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(½) “Whiny” and “Entitled” can both be summarized with one line: “That lightsaber belongs to me”. There’s other whiny scenes (my god, his signature move is the lightsaber temper tantrum), but he believes he deserves the lightsaber because of some notion of birthright or possibly because he thinks he’s the new Vader. Compare that to Rey, who at the end of TFA gives the lightsaber (which she didn’t even want at first) to Luke.

(2/2) as for mansplaining, that’s largely in reference to the line “You need a teacher, I can show you the ways of the force.” Consider that Rey, without training, resisted his force interrogation, escaped her cell by controlling the mind of a stormtrooper, and will soon defeat him in battle. He can’t teach her anything, she’s shown herself to be the stronger force user, yet he still thinks he is qualifed to be HER teacher.

Conversely, show me textual evidence for “he hates himself”.

All of Kylo Ren’s actions come from the strain of Shakespearean heirs and kingships. “That lightsaber [throne] belongs to me” is the central question of Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear, and others, and in a series like Star Wars which is heavily rooted in myth story structure, the questions attached to Kylo Ren cannot be taken lightly, not when the weight of the Force falls on weary shoulders. In that case, “whiny” and “entitled” might be cursorily accurate but are dismissive of the central themes of the series that will explore the concept of families, lineage, and inheritance. Rey’s inheritance is a crooked-er thing, one that she feels little claim to. It’s one of the central parallels of the series that Rey wants a family and not power, while Kylo rejects his family in favor of power. It’s a plot point, Beth. My issue with the terms “whiny” and “entitled” is that they seem dismissive of one of the series’ major themes, as if it isn’t worth exploring why the son of Skywalkers would feel a pressure to be as strong in the Force as they were. That’s interesting. A boy who felt the temptation of Snoke all his life is not whiny because he is struggling with that. If we leave his character there, there’s no point in having him around, and it’s silly to wipe away the spiritual and familial elements that are a central part of his narrative in favor of pretending he’s Entitled Because He’s Male. 

I also think anyone reading Kylo’s offer to teach Rey as a sign of his confidence and superiority is absolutely off the mark. We can tie this into the signs that he does despise himself–Rey tells us he’s lonely and afraid, we see Kylo trembling and begging his grandfather for the power to do what he doesn’t have the strength to do, he’s in tears during Han’s entire death scene, and the script tells us that while he thought killing Han would make him stronger, but “Kylo Ren is somehow WEAKENED by this wicked act. Himself horrified.” Much qualified, very entitled. Strong confidence skills.

We also get “He is clearly rocked by her raw, innate skill” in the script after she grabs his lightsaber. He is not dismissive of Rey or her power. Not once. He seems to have great respect for it and judges the situation as Snoke did for him. He, too, was born with incredible power and knows it must be honed. She doesn’t need a teacher because she’s bad at the Force. She needs a teacher because without training the Force can eat you. At least the Dark Side of the Force that Kylo Ren knows. 

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Why not go one step further and combine Dashing Pirate Kenobi and Singing Kenobi?

…Good Lord, the man could hold the Galaxy in his hand in a matter of minutes. 

Vader’s going to need additional oxygen. 



“Yuuri, you can’t stay under there forever.” Viktor said, eyeing the lump underneath the duvet in amusement. “You gonna have to come out eventually.” 

“Just watch me.” Yuuri challenged, voice muffled. “I’m not moving until this whole apartment is heated.” There was then a little bit of shuffling before Yuuri poked his head out, brown eyes narrowed. His hair was like a bird’s nest while his cheeks were slightly flushed due to being wrapped up underneath the warm duvet.

He was too adorable. 

“I don’t understand why it takes so long for the heating to kick in.” Yuuri grumbled beneath his breath as he started the painful process of getting out of bed. He was oblivious to the soft and fond looks that Viktor sent his way, too busy cursing the cold weather of Russia. 

Viktor’s warm embrace was there to greet him and he couldn’t resist the pleased sigh that escaped him as he nuzzled into him. 

“It’s not so bad getting out of bed now, is it?” Viktor teased, chuckling as he could practically feel Yuuri rolling his eyes. That didn’t stop his arms from tightening around Viktor’s waist and the feeling of content that oozed off him in gentle waves. 

“I guess you’re right.” Yuuri admitted softly before yawning loudly and tilting his head back to gaze up at Viktor. “I just hate that you’re a morning person.”

“Well, get used to it because you’re stuck with me.” Viktor replied, his tone playful but his eyes bright and filled with hope. 

