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Do you have any tips for beating the new special map for the wyvern general ? I keep getting one hit as soon as I put someone into a red zone

I’d WOULD recommended:

  • Being a couple levels higher at least, though that really depends on what ★-level your unit is and what skills they have. 
  • A healer is HIGHLY reccommended, though if you have a lot of heavy hitting tanks, one might not be needed.
  • Having an archer who can take some heavy hits/has a counter or a unit with high resistance stats be in front to reach the first enemy’s range.
  • A flier could be useful if they can take out the archer first (aka do 31 damage at least,whether attacking once or twice) take a couple of hits from Narcian and a blue mage.
  • Rally skills are SUPER handy (resistance for units weak against magic & defense for archers/squishy units)
  • Having a heavy hitter could also be handy if a healer is nearby because those tend to get attacked from ranged enemies.

I WOULD NOT recommend:

  • Putting a red infantry unit out in front of the first enemy. (They’ll probably get sniped by the blue mage and die. If using a red unit, use a red cavalry unit so they can enter and exit really easily.)
  • Having a flier rest on the mountains first turn. (They’ll get hit by the archer and probably die. Have them rest right in front of the middle part of the map and then on the next turn, take out the archer.)
  • Moving a healer in the danger area, unless they have high defense/HP. (Y’all probably already know this one though.)
  • Having a mostly Red team (even though there’s two Green enemies, if one of your units get killed by that Blue Calvary Mage, it’s an automatic game over.)

I can’t think of anymore, but if anyone has any other tips, let me know!

I’m replaying awakening and I almost forgot:
- How strong Sumia is, once you give her a few levels and a killer Lance. She reliably dodges and double revenge kills pretty much all early game units, especially when paired up with Sully for the mov/Def/str bonus.
- Archers still suck. Good job fates for changing that, but pulling along Virion is a nightmare.
- The awakening pairup system is incredibly overpowered, and you know what? I missed overkill. It’s fun every now and then.
- I’m still chrobin trash.
- Early promoting Lissa is still one of the most reliable ways to win early game. She’s a level 2 Sage and has a higher defense than her supposedly more battleworn brother, not even speaking of her resistance Stat.
- Once you go galeforce, there is no going back. I’m already optimizing pairings for max galeforce coverage, and I’m only at chapter 6.

Tactical waffling for FE Heroes:

Right now my top team has Caeda (5*, red, good support for rally speed and great mage killer, boosts resistance, well balanced stats overall), Frederick (green, mobile physical tank, kills… well most things really unless they’re red, slow-ish but not so much that he gets double attacked very often, crap resistance, boosts defense), Nino (green, squishier than Sophia who she replaces, but is super fast which seems to balance it more or less, and it’s easier to boost her offense since she has the Blade weapon and my team is all about the mutual boosts, bit of mobility utility with Draw Back, boosts attack). My previous blue unit was Sully who I feel had a bit too mediocre an offense… she did peanut damage to none sword users and sometimes few to them either. OTOH she has mostly well balanced stats (decent resistance and speed), has the mobility of cavalry + utility of Draw Back, and a spur Defense which is nice to combine with Frederick’s ungodly defense or his defense boost to someone else… anyway, I’ve been trying to phase her out in favour of Effie (Blue, kills whatever draws near that fails to kills her, can Smite if you can position her) which seems to work well until she got unexpectedly ORKO by a Gordon with a brave bow (does Mefiance not work against Brave weapons, or is it because the first hit did too much damage?)… and well she’s slow to move around.

I’ve also just drawn Cordelia as a Blue unit, but two Peg knight in a team might be too squishy; and I’m starting to think 4*ing Sharena might be the best fit to this team (since it’s mostly based on mutual boosts)
What do you guys think?

