resistance and escape

no like really narrative wise? finn’s arc mirrors luke’s. luke had wanted to leave tatooine and wanted that freedom, like finn wanted to leave the first order. they both wind up getting roped into a mess with a droid that ends with them tagging along with a plucky, rough around the edges pilot/scavenger/smuggler trope character on the falcon. their refusal of the call moment is very similar as well and lasts an incredibly brief time bc as soon as more serious shit happens, they immediately run back into the fray to help. obviously there’s the stuff with han and finn going to rescue rey from starkiller vs han and luke rescuing leia. then of course there’s the whole him with the lightsaber ect.

destiinyyrosee  asked:

I was curious as to what pisces season brings for everyone? People are saying this is the time where everyone will start being more emotional & stuff, but i want to know more.

gemini, sagittarius experience the sun square so the inner conflicts awaken here, often transgressing between emotion and intellect, other people (esp authority figures) and circumstances present challenges, ego is sensitive and forced on the defensive 

virgo experiences sun opposing sun, shadows of the psyche are illuminated often through challenging and rewarding relationships that force the individual to reveal parts of themselves privately and publicly. these complexes and patterns require other people to guide with awareness, often unconsciously. also as of 25th mercury opposing so the shadows of the mind are forced under the torch, cobwebs are revealed and unintegrated parts of the self are forced into expression, the individual may feel as if they cannot communicate properly or people just arent ‘getting them’ like everyone is on a different wavelength  

scorpio and cancer trine the sun so energy flows sublimely, natural talents are illuminated, the emotional network is awakened, but chartered well. emotional resistances can be released. the creative activity can be rich. it’s their time in the spotlight 

pisces has transiting sun and neptune crossing their natal so the illusion is existence, the spiritual seclusion is indicated, loss in creativity. the psychic sensitivity around people can be exaggerated to the point of exhaustion. the individual may sleep more and find it difficult to resist substances, distraction or escape mechanisms

aries and capricorn have the passing sextile, it’s tremendous for invigoration, in pisces consider this on the emotional spectrum, so emotions can be directed through will and activity for the outcome of creativity, energy can be focused for long term goals

for libra, venus exalts in libra where the sun passes, so the sensitivity and the excitement swirls seductively, so long as they are not fooled by jupiter teasing their sun, the venus retrograde pressures libra because they cannot create without display. inner love and validation is to be cultivated, if the sun is in pisces, they can seek godly/cosmic love

the solar eclipse occured on the 26th and solar is the ruler of leo so the eclipse can be literally shaking to them. when it passes in an oceanic pisces sign then the uncontained heart of leo flows and flows in every direction, hysterically maybe. leo intuition is enriched with the pisces sun. leo can feel energised around now because the planets in aries trine the sun giving a good energy and vitality

the celebrations are over for aquarius… the party went on for so long now we have a permanent hang over with the sun in pisces. now we are resting because the sun energized the aquarian mind, its time to sleep, reflect, and harvest. with sun in the 3rd house this is a good time for mental development and study, especially spiritual study. 

for taurus, their ruler exalts in tear stained pisces so sensitivities are heightened and so is their artistic expression, venus is retrograde so it will withdraw the individual into the dwellings of their own, inner artistic being. relationships may be under pressure here 



May 21 2016 - German Neo-Nazis of Road Crew Ostwestfalen tried to visit a protest organised in Rome by Italian Fascist group CasaPound, but they got stuck in the anti-fascist counterprotest. The antifascists quickly figured out who they were leading to them fleeing in a panic hitting several other cars as they were being chased down the street. [video]

being spanked is abuse

being slapped is abuse

being physically harmed or hit in any way by a person in power over you is abuse

being intimidated and terrified into thinking that they’ll hit you is abuse

being forced into state where you flinch when their tone of voice changes is abuse

being sure that you’re dead when they lift their hand is heavy psychological abuse

being hit with your own hand is abuse (abuser forcing your hand to strike your body)

feeling like you have to keep a happy face and pretend that everything is okay is abuse

feeling like you haven’t been hit enough and like you deserve more is abuse

having a person with power want to cause physical harm to when you have no way to defend yourself is abuse

controlling your reactions is abuse

demanding a different reaction after physical harm is abuse

demanding no fear, no anger, no bitterness, no symptoms after being hit is abuse

forbidding expression of pain and fear and anger is abuse

subtly letting you know that you can’t tell anyone about what they did is abuse and silencing technique

shaming you for hitting you is abuse

demanding that it’s your fault if you get traumatized by physical harm is abuse

claiming that it’s you who is violent if you resist or try to escape or fight back is abuse

if any of this was done to you: you have been abused

if this was done to you and you don’t think it was harmful: you are wrong

if you dare to comment “i was hit and i turned out okay”: nobody who thinks any of this is alright to do to a child has turned out okay