Yuuri smiled, pleased with the very thought. 

“That I am.”

What the GazettE are to Sixth Guns other than "just a band":

A compilation of fans’ answers to this post.

- idols

- role models

- inspirations

- best friends

- family

- home

- brothers

- saviors

- a save space

- a haven

- a source of comfort

- “what keeps me going & alive”

- happiness

- a source of willpower & passion

- life-changing

- kindness

- shaping (as in, shaping who you are as a person

- genuineness

- self-confidence

- encouragement to follow one’s dreams

- living art

- sanity

- mental stability & strength

- escapism

- resistiveness

- growth

- motivation

- survival

- determination

- dedication

- originality

- independence

- fuel

- everything

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment/reply to this kind of “experiment.” It was beautiful to see so many different and yet similar views on how the boys helped us fans in life one way or another. Thank you ❤

The ordinary human response to danger is a complex, integrated system of reactions, encompassing both body and mind. Threat initially arouses the sympathetic nervous system, causing the person in danger to feel an adrenalin rush and go into a state of alert. Threat also concentrates a person’s attention on the immediate situation.

In addition, threat may alter ordinary perceptions: people in danger are often able to disregard hunger, fatigue, or pain. Finally, threat evokes intense feelings of fear and anger.

These changes in arousal, attention, perception, and emotion are normal, adaptive reactions. They mobilize the threatened person for strenuous action, either in battle or in flight.

Traumatic reactions occur when action is of no avail. When neither resistance nor escape is possible, the human system of self-defense becomes overwhelmed and disorganized.

Each component of the ordinary response to danger, having lost its utility, tends to persist in an altered and exaggerated state long after the actual danger is over. Traumatic events produce profound and lasting changes in physiological arousal, emotion, cognition, and memory.

Moreover, traumatic events may sever these normally integrated functions from one another. The truamatized person may experience intense emotion but without clear memory of the event, or may remember everything in detail but without emotion. They may find themself in a constant state of vigilance and irritability and not know why.

Judith Herman, Trauma and Recovery

(pronouns made neutral and line breaks added for wider applicability and accessibility)

Hmmm I be thinkin. What if somehow Matt and his dad manage to escape from the Galra with a bunch of the other aliens? Maybe they get picked up by some resistance fighters, maybe they escape on their own and form their own resistance. Because screw you Zarkon, you pissed off a pair of humans who are stuck out in space now with no idea how to get home. Might as well become a giant pain in Zarkon’s ass, they ain’t got anything better to do and now they’re free and angry.

But here’s the thing; they don’t know anything about Voltron. News of the paladins hasn’t reached the resistance yet. They’re on the other side of the empire now and who exactly was going to tell them about it before? They have no idea that there’s another force working against Zarkon. As far as either team knows, they’re alone.

But they both happen to have the same mission, which is taking down Zarkon and his empire, so sooner or later they’re going to run into each other.

Imagine the following reunion scenarios:

  • team voltron and the resistance happen to be attacking the same Galra outpost at the same time for the same objectives. Both Pidge and Matt, as the tech-whizes of their respective teams, are sent to raid the outpost’s data archive, and practically run into each other face-first
  • Some or all of team voltron is taken prisoner by the Galra, and Matt happens to be on the resistance team that’s attacking the ship and liberating prisoners. He opens the cell door, and is shocked to find Shiro or Pidge or both inside
  • Matt and his dad don’t know about what happened to Shiro, so they’ve been hunting through the universe for information. It gets back to team voltron that someone suspicious is looking for information on Shiro, and Allura sets up a meeting with info on Shiro as bait because she believes she’s about to catch some of the Galra’s druids. When Matt shows up, Pidge has to frantically stop the other paladins from springing the trap and hurting him
  • After being flung through the corrupted wormhole, Shiro happens to end up on the other side of the universe where a resistance vessel is flying by. The resistance fighters are suspicious, especially when they recognize the Galra tech on Shiro’s arm, but Matt recognizes him and intervenes on his behalf. (and then they share a tearful reunion with hugs and kisses bc I SHIP IT DANGIT)
  • It’s actually Hunk or Lance or Keith that run into Matt and his dad first, but Matt looks so much like Pidge they immediately know who he is. They excitedly tell Matt that Shiro’s okay…ish, and that Pidge is with them, and invite Matt and his dad back to the Castle of Lions
  • Both teams happen to be on a pseudo break on the same neutral planet. They run into each other at an alien bar after Lance has accidentally challenged the resistance leader to a drinking game. Shiro and Matt’s dad end up having to play mediators before a bar brawl breaks out

(I am A-OK with any of these so long as MATT’S OKAY. JUST LET THEM BE OKAY???)

