resistance and escape

“P-please…I-I shouldn’t”

Poor little Sarah, what had started out as an innocent exploration into the world of hypno fetish had clearly gotten away from her.

“But you know that you want to, my dear.”

Hunched over her desk, the soft glow of her PC captivating her. She quietly scrolled through tumblr, seeing the magic, the pleasure that could be wrought, gently biting her lip as she stared day after day into a world of sticky sweet submission.

“Y-yes…but…it’s not…I’ll..”

It was only a matter of time. Her hand would begin to wander and play as she started to fantasize.

“You’ll what, girl?”

Fantasies filling her head with aching need. Thoughts of kneeling, serving, her will being broken with spirals and rope.

“I-I’ll lose myself…I’ll b-break.”

She had tried to fight it, but all those images. All the lights teasing her mind; the sounds of girls moaning in ecstasy. She had to do something.

“You may try to deny it, but you feel that craving.”

She had met a hypnotist, and he was so nice at first.

“That wetness between your legs.”

He said he could do something to help with her “problem.”

“Your pussy begs for the sweet release of your mind.”

One session, two sessions, four, six, she could no longer keep track.

“It’s what you came to me for. What you need me for.”

Memories started to get fuzzy. Packages of sinful pink attire started arriving at her door.

“I-I need you…my…pussy…needs you.”

Soon, slutty sweet makeup, and a wig.

“I c-can’t…no…please…my m-mind…I n-need it…”

And finally, a collar.


“Your hands are mine now, lovely.”

She couldn’t remember how it happened. There was no need for memories now…only pleasure. Only arousal.

“Your left hand is moving upwards, ever so slowly.”

She always tried to resist, but she couldn’t escape the thrall of her master’s voice. Her helpless pleasure moans drowned out her thoughts.

“I don’t…w-want…I c-can’t…o-obey…I m-must…”

She craved to be broken. She needed to submit.

“Your finger, feel it wrapping around the collar now.”

No matter how hard she tried.

“Now. Pull.”

Her mind spiraled into oblivion at the pull of leather on her willing neck. Wide-eyed, glossy pink lips agape, her orgasm burst through her body. Quivering, writhing, moaning, as pink electricity melted her body and stole her mind. Only one thought remained at the behest of her kindly master. Two little words that echoed across her mind and were mindlessly repeated by her hypnotized lips.

“Good girl.”

TLJ Plot Leak that I am actually believing to be true

So earlier this week some people (i completely forgot who but if youre this person on Tumblr please lemme know) mentioned a specific set of leaks from Reddit about the entire plot of The Last Jedi and I was skeptical at first but now rewatching the trailers and analysis and what we know, it seemed too fucking accurate and too objectively specific to just be “speculation”.

SO I’ve pasted what was written [SPOILERS BELOW THE CUT] and why I think this is the closest we’ll get to actual spoilers. The OP also correctly predicted details and the plot of Rogue One prior to the release and he is already well known on Reddit for this. We know some specific individuals already saw secret screenings. So I’m very VERY intrigued by this.


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Tips for Overcoming Shyness

1. Notice your triggers – the people and situations that make you want to hide.

2. Identify the different thoughts that you are thinking at these times, and the negative things you are saying to yourself.

3. Identify your special and your unique qualities – all your good points and your strengths, the different things that make you you.

4. Try to grasp that other people aren’t thinking about you (as they are thinking of themselves, and how they come across, instead.)

5. Realise that you are usually so much harder on yourself – whereas others like and love you as you are – for being you.

6. Try to see that just conforming is a boring way to live. It’s so much better to be natural, and to be your real, true self.

7. Resist the urge to escape quickly when you feel uncomfortable. Just hang in there and you’ll find that things will slowly start to change.

8. Notice all the times you’re brave and move outside your comfort zone … and find that things don’t fall apart - but go much better than you’d thought.

BTS teasing you under the table

“Bts reaction to teasing you under the table and you end up moaning their name and all the other members hear it smirking at him?” - Anon

Thank you for the request!!  This is my first reaction.  I hope you enjoy! XOXO - Lace


As Jin used his remote to gradually turn up the vibrator he’d given to you that morning, it was becoming increasingly harder for you to keep quiet.  You usually would not worry about being quiet, but this situation was awkwardly different.  You weren’t only out to dinner, you were with the other members as well.  You decide to try and subtly ask him to stop.  That was a mistake.  When you open your mouth it just so happens to perfectly sync with him bumping up the toy to its highest setting.  Your mouth is already open so there is no way to further suppress his name falling from your lips in breathless desperation.  Earning a prideful smirk from Jin and slightly confused and horrified looks from the other members, your face becomes flushed with a colour similar to that of the marinara sauce on your meal sitting in front of you.  The members simply look at each other and then back down at their food, making a unanimous decision not to address the current situation.  You look at Jin who is very pleased with himself as he turns the toy off, satisfied with the reaction you gave him.


“Yoongi…” you moaned.  

You can’t hold it in anymore.  You had been craving your boyfriend all day, but he’s been busy.  He promised he would take care of you tonight.  When he made his promise, you of course were filled with excitement and anticipation.  It never once crossed your mind that he meant he would sneakily slip his hand under your dress while you were out having a delicious meal with the other boys.  His fingers, which, at this point, are fully in your panties, only getting faster as they continue to dance in circles on top of your clit.  He looks at you with surprise, which soon turns to a look of pride seeing how you could barely control yourself under his touch.  The members look up at you both, understanding what was going on by your single, whine-drenched moan.

“Jesus Christ Yoongi, let the girl just eat in peace,”  Namjoon speaks in your defense.  Bless him.  

With a dark chuckle, your boyfriend slowly removes his hand from under your dress, only promising to finish up when you two get home.


