resistance is victory

Take It Slow

Word Total: 703…  

Request: Anonymous asked: Can you do a little bit of poe with a shy nervous reader

Pairing:  Poe x Reader


Y/N took a step back as she was concealed by her captain’s colossal body. She just wanted to escape this crowd. Y/N was never good at making conversations and less to be part of the parties that the Resistance had after a good victory against the First Order “Lieutenant L/N, where are you going?”

Y/N stopped in her tracks as she silently tried to get out of the mass of pilots greeting each other, completing each other’s different flight maneuvers and boast on how many TIE Fighters they had taken down. “I am not feeling well, Captain Altaire” She quickly looked down as all the eyes were upon her. Let’s just said that his captain had that voice which caught everyone’s attention.

“Are you hurt?”

Y/N shook her head looking down at the pavement of the hangar. She started to count the different indents of time on it. “That maneuver after taking that Fighter on my six was suicidal, you should never─”

“No, that was an awesome maneuver, Y/N. You should teach it to me─”

“Dameron, please; you should not encourage such reckless behavior,” Captain Altaire said, Y/N rolled her eyes as her captain started to laugh along with Poe. “Come on Dameron, Y/N here will never share her secrets; not even your good looks will convince her” Y/N blushed as Poe directly look at her and wink. Captain Altaire hit Poe’s shoulder, Poe almost fell down his face. “Not in my presence captain, she is my niece”

“Sorry, captain”


Y/N put her hands on her waist looking at her shiny X-Wing, being in combat in lower parts of the planets was not the cleanest and easiest jobs in the Resistance, less avoiding the radars for a few minutes before the raid appeared. “Is your uncle around?”

She froze at the sound of his voice, Y/N shook her head and quickly bent down to pick up her cleaning items. “He is in a meeting with the General” Y/N whispered as she picked up the different tools she had used to repair many dents on her X-Wing. As she reached for the last one, her hand lay over Poe’s one; that had beat her to pick up the last tool.

“Here” Y/N only nodded, she snatched the tool from Poe; Y/N had used so much force that she ended on her back. She blushed when he heard Poe laughed. Y/N just wanted to disappear, Poe’s smiling face appeared on her line of sight.

Poe extended his hand, Y/N shyly reached out her hand and Poe helped her up to her feet. “Thanks” Y/N whispered starting to pick up her tools that had ended everywhere around here. “I’ll tell my uncle you came to see him” she commented picking up the small tools.

“I didn’t come to see him, actually” Y/N’s hand froze in midair and let Poe continue. “I came to see you”

Y/N reached for the last tool, stood up and looked at him. “I can’t show you the maneuver I─”

Poe chuckled, he moved his head to sides and gave her a grin. He walked up to her. Poe took the tools from her hands and put them on the floor. “I came to see you”

Y/N felt like her knees were jelly, she had to lean on her X-Wing, not the fall down in front of Poe again. “What? Me─” She pointed at her face, Poe took one of her hands.

“Why is it so hard to believe?” Poe asked her, Y/N blushed under her gaze; her heart felt like it was about to explode.

“You─ well, I─ you, and” Y/N couldn’t make coherent thoughts as Poe softly kissed her hand. She wanted to scream, but her mouth and brain had been disconnected. Y/N just stood there gaping like a fish.

Poe touched her cheeks that were tinted with scarlet. “I like you” Y/N turned felt Poe’s lips over her, his velvet lips started to move; his hands move to her waist─


Y/N’s eyes widen when a bucket of cold water was dropped on her. “Uncle!”

“Dreaming about Dameron again, weren’t you?”

“I was not!”

Her uncle only smirked and nodded. “I can always hook you up”



Titanfall 2 Single Player Cinematic Trailer x

“The frontier is the only home i’ve ever known. For years our lands have been destroyed by the IMC. Forcefully taking our resources, polluting and destroying our planets and killing us off if we try to resist. Despite recent victories at Dementer and beyond, we have a long way to go before the IMC is defeated.

So at some point the Lolilo gang end up playing Mr and Mrs/The Newlywed Game/Know your boo. They find a version somewhere (let’s say they go to a holiday cottage somewhere and its the only game other than Risk. TeamB are not allowed to play Risk because they band together to destroy all in their path then become locked in a war of attrition which goes on for hours), they all agree absolutely not to play it, then cannot resist the lure of victory.

Ben and Bea do way worse than anyone thought. This is because they insist on giving overly accurate answers (Q: What is Bea’s favourite colour? Ben: Blue like the wattles of the magnificent North Island Kokako. Bea: Tardis Blue you idiot). Pete and Fred refuse to allow them the points. Balth suggests offering half points. He is ignored.

Kit and Freddie do ok, Pete and Balth are amazing. The game ends when Balth is asked to name Pete’s favourite band. His answer is Sheep Dog and Wolf. Pete has of course written down Balthazar Jones. Balth blushes and hides his smile in Pete’s shoulder. Bea and Ben end the game on account of disgusting sappiness.

I have finally finished assembling the images for the RDJ Advises Daily Devotional Calendar (layout is next, where I find out that probably half the images aren’t high-res enough to even bother with, and I might cry). 

I think I’ve shown a LOT of restraint in not reblogging every image I’ve laughed at while I was working on assembly, but I couldn’t resist a little victory lap. 

RDJ has never looked better. 


Flobots - There’s A War Going On For Your Mind

WTNV Tarot

6 OF WANDS - Summer Reading

“Known as the Victory Card, the Six of Wands celebrates overcoming previous challenges, and also suggests that future  victories are coming soon.  This is not only a card of personal victory, it is a card of team victory. The leader has achieved their success with the help of their companions, and without teamwork, it would not have been possible. Traditionally, good news, hope, desires, expectations, fulfillment. ”

I went an abstract route with this, though books are in Night Vale symbols of rebellious power, resistance, and victory.

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