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A Typical Fujoshi Night
  • You: *17 different tabs open (including fanfictions, yaoi, AMVs, cosplay, fandom networking site, fanart, etc) and BL playing on the t.v*
  • Parents: Go to bed!
  • You: (sighing) I guess it is time for the bed to go...

“you win if there’s a change in hyungsik’s face” ; part.1 ailee vers.
{ivy vers.}

What house is your Uranus in? Uranus can represent freedom in the house it occupies. It also can show where brilliance could be and how you could use that to help people but there can’t be any expectations. As Uranus can also turn things upside down. Never a dull moment in the house Uranus resides.

🌟"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star” 🌟F.N

Uranus in the 1st House~ Behavioral freedom. Do what you want and when you want to do it. You must resist the expectations of people within just about any given situation. This also means that you must have zero expectations when it comes to life itself. Just live and let live. Experiment and see what happens. Your role in life is of the livewire, capable of doing anything and at anytime.

Uranus in the 2nd House~ Financial freedom. Make your own money in the way you want to make it. Do not give into pressures to try and hold down a predictable way of making income. Find experimental, unique ways to earn money and also stay detached from a boring obsession with the material. This attitude will manifest a greater cash flow in your life, boosting your overall pleasure and self-esteem.

Uranus in the 3rd House~ Intellectual freedom. You are truly being pushed to think for yourself and in an unusual manner. Your mind can feel like it’s undergoing an endless brainstorm, filling you with all sorts of exciting ideas. Share these ideas openly with others, even if they think they’re weird, shocking, or unacceptable. Be that independent thinker; the kind of conversationalist who electrifies others.

Uranus in the 4th House~ Private freedom. You are only going to feel safe and supported when your personal space is turned upside down. Home is not home for you unless things are quite eccentric and crazy. But, there is a very comfortable rhythm to this madness and you thrive on it, even if it unnerves your loved ones. Behind closed doors, you are a maverick and often feel like the odd one out in your family.

Uranus in the 5th House~ Creative freedom. When you live in the moment, you completely throw the rule book out the window. Your creative energy is quite rebellious and unconventional. You possess a detached sort of passion that can stand back and coolly observe the drama of life unfold, all while still getting heatedly involved. You’re very hot-and-cold in matters of the heart, needing a lot of loving space.

Uranus in the 6th House~ Constructive freedom. You want to get things done in your own unusual way, experimenting with various routines. There is a method to your madness or a madness to your method, which can confuse others. You may seem to “wing it” even when you’re really calculated or vice versa. You will rebel against others’ advice unless it’s truly practical and has been tested as being so by you.

Uranus in the 7th House~ Relational freedom. In your personal connections with other people, you do not want to be controlled or suffocated. You are looking for a real give-and-take of independence and tolerance in love and friendship. You make for a rather eccentric companion and are attracted to eccentric companions. The approval of others in terms of your friends and lovers means nothing to you.

Uranus in the 8th House~ Profound freedom. When you go deep with someone or with yourself, you do not judge whatever is exposed. This makes you very tolerant when being intimate or introspective. But, you might sometimes thrive on the chaos of the darkness. You may remain detached and nonchalant about your emotional issues. But, you are also brilliantly capable of being your own therapist.

Uranus in the 9th House~ Philosophical freedom. You must develop a moral compass that is not reliant on anyone else’s issues. You can rebel against the convictions of others by insisting on your own. It’s liberating and inspiring for you to not have to follow a typical path in life. You are on your own unpredictable journey, so you must become this explorer who welcomes the weirdness around the corner.

Uranus in the 10th House~ Professional freedom. It is your mission to make a living and a calling out of being a free spirit. You have to pursue the goals in life that you really think are worthwhile, instead of surrendering to society’s expectations, building your reputation as a nonconformist. Career success will be highly unexpected, in its coming and going. Your ideal profession feels like an endless experiment.

Uranus in the 11th House~ Universal freedom. You are not just freeing yourself but freeing everyone around you. By releasing all expectations, you’re not only welcoming the random, unusual elements of life your way but giving others free reign to be individuals. This makes you a full-on individual in all of your quirkiness. Yet, you are an excellent collaborator, with a very progressive, brilliant view of the big picture.

Uranus in the 12th House~ Spiritual freedom. You must detach from conventional expectations of humanity and the Higher Power, understanding how weird we all can be and how unpredictable the Universe is. Your own eccentricities work in mysterious ways, through a genius insight into alternative forms of spirituality, wild and erratic fantasies/dreams, and/or artistic talents that are from another planet.

by: Wayman Stewart


The 4 Dangerous Syndromes of Coping with Trump

With Donald Trump as president, some of you may be tempted to succumb to one of the following 4 syndromes. Please don’t.