His look of artificial innocence and confusion as to why you just breathlessly, needily moaned for him was absolutely infuriating.  This bastard was two fingers, knuckle deep inside your core under the table of your favorite restaurant that you were currently at, surrounded by his fellow bandmates.  His pace was fast, curved to hit all the right spots with every thrust.  You kept quiet for as long as you could, but he finally broke you.  Everyone looks at you with the exception of Jungkook, who keeps his head down choosing to ignore what just happened.  

“Is there something wrong, Y/N?  You sound stressed…” Hobi says, barely able to hold back his laughter.  The other members now understand what was happening, a couple of them even finding it funny.

“Can you two at least wait until you go home?  Some of us are trying to eat.” Jin speaks up as he puts a bite of food in his mouth.

Your boyfriend just beams as he removes his fingers from your heat, leaving you feeling empty yet relieved.  You look at him, and by the look in his eyes, you could tell he was done but only for now.


You had been trying and trying to get Namjoon to turn off or at least turn down the vibrator he’d made you wear to lunch with the other boys as punishment, all to no avail.  There was only one thing left that you could do.  Embarrass him.  You didn’t want to, but with a growing heat that was washing over you and a tightening feeling around the toy, this needed to stop before it went too far.  You decide that if it’s a reaction he wants, that’s what he gets.  He just gets more than he probably wanted in public and around his friends.  

“Namjoonie…” You moan in the whiniest, needy, tortured, and breathless yet quiet voice you can muster without it getting too real.  

His eyes immediately widened as they look into yours with the most shocked expression.  You can see his face become blood red as he nervously fumbles around with the remote trying to quickly turn the device off.  You look at the other boys who are also looking at you, confused and horrified.  You sigh in relief and smile as you finally feel the vibration come to a halt.  You look at you boyfriend once more and give him a thank you kiss on the cheeks as he buries his face in hands.


You stare Jimin in the eyes, his face clearly overjoyed seeing how breathless you were becoming.  He’d been teasing you all through dinner with the boys.  Stealthily sliding his hand under your skirt and was rubbing your clothed heat while occasionally slipping a finger in your panties for direct contact.  It was all becoming too much.  He was playing everything off so cool, able to easily eat and carry out conversations with his friend as if he wasn’t bringing steadily closer to your breaking point.  It was infuriating.  You are trying to get a bite of food and act normal when you feel two of his fingers enter you without warning or hesitation.  With pleasure quickly consuming you, you are unable to resist letting his name escape your mouth.  He smirks down at his food, not looking at you once.  You are so focused on not being pushed over the edge in public, you don’t notice his fellow members staring at you until Yoongi comes to your rescue, sort of.

“Fuck, get a room.  You two are disgusting.”  He says with food and disgust very clearly filling his mouth.  

Jimin completely removes his hand from you, simply smirking to let you know he was only done for the time being.


“Tae,” you moan out desperately, “…please.”  

You don’t mean for him to please continue his relentless swirls, circles, and figure 8 patterns on your overly sensitive clit.  You would mean that if he wasn’t doing this under a corner table in a cafe while you are sitting across from the other members.  The boys immediately bring their eyes to you and your boyfriend in surprise upon realizing what he was most likely doing to you.

“I didn’t expect this from you, Taehyung.  You should stop, let her rest and eat.”  Jimin says concerned but obviously slightly amused with the situation as it’s evident that he’s holding back laughter.  

Tae looks at you innocently as he removes his fingers from you.  He flashes his signature boxy grin in victory, though he does feel a little bad about embarrassing you, he knows he will make it up to you after you both leave.


You can already feel the stares from the boys and Jungkook as you accidentally let his name slip from your throat.  You tried to fight the pleasure you were getting from feeling two of your boyfriend’s long, slim fingers wreaking havoc on your g-spot, but you were obviously losing.  Getting glares and a proud smile from Jungkook himself, you are overcome with embarrassment.  

“Can this wait, guys?  We are trying to enjoy this food.” Jin voice is laced with calm horror.  

You soon feel an emptiness between you legs, much to your relief.  Your boyfriends face just plastered with satisfaction in knowing you would now be wonderfully worked up for later, once both of you got home.

I hope you enjoyed! XOXO - Lace

no like really narrative wise? finn’s arc mirrors luke’s. luke had wanted to leave tatooine and wanted that freedom, like finn wanted to leave the first order. they both wind up getting roped into a mess with a droid that ends with them tagging along with a plucky, rough around the edges pilot/scavenger/smuggler trope character on the falcon. their refusal of the call moment is very similar as well and lasts an incredibly brief time bc as soon as more serious shit happens, they immediately run back into the fray to help. obviously there’s the stuff with han and finn going to rescue rey from starkiller vs han and luke rescuing leia. then of course there’s the whole him with the lightsaber ect.


Star Wars: Forces of Destiny - Rey of Jakku and Kylo Ren Figure (Amazon UK)


Rey is brave, true to her friends, and stands up for what she believes in!

Toughened by life growing up on the harsh planet of Jakku, but hopeful that one day whoever had left her there would return, she learned how to survive as a scavenger. She’s also a gifted mechanic, pilot, and fighter. Self-defense is a must for a Jakku scavenger, and Rey is known for her combat skills with her staff.

Rey’s life changes when she encounters BB-8, a Resistance droid, and escapes Jakku alongside renegade Stormtrooper Finn. Despite dismissing herself as “no one,” she soon discovers that her destiny is guided by the Force, and she possesses the mysterious power of the legendary Jedi.


Kylo Ren betrays his family, his friends, and all that he once held dear in his pursuit of power!

A dark warrior strong with the Force, Kylo Ren is a leader of the First Order and a student of Supreme Leader Snoke. He seeks to destroy the New Republic and the Resistance no matter who stands in his way. His pursuit of power is fueled by the Dark Side.

