resisting the urge to ship


  • Me: Ahhh~ such a great day to be alive~
  • New Fandom: *a wild new gay fandom has appeared*
  • Me: ......Must...Resist...Urge....
  • New Fandom: *posts kawaii gay ship pics and gifs*
  • Me: ...Could just give it a small search~
  • ~20 years later~
  • Me: *still scrolling through the ship tag on Tumblr* Must... Find...More....

anonymous asked:

Hello auro if you still doing the shipping drawing, and have free time, can you draw a Shadamy one? (And what is your opinion about it?)

Anonymous also asked: (I’m the same anon about the shadamy question) I don’t know why but I always see them like vegeta and bulma (but I know bulma and amy don’t have many things in common)            

Anonymous also asked: Hello auro, I don’t want to bother you, but if you have the chance, You would like to draw shadamy, and if you like, what is your opinion about this shipping? Thanks you :D        

Anonymous also asked:  Shipping requests?  HOW ABOUT A LITTLE SHADAMY OR BLAZAMY XD I’m teh sorries.       


(I see Amy more as Chichi but since you mentioned Dragonball stuff I couldn’t resist the uRGE)

I personally…don’t know what to think of this ship? Like Shadow and Amy had so few interactions between eachother and yeah they were nice but I don’t have the immediate thought “Man they would make a great couple” when I see them. Plus the most important one they had got erased from Shadow’s memory it seems XD

So ye hope you enjoy them cosplaying :’‘

Me: Okay I’m gonna do it I’m going to resist the urge to ship Mio and Ritsu

*gets up to episode 1X11*

Me: what’s up with that face Ritsu?

*shrugs and continues on*

Me: What’s up with the sarcasm? And I agree with Azusa why you gotta sneak around?

*watches the rest of the scene*

Me: Ohhh, she’s jealous, I get it……. Well friends get jealous sometimes when they feel like they’re being ignored.

Me: Maybe she’s just taking the club more seriously now.

Me: Whoa things got tense

*Ritsu starts acting more childish than usual with Mio*

Me: Ummm *awkwardly watches*


*suddenly on the same boat with Yui, Azusa, and Mugi*

*Ritsu plays without her usual enthusiasim*

Me: Okay, I’m officially worried

*Ritsu stops comming*

Me: Is she really that mad at Mio?

*Mio goes to Ritsu’s homeroom the next day*



Me: hehe, friends memorize other friends footsteps all the time, plus they’ve known each other so long it’s to be expected

*cute music starts*

Me: Fuck


*Mio talks about how she misses Ritsu’s drumming*

Me: Daww *tears up*

Me: *incoherent noises* *pauses video* *flails around* *more weird noises* *takes a breath* *resumes episode*

Me: *whispers* they’re holding hands

Me: They're still holding hands

Me: *scene ends* *pauses video* *gets off bed* *sits in corner in fetal position* *whispers* “I ship it so hard” *cries because mtsu*

I love how Peter went from calling Twelveclara “platonic” and being against it to calling it “a sort of truly romantic relationship” like even he couldn’t resist the urge to ship it.

A Tribute to the character of Ronald Weasley

Today at the gym I had a girl ask me if I was a Harry Potter fan. I have a tattoo of the Deathly Hallows on my shoulder, and I was wearing a tank top. After I resisted the urge to say no, she then asked me what my favorite ship was. While I am all for shipping, it’s not a question I’m normally asked in the LA Fitness locker room, so I kind of quickly said that I really liked Hermione and Ron together. The girl then said that she’d wanted Hermione to end up with someone more on her intellectual level, that Ron was too dumb for Hermione.

Ron is not dumb. No, Ron is no Hermione, but who is? Even Harry is only better at Defense Against the Dark Arts, and his whole life is one big DADA class. Ron is not nearly as motivated as Hermione is to study. He simply doesn’t put forth the effort that she does, nor does he have the natural ability to learn and remember. I also firmly believe Ron suffered from some kind of test anxiety. And why wouldn’t he after trying to live up to his brothers for years and being best friends with Harry “I-Defeated-the-Dark-Lord-Voldemort” Potter and Hermione “I-Know-Fucking-Everything” Granger. Anyone with test anxiety knows that it can be truly debilitating, no matter how well you know the material.