1. Normalizer Syndrome. You want to believe Trump is just another president – more conservative than most, but one who will make rational decisions. You’re under a grave delusion. Trump and his ultra-conservative cabinet pose a clear and present danger to America and the world.

2. Outrage Numbness Syndrome. You are no longer outraged by what Trump says or does because you’ve gone numb. You can’t conceive that someone like this is our President so you’ve shut down emotionally. Maybe you’ve even stopped reading the news. Please get back in touch and re-engage with what’s happening.  

3 Cynical Syndrome. You’ve become so cynical about the whole system – the Democrats who gave up on the working class, the Republicans who suppressed votes around the country, the media that gave Trump free air time, the establishment that rigged the system – that you say the hell with it. Let Trump do his worst. Well, you need to wake up. It can get a lot worse.

4. Helpless Syndrome. You aren’t in denial. You know that nothing about this is normal and you desperately want to do something to prevent what’s about to occur. But you don’t know what to do. You feel utterly helpless, powerless and immobilized.

Instead of falling prey to one of these syndromes, I urge you to take action – demonstrate, make a ruckus, join with others, demand your members of congress also resist, commit yourself to changing American politics.

Fighting Trump will empower you. And with that power you will not only to minimize the damage, but also get this nation and the world back on the course it must be on.

We need you in the peaceful resistance.

“You slept with Superman ?” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Just an idea that popped in my head right at that instant, and that I needed to write before it got away. Written in less than 10 minutes, just a short thing, but I hope you’ll still like it. Boom : 

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It took you approximately three and a half seconds to realize something was wrong with Bruce. You had no idea why, but he was clearly not happy. 

Not the “I’m Batman, I’m broody and dark” kind of “unhappiness”. The “I’m being a child about something but I won’t tell you what” kind. He was visibly pouting, and when you went to him to kiss his lips softly, he didn’t respond. 

He just kept staring at the bat computer and ignoring you. You could have been worried…did he stop loving you ? Was he slowly drifting away from you ? You could have…But you knew better. 

It wasn’t the first time he acted that way. It wasn’t the first time at all.

 And as you pulled away after he didn’t respond to your kiss, and he avoided your gaze, you just knew. 

Yup. Something was definitely bothering him, and he was being a brat about it. He was acting like a kid whose parents refused to buy him an ice cream, and now, he wasn’t talking to them anymore…At least for a few minutes. Because just like a kid to his parents, Bruce couldn’t resist talking to you for very long. 

You tried to remember what you could have done to make him be pouty like that…But nothing comes to your mind. You didn’t use your sass, sarcasm and wits on him lately, you didn’t make him jealous on purpose, you didn’t ate Alfred’s last cookie…What was it ?

You stay in the cave with him for a while, deciding to leave him calm down (for whatever reason he needed to calm down), and thank God your sons were getting down the stairs. 

You went to talk to them, and you could see Bruce looking at you guys sideways, acting as if your laughter didn’t annoy and intrigue him. 

Dick looks at his father, and, shaking his head turns to you : 

-Oh mom, what have you done for him to pout like a damn child ? 

-That’s the thing Dickie, I can’t remember doing anything. And I usually do remember…So…yeah, I’m clueless too. 

And you guys tried to figure out what you could have possible done…but just couldn’t find anything.

When your children left for their nightly patrol, and Bruce stayed behind (it was suppose to be his night off, but it seemed he had no intention on going back up with you and just enjoy some time together…this wouldn’t do), you decide to finally break the silence.

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How To Get Toned

Getting toned is something almost everyone aims for. The problem is many people have misconceptions about how this is done. Let me tell you exactly how to go about getting toned.

DIET - I’ll just cover diet quickly. Basically you have to make sure you are eating healthy foods, and counting your calories and macros. When you are trying to gain muscle you need to be in a caloric surplus (eating more than you burn off), and when you are trying to lose fat you need to be in a caloric deficit (eating less than you burn off). As far as macros go, find out what works best for you and stick to that. For some people it’s high protein, moderate carbs, and moderate fat. For others it’s high fat, low carbs, and moderate protein. For some it’s 0 carb, high fat, and moderate protein. Do what works for you. For protein, try to base your diet around lean meats (chicken, fish, turkey, etc.). For carbohydrates, eat mostly complex carbs (whole grains, brown rice, sweet potato, etc.) with some simple carbs only in the morning and after workouts. For fat, keep the saturated fats to a limited amount, and eliminate trans fat altogether. Focus on unsaturated fats (almonds, olive oil, peanut oil, avocados, etc.)

