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Do you have any tips for beating the new special map for the wyvern general ? I keep getting one hit as soon as I put someone into a red zone

I’d WOULD recommended:

  • Being a couple levels higher at least, though that really depends on what ★-level your unit is and what skills they have. 
  • A healer is HIGHLY reccommended, though if you have a lot of heavy hitting tanks, one might not be needed.
  • Having an archer who can take some heavy hits/has a counter or a unit with high resistance stats be in front to reach the first enemy’s range.
  • A flier could be useful if they can take out the archer first (aka do 31 damage at least,whether attacking once or twice) take a couple of hits from Narcian and a blue mage.
  • Rally skills are SUPER handy (resistance for units weak against magic & defense for archers/squishy units)
  • Having a heavy hitter could also be handy if a healer is nearby because those tend to get attacked from ranged enemies.

I WOULD NOT recommend:

  • Putting a red infantry unit out in front of the first enemy. (They’ll probably get sniped by the blue mage and die. If using a red unit, use a red cavalry unit so they can enter and exit really easily.)
  • Having a flier rest on the mountains first turn. (They’ll get hit by the archer and probably die. Have them rest right in front of the middle part of the map and then on the next turn, take out the archer.)
  • Moving a healer in the danger area, unless they have high defense/HP. (Y’all probably already know this one though.)
  • Having a mostly Red team (even though there’s two Green enemies, if one of your units get killed by that Blue Calvary Mage, it’s an automatic game over.)

I can’t think of anymore, but if anyone has any other tips, let me know!

Fire Emblem Fates: Just Shove Your Children into the Puberty Void

           I really wanted to like Fire Emblem Fates. I really, really did.

           But there’s only just so much anime I can take, you guys.

           Fire Emblem Fates is the fourteenth entry in the long running Fire Emblem series of fantasy, turn-based strategy games. The series has always made itself distinct from other games in the same genre with its strong sense of fantasy aesthetic, its character writing, and smooth, smooth animation, but has always failed to get traction in the West due to its difficulty and occasional iffy mechanics choices. Fates’ predecessor, Awakening, sold very well, however, and proved that there was a place for Fire Emblem in the states, but sacrificed a lot of franchise difficulty, so Fates promised to give an experience that both fans of Awakening and fans of previous Fire Emblems could enjoy.

           It… certainly tried. I don’t think it quite got there, but it tried. But there was a lot going on along the way that makes me question what the hell they were thinking.

           Fates, ultimately, feels like it’s torn between being a Fire Emblem entry and being a cool light novel that all of the kids will like. There’s a lot that feels like it was cribbed from the latest cheap anime on the airwaves, just for the sake of appealing to people who’re into that. It’s a very weird atmosphere and it doesn’t really fit for what Fire Emblem has previously been. There’s some serious war drama, but there’s also some creepy incest stuff involving your non-blood related siblings and a lot of fanservice. There’s this soap opera stuff involving whether you should be loyal to your birth family or your adoptive family, but also a dimension crossing dragon man’s evil army that wants to destroy the world. There’s DLC gating. There’s a lot of DLC gating.

           It’s not a bad game, persay, but… well, there’s a lot to talk about. Let’s dive in.

           Disclaimer: All images in this long pile of salt are either pulled from official Nintendo press releases or official art, from Miiverse posts, or from other sources. Every image is a legitimate image from the localization, at least as far as I can tell. There’s exactly one image I ‘capped myself, and it’s because I wanted a good shot of a booty. Otherwise, I didn’t screencap them. Please excuse my laziness.

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Austin is doing an AMA over on reddit. A user named VOxus asked him about his most valuable lessons learned while at Giant Bomb, and he had this to say:

“ Good (and difficult) question, so let’s start with this one!I learned a ton from my time at GB—I cannot begin to overstate the wisdom that was imparted on by everyone there. Really, really hard to push So here’s a lesson I from everyone:

-Vinny taught me the value of of a backup plan—and how to face the fact that sometimes, even your backup’s backup fails. I remember when Vinny told me that our quick look system had three redundancies. I laughed at how surreal that was. Less than a week later, the initial recording and two of those three backups totally failed. I was very grateful for that third one.