Jasper´s life sucks

>fighting from the day you were born
>your sisters are defective and disgusting by society´s standards
>but you´re perfect so let’s take you away from them to fight in the big fights
>rose quartz kills his diamond
>she wants to kill her, but in all of the war she never even gets to see her in person.
>the war makes her hate her own planet
>war ends and she didn´t avenge her mommy
>spends the next thousands of years doing jack shit
>a peridot forces her to go back to the home she hates
>well at least I can finally kill rose quartz and avenge my mommy
>turns out she shapeshifted into a fat human and doesn´t even wanna fight you
>you beat her and take her minions prisoners without resistance
>the fusion escapes and kicks your ass and breaks your ship, stranding you on earth
>ok but if i fuse with lapis i will kill them
>lol, nope. she traps you in a fusion of hell
>months suffering under the sea
>but then you finally start to enjoy it. finally something good for once
>nevermind the crystal gems just defused you
>you fall to the water and get left behind while the blue bitch gets to live life in a barn
>after a week of being underwater you finally catch up to her and you propose to her
>rose cock blocks you and the blue bitch punches you so hard you end up in the other side of the world

>starts planning an attack, collecting those gem monsters
>who knows what they are and who cares, im collecting them
>bring those ugly fuckers to your home and imprison them like rose imprisoned you
>show up to her house to impress rose, showing her army
>kicks the shit out of that ugly ass amethyst who deserves to die
>but rose can’t let me have anything good so she takes her gem away from me before i can shatter the ugly purple fuck
>fusion beats me once again
>ok but next time time….
>rose, the purple fuck and the peridot who brought you here show up to try to beat you
>whatever i can take them down
>except they fuse and fucking kick the shit out of you again
>at this point you´re suicidal so you decide to fuse with a corrupted gem monster so you can at least take them down with you
>Lol nope
>rose quartz offers you the deal she gave to lesser people
>you tell her to fuck off because she killed your mommy
>except she doesnt even know who pink diamond is
>the last moments of sanity you have is a sunken realization that the fat kid you´ve been searching is indeed just a fat kid and not rose quartz, and everything you have done for months is pointless

>months later your family ends up liking the purple fuck more than you

And if we go by what the trial implies:
>the killer you´ve been searching your entire life was framed and you´ve been serving your mother´s killers

“You DUMPED me!” vs “They’ll be back for me.”

The thing about Rogue One is that it takes all of the Star Wars conventions and turns them upside down, then at the very end turns them back and reminds everyone that this is Star Wars–but a little too late.

While I would be the first to admit that Jyn Erso’s character could be improved upon, and she’s most certainly not the easiest one to like, she is still an INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT female character.

This is mostly comparing Jyn to Rey. They both had similar backstories of parental abandonment at a very young age and both are similarly badass, and they are both young, pretty white women with three-letter names.

That is where the similarities end. Abruptly.

Jyn has none of Rey’s patience or moral clarity. She is not Force sensitive despite wearing what is implied to be a kyber crystal around her neck. Jyn has none of Rey’s optimism, none of the hope or selflessness that makes Rey so easily likeable. In fact, Jyn is not likeable at all. Not until the very end.

This is because we get the feeling that if Jyn were in Rey’s place–while she might have saved BB8 from Teedo–she would definitely have turned BB8 in for sixty portions without the least ounce of regret. And she would never have stayed in the same place waiting patiently for her family to reclaim her.

Rogue One is the darkest, most realistic Star Wars yet because it follows the odds rather than defying them.

Instead of having an abandoned child turn out optimistic and morally pure against all probability, the abandoned child in Rogue One turns out EXACTLY as anyone would expect her to be: bitter, unhappy, and completely self-centered.

Jyn is a reflection of what Rey could easily have turned out to be, what ANYONE could turn out to be if abandoned as a child in a war-torn world, and that makes us uncomfortable.

Rogue One tells us bluntly that the Star Wars world is actually NOT full of young, idealistic farm boys and beautiful, headstrong princesses who channel their grief towards a greater cause. No, it is in fact full of people like Jyn–flawed, cynical, traumatized yet unsympathetic, and completely apathetic to the bigger picture.

The fact that Jyn is a woman is most likely adding to her unlikeability.

It is tradition in fiction as a whole to make the woman the emotional center, the compassionate figure of the group. Yet Rogue One’s figurative heart seems to lean more towards Bodhi, or Chirrut, who are both much more sympathetic, much more well-adjusted, much more faithful to a cause outside themselves. They have attachments which Jyn cut a long time ago. The only attachment she has is, logically, more self-centered–her long lost father is alive and she is desperate to reclaim the only family she has left.

And there is only a shred more sympathy for Cassian, who is just as ambiguous as Jyn. He unceremoniously drags her away from her father’s dead body. He mocks Jyn for being self-centered and apathetic about politics, yet in the same breath admits to having done horrible things in the name of the Resistance. The point is that neither of them have the moral high ground in the argument. Jyn commits petty crimes in the name of survival, Cassian commits war crimes in the name of his cause.

Over and over, Jyn fights as hard as she can throughout the whole movie, as hard as any Star Wars protagonist. But unlike the others, she loses.

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#31-Kylo Ren

“Can I touch your hair?”

Warnings: None

Words: 1K +

Notes: You gotta admit, we’re all at least a tiny bit infatuated with Kylo’s hair. 

You watched as Kylo unlatched his helmet. His gloved fingers coming up just under the back, and clicking it open. The metal gave out a small sigh and then moved away from his face.