With his unusual lightsaber in hand, he faces off against the heroes of the Resistance, seeking to defeat them no matter the cost! —Hasbro


May 21 2016 - German Neo-Nazis of Road Crew Ostwestfalen tried to visit a protest organised in Rome by Italian Fascist group CasaPound, but they got stuck in the anti-fascist counterprotest. The antifascists quickly figured out who they were leading to them fleeing in a panic hitting several other cars as they were being chased down the street. [video]

destiinyyrosee  asked:

I was curious as to what pisces season brings for everyone? People are saying this is the time where everyone will start being more emotional & stuff, but i want to know more.

gemini, sagittarius experience the sun square so the inner conflicts awaken here, often transgressing between emotion and intellect, other people (esp authority figures) and circumstances present challenges, ego is sensitive and forced on the defensive 

virgo experiences sun opposing sun, shadows of the psyche are illuminated often through challenging and rewarding relationships that force the individual to reveal parts of themselves privately and publicly. these complexes and patterns require other people to guide with awareness, often unconsciously. also as of 25th mercury opposing so the shadows of the mind are forced under the torch, cobwebs are revealed and unintegrated parts of the self are forced into expression, the individual may feel as if they cannot communicate properly or people just arent ‘getting them’ like everyone is on a different wavelength  

scorpio and cancer trine the sun so energy flows sublimely, natural talents are illuminated, the emotional network is awakened, but chartered well. emotional resistances can be released. the creative activity can be rich. it’s their time in the spotlight 

pisces has transiting sun and neptune crossing their natal so the illusion is existence, the spiritual seclusion is indicated, loss in creativity. the psychic sensitivity around people can be exaggerated to the point of exhaustion. the individual may sleep more and find it difficult to resist substances, distraction or escape mechanisms

aries and capricorn have the passing sextile, it’s tremendous for invigoration, in pisces consider this on the emotional spectrum, so emotions can be directed through will and activity for the outcome of creativity, energy can be focused for long term goals

for libra, venus exalts in libra where the sun passes, so the sensitivity and the excitement swirls seductively, so long as they are not fooled by jupiter teasing their sun, the venus retrograde pressures libra because they cannot create without display. inner love and validation is to be cultivated, if the sun is in pisces, they can seek godly/cosmic love

the solar eclipse occured on the 26th and solar is the ruler of leo so the eclipse can be literally shaking to them. when it passes in an oceanic pisces sign then the uncontained heart of leo flows and flows in every direction, hysterically maybe. leo intuition is enriched with the pisces sun. leo can feel energised around now because the planets in aries trine the sun giving a good energy and vitality

the celebrations are over for aquarius… the party went on for so long now we have a permanent hang over with the sun in pisces. now we are resting because the sun energized the aquarian mind, its time to sleep, reflect, and harvest. with sun in the 3rd house this is a good time for mental development and study, especially spiritual study. 

for taurus, their ruler exalts in tear stained pisces so sensitivities are heightened and so is their artistic expression, venus is retrograde so it will withdraw the individual into the dwellings of their own, inner artistic being. relationships may be under pressure here 


being spanked is abuse

being slapped is abuse

being physically harmed or hit in any way by a person in power over you is abuse

being intimidated and terrified into thinking that they’ll hit you is abuse

being forced into state where you flinch when their tone of voice changes is abuse

being sure that you’re dead when they lift their hand is heavy psychological abuse

being hit with your own hand is abuse (abuser forcing your hand to strike your body)

feeling like you have to keep a happy face and pretend that everything is okay is abuse

feeling like you haven’t been hit enough and like you deserve more is abuse

having a person with power want to cause physical harm to when you have no way to defend yourself is abuse

controlling your reactions is abuse

demanding a different reaction after physical harm is abuse

demanding no fear, no anger, no bitterness, no symptoms after being hit is abuse

forbidding expression of pain and fear and anger is abuse

subtly letting you know that you can’t tell anyone about what they did is abuse and silencing technique

shaming you for hitting you is abuse

demanding that it’s your fault if you get traumatized by physical harm is abuse

claiming that it’s you who is violent if you resist or try to escape or fight back is abuse

if any of this was done to you: you have been abused

if this was done to you and you don’t think it was harmful: you are wrong

if you dare to comment “i was hit and i turned out okay”: nobody who thinks any of this is alright to do to a child has turned out okay


Secret admirer!Hoseok

Part 13


(It’s going to be a bit long, so if you feel like, you can skip to the scenario! ^^)

Hello beautiful Sunshines! ♥ I’m late again, I know! I’m really sorry, I didn’t think that after uploading the previous part, my oral exams and the preparation for them would take all of my time, and after I finished, I had so much school project I couldn’t see the top of it! T.T But now I’m finally here with the new part, it’s maybe uncommon, because I’ve changed to an other app, because the old one was very tiring to use, it lasted forever to make a conversation, but I hope you don’t mind it. Please take care and eat well! ♥

(Also if you’re interested in a little personal stuff, you can keep on reading the author’s note~)

The other thing I was barely active is that our school has annually a special day, when the classes compete with each other; there are forehand, inside and outside tasks we have to do, and the forehand tasks are always mock-ups and in these times the whole class is in the school from 7 am to 9 pm and making it. So yeah, I was in school all day, and when I arrived home, I was knocked out! x.x But it worth it, because after winning the previous two year’s event, WE’VE WON THIS AS WELL!! And there is a so called “rule” in our school that says if a class win three times, they’ll get the goblet forever and their names will be written on it. And in 55 years there was only one class except for us (about in the 90′s) that has won it three times. So I’m very happy atm! ^^ I’m very thankful if you’ve read this personal part as well, but now… LET’S THE STORY BEGIN!

