someone please explain to me what is Junjun saying at the end xD

Blu-BiLLioN to stop activity in 2014

They seem to not made a final decision yet but it leaked out that ResistarRecord’s band Blu-BillioN are going to break off in Summer 2014 after their participation at the ResistarRecord’s CHIGAIHŌKEN tour and their release of the Live DVD in July.

Reasons for that are the bad reletioanships between the members and some personal problems of the individual members.

According to the japanese fanbase, the trouble within the band sticks out a mile and has reached the summit with the scandal involving their keyboarder Teru.

It’s said that they are currently discussing wether they stop their activity or if some of the members are going to leave the band. The members that want to stop activity are Teru, So-ya, Haku and Mag.

Please wait for further updates and announcements.