You had only seen him without his helmet once. But that was when you had run into the corridor where he was speaking to Snoke. Well, that had been when one of the resistance pilots had escaped. 3 months ago. They caught him and killed him before he could get back to the Resistance.

You ran into the long, dark hallway, panting. Kylo had looked back at you, and you instantly recognized his black robes. What you didn’t recognize, was the young, pale man with dark eyes and thick, pale pink lips staring back at you. You nearly tripped over yourself when you first saw him. Your heart nearly exploding in your chest when the young man’s voice broke the silence when you were exiting.

You couldn’t get him out of your head before that moment, and now, looking into his eyes, his complexion was gentle. His mouth in a slight pout, his eyebrows pushed together as he tried to figure out what you were thinking.

Reaching out, you ran your thumb over his bottom lip, and he closed his eyes. Sucking in a long breath. You then eyed the thick black locks that curled around his ears. A soft smile pulled at the corner of your mouth, and you leaned forward.

“Can I touch your hair?”

Kylo then opened his eyes, taken aback by your request. Then, with a single groan, he leaned his head forward.

“Do not speak of this to anyone. Understand?”


“I’m allowing you to do this cause it’s you.”


Grinning, you brought your fingers to his jet black hair. Burying your fingers in its softness. Running your fingers through, you pushed it from his eyes, and he found that he enjoyed it.  

Moving your fingers along his scalp, and then slightly massaging his temple, Kylo breathed out, focusing on your touch. Reaching his hand up, he interlocked your fingers with his. Bringing your palm up to his lips, and planting a small kiss in the center.

You smiled, leaning over. Meeting his lips with yours and crawling on top of him. He wrapped his muscular arms around you.

When Kylo let go of your other hand, you brought it back up to his hair. Knotting your fingers, and pulling back a little bit. Revealing his neck to you. He groaned slightly, letting his eyes flutter close. But you stopped kissing him, and just looked at his hair in awe. Frustrated, he opened his eyes. Holding your hips.

“What are you doing?”

“I just don’t understand how do you get it this perfect? What product do you use? Why doesn’t it get messed up by your helmet? Why do you have black hair instead of-”

“Oh my god.” Lifting you, Kylo moved you off of him and stood up. Pushing his hair out of his eyes, and crossing his arms. Pouting, you sat on your knees, giggling slightly.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I want to touch it again.”

“What is it with you and my hair?”

“It’s just… So… Amazing. Kylo. Come on.”

“I’m beginning to think you like my hair better than you like me.”

“Now… That’s not fair. You are your hair.” Kylo raised his eyebrows, and you snickered. Getting off the bed, and walking up to him. “Don’t be so brooding… I can’t help it.”

Leaning down, Kylo pulled you up. Kissing you hard. You reached up to bury your hands in his hair again, but he shot his hands up, grabbing yours and bringing them to your chest.

“No.” He simply said. “Or the helmet goes back on.”

Pressing your lips together, you hit his chest, but he chuckled. Picking you up so that your legs wrapped around his waist. You two hadn’t ever been so close. Other than flirtatious conversations and bitter words towards one another, this was only the second time you saw him without his mask on. And you didn’t want to stop kissing him.

Cupping his face, you smiled, and moved your lips down his neck as he carried the two of you to the bed. Letting you fall on him, you moved to his side. Lightly touching his face and showering him with small kisses.

“How do you do that?”

“Hm…” You ran your finger along his hairline. Fighting the urge to run your fingers through the blackness once again. Just to piss him off. But you continued your path down to his cheekbone.

“Make me feel as if nothing else matters?” He asked, his voice quiet and gentle. Meeting his gaze, you cleared your throat, and he reached up, holding your chin in his fingers while he kissed you. You couldn’t get over the feeling of his lips against yours, his hot breath, the smell of leather against his skin mixing with ash and metal, the toxic taste of his tongue, like bitter whiskey mixed with black coffee. Sighing, you answered him.

“I’m pretty sure you’re going to have to figure out the answer to that question…”

Kylo nodded slightly, getting lost in your eyes. Silence then wrapped the two of you together like a heavy blanket. Encompassing the whole room, which was dimly lit. With the warm glow of the light in the corner, it shone on Kylo’s face, spreading the shadows of his features across one side of his face. Tracing the lines of his bones, you followed your fingers with your lips. Making him chuckle quietly when you climbed on top of him. Your knees pressing against his sides and your hands on either side of his head. Your lips moving across each distinct mark on his face.

Kissing the tip of his nose, you sat up and held Kylo’s hands in yours. Noticing the way that his hair had sprawled across the pillow.

“Wait a second-how is your hair so wonderful when I only get a small bottle of cheap, shitty shampoo?”

Kylo rolled his eyes back, raising his eyebrows.

“Just drop it with my hair already!”

What the GazettE are to Sixth Guns other than "just a band":

A compilation of fans’ answers to this post.