Scenario [antecedent]:

“It’s really not necessary, guys!” you told them hesitantly.

“Oh, it is!” Namjoon’s voice could be heard behind you; his hands were on your shoulders to encourage you to walk forward.

“I really don’t know…” a sigh left your mouth.

“Hey, [Y/N]! Why do you hesitate?” Jimin turned back to look at you. You didn’t answer, just sighed. He was right; there was nothing you had to be afraid of. You’ve already told your parents that you’ll be late and they’re not the type of being mad about it.

“It’ll be okay, darling” the boy’s soft voice behind you made you relax a bit. “Believe me, the only thing he would be the most happy about at the moment is You.”

“Did you learn the cheesiness from him?” you chuckled as you heartened up a bit. The boy just laughed it off.

“Maybe” he added as he squeezed your shoulders gently to release the tense in your muscles. “Inhale, we’re almost there!”

“Oh my…” you sighed and you felt your heart beat faster inside your chest.

“Chill, darling” he giggled. The boys stopped in front of an average sized house, which looked pretty lovely. It didn’t take too long until a kind looking woman opened the door and greeted everybody. All of you entered the house, while Namjoon was pushing you from behind to encourage you inside. At the door, the woman – assuming Hoseok’s mother – gazed at you curiously. You immediately bowed.

“Good afternoon! My name is [Y/L/N] [Y/F/N]!”

“She’s a little surprise for our Hobi!” Namjoon explained that made the woman chuckle.

“I’m sorry for the bother!” you bowed again in a nineteen degree angle.

“Shush, you’re not a bother!” the boy hushed you.

“I’m happy to meet you!” Hoseok’s mother greeted you as well with a smile that made you sigh in relief.

Stepping inside the house, you looked around with amazement. It was very cozy and sunny. Before you could study the place more, a little fluffy creature ran up to you.

“Hello there!” you crouched down to greet the little dog as well. You couldn’t help, but pat it. “What’s the name?” you asked.

“Mickey!” Hoseok’s voice could be heard from upstairs. “Why did you leave me alone~?” you let out a big breath; for a moment you thought he knows that you’re here.

“The name is Mickey, by the way” Seokjin grinned at you while you stood up.

“It’s very lovely” you giggled as you followed them towards the stairs. Your heart pounded as you got closer to him with every step. The door was already open, and the others walked in with no difficulties, but as soon as you reached the doorway, the butterflies in your stomach began to fly. He couldn’t see you; you were in the middle of the group.

“Why are you all standing in the doorway?” Hoseok asked kindly. His voice was music to your ears.

“We have a present for you~” Jimin exclaimed.

“A present?”

“Yeah, a present!” they nodded then all of them stepped away, so you could be seen. You were standing there still, not knowing what to do or say. Hoseok’s face was surprised, but immediately changed to a happy expression as he greeted you.

“Sunshine!” he cheered.

“H-hey!” and then awkward silence.

“Okay! Because we haven’t got much time, we’ll be downstairs. Your mom told she’ll make a cake for us, so… we shouldn’t disappoint her” Taehyung turned around as well as the others did and they left the room.

“Hey! Leave us some, too!” Hoseok yelled after them then looked at you with a wide smile. You were a bit embarrassed, so after a few seconds you gazed at the floor. “Sunshine!”

“Yeah?” jerking up your head your eyes meet his worried look.

“Did they force you to come here? Did they threaten you or something?”

“What?” your eyes widened and you began to shook your head. “They didn’t do anything wrong. They’re very kind actually.”

“Good then” a bright smile appeared on the boy’s face. “It means that you came here willingly.”

“Well… it was their plan but yes, I did” a slight pink blush appeared on your cheeks.

“Um… don’t you want to sit down?” he patted the mattress beside him. “I mean you can sit down on the wheelchair if you want.”

“It’s okay” you walked there and took a seat on the bed next to him. It was a bit awkward at first. Texting through the phone was much easier; you had time to think about your answers and reactions, but now every little thing you felt was written on your face. You could barely hide anything. You felt him staring at you which caused your heart beat faster than it should. This was the time, you pointed out the little, empty lunch-box on the table in front of the bed. A soft smile appeared on your face as you turned to him.

“Was it delicious?”

“Hm?” he frowned as he tried to follow your gaze to the table, and when he saw it, he made a little ‘oh’ sound. “It was the most delicious meal I’ve ever have” a laugh left his mouth.

“I’m glad!” you cheered as you took out the lunch-box you brought from your backpack. “I made some today as well!”

“Yay!” and if it were planned, his stomach began to growl. He put his hands immediately on it and looked a bit embarrassed. “Sorry, I haven’t eaten yet.”

“Then it’s the best time to do it!” handing the box to him you smiled reassuringly.

“I don’t want to be impolite” he shook his head as he rejected taking the meal.

“It’s not impolite at all, Hoseok. Just take it, please” a sad look appeared on your face as you tried to convince him. You were still worried if he was okay and fine. Seeing your facial expression he sighed and grabbed the little box, opening it. His eyes lit up as he saw all of the things that was inside.

“I have no chopsticks” he gazed at you. And if you read his mind, you handed over the cutlery after a quick search.

“Sorry, it’s what I usually use in the canteen, but I always wash it well after every eating.”

“Thank you, Sunshine!” he grinned at you while taking the chopsticks in his hand and begin the meal. “Oh, God, it’s so delicious!” he groaned as he chewed on the first bites. You only smiled at the sight of him. His face looked better than it was before; not that he wasn’t handsome, but the dark circles under his eyes almost disappeared and his beautifully tanned skin tone returned, banishing the paleness. You were happy. You were happy to see him, to see he’s eating and that he’s fine. You were so zoned out that you didn’t noticed him gazing at you with a curious look.

“What?” he asked. You only shook your head.

