resisting the urge to ship

  • Me: Ahhh~ such a great day to be alive~
  • New Fandom: *a wild new gay fandom has appeared*
  • Me: ......Must...Resist...Urge....
  • New Fandom: *posts kawaii gay ship pics and gifs*
  • Me: ...Could just give it a small search~
  • ~20 years later~
  • Me: *still scrolling through the ship tag on Tumblr* Must... Find...More....
A Tribute to the character of Ronald Weasley

Today at the gym I had a girl ask me if I was a Harry Potter fan. I have a tattoo of the Deathly Hallows on my shoulder, and I was wearing a tank top. After I resisted the urge to say no, she then asked me what my favorite ship was. While I am all for shipping, it’s not a question I’m normally asked in the LA Fitness locker room, so I kind of quickly said that I really liked Hermione and Ron together. The girl then said that she’d wanted Hermione to end up with someone more on her intellectual level, that Ron was too dumb for Hermione.

Ron is not dumb. No, Ron is no Hermione, but who is? Even Harry is only better at Defense Against the Dark Arts, and his whole life is one big DADA class. Ron is not nearly as motivated as Hermione is to study. He simply doesn’t put forth the effort that she does, nor does he have the natural ability to learn and remember. I also firmly believe Ron suffered from some kind of test anxiety. And why wouldn’t he after trying to live up to his brothers for years and being best friends with Harry “I-Defeated-the-Dark-Lord-Voldemort” Potter and Hermione “I-Know-Fucking-Everything” Granger. Anyone with test anxiety knows that it can be truly debilitating, no matter how well you know the material.

Ron was very good at other intellectual things, though. He was extremely good at chess, which requires logical and spatial skills and the ability to look several steps ahead. He figured out how to get into the Chamber of Secrets when needed. When practicing with Harry, he was actually quite good at spells and enchantments. He became a fucking Auror after the Battle at Hogwarts, which is not an easy task. Ron had every thing stacked against him, and he overcame a lot.

TL;DR: Ronald Weasley was a fucking BADASS, and anyone who thinks differently needs to go reevaluate their perception on life.

I love how Peter went from calling Twelveclara “platonic” and being against it to calling it “a sort of truly romantic relationship” like even he couldn’t resist the urge to ship it.

That feeling when you see someone else’s beautiful GF AU and end up trying really hard to resist the urge to just rub your gross crossover shipping hands all over it cause you’re unsure the OP would want you doing that and don’t want to impose your trash on them. Ugg.. stop it brain! I already have too many AUs of my own to work on! No tainting other peoples pretty things with your ideas for how Rick Sanchez could tie into the plot… 

Actual footage of me telling myself to stop this madness before I sink too deep:

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