- idols

- role models

- inspirations

- best friends

- family

- home

- brothers

- saviors

- a save space

- a haven

- a source of comfort

- “what keeps me going & alive”

- happiness

- a source of willpower & passion

- life-changing

- kindness

- shaping (as in, shaping who you are as a person

- genuineness

- self-confidence

- encouragement to follow one’s dreams

- living art

- sanity

- mental stability & strength

- escapism

- resistiveness

- growth

- motivation

- survival

- determination

- dedication

- originality

- independence

- fuel

- everything

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment/reply to this kind of “experiment.” It was beautiful to see so many different and yet similar views on how the boys helped us fans in life one way or another. Thank you ❤

Kylux Rec List (I think it’s number 3)

Note: I am mostly a Hux fan, so my preferences are for stories in which he is allowed to be impressive. This shouldn’t always match up with top/dom/alpha!Hux stories, but sadly it seems to do so more often than not.

Untimely Excess by Ezlebe

Ren and Hux escape Resistance custody, despite Ren being trussed up in restraints that give them both inappropriate ideas. Features a couple of endearing troopers, Hux being actually competent, confessions made due to the influence of concussion, and both of them maybe realizing that they like each other more than they think. It’s funny and lighthearted and their bickering turns out to be heartwarming in the end.

Forced Perspective by thecopperriver

“After Starkiller’s destruction, Hux is left to take the blame. Being enslaved to Kylo Ren gives him an entirely new perspective on what the First Order is really like.”

This is a WIP. It’s nice to see a story in which an enslaved character does not react to it by either enthusiastically embracing it or turning into a weepy hopeless mess for several chapters before eventually embracing it. Can we imagine either of them being passive in a situation like that? I don’t think so.

 Getaway by hollycomb

I will admit that mainly I like this for the Hux & Techie interactions. A lot of what I like about hollycomb’s stuff is the way she takes these characters who have been isolated against their own will all their lives until they don’t know any other way to be, and then believably gives them back their family. It makes me cry.

Haunted Soldier by Vadianna

Kylo comes home to the Finalizer after spending two years in training. He has been playing out every detail of their reunion every day for two years. It still manages to surprise him. This is very much my headcanon of a Kylux relationship; it’s vicious powerplay that also manages to be oddly sweet and domestic, because they’re so terrible individually that they’re perfect together.

Sunny Side Up by for_autumn_i_am

Described as a fun chef AU. Ren is believably non-neurotypical, Hux is competent and slightly sinister, and yet again it’s very domestic. Beautifully written and almost makes me want to try cow’s head prepared with capers which in normal life sounds disgusting, but this author makes sound idyllic.

Blue Fires by Clarice Chiara Sorcha (claricechiarasorcha)

I love the first one in this verse too - in fact I would read them together. This starts as uniform kink but ends very soft with confessions about names and gentle intimacy. Lovely.

Against the World by Avilthenaze

High School AU - Ren and Hux are the nasty bullied loners of the school, and one day they team up. This is a gorgeous story of two malicious weirdos finding each other and in the process learning to love themselves while wreaking revenge on their tormentors. I’ve seen a couple of posts from people wanting awkward, fumbling, genuinely heartfelt sex scenes rather than perfect porn, and I recommend this to them, but it’s much more than that. Very life affirming.

Nodus Tollens by faithharkness

Modern AU - Hux, dishonourably discharged from the military for cracking under torture, returns home with injuries and PTSD. His physical therapist, Rey, introduces him to Lando’s gym, where Kylo works as a trainer. I really hope this hasn’t been abandoned, because it’s so good. Everyone is there, everyone is lively and supportive and kind - even Brendol! It’s so goodhearted and so beautifully written it’s worth reading even if it never gets beyond chapter 5.

Bombshell by valda

“Department store employee Ben Organa learns something new about the gorgeous redhead who always requests his help selecting lingerie.”

Pretty much the only lingerie fic I’ve really liked, probably because it’s combined with Hux being a (very polite) dom.

Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad by Vadianna

“Jedi Ben Solo, handsome hero of the New Republic, accompanies his uncle Luke on a memorial trip to Tatooine. As Luke mourns his family, Ben meets local peacekeeper Major Armitage Hux. Hux is unimpressed by his reputation, and proceeds to give him a scathing lesson in galactic politics before taking him on a suicide mission.”

This is so believable as a reason why Ben might go over to the First Order that you don’t even need Snoke. You can see why both characters would be convinced that they were actually on the side of the angels. Reads to me like canon backstory. I will now be surprised when it didn’t turn out this way.

Bad Things by EllaBesmirched (El_Bell)

Just on the offchance that you haven’t see this before, it’s a Modern AU in which Hux is a serial killer and Ben is the detective responsible for investigating his crimes. It’s gripping and immersive and breathless and gorgeous. You’ve probably seen it recommended before, but if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat.

Reputation by Flyting

“Kylo finds out Hux is an omega. Functionally it makes no difference – everybody in the FO takes hormone control – but every so often medical deems fit to have someone go through a rut/heat. Alpha/omegas are uncommon enough that it doesn’t present real disruptions.

Kylo is excited. He’s an alpha, and has never experienced being around an available omega. Omegas are supposed submissive, needy things – according to Han’s old romance novels and Snoke’s gender essentialism 101, at least. And the glut of porn. Subjugating the general sounds appealing.

