resisting law enforcement


CasaPound: arrested for defending Italians

Released under house arrest after the detainment, Simone di Stefano, Vice President of Casapound Italia and the mayoral candidate in the latest Capitoline elections, has made it clear that he was arrested for nothing but defending Italians facing economic difficulties: lady Laura and Massimo family who were evicted from their appartments in via del Colosseo.

Having symbolically barricaded from inside of the house, di Stefano and 15 (currently released) militants were no less symbolically pouring water and throwing flour at the police. However, the leader of the activists was accused of resistance to law enforcement and illegal occupation of the building. Hypocrisy of these charges is especially obvious given that the city administration headed by the 5 Stars movement, in particular, Daniel Frongia, Deputy Mayor of Rome, didn’t even show up to sort out the issue in spite of their initial promises.

“We did not come to steal; we came to prove that Italians do not give up in the face of injustice,” explained Simone di Stefano. “Neither will we abandon them in the future,” to sum up the message of his interview.

Freedom to Simone di Stefano, “house arrest” for the accounts of moneymakers in the government!