“Most policy-making is not done by elected officials. Since 2010, an increasing majority of actions by the government have been new regulations written by civil servants rather than new bills written by legislators. This means that the majority of new laws created by our government have little to no relation to the outcome of elections, and while this is connected to deadlock in Congress, this deadlock is going to continue for the foreseeable future. While this happens, the majority of policy will be made not by elected officials accountable to the people, but by clerks and bureaucrats accountable only to their bosses and to the lobbyists who participate in the rule-making process.”

– Organize or Die: Never in the History of the World has an Election Destroyed a System of Oppression


Shay had her feet up on the dashboard and her eyes closed as Frank drove them back home. They could have just flown to Vegas and back but he insisted on them taking a road trip instead, wanting them to spend more time together or something. “Jesus, I thought the way back was supposed to seem like less time.” She spoke up jokingly after a period of long silence.

                       “— It’s too late to say you’re sorry now !! “

[[ Remember me saying I’d draw a league girl? Well - drawing for @youcannotaffordme / @azulity of her b a b e Valentina. Been meaning to draw Val in this outfit since I saw the music video. Hope you like her boo<3. ]]

The problem for women is that being hurt is ordinary. It happens every day, all the time, somewhere to someone, in every neighborhood, on every street, in intimacy, in crowds; women are being hurt. We count ourselves lucky when we are only being humiliated and insulted. We count ourselves goddamn lucky when whatever happens falls short of rape. Those who have been beaten in marriage (a euphemism for torture) also have a sense of what luck is. We are always happy when something less bad happens than what we had thought possible or even likely, and we tell ourselves that if we do not settle for the less bad there is something wrong with us. It is time for us to stop that.

–Andrea Dworkin, Pornography Happens to Women