It turns out heat makes Hux mean. He’s aggressive, hostile, and doesn’t seem to give a fuck about Kylo or his fancy dick.”

I feel that I’ve recommended this before, which means I’m now back among fics for which I’ve done an earlier rec post. But this is a hilarious subversion of the whole a/b/o trope which made me laugh out loud while also feeling better about the fates of the poor omegas in these universes. Recommending it twice is not a bad thing.

I’m like… two 12 year old boys in a 23-year-old-woman-with-a-college-degree-and-employed-as-a-graphic-designer-shaped trenchcoat

False Pond: It is difficult to portray this creature in a single state, as it is most highly animated when given cause.  While such a striking creature might be easily visible against most biological surfaces, when calm, within the Darkening Wood, this creature is not easily spotted.  Flowing into low spots and appearing as a calm, flat black surface, we found this creature when one of our researchers unintentionally stepped on it.  Roiling into a froth of rolling eyes, this creature skittered off from underfoot, flowing over the path of least resistance to escape the source of its agitation.  We were fortunate enough to be able to observe other specimens of this species, and found its transformations to demonstrate a tremendous amount of flexibility in its shape.  We are most reminded of a slime mold, only one that exists in a far quicker frame of motion.

(For @sih​, who was asking for Finnrey positivity.) 

For me, the proof of Finn and Rey’s connection is in their expressions. Every single time they look at each other, intense emotion is being exchanged. There’s attraction (the heart-eyes Rey gives Finn when he tells her he’s with the Resistance), shared joy (after their escape on the falcon), trust (always), longing (their parting scene in Maz’s castle), fear (whenever the other is in danger), protection (when they rescue each other and reunite), heartbreak (Rey crying over Finn’s body) and gentle affection (the Forehead Kiss™.)

Finn and Rey go through so much together, and they’re active and alive for every second of it. They’re never apathetic towards the other, and they never take each other for granted. 

So that’s my take on it. When it comes to Finn and Rey’s love, their faces say it all. 

Hmmm I be thinkin. What if somehow Matt and his dad manage to escape from the Galra with a bunch of the other aliens? Maybe they get picked up by some resistance fighters, maybe they escape on their own and form their own resistance. Because screw you Zarkon, you pissed off a pair of humans who are stuck out in space now with no idea how to get home. Might as well become a giant pain in Zarkon’s ass, they ain’t got anything better to do and now they’re free and angry.

But here’s the thing; they don’t know anything about Voltron. News of the paladins hasn’t reached the resistance yet. They’re on the other side of the empire now and who exactly was going to tell them about it before? They have no idea that there’s another force working against Zarkon. As far as either team knows, they’re alone.

But they both happen to have the same mission, which is taking down Zarkon and his empire, so sooner or later they’re going to run into each other.

Imagine the following reunion scenarios:

  • team voltron and the resistance happen to be attacking the same Galra outpost at the same time for the same objectives. Both Pidge and Matt, as the tech-whizes of their respective teams, are sent to raid the outpost’s data archive, and practically run into each other face-first
  • Some or all of team voltron is taken prisoner by the Galra, and Matt happens to be on the resistance team that’s attacking the ship and liberating prisoners. He opens the cell door, and is shocked to find Shiro or Pidge or both inside
  • Matt and his dad don’t know about what happened to Shiro, so they’ve been hunting through the universe for information. It gets back to team voltron that someone suspicious is looking for information on Shiro, and Allura sets up a meeting with info on Shiro as bait because she believes she’s about to catch some of the Galra’s druids. When Matt shows up, Pidge has to frantically stop the other paladins from springing the trap and hurting him
  • After being flung through the corrupted wormhole, Shiro happens to end up on the other side of the universe where a resistance vessel is flying by. The resistance fighters are suspicious, especially when they recognize the Galra tech on Shiro’s arm, but Matt recognizes him and intervenes on his behalf. (and then they share a tearful reunion with hugs and kisses bc I SHIP IT DANGIT)
  • It’s actually Hunk or Lance or Keith that run into Matt and his dad first, but Matt looks so much like Pidge they immediately know who he is. They excitedly tell Matt that Shiro’s okay…ish, and that Pidge is with them, and invite Matt and his dad back to the Castle of Lions
  • Both teams happen to be on a pseudo break on the same neutral planet. They run into each other at an alien bar after Lance has accidentally challenged the resistance leader to a drinking game. Shiro and Matt’s dad end up having to play mediators before a bar brawl breaks out

(I am A-OK with any of these so long as MATT’S OKAY. JUST LET THEM BE OKAY???)

LOL, Miwa Shiro must have heard me because he draw a JG stage comic ^_-… just one page though but still thank you so much for this!

Please, always remain in a Joker Game mood, it’s so awesome to see your works Sensei!

「耐エマシタネ…」はずるい #舞台ジョーカー・ゲーム

“Escape resistant …” is cunning  # stage joker game

(Okay I know there’s no way he heard me but let me dream, okay? I want to dream about a JG stage comic and seeing Sakuma and Miyoshi interact again…)

Misconceptions of Compliance

To the casual observer the way she knelt, with no bindings would seem to indicate a willingness to participate in her own debasement.