Tips for Overcoming Shyness

1. Notice your triggers – the people and situations that make you want to hide.

2. Identify the different thoughts that you are thinking at these times, and the negative things you are saying to yourself.

3. Identify your special and your unique qualities – all your good points and your strengths, the different things that make you you.

4. Try to grasp that other people aren’t thinking about you (as they are thinking of themselves, and how they come across, instead.)

5. Realise that you are usually so much harder on yourself – whereas others like and love you as you are – for being you.

6. Try to see that just conforming is a boring way to live. It’s so much better to be natural, and to be your real, true self.

7. Resist the urge to escape quickly when you feel uncomfortable. Just hang in there and you’ll find that things will slowly start to change.

8. Notice all the times you’re brave and move outside your comfort zone … and find that things don’t fall apart - but go much better than you’d thought.

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oh man regarding your relativityfalls!Dipper, since Mabel will only have the 1st video compilation (with Dip's face in it) I can imagine her in front of the television, watching it for the first time after her brother got sucked into the portal and just breaking down at Dip's happy excited face as he talks about mysteries no don't touch me *cries*

oh gosh //sobbing//

oh no

i’m going to make it worse

then just imagine over the years her re watching the videos, not just to find out more details how to fix the portal, but just to see her brothers face and hear his voice. those videos were the things that lifted her up when she was at her lowest and almost giving up. 

watching them on holidays and on their birthdays sztdxycuvfyiklo her saying ‘happy birthday bro’ to the screen swdtfyguhjk

now 30 years later, shes old, wrinkles,tired and her bones creak time to time

but she is determined 

as she rewinds the recordings, she thinks the same thought she had for the past 30 years

‘she’s going to bring her little bro back, no matter what‘

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If you're talking Eirika's actual first battle in the game, she's only up against three bandits, and she has Seth. I'd give her pretty good odds, if only for Seth.

She’s up against a small Grado squadron. I’m not so much calling bull on the idea that she’d beat them, specifically, but on the idea that she and Seth would encounter no resistance on their escape besides three dudes.


Mitaka’s plan to help the resistance pilot escape didn’t go as easily as he thought it would. The troopers open fired on them and Taka didn’t get out unscathed. He Was grazed across the stomach and the burns were slowly spreading.

He needed treatment and was glad he was put under and taken to the medbay as soon as they landed. The doctor walked over to Poe with a concerned expression. “Tell me, Dameron, how much do you know about the omega?”

Uchiha Shisui, The Super Darling.

12 September 2016 - Chinese police fired rubber bullets at villagers and arrested 13 people on Tuesday in an overnight crackdown to suppress demonstrations in a southern fishing village that became internationally known five years ago for protesting land seizures. 

Police stormed into the village of Wukan in the southern province of Guangdong and arrested leaders of ongoing demonstrations in their homes.

Wukan carries symbolic importance due to the success of 2011 protests that broke out over land seizures and corruption. Villagers were able to expel government officials and police, and barricaded the village. 

The siege was resolved only after the provincial secretary of China’s ruling Communist Party agreed to allow a local election.The winner of that election was Lin Zuluan, a former protest leader. 

Lin was planning to lead a new round of protests this year over more land grabs. Instead, authorities detained him and then charged him with taking bribes. [article]


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a mix about two boys meeting in jakku, one carrying the burden of a bloodied white helmet and conscious enough not to fire his weapon, and the other on a mission to get the last piece of the map to the legendary luke skywalker to the resistance. they escape the first order’s grasp together as a self-proclaimed tag team, and the pilot delegates the stormtrooper a name in place of the number he’s been categorized as for all his life. but he disappears, and leaves his jacket as a reminder. they reunite, and lock the love at last.

“okay, stay calm, stay calm.”

“i am calm.”

“i was talking to myself.” - f & pd


Survival, evasion, resistance and escape specialists wait before performing static line jumps as the door of a C-130 Hercules, assigned to Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Ga., opens over the Nevada Test and Training Range, Nev., March 11, 2016. SERE specialists lead the Air Force emergency parachuting program and conduct extensive testing of parachuting systems. They are uniquely suited to analyze the operating environment to plan for evasion, captivity and recovery considerations. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Kevin Tanenbaum)