-Alex taught me how to push forward on a shitty day. Alex and I both have a great deal in common in terms of our, uh, cloudy demeanors, let’s say. But Alex was an incredible professional, and even on the days where things were rough as hell, he managed to put his nose to the stone

-Jeff taught me that it’s less about perfection, and it’s more about cadence. Every swing you take will not be a home run—both as a creator and journalist and also as a person—but if you can consistently, reliably do solid work, people will follow you.

-Rorie taught me the value of prioritization. Matt is just… super busy over there, and he constantly has to decide what challenges are things he needs to address immediately and which things need to be saved for tomorrow.

-Drew showed me the courage (and the deftness) it takes to bring really, really esoteric interests to a wide audience. Things like the Crusader Kings 2 stream or the Twilight Struggle Quick Look (which I did with Drew) never would’ve happened if he didn’t prove that if you bring a fun personality and a lot of patience, you can share your weirdest interests with people.

-Jason is a living example of grit. Long nights of setup were worth it, because tomorrow it meant that things would be that much easier. And longer nights of breakdown were worth it because hey, you were done. If I’m every a tenth of the professional Jason is, I’ll be able to get a ton done even on the hardest nights

-Dan and I bonded over our social anxiety. His ability to step out into a crowd—but also to know that it’s okay to step away when you need to was a very important lesson for me.

-Brad taught me how to deal with criticism. That’s not a joke, either. There were weeks where I saw fans of ours pile onto him unfairly—unaware of whatever really difficult task he was hard at work at accomplishing—and he was just fucking head down on what had to get done. But he also listened when people had real, important, constructive critique. Super important lesson

-While I was there, I also worked with a dude named Stan who you probably don’t know, but Stan absolutely taught me the value of working with people who understand the big picture. I’m a humanities dude, you know? I resist stats and charts and all that. Stan showed me how those things could inform my work without forcing it to change in a way I wasn’t happy with.

-Patrick was obviously gone by the time I arrived, but watching his whole career (and now being lucky enough to work with him on a daily basis), he’s taught me a ton about the value of being curious. Dig deeper. The story isn’t the obvious thing, it’s the next level down. Always take that next step.

-And while I was never lucky enough to know Ryan, as a fan, I was keenly aware of his amazing way of bringing a room of people together. In prepping for our huge 72 hour livestream, I thought a lot about how well Ryan was able to find common ground between people who had very little to do with each other. He was a master MC, and I aspire to bring even a fraction of the joy he brought others.”

I’m replaying awakening and I almost forgot:
- How strong Sumia is, once you give her a few levels and a killer Lance. She reliably dodges and double revenge kills pretty much all early game units, especially when paired up with Sully for the mov/Def/str bonus.
- Archers still suck. Good job fates for changing that, but pulling along Virion is a nightmare.
- The awakening pairup system is incredibly overpowered, and you know what? I missed overkill. It’s fun every now and then.
- I’m still chrobin trash.
- Early promoting Lissa is still one of the most reliable ways to win early game. She’s a level 2 Sage and has a higher defense than her supposedly more battleworn brother, not even speaking of her resistance Stat.
- Once you go galeforce, there is no going back. I’m already optimizing pairings for max galeforce coverage, and I’m only at chapter 6.

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I am thoroughly convinced Lestat is one of those people who does this really annoying voice for people he doesn't like when retelling stories.

Oh definitely! This isn’t exactly what you meant but I remembered this dialogue from Hook, and my hand slipped, you can tell Lestat would be using a very annoying voice here to imitate Claudia:

John Cena vs The Shepherds

Welcome to episode 17 of John Cena vs Everything, where we use facts and research to determine who would win when John Cena takes on the most powerful beings in fiction! This time, Cena goes up against The Shepherds from Fire Emblem Awakening, represented by Chrom, Lucina and Robin!

Shoutouts to user meltedsherbert for guessing this matchup before their preview went up!  Well, they guessed Chrom at least…that’s part of it!

A brief warning, since this is a 4-person match, this one might be a bit…lengthy.  I do apologize, since overly wordy matches have been a recurrent source of criticism from my readers, but I don’t think I could have made this one brief, given the circumstances.