The smooth way that she assumed the different poses, commanded by the auctioneer, would seem to indicate not just a willingness, but even eagerness to participate. 

The total lack of bindings would seem to enforce this image even more, making the entire situation seem less dire and more entertainment.

It wouldn’t be until one looked very, very closely that they would begin to understand the horrifying truth. 

Not unless someone was very observant and noticed the slight sheen of fear sweat that coated her entire body, or caught the briefest glimpse of the empty, resigned look in her eye, would they understand.

It was a look that said, even as she had completely surrendered to her destiny, she still remembered it was undesired.

It was a look that had to be caught and recognized quickly, before her training would reassert itself and the look would vanish.

But that briefest of glances into the shattered soul and will of this compliant sex-slave would lead to the shocking realization that the bindings which held this truly unwilling slave, while invisible, were as powerful as the finest steel and held her just as surely to the will of those who were selling her.

But even that glance, and the realization it brought, while informative, wouldn’t tell the observer the whole story.

No, such an obervation would not tell the observer that six months ago she would have never even considered complying, or cooperating, or in anyway being complicit in her own illegal sale into slavery. 

But that was six months ago.

In that time she had been kidnapped, and brought to this place, far from anyone who knew her or anyone that could help her. 

She had been subjected to the most painful physical abuses imaginable, without causing a single noticeable mark, beyond the piercing of her nipples, a demonstration of her new Owners’ total mastery over her body.

She had been bound and blinded so she could be violated, repeatedly, in her lower holes; raped again and again, and taken with impunity while her best efforts to resist were overcome with casual ease.

She was subjected to horrifying psychological manipulation’s, kept from sleeping for days while being required to repeat, over and over again, the different rules of her new life. Forced to perfectly assume various positions that allowed her body to be used or examined with humiliating ease.

In these trainings, she was punished repeatedly, and severely, for the slightest mistake; the most minimal of imperfections warranting horrific retribution. 

She was trained to understand that nothing less than absolute obedience and perfection was acceptable, and trained to understand that even the slightest indication of unwillingness or hesitation to comply with the will of her Owners would bring a horrifying outcomes worse than death.

All designed with the sole purpose of overcoming her natural instinct for freedom and forcing her to embrace her subjugation.

A subjugation that followed her even in sleep as her training continued and she was taught that there was no freedom to be had, even in Morpheus’ Embrace.

They would come for her at night, ravaging her bound, helpless form and slipping her hallucinagenic drugs to make her nighttime experiences even more horrifying, and debasing.

The result of the repeated punishments for even the slightest infraction, or at the slightest indication of willfulness, or disobedience had resulted in her will to slowly crumbling and culminated in the end goal that made even the consideration of any resistance or escape attempt completely impossible.

To even allow such a thought to cross her mind caused her initially to shudder in crippling fear, then, slowly, her mind was so reconditioned that such a thought was simply and utterly impossible.

She had been broken.

In a short six months the finished results were as inevitable as they were obvious: a completely, pathetically obedient product ready for sale.

A slave with unbreakable bindings upon her will, her spirit, her very soul.

She would be sold to a master who would take full advantage of this training and use her in every way possible, knowing that she was absolutely obedient and submissive to his will. 

After all, thanks to her intensive training, that was what she seemed to craved now…unless one looked closer.

Deals ➸ Theo Raeken (smut)

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Part 2



You whirled around, nearly dropping your towel at your feet. You gasped, but weren’t exactly surprised. “Theo,” you breathed, earning a smirk from him. “Please, no-not now. Not today.”

Theo smirked again. “Why not? Why shouldn’t I give you what we both need?” he said with a malicious-looking smile. “We had a deal, didn’t we princess?”

“Y-yes,” you whimpered, “We had a deal, b-but please, I-I can’t.”

“You can’t?” Theo chuckled darkly. “I can always go back and kill your dear little brother, just like I planned. Justin? Was his name?”

“No, no please, I’ll let you, just don’t hurt him, please,” you said quickly, desperately.

“Good,” Theo stepped closer and with a pull of his hand, your towel flew away from your body. He drew in a sharp breath at the sight of your wet, dripping body. “I think that the night is going to go as planned.” Theo kept advancing towards you and you kept backing up until your naked back hit the wall behind you. Your eyes closed as Theo was nearly chest-to-chest with you. You whimpered as he dragged his cold fingertips over your hips. The butterfly touches felt so unreal, almost as if they weren’t even there, but then Theo pressed thumb harshly into your clit and you knew it was very real.

“You’re stressed.” he hummed, moving his thumb in slow circles, “Let me relieve you, let me give you what you want, what you need.”

“God, Theo,” You sighed and tilted your head back as he continued to work your core. “Fuck, yes Theo, don’t stop, don’t ever stop.”

“Wasn’t planning on it babe,” he winked, slipping a cool finger between your folds and you gasped, knees weakening. And then he added another, and then another. He used his other hand to keep you pressed against the wall, moving his fingers harshly inside you. Your walls began to clench around Theo’s fingers, moans and whimpers falling from your lips. Just as you were teetering over the edge, he retracted his fingers from your body.