Anyway, with my last draw, I’m also wondering about building a team based upon Effie (crazy def/attack, smite), Julia (crazy res/attack, heals a bit), Olivia (for the move) + a fourth person. I’m thinking maybe Sheena (for the Armor support), Lissa (it’s a very defensive team so a healer might not be wasted), Selena and Barst (for the Reposition mainly)…
Any advice?

And I’m also thinking of a team built on Cordelia (with Galeforce) and Olivia, but i’m not sure how that one would work. I have several high level Peg knights with Peg specific supports (Palla and Caeda) but too many Peg knights is pretty squish. The quick strike could be also well served with Cecilia or Raigh (raised them by myself to 3* so far) for their special weapons.

Also, not team building but what should I do with my 3*Olivia (that I had raised all by myself lol). Delete her for the feathers, fusion for the AP (which i’m increasingly feeling is a waste since by the end you swim in more AP than you need), or raise her to 4* then merge for the stat boosts? (also there’s a 2*Lissa which I could do the same with, if I want to take Lissa to a top team).

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So I have Chrom and Marth but I can't decide which one would be better to use for my team...

I’d personally say go with Chrom. He has a higher attack and defense stats than Marth and his “Aether” ability also gives him a boost to damage by ignoring 50% of the target’s Def/Res and it also heals him, in addition to Falchion’s healing. Although, Chrom does have a lower speed and resistance stat than Marth, making him possibly easier to kill by magic.


For the clerics (and possibly chanters), I found a Korean cleric with a full set of  +15 mythic Bloodmark chain. His stats are as follows:

- 4398 Block
- 2000 Magic Resist
- 629 Strike Resist

Above stats are taken without any external buffs, Shield Mantra and Word of Protection will provide an additional 200 Block should he have the luxury of chanter support.

Regarding the rest of his gear:

Mace: Vasharti Brigade General’s Mace (6-slot)
Shield: Special Elite Ambassador’s Divine Shield (+17)
Accessories: Exalted Nolan Set + Sauro Commander’s Sash
Headgear: Remodeled Danaur Helm

Looks like this is indeed a set worth investing, but take note it will take some work as there will be some weekly grinding to do for the new Bloodmark insignias (this is different from the normal Bloodmarks).

P.S - I asked a melee friend for his opinion, and he said that the Block amount does scare him.

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I am maining a party of Lucina, Minerva, Leo and M!Robin, and it is doing well when I am just doing quests in the story mode (NEARLY DONE WITH LUNATIC THANK EVERYTHING ;o;).... But I want to give more power to Minerva. Currently she is pretty close to 40, and her Life or Death+her sheer might can decimate foes... But I wanna know who can I pair with her to help her against those pesky fliers and swordsmen. ;__;

Minerva tends to have the lowest the defense and resistance stats out of the four characters you mentioned, which with her “Life or Death” skill, is high risk.

The only unit you have in your party that would really be of use to help out Minerva would be Robin with his “Spur Def 3″ that would get back 4 of the 5 Def points that Minerva loses with her “Life and Death” ability, plus his weapon, Blárraven, has advantage over red units AND colorless foes.

Also…..your team is all offensive, so maybe you might want to replace Leo with a healer that has a skill/assist that boosts Res (Sakura’s Still-Water Balm or Maria’s Fortify Res) or Def (Azama’s Solid-Earth Balm)?

Spinel’s Stats Sheet!

I found these floating around and I can’t resist stat sheets. I exaggerated my own traits for her and tried to be very honest with it! Below the Read More is an explanation of my choices because I also can’t resist talking about my OCs haha. Thanks for making these stat sheets, gemsona-hq!

A little extra info: Spinel is open to the idea of fusion but hasn’t met anyone she would want to permanently fuse with yet. Even though she’s shy and avoids talking to new people she really wants to find someone she can connect with like Ruby and Sapphire do. Her dance style is very flashy and a little sexual, containing a lot of arm thrashing and jumping and head banging, legs open at all times! This throws a lot of people off because she’s so cute and tiny aha. If she weren’t bubbled she would probably be in love with Jamie.

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