“It’s just good to see that your face is getting its colour back” you smiled widely but then your expression softened. “It’s just good to see you in general.”

A big smile spread across Hoseok’s face. You felt your cheeks heated up and the fact that he reached out for your hand and grabbed it gently, didn’t help at all. It was so pleasant; his soft and warm palm against your cold fingers. A great combo. He squeezed them as to the purpose to warm them up and he didn’t let go of them after it. You didn’t ask him to, it felt just so right. Like that, holding your hand with one of his, was a bit difficult to eat, but he made it. Silence took place in the room in the next few minutes. When Hoseok finished his meal, he put the box aside and gazed at you still holding your hand.

“How is your ankle?” you broke the silence.

“Better, actually.” he looked at the said body part then back at you to meet the worried look of your eyes. “Sunshine, I know you’re worrying, but please try to not think about it.” a little sigh left his mouth. “Sorry… it’s a stupid ask. But I’m totally okay, I promise. I know, I was an idiot for what I did; not taking care of my health and making everyone around me worried, but it won’t happen again and…” you saw on his face that he felt very uncomfortable, so you gently squeezed his hand to stop him.

“It’s all fine now, Hoseok. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. I’m happy that you changed your mind.” sighing in relief, the boy began to caress your hand with his thumb.

“I only want to tell you, that I’m so thankful to you. When you didn’t give up on coming to help me on that evening made me realize that there are people who cares about me and stupid thoughts shouldn’t take over my mind.” he finally gazed up from your hands to look in your eyes. “And maybe I’m cheesy, but you’re truly my Sunshine. Every time you appear, I can see things million times brighter and my mind clear.”

“So cheesy~” you scoffed trying to hide the blush on your face, but couldn’t resist the chuckle that escaped your lips. “But I kinda like it.” He gazed at you with his goofy smile that never left his face.

“I’m so happy, you’re here.” the boy pulled your hand in his lap and started to caress the top of it with his soft fingers.

“I’m happy, too” you stared at him, at his beautiful face as his eyes was resting on your hands in his lap, intertwining your fingers with his owns, playing with them or just caressing your palm. Hoseok never let go of it, nor when you talked, nor when you laughed and nor even when you had to go.

A wide grin spread across your face on the whole way home. Your heart was still pounding, your cheeks were flushed and you still could feel the gentle touch of his fingers on your skin. At the end of the day you were very thankful that you visited him.

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#31-Kylo Ren

“Can I touch your hair?”

Warnings: None

Words: 1K +

Notes: You gotta admit, we’re all at least a tiny bit infatuated with Kylo’s hair. 

You watched as Kylo unlatched his helmet. His gloved fingers coming up just under the back, and clicking it open. The metal gave out a small sigh and then moved away from his face.

You had only seen him without his helmet once. But that was when you had run into the corridor where he was speaking to Snoke. Well, that had been when one of the resistance pilots had escaped. 3 months ago. They caught him and killed him before he could get back to the Resistance.

You ran into the long, dark hallway, panting. Kylo had looked back at you, and you instantly recognized his black robes. What you didn’t recognize, was the young, pale man with dark eyes and thick, pale pink lips staring back at you. You nearly tripped over yourself when you first saw him. Your heart nearly exploding in your chest when the young man’s voice broke the silence when you were exiting.

You couldn’t get him out of your head before that moment, and now, looking into his eyes, his complexion was gentle. His mouth in a slight pout, his eyebrows pushed together as he tried to figure out what you were thinking.

Reaching out, you ran your thumb over his bottom lip, and he closed his eyes. Sucking in a long breath. You then eyed the thick black locks that curled around his ears. A soft smile pulled at the corner of your mouth, and you leaned forward.

“Can I touch your hair?”

Kylo then opened his eyes, taken aback by your request. Then, with a single groan, he leaned his head forward.

“Do not speak of this to anyone. Understand?”


“I’m allowing you to do this cause it’s you.”


Grinning, you brought your fingers to his jet black hair. Burying your fingers in its softness. Running your fingers through, you pushed it from his eyes, and he found that he enjoyed it.  

Moving your fingers along his scalp, and then slightly massaging his temple, Kylo breathed out, focusing on your touch. Reaching his hand up, he interlocked your fingers with his. Bringing your palm up to his lips, and planting a small kiss in the center.

You smiled, leaning over. Meeting his lips with yours and crawling on top of him. He wrapped his muscular arms around you.

When Kylo let go of your other hand, you brought it back up to his hair. Knotting your fingers, and pulling back a little bit. Revealing his neck to you. He groaned slightly, letting his eyes flutter close. But you stopped kissing him, and just looked at his hair in awe. Frustrated, he opened his eyes. Holding your hips.

“What are you doing?”

“I just don’t understand how do you get it this perfect? What product do you use? Why doesn’t it get messed up by your helmet? Why do you have black hair instead of-”

“Oh my god.” Lifting you, Kylo moved you off of him and stood up. Pushing his hair out of his eyes, and crossing his arms. Pouting, you sat on your knees, giggling slightly.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I want to touch it again.”

“What is it with you and my hair?”

“It’s just… So… Amazing. Kylo. Come on.”

“I’m beginning to think you like my hair better than you like me.”

“Now… That’s not fair. You are your hair.” Kylo raised his eyebrows, and you snickered. Getting off the bed, and walking up to him. “Don’t be so brooding… I can’t help it.”

Leaning down, Kylo pulled you up. Kissing you hard. You reached up to bury your hands in his hair again, but he shot his hands up, grabbing yours and bringing them to your chest.

“No.” He simply said. “Or the helmet goes back on.”

Pressing your lips together, you hit his chest, but he chuckled. Picking you up so that your legs wrapped around his waist. You two hadn’t ever been so close. Other than flirtatious conversations and bitter words towards one another, this was only the second time you saw him without his mask on. And you didn’t want to stop kissing him.