“No please!” you gasped. Theo smirked and slowly brought his fingers to his lips, placing them in his mouth and tasting you. The sight made your knees buckle. Theo was quick to catch you, his werewolf speed acting immediately.

“Babygirl,” he grunted, “babygirl.” You were speechless as he led you over to your bed and tossed you onto the mattress. “Is anyone else here tonight?” Theo murmured as he climbed over your naked body.

“N-no.” Your eyelids fluttered. His smell was intoxicating. He was intoxicating. His scent was of peppermint and the faint traces of pine needles. A strange mix, but in your current position, you couldn’t get enough. “Kiss me, Theo.” You opened your eyes and Theo grinned, leaning down to bump his nose against yours. You leaned up to close the gap, but he pulled away, leaving you breathless. You let a whine of protest fall from your lips until he took the material of his black jacket and threw it off, his shirt came next. Your breath caught in your throat as you examined the beautiful being in front of you.

“Look all you want, babygirl, I’m all yours,” Theo grinned as he crawled back on top of you.

“All mine?” you mumbled as his shadow covered your face.

“All fucking yours,” he hissed, before slamming his lips into yours. You sighed in pleasure. Finally. You didn’t think this moment would ever come. He bit your lip, begging you to grant him entrance. Theo didn’t expect you to whimper, but when you fucking did he felt his bad boy persona begin to crack. Of course, you had no idea the effect you had on him. When the Dread Doctors had taken your brother, it had given Theo the perfect opportunity to get what he wanted from you: complete submission. You opened your mouth easily to him, and he shoved his tongue into your mouth.

“Theo,” you breathed against his lips as your hands slid up his chest. He grunted as he pulled his lips from yours. His eyes fluttered shut and his arms that were holding him up beginning to tremble, your gentle touches driving him insane. “Theo, I’m yours, please.” His lips parted and he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth. Your fingers explored the kinks and curves of his body, fingertips dancing across his shoulders and his arms. Theo exhaled as you traced his muscles down his torso until you reached his belt. “Theo, take it off, please.”

Theo’s eyes flew open as you began to unbuckle his belt. He drew in sharp breaths as your hand bumped repeatedly against his boner. He could resist the moan that escaped his lips as you pushed his jeans down and gripped the tent in his boxers. “Stop,” he growled. When you didn’t listen, he grabbed your wrists and pinned them above your head. “Am I going to have to tie you up?” he hissed, his his breath fanning over your face.

“N-no,” you whimpered.

“Good girl.”

Theo released you and stepped back and let his pants fall to the floor, quickly stepping out of them; but not before slipping a condom from the pocket. He pushed his boxers down, allowing his cock to spring free. You gaped at his size, doubtful that he would be able to fit inside you. “Eyes up, babygirl.” You flushed, embarrassed that Theo had caught you staring.

“I-um-I was just-”

“I’ll fit,” he assured you, “I can’t wait to feel how tight you are, babygirl.” His words made you drip with anticipation, legs trembling with need.

“Please, Theo, I can’t wait, I can’t,” you damn near begged for him. You needed this - you needed him.

“Weren’t you just telling me to leave?” he mocked, “That you “Couldn’t do this today,”? Guess what babygirl, we’re doing it.” You gulped nervously. This was the first time you were going to sleep with him. If he were to push you past your limits, you doubted to would be able to move tomorrow, and you had work. “Don’t you worry, babe, I’ll be gentle,” he smiled slyly, as if he read your thoughts. But something told you that he would be far from gentle.

You lifted your hips, begging for him. Just a few minutes earlier, you were begging for him to leave. Now you were begging for him to fuck you. Just once. You needed to feel him inside you, pounding into you. “Please,” you begged as he dipped the tip of his cock inside you. Just barely. You gasped out his name like a prayer, pleading for him to do something.

Theo couldn’t help but smirk at your flushed state. You were so needy, so innocent underneath him, and it took all his self control not to fuck you right there. He wanted his name to fall from your lips just one more time. It was as if you read his mind when you gasped out, “Theo!” and with a snap of his hips, he was sunken into you, balls-deep. He hissed in relief at the feeling of you around him. You couldn’t stop the scream that ripped from your throat when Theo pulled out again, to the tip, and slammed back in.

“Fuck, Theo, faster!” you gasped out, as he started his slow, deep thrusts. He complied to your request and sped up his thrusts. “God, fuck, Theo, please.” Gathering your strength, you pushed Theo’s chest so that the two of you rolled over and he was on his back. Theo’s gasped when your rolled your hips on top of him.

“Good girl,” he murmured, his hands grabbing at your ass, gripping your hips, “That’s it, baby, ride me.” You lifted your hips before slamming them back down again. “Fuck!” Theo grunted, holding your hips to repeat the action again.

Theo’s eyes flashed yellow when you circled your hips, moaning his name loudly at the sensation. “Fuck, Theo, I can’t,” you whimpered, struggling to keep moving with the pleasure you were feeling. In half a second, Theo had you pinned against the mattress once again. The sounds of his skin slapping against yours and both of yours’ pleasure-filled noises were the only ones filled the room.