Ron was very good at other intellectual things, though. He was extremely good at chess, which requires logical and spatial skills and the ability to look several steps ahead. He figured out how to get into the Chamber of Secrets when needed. When practicing with Harry, he was actually quite good at spells and enchantments. He became a fucking Auror after the Battle at Hogwarts, which is not an easy task. Ron had every thing stacked against him, and he overcame a lot.

TL;DR: Ronald Weasley was a fucking BADASS, and anyone who thinks differently needs to go reevaluate their perception on life.

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Companions (+ BOS maybe) reacting to SS having a belief of hating ghouls and synths, gaining their trust, until after 2-5 years it is reveled they've been working for the Railroad, giving Intel. Their beliefs completely opposite. (Romance Maxson??)

Danse: It’s a sign of relief when they first met, and Sole spit on the mangled corpse of a ghoul. So when Sole marched into that abandoned bunker with weapon in hand and their gaze like stone he resigned himself to his fate.

He hadn’t expected the way Sole’s hands shook when they lowered their weapon. He hadn’t expected the way their voice would crack when they begged for Danse not to lose hope. “I can help you. I’ve got some friends.” Danse’s heart feels like it’s trapped in a vice when Sole explains it. That they’ve been lying. That they’ve been helping the Railroad.

It isn’t until Sole has chased Maxson off that Danse can feel the situation depressurize, and he has to send Sole away before he cracks and slams his fist against the concrete wall. His knuckles bleed, his own emulated mortality mocking him.

He’s not sure if he can trust Sole again, but it’s impossible to send them away when they stop by with a box of rations for him.

Deacon: He has trouble keeping a straight face every time he sees the Survivor saluting their Brotherhood superiors, every time they agree that synths are the true threat to the Commonwealth. The Sole Survivor’s acting is pretty good, Deacon has to admit; good enough that if he hadn’t personally seen them escorting five escaped synths to a Railroad safe house, then he might have even been fooled. Knowing the truth however allows him to see the way they steel themselves for every lie, hiding their true allegiance behind a mask. 

Deacon can relate, after all. He’s been hiding for ages.

Friendly!X6-88: He almost sees it coming. Sole was efficient, Sole was vocal in their beliefs, but Sole couldn’t hide from X6. Through words of disgust for him, X6 saw how they would use the last stimpak on him. Saw the reflexive concern in their face when he took a hard hit. But he never acknowledged it. It was almost as if they had a balance. X6 could voice his concerns, to a point, and in exchange X6 would not make Sole consider themselves too closely.

It all tore itself to pieces after Bunker Hill, upon giving the assignment Sole requested a break, asking X6 to meet them there. When Sole arrived the Railroad forces seemed to triple and X6 didn’t mention anything to Sole until he saw them open fire on GEN1s.

X6 tightens his grasp on his gun, he keeps his fire on Brotherhood soldiers and Sole doesn’t correct him.

And in that dank cellar, once the dust has settled the the other synths have started clearing out, Sole whispers it. Almost reverently.

“Don’t worry. The Railroad may have forgotten about you, but I won’t.” Sole places a hand on X6′s shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. And X6 finds himself battling with his own conscience over if he should inform Father.

Romanced!Maxson: To Maxson, this was all a dangerous game. In his 20 years he had never valued anything above the Brotherhood, and even now he can’t say he really does. But sometimes, Sole wins. So when Sole asks them to ignore the Railroad, to focus on the Institute instead, with whispers of how the Railroad is eating itself from the inside out. There’s in-fighting in the ranks. They’re already so weak, a display of the Brotherhood’s power would be all it takes to scare them off.

Maxson trusts them. Sole is made Sentinel, his only one, and the Scribes report that they can’t find any hint of Railroad activity. It almost seems like a dream.

It takes a dark turn when Maxson is woken by the sound of bursting pipes and exploding engines. Maxson turns beside him and sees the bed empty, but before hurt can seize his heart he feels a wave of anger overcome him. They’re going down, Ingram rushes into his room and nearly drags Maxson out and into a fleeing vertibird.