Cupping his face, you smiled, and moved your lips down his neck as he carried the two of you to the bed. Letting you fall on him, you moved to his side. Lightly touching his face and showering him with small kisses.

“How do you do that?”

“Hm…” You ran your finger along his hairline. Fighting the urge to run your fingers through the blackness once again. Just to piss him off. But you continued your path down to his cheekbone.

“Make me feel as if nothing else matters?” He asked, his voice quiet and gentle. Meeting his gaze, you cleared your throat, and he reached up, holding your chin in his fingers while he kissed you. You couldn’t get over the feeling of his lips against yours, his hot breath, the smell of leather against his skin mixing with ash and metal, the toxic taste of his tongue, like bitter whiskey mixed with black coffee. Sighing, you answered him.

“I’m pretty sure you’re going to have to figure out the answer to that question…”

Kylo nodded slightly, getting lost in your eyes. Silence then wrapped the two of you together like a heavy blanket. Encompassing the whole room, which was dimly lit. With the warm glow of the light in the corner, it shone on Kylo’s face, spreading the shadows of his features across one side of his face. Tracing the lines of his bones, you followed your fingers with your lips. Making him chuckle quietly when you climbed on top of him. Your knees pressing against his sides and your hands on either side of his head. Your lips moving across each distinct mark on his face.

Kissing the tip of his nose, you sat up and held Kylo’s hands in yours. Noticing the way that his hair had sprawled across the pillow.

“Wait a second-how is your hair so wonderful when I only get a small bottle of cheap, shitty shampoo?”

Kylo rolled his eyes back, raising his eyebrows.

“Just drop it with my hair already!”

Jasper´s life sucks

>fighting from the day you were born
>your sisters are defective and disgusting by society´s standards
>but you´re perfect so let’s take you away from them to fight in the big fights
>rose quartz kills his diamond
>she wants to kill her, but in all of the war she never even gets to see her in person.
>the war makes her hate her own planet
>war ends and she didn´t avenge her mommy
>spends the next thousands of years doing jack shit
>a peridot forces her to go back to the home she hates
>well at least I can finally kill rose quartz and avenge my mommy
>turns out she shapeshifted into a fat human and doesn´t even wanna fight you
>you beat her and take her minions prisoners without resistance
>the fusion escapes and kicks your ass and breaks your ship, stranding you on earth
>ok but if i fuse with lapis i will kill them
>lol, nope. she traps you in a fusion of hell
>months suffering under the sea
>but then you finally start to enjoy it. finally something good for once
>nevermind the crystal gems just defused you
>you fall to the water and get left behind while the blue bitch gets to live life in a barn
>after a week of being underwater you finally catch up to her and you propose to her
>rose cock blocks you and the blue bitch punches you so hard you end up in the other side of the world

>starts planning an attack, collecting those gem monsters
>who knows what they are and who cares, im collecting them
>bring those ugly fuckers to your home and imprison them like rose imprisoned you
>show up to her house to impress rose, showing her army
>kicks the shit out of that ugly ass amethyst who deserves to die
>but rose can’t let me have anything good so she takes her gem away from me before i can shatter the ugly purple fuck
>fusion beats me once again
>ok but next time time….
>rose, the purple fuck and the peridot who brought you here show up to try to beat you
>whatever i can take them down
>except they fuse and fucking kick the shit out of you again
>at this point you´re suicidal so you decide to fuse with a corrupted gem monster so you can at least take them down with you
>Lol nope
>rose quartz offers you the deal she gave to lesser people
>you tell her to fuck off because she killed your mommy
>except she doesnt even know who pink diamond is
>the last moments of sanity you have is a sunken realization that the fat kid you´ve been searching is indeed just a fat kid and not rose quartz, and everything you have done for months is pointless

>months later your family ends up liking the purple fuck more than you

And if we go by what the trial implies:
>the killer you´ve been searching your entire life was framed and you´ve been serving your mother´s killers

“You DUMPED me!” vs “They’ll be back for me.”

The thing about Rogue One is that it takes all of the Star Wars conventions and turns them upside down, then at the very end turns them back and reminds everyone that this is Star Wars–but a little too late.

While I would be the first to admit that Jyn Erso’s character could be improved upon, and she’s most certainly not the easiest one to like, she is still an INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT female character.

This is mostly comparing Jyn to Rey. They both had similar backstories of parental abandonment at a very young age and both are similarly badass, and they are both young, pretty white women with three-letter names.

That is where the similarities end. Abruptly.

Jyn has none of Rey’s patience or moral clarity. She is not Force sensitive despite wearing what is implied to be a kyber crystal around her neck. Jyn has none of Rey’s optimism, none of the hope or selflessness that makes Rey so easily likeable. In fact, Jyn is not likeable at all. Not until the very end.

This is because we get the feeling that if Jyn were in Rey’s place–while she might have saved BB8 from Teedo–she would definitely have turned BB8 in for sixty portions without the least ounce of regret. And she would never have stayed in the same place waiting patiently for her family to reclaim her.

Rogue One is the darkest, most realistic Star Wars yet because it follows the odds rather than defying them.

Instead of having an abandoned child turn out optimistic and morally pure against all probability, the abandoned child in Rogue One turns out EXACTLY as anyone would expect her to be: bitter, unhappy, and completely self-centered.

Jyn is a reflection of what Rey could easily have turned out to be, what ANYONE could turn out to be if abandoned as a child in a war-torn world, and that makes us uncomfortable.

Rogue One tells us bluntly that the Star Wars world is actually NOT full of young, idealistic farm boys and beautiful, headstrong princesses who channel their grief towards a greater cause. No, it is in fact full of people like Jyn–flawed, cynical, traumatized yet unsympathetic, and completely apathetic to the bigger picture.

