.n
A Tribute to the character of Ronald Weasley

Today at the gym I had a girl ask me if I was a Harry Potter fan. I have a tattoo of the Deathly Hallows on my shoulder, and I was wearing a tank top. After I resisted the urge to say no, she then asked me what my favorite ship was. While I am all for shipping, it’s not a question I’m normally asked in the LA Fitness locker room, so I kind of quickly said that I really liked Hermione and Ron together. The girl then said that she’d wanted Hermione to end up with someone more on her intellectual level, that Ron was too dumb for Hermione.

Ron is not dumb. No, Ron is no Hermione, but who is? Even Harry is only better at Defense Against the Dark Arts, and his whole life is one big DADA class. Ron is not nearly as motivated as Hermione is to study. He simply doesn’t put forth the effort that she does, nor does he have the natural ability to learn and remember. I also firmly believe Ron suffered from some kind of test anxiety. And why wouldn’t he after trying to live up to his brothers for years and being best friends with Harry “I-Defeated-the-Dark-Lord-Voldemort” Potter and Hermione “I-Know-Fucking-Everything” Granger. Anyone with test anxiety knows that it can be truly debilitating, no matter how well you know the material.

Ron was very good at other intellectual things, though. He was extremely good at chess, which requires logical and spatial skills and the ability to look several steps ahead. He figured out how to get into the Chamber of Secrets when needed. When practicing with Harry, he was actually quite good at spells and enchantments. He became a fucking Auror after the Battle at Hogwarts, which is not an easy task. Ron had every thing stacked against him, and he overcame a lot.

TL;DR: Ronald Weasley was a fucking BADASS, and anyone who thinks differently needs to go reevaluate their perception on life.

Let’s all take a moment to ask ourselves why Maine and Locus, the two most dehumanized characters in Red vs Blue, are the two characters in Red vs Blue that are most frequently headcanoned as black, even though one of them canonically has light skin and could easily be, i don’t know, Korean! 

Let’s just fucking think about it!!