No, seriously, I mean it.  This one is going to be LONG.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  I apologize in advance.

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For the clerics (and possibly chanters), I found a Korean cleric with a full set of  +15 mythic Bloodmark chain. His stats are as follows:

- 4398 Block
- 2000 Magic Resist
- 629 Strike Resist

Above stats are taken without any external buffs, Shield Mantra and Word of Protection will provide an additional 200 Block should he have the luxury of chanter support.

Regarding the rest of his gear:

Mace: Vasharti Brigade General’s Mace (6-slot)
Shield: Special Elite Ambassador’s Divine Shield (+17)
Accessories: Exalted Nolan Set + Sauro Commander’s Sash
Headgear: Remodeled Danaur Helm

Looks like this is indeed a set worth investing, but take note it will take some work as there will be some weekly grinding to do for the new Bloodmark insignias (this is different from the normal Bloodmarks).

P.S - I asked a melee friend for his opinion, and he said that the Block amount does scare him.

Spinel’s Stats Sheet!

I found these floating around and I can’t resist stat sheets. I exaggerated my own traits for her and tried to be very honest with it! Below the Read More is an explanation of my choices because I also can’t resist talking about my OCs haha. Thanks for making these stat sheets, gemsona-hq!

A little extra info: Spinel is open to the idea of fusion but hasn’t met anyone she would want to permanently fuse with yet. Even though she’s shy and avoids talking to new people she really wants to find someone she can connect with like Ruby and Sapphire do. Her dance style is very flashy and a little sexual, containing a lot of arm thrashing and jumping and head banging, legs open at all times! This throws a lot of people off because she’s so cute and tiny aha. If she weren’t bubbled she would probably be in love with Jamie.

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Aion - Test Server Update (18 May 2015)

Finalized updates are being done to the enchanting revamp patch, in addition to the changes listed here.

i) Removal of Amplification Tool/Stone

All equipment will be put into amplified state automatically upon reaching +15 enchant status. Subsequent failures will simply drop the equipment’s enchant level back to +15, while retaining it’s amplified state.


(brace yourselves)

As replacement for the Amplification Tool and Stone, Kinah will be used as a cost. Eternal and Mythic grades have different starting costs, it’s not specifically stated but any grade below Eternal should share the same costs as it.


+15 ~ +16: 5,000,000 Kinah

+16 ~ +17: 10,000,000 Kinah

+17 ~ +18: 20,000,000 Kinah

+18 ~ +19: 40,000,000 Kinah

+19 ~ +20: 80,000,000 Kinah

+20 ~ +21: 160,000,000 Kinah


+15 ~ +16: 10,000,000 Kinah

+16 ~ +17: 20,000,000 Kinah

+17 ~ +18: 40,000,000 Kinah

+18 ~ +19: 80,000,000 Kinah

+19 ~ +20: 160,000,000 Kinah

+20 ~ +21: 320,000,000 Kinah

Costs will increase by two-fold continuously for each level. Omega stones are still needed for enchantment and no changes are being done to success/fail rates.

Extra Note: There will be NPCs to reimburse players who are still holding on to Amplification Tools and Stones. The aforementioned items will be put into a “broken state” and they can no longer be used, they will also no longer drop from mobs.

ii) Enhanced stat changes for +21 and higher

Enchanting now gives attack, magic boost in addition to HP*, magic defense, physical defense and strike resist. The stat formula will be increased by two-fold once the equipment hits +21 and higher.

*I forgot to mention this in the previous post but HP stats from enchanting has been boosted, every successful enchant now gives +24 HP/level (currently, it’s +10 HP/level).

iii) Additional stat boosts to shields +21 and higher

In addition to damage reduction and block, shields enchanted to +21 and higher will receive the following stat boosts:

1) +100 HP
2) +50 Physical Defense
3) +20 Magic Suppression

Every subsequent upgrade level beyond +21 will receive the aforementioned consecutive boosts, the two-fold stat boost will not be applied to shields.

iv) Loading Screen UI changes

Last but not the least, some minor UI changes done to the loading screen. We now have a fancy loading bar, and it seems that they are bringing back the old environment art.