The fact that Jyn is a woman is most likely adding to her unlikeability.

It is tradition in fiction as a whole to make the woman the emotional center, the compassionate figure of the group. Yet Rogue One’s figurative heart seems to lean more towards Bodhi, or Chirrut, who are both much more sympathetic, much more well-adjusted, much more faithful to a cause outside themselves. They have attachments which Jyn cut a long time ago. The only attachment she has is, logically, more self-centered–her long lost father is alive and she is desperate to reclaim the only family she has left.

And there is only a shred more sympathy for Cassian, who is just as ambiguous as Jyn. He unceremoniously drags her away from her father’s dead body. He mocks Jyn for being self-centered and apathetic about politics, yet in the same breath admits to having done horrible things in the name of the Resistance. The point is that neither of them have the moral high ground in the argument. Jyn commits petty crimes in the name of survival, Cassian commits war crimes in the name of his cause.

Over and over, Jyn fights as hard as she can throughout the whole movie, as hard as any Star Wars protagonist. But unlike the others, she loses.

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Davey and Jack threesome

I think I’m getting better at writing threesomes? I don’t know if this is a good thing or not.

Requested by anon

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•you loved Davey, you loved the shy boy more than you thought possible. You adored everything about him from his laugh to the pleasure he could give you.

•his gentle touches and soft kisses were kind blowing, you rarely could say no to him when he started touching you and today was one of those days. You were currently sitting Davey’s lap at the edge of you bed, his hands holding your hips as you grind your hips against his leg

•you soft moans forcing you to break the kiss, your nails digging into his shoulders has you grind against his thigh. Davey moving his lips down your neck “a-ah shit darlin’ you look so pretty grinding against my leg like this…”

•his voice was breathy, eyes on yours. “W-well… how about I ride your cock instead?” You purr, trying to stop the moan that threatened to bubble out of your throat. You watched his face flushed as he slowly nods “p-please baby, fuck”

•"is that really you reaction when your girl offers to ride you Davey? Damn that’s sad" both of you freeze at the voice, your eyes snapping towards the source.

•you almost felt your heart stop when you saw Jack standing in the doorway, a small smirk on his face as his eyes skim down your body. “Jack what the hell? get out” Davey’s voice cracking half way through the sentence, his face turning fifty shades of red

•"I did come here to talk to Y/N but looks like I have to change my plans" his eyes never left yours as he shut the door behind him. “Looks like Davey boy needs a lesson in how to please his girl”

•Davey’s eyes widened slightly as his friend approached you. “I don’t need any lessons. I’m more than capable of-” his words were cut off when Jack slammed his lips against yours.

•your eyes widen, he tasted like smoke and mint. A combination you weren’t use to but greatly enjoyed. As you closed your eyes and kissed back you couldn’t help but moan

•the second you make a sound he pulls away, a smug grin on Jake’s face “cause from what I saw David, you couldn’t make her moan like that” You could feel Davey’s fingers digging into your waist at his words

•all of a sudden Davey grabbed your chin, pulling you so you could face him before he kissed you. It was rough and filled with lust, you honestly couldn’t remember the last time he kissed you with so much aggression

•his teeth caught your bottom lip, bitting it before he pulled away. You were both left breathless as you stare at each other. “See Kelly, I have no issue pleasing her”

•Jack laughed and rolled his eyes “then you have no issue testing that out do you?” He questions. He was meet with silence she he continued to speak “I beat that I can make Y/N moan louder just by me fucking her mouth than she will be riding you”

•you were speechless, mind blank. You couldn’t lie you were excited, but would Davey actually agree to this? Curiously you look over at him, watch his face carefully “if that’s okay with her then your on”

•you almost chocked, eyes widening as you looked between the two boys in shock. “So doll… what do you say?” Jack’s voice was deep, eyes burning with lust. You felt Davey’s hands squeeze your hips tightly without thinking a small “yes” slipped out of your mouth

•the second the words left your mouth it was on. Jack nearly ripping off your clothes while Davey’s hands started attacking the newly exposed skin. Already you were moaning mess, the excitement going straight to your crotch

•before you knew it you were grinding against Davey’s bare leg again, your eyes eagerly looking up at Jack as his hand strokes his cock. “So Davey… why don’t you get her started, I want to see just how you go first” He purred eyes glued to you

•Davey didn’t have to be told twice, his hands moving up from your waist to your breasts. His fingers finding your nipples and they pinched them, lips attacking your neck.

•you couldn’t help but moan, feeling his cock brush against your backside. “Don’t look away from him darling… keep your eyes on him as I fuck you okay? Show him just how much pleasure I give you”

•never in your life had you heard Davey speak this way. His voice deep and husky as his hands play with your perked nipples. “Answer me sweetheart” he purred

•"y-yes… davey" you whimper, your mind going blank as you started to crave for boyfriends cock. “Good girl, don’t hold back on me okay?” He spoke before you felt him enter you

•even if you wanted to you couldn’t resist the loud gasp that escaped you. Your eyes glazing over as an all familiar pleasure washed over you. It took everything in your power not to close your eyes in pure bliss, it took your full concentration to focus your eyes on the strike leader in front of you

•Davey’s hands never left your breasts his lips working hard to to litter your neck and shoulders in small marks. Small growls and moans leaving him as his hips slam against you

•"well I’ll be dammed Dave… looks like you can make your girl moan. I’m impressed" Jack finally spoke, his hand trailing up you leg till it reached your clit. His fingers were far rougher than Davey’s. Calloused from the years of hard work.