“Where are we going?”

“To the Capitol.” The proctor answers, ushering the other two proctors on before they broke free from the falling ship. The vertibird clashes against the walkway and for a moment they nearly go down but the pilot keeps the ship up.

Maxson bit his tongue, resisting the urge to ask who was behind this. He already knew, the empty seat beside him spoke volumes.

Preston: To Preston, synths and sentient ghouls were not priorities to deal with in and of themselves. The Minutemen were about protecting the Commonwealth and all of her citizens, whether or not they had rough skin or electronic components. Still, every time Preston heard the Survivor making remarks of the kind usually heard from the Brotherhood, he winced a tiny bit and glanced around just to make sure no ghouls were in hearing distance.

Sole wasn’t what he imagined the next General to be, but Preston was learning he had to reevaluate his standards.

When Sole asked Preston to join them on a mission he didn’t hesitate. Sole seemed more confident than usual, which confused him. But when Sole lead Preston into that small church to meet up with a person called H2-22 he found his entire perspective on Sole shattered.

When Sole took the time to tell the safely escorted synth goodbye, Preston could feel the corners of his mouth pull themselves into a smile for the first time in years.

MacCready: He doesn’t have to understand Sole, he is just following orders. So he tries not to think too hard about the moral implications of some of Sole’s more dubious requests. Comments about ghouls go ignored and MacCready even joins in occasionally when they talk about Synths. It strikes MacCready about 5 seconds later than it probably should and it sends him reeling.

“Hey Sole?”
“Where are we?”

Sole looks back over his shoulder at the gun man before looking away, almost as if they’re shy. Sole’s eyes seem to focus on a white chalk mark on the wall.

“…You ever heard of the Railroad?”
“Yes.” But the idea of Sole in the Railroad or working with them is so fantastic it doesn’t even cross his mind. He seems to wait for a follow up for Sole. There’s a brief silence, during while Sole is trying not to laugh.

“I’m in it.”

MacCready’s jaw drops, his gun nearly going down with it. Sole laughs at the reaction, either out of nerves or actual amusement.

“Shit– now I owe Deacon 200 caps.”

Nick: When the Sole Survivor very quietly admits their true allegiance to the Railroad one night, Nick nods in consideration back across the campfire. The sun had set while they were still following Kellogg’s trail, so they set up camp along the railroad tracks and ate some dinner. 

”You’ll have to be careful,” Nick advises. “Too many people start following you because of your false ideology, well… that’ll lead to a real nasty turn once they find out the truth.”

The Survivor tell him they don’t intend on anyone ‘following’ them, and Nick snorts at that. “Doesn’t mean they won’t regardless. Look at me–I’m a beaten-up synth detective who does most of his work outta Diamond City, but I was so eager to help you find your lost kid that I almost want my own shot at Kellogg, in between yours. There’s something about you, y’know. That inspires that kind of… of loyalty in people.” Nick meets their gaze, and his eyes glow as bright as the coals in the fire between them.

Piper: When the Prydwen explodes over the remains of the Boston Airport, the skeletal wreckage screaming to earth as the vertibirds escape with what survivors they can carry, Piper was in Diamond City. Companion to the Sole Survivor or not, she had a little sister to take care of and check in on. So when the news started to spread among travelers and then finally over the air as Travis Miles caught wind of it, Piper felt the breath leave her body like she’d been punched.

The Brotherhood of Steel, attacked. The Prydwen destroyed. 

Given the lack of communication from the Survivor leading up to it or since, it wasn’t too great of a leap in logic to think maybe they had been up there at the time the Railroad attacked–and that maybe, they hadn’t escaped the fiery explosion. For two weeks, there was no sign of the Sole Survivor of Vault 111.

And then they turned up in Diamond City, out of the blue. The moment Piper saw the back of their familiar head, she all but dragged them to Publick Occurences’ headquarters. “Tell. Me. Everything,” she begged, pulling out her pad of paper the moment she’d decided that they seemed to be in good shape, and without any injuries. There was no way she could miss the chance at a scoop this big.

Note: Due to the amount of people requested we removed one companion we felt had the least interesting response and put in Romanced!Maxson instead. -Mod Shay