Theo’s lips were on your neck, sucking harshly on the soft spot beneath your jaw. Scott was going to kill you, True Alpha or not.  “God, Theo,” you whined, hips thrusting upwards to meet his own. “Theo, Theo, I can’t, I can’t.”

“You-you feel so good, princess, so good,” Theo grunted. “Come for me.” And you did. Your walls clench, tightly around him, and the dirty words the that Theo was whispering in your ear sent you over the edge.

“THEO! GOD! FUCK!” Your screams echoed in the room as the knot in your stomach coiled and snapped. Theo’s lips met yours between your screams as your orgasm washed over you. Your hearing and sight were taken away for a few moments, and all you could feel was Theo’s dick, pushing in, out, then into you again.

Even after your orgasm, Theo didn’t stop. He just kept thrusting, again, again, and again. He had slowed down, spilling himself into the condom, but he kept going. You were so sensitive, and Theo payed no mind.

“Theo, Theo, please, stop, please,” you begged for him to stop. You placed a hand on his stomach, signaling for him to at least slow down. “Oh, god, Theo, slow down!” Theo growled- he growled at you- and if anything, thrusted even harder. You let out a shrieking moan as Theo hit your g-spot, the familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach beginning. “Yes, yes, Theo right there.”

“Come, for me, baby, one more time,” Theo hissed in your ear, rolling his hips again. Your orgasm washed over you again, even stronger than the last.

As Theo’s second orgasm came over him, a roar of a moan came from his throat. “FUCK! Y/N!” His eyes were glowing yellow, canines protruding from his teeth. Claws dug into your hips, just enough to hurt, but not enough to draw blood. Theo’s body spasmed as his second load filled the condom. Theo stilled, pulling out of you, and you whimpered at the loss of feeling.

You gasped for air, still recovering from two of the most earth-shattering orgasms that you had ever experienced. But he wasn’t finished, and he ripped the condom of, throwing it in a trash bin beside your bed.

“Oh, I’m far from done with you, princess,” Theo chuckled darkly at the astonished look on your face.


“Shut up,” he growled. Theo trailed kisses down your stomach - soft kisses, the opposite of what he was doing only moments ago. He was gentle with you now, butterfly kisses were being spread across your body, tender, and almost… loving. But this was Theo you were talking about. Theo fucking Raeken. And while Theo Raeken was many things, loving was not one of them.

Theo’s lips traveled lower, to your hips, where he left mark after mark, making sure that you would remember him in the morning. You whimpered when he sank his canines into your inner thigh, marking you once again. He nuzzled your unmarked thigh and flicked his tongue before biting you there too.

“I want-” Theo rasped, “I want to make you come with just my tongue, babygirl.” You couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped your lips once again. You cursed yourself for sounding so weak. But this was Theo and that was what he did. Made people feel weak, powerless, and completely willing to do his bidding.

Theo wasted no time, slipping his tongue between your folds, and groaning at your wetness. He hummed into you, causing vibrations that gave you unimaginable pleasure. One of your hands ran through his hair, caressing and urging him on, and the other grasped the sheets that covered your mattress.

“You taste so sweet, babygirl,” Theo rasped, pulling away to gaze at you through his lashes. You almost came at the sight. Who would have thought you’d be in this position? Theo Raeken, in your room and in between your thighs, gazing at you in the most tender way.

“Theo,” you whimpered. His breath hitched at the way you said his name. You sounded so weak and innocent - vulnerable. His breathing was labored as he lowered his mouth to your clit again. His tongue got to work immediately and violating your entrance, much to your pleasure. You called out, begging for more. “God, Theo, don’t stop.” He hummed in response. Theo kept licking and sucking in the places that earned him the most moans. Your cries were music to his ears, and there was no way this was just going to be a one-time thing, even if that was your deal.

“Come on, babygirl, let go, let go.” The hoarseness of Theo’s voice and his warm breath against your clit was too much for you. You were overtaken by pleasure, white-hot pleasure and you couldn’t feel anything but. Theo smirked against your thighs, loving the fact that he had this effect on you. Your hand tangle in his dark roots, pulling harshly at his hair. Your hips thrust upwards to his mouth, grinding violently into his face. And he didn’t mind one bit.

As you came down, your eyes closed, Theo could help but stare at you, pure adoration evident in his expression. As your eyes fluttered open, Theo was already picking his clothes up off the floor. The soreness hit you as you propped yourself up on your elbows to watch the beautiful boy prepare to leave you. There was an ache in your heart (as well as your stomach) as he got dressed and adjusted his clothes. He left his hair alone, which was tousled from where you had tugged at it and ran your fingers through it. Theo glanced at you again, looking younger in the moonlight that streamed through your window, almost innocent. Almost. He strode over to you, caressed your cheek gently, and lowered his lips to yours. His goodbye kiss took longer than he anticipated, as he was drunk on you. He sucked your bottom lip into his mouth and bit down. It wasn’t just a goodbye kiss. It was a promise. You would see him again.

Theo forced himself to pull away from you, and hearing you catch your breath almost made him prep for another round. But he didn’t. He pulled his bottom lip between his teeth and smirked, before leaving you lying in your bed, naked, and barely able to move.