I am somebody different physically and mentally. It is the mental change I am most proud of. I love myself and it is not because I lost weight. It took love for me to decide to do what is best for ME. I tried and failed many times before, but once I decided I was worth it is when I made a huge change to my lifestyle. I am healthy and happy and nobody can ever take that from me.



  1. You can target smaller muscles, like therotator cuff around the shoulder, more easily than with weights. Using a band will increase your coordination and your balance, and utilize more muscle groups at a time.
  2. Bands offer more variety because you can create resistance in all directions. Also, since there are different tension levels based on the color band you use, you can easily alter the difficulty level. Use a higher tension band for an easier exercise likeBicep Curls, or a lower tension band for more difficult exercises like Overhead Shoulder Presses.
  3. Resistance bands can make all strength training exercises more challenging. Try using one with basic moves like push-upsand squats. Or use a band in combination with dumbbells such as this exercise calledBent Over Row With Resistance Band.
  4. Bands are cheap, so they make a great addition to your home gym. Buy one bandfor $10 or a set of three for $30.
  5. Resistance bands are lightweight so you can pack them in your suitcase when you travel. You can reconstruct many cable pulley machine exercises with resistance bands too.

Exercises and Workouts for Resistance Bands

List of basic moves to get you started:

  • Chest Press. For this exercise, wrap the band around a pole or rail behind you or use the door attachment to secure the band in the door. The resistance band should be right at about chest level and you should step far enough away from the door that you get constant tension on the band. Keep your elbows in a ‘goal-post’ position (parallel to the floor) throughout the movement.
  • Seated Row. For this move, you can keep the band where it is and simply turn around so that you’re facing the band. This exercise targets the large muscles on either side of the back, so make sure you squeeze the back without arching or pulling the elbows too far back.
  • Bicep Curls. For the bicep curl, you can stand on the band with both feet (harder) or with one foot (easier). Hold the handles in each hand and curl up in a bicep curl, just as you would with dumbbells. You can make this move harder by stepping the feet wide or by using a heavy band.
  • Squats. For squats, stand on the band and hold the handles up towards the shoulders (elbows bent) to create more tension. You’ll probably want to use heavy resistance here since your leg muscles are large and will usually require more tension to fatigue them.