Story time! My great grandfather was in the Resistance during the war (he was part of the FFI, French Forces of the Interior). He got arrested by french officers in May 1944, managed to escape from Loos-lès-Lille’s prison on July 14th (pretty badass), but was found back a dozen days later. 

He was shot on August 16th, 1944 at Seclin Fort.

So here are some researches for a possible adaptation of the farewell letter he wrote before dying. There is still more to come :)

Bethany Christian Services, an adoption agency, has received 81 children from the border (one article states they are babies). Bethany says they are committed to reuniting families. Why were these babies transplanted from the Mexico border to Michigan? How did Bethany get involved? How do they plan on reuniting these babies? Why are these babies placed with a private adoption agency? Since WHEN has any adoption agency helped facilitate reunification and family preservation when their salaries LITERALLY rely on the fees collected by getting children for families who want them. Please answer Bethany Christian Services - THE WORLD IS WATCHING.