•Your hips automatically bucking up to meet his fingers a small whine of Jacks name leaving your lips. He smirks and pulls away his fingers, a small chuckle leaving his mouth

•"can you open your mouth for me doll, it’s not fair that only Davey gets to have all the fun" you hesitated, parting your lips when your boyfriend mumbled against your ear that it was okay

•as soon as you parted you lips Jack pushed his cock into your mouth. You moans are muffled as he starts to thrust his hips, cock brushing against the back of your throat.

•you struggled to think about anything but the pleasure you felt. Davey’s soft moans in your ear as he thrusted into you, one of his hands moving down from your breast to your clit. Rubbing the bundle of nerves in rough circles. Jack on the other hand was a little rougher. His fingers yanking your hair in order to set the pace of your head.

•all you could hear was Jack’s low growls and Davey’s moans. Your own blissful sounds being muffled by Jack’s throbbing dick.

•"fucking hell… your doing so good sucking my cock doll, you look so pretty with your lips wrapped around my cock like that" Jack started to groan, his tongue running along his bottom lip

•Davey let out a low growl, his hips slamming against you harder. His finger that was on your clit roughly pinching it. A loud moan left you, still slightly muffled from Jack’s length

•"your tightening around my cock baby, are you going to cum?“ Davey purred against your ear, his voice echoing in your head as you squirm. "By the looks of it Jacky is close to, why don’t you try and get him to cum before you… if you can do it I’ll reward you” he whispered, making sure Jack couldn’t hear him

•Eagerly you went to work, you eyes closing as you started to him against against his cock. You could hear him moaning louder his hips almost slamming against the back of your throat

•it didn’t take long, soon you felt him twitch in your mouth. A prayer of curses flowing from his mouth as you drew him closer and closer to his end. With a final swipe of your tongue on hips tip Jack’s head tilted back in pure bliss

•your name tumbled from his lips as he came, eyes squeezed shut as his cheeks flushed ever so slightly. You had never seen him look so lost before… it was a site you could easily get use to

•you did have much time to brew on that thought as Davey started to slam into you at a new found speed. Each thrust hitting that spot that made you scream out every time.

•it was like you were in heaven, loud moans and screams of Davey’s name left your mouth as his finger never once left your clit. It was like he was trying to make you cum as hard and as fast as possible.

•the pleasure was too much at some points, it felt like an outer body experience as he drove each thrust into your g-spot. “Cum darling, come on… let go and moan my name” Davey grunts, his voice had a twinge of desperation an sign that he was close himself

•you couldn’t resist him if you tried, you were so close already and Davey’s words were the final push you needed to come undone around his cock. His name leaving your lips as you slump against him.

•Davey was close behind you, his breathy gasp was all you needed to hear to tell he had reached his end as well. His arms suddenly pulling you closer to him

•silence was what you were meet with, Davey’s arms around you protectively while Jack was leaning against the wall to catch his breath. Seemingly out of nowhere Davey’s lips were on yours. The kiss quick and rough, hand squeezing your hips tightly before he pulled away. Turning enough to face Jake

•"I think this was evidence enough now right? I can please my girl… I’m the only one who can make her moan out in pure lust" he spoke, a tone of jealous and pride in his voice.

•This side of Davey surprised you to say the least, you had never seen it before. That being said… you wouldn’t mind seeing more of it in the future

I’ve been seeing a lot of political-based explorations and critiques of that episode, which are obviously very important and necessary. However, that’s meant the character-based analysis has slipped to the side a bit. It’s also probably due to the fact that no-one seems to be 100% certain on Bill’s character yet, but I figured I’d start off a discussion by throwing some of my ideas out there and seeing if anyone else has been thinking the same thing.

- Bill’s very open with her emotions, not just with feeling them, but with showing them. Definitely a lot of that is from Pearl Mackie’s incredible face, but I know Bill’s character was informed by Pearl’s acting strengths, so I think that’s a pretty credible thread. And that kind of makes Bill vs Cybermen both an obvious and powerful match up. Of course, I only really like this if Bill wins in the end, but if definitely looks like she hasn’t lost all her emotions yet, so she’s winning that fight. 

- Another note of Bill’s character is that she seems to resign herself to the fact that shitty things happen to her. She doesn’t like it, and she’ll argue a bit, but she doesn’t seem to expect that to make a huge difference? It’s really sad, and it’s been something I’ve really been wanting to see Bill triumph over, see her say “no I don’t deserve this and I’m not going to take it”. She’s been getting better at that throughout the series - insisting on her way to the Doctor as she gets more comfortable, but we haven’t yet seen a direct mirror of the threatened mind wipe from the Pilot. A Cybermen emotions wipe though, that is a thematic repeat, which gives Bill a huge opportunity to show her growth and evolution during this series.

Both of these are very much based on Bill not just surviving but also defeating the Cybermen on a very personal level, resisting and escaping conversion, and saving herself. But given that the thematic threads of this series seem to be very much pointed towards that ending, I’m 99% sure that’s where it’s headed.

I have absolutely no clue how it’s going to happen practically, but thematically I just can’t see another option.

Rules | L. Draisaitl

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Words: 1725

Who: Leon Draisaitl

Warnings: Cursing, mentions of a friends-with-benefits relationship, kissing

Mentions: C. Money aka McJesus and Nuge, but only by name

Requested? Nope!

Author’s Note: This is just me, getting back into the swing of writing imagines. Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I hope this helps make up for it!

From the very beginning, you and Leon had agreed that in this relationship - if that’s what you could call it - there was no place for feelings. Feelings were messy. Feelings made everything complicated and neither of you wanted complicated. You each wanted the freedom that came with being single, but the easy remedy for loneliness that was offered by the other.

To put it simply: you slept together to find release, not because you wanted a relationship. You certainly hadn’t been looking for anything romantic; your last boyfriend had been a real dick to you - both during and after the relationship - so you had no interest in getting seriously involved with anyone. Certainly not Leon.

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