RESISTANCE TRAINING - When it comes to your workouts, you MUST include resistance training. Do something that breaks down muscle in order to build more muscle. The reason for this is simple: if you do not build muscle or at least maintain muscle when trying to lose weight, you will simply lose fat and muscle and become a smaller version of yourself. Aside from resistance training burning calories and giving you the afterburn effect (burns calories after you have done it), it also gives you muscle and definition. There are people who do not want to work out in fear that they will look “bulky” or “big”. The reality is that it takes a lot of hard work to get big, and it does not happen accidently. What gaining muscle will do is give you a toned, shaped look, and will allow you to burn more calories at rest.

CARDIO - Cardio is not just important for strengthening the heart and making you a healthier person. It is also very important for burning calories. Typically it is much easier to burn more calories doing cardio than with just lifting alone. Obviously burning calories will allow you to eat more and will help you get to a caloric deficit. Cardio is best done in the morning on an empty stomach or after a workout, with low to moderate intensity. When doing high intensity cardio such as high intensity interval training, do it after getting a few meals in so that you can put forth your full effort and not make yourself light headed or sick.

This post was a little bit about both losing weight and getting toned, but the point I am trying to make is that you must do all three of the things I highlighted if you want to look good. Do not neglect resistance training as it is your ticket to getting toned. Likewise, do not skip cardio or let your diet go, as you just won’t lose weight that way, and it will have detrimental effects on your overall health. Do all three of these things and you will reach your fitness goals in no time. Hope this helps!


“The Force Awakens: Rey’s Story” (pub. Feb 2016) 

This book is written entirely in Rey’s POV so there are no scenes of Finn saving Poe or anything, but I do like that this gives us more room for Rey’s thoughts and feelings. 

What’s neat is that there are passages here that are not present in either the adult novelization or the junior novel, like when Maz questions Rey further about her family after her force vision. Strangely, this book is missing the mysterious “I’ll come back, sweetheart. I promise.” line that’s in the other adaptations

Some highlights:

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A/N: Request from anon. I love the thought of vampire!Kylo so much, seriously. So… there we go. The darker the better, right? ;-)

6th October: My possession. 👤 | feat. Kylo Ren

Words: 2459
Warnings: vampire!Kylo, abduction, mentions of violence, blood play, smut, non-con

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Okay so, y'all know the splitting of the sea, right?

How everyone just sat there in total miserable complacency until one guy, ONE GUY, stepped forward into the sea, and that’s what split it? That’s what allowed the Jews to move forward, to succeed?

That’s activism. If you don’t stand up, you can’t trust someone else to do. No matter how little support, no matter how complacent others are, you MUST walk into the water. You know with all your heart and soul that the sea WILL split. Everyone else might say it’s impossible, but you know it and you are doing it. That’s how activism must be. That’s how resistance must be. You have to push it, you must reject complacency. Complacent and fear lead to nothing but defeat and death. Stepping up and moving towards your vision even if the vision isn’t there yet, that’s the only way to get your vision to manifest.

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I love your hero/villain prompts!!!! If it's not getting too boring, could you please give us some of the villain being cruelly loving to the hero like in the short prompt posted a little bit ago? (It's not fair of them to make you fight me) Thank you so much!!!

For reference, this prompt here because I am now mentally writing these next prompts as a sort of continuation/general same verse of the first prompt scenario. And I am never bored of interesting villain/hero or antagonist/protagonist dynamics - I’m bored of not being able to find them done well in books to a level that satisfies my reading cravings. It’s a hard life. 

1) “I said that’s enough now.” The villain caught hold of the hero’s wrists as they tried to keep fighting, tossing their weapon aside, before drawing them close. Arms wrapping around them in an embrace that may have been comforting if it didn’t have the unyielding restraint of shackles. “There we go, easy now. You’ve been hurt enough for one day.”

Thrashing against the hold did nothing but exhaust the hero, and eventually they sagged.They sank together to the ground in a tangle of limbs, rocking slightly. You hurt me, they wanted to scream. This is your fault. 

Shh,” the villain murmured - warned, they didn’t even know anymore. “It’s enough. You’ve done more than enough, you’ve fought so bravely, but just listen to me. There’s no shame in surrendering and living another day, alright?”

2) “If you really thought I couldn’t win you wouldn’t be trying so hard to stop me!” the hero snapped. “To make me doubt myself!”

“I’m trying to stop you because you’re going to kill yourself trying to fight me if I don’t,” the villain replied. “They’ll make you feel like you have to, and then take me breaking you as proof of my evil in the world. But we can’t keep doing this every time…” They began to advance. “You begged me to let you go, I did, here we are again and look at you. They clearly can’t take care of you. You deserve better.”

3) There was something to be said about power and pleasure. Any moron could inflict pain, for all the power it gave to them and certainly pain could be a useful tool - but it wasn’t this. The villain stroked their fingers over the back of the hero’s neck, kneading out the corded tension and dissolving it with the same gentle steadiness as they dissolved all other resistance.
“Poor thing,” the villain said. “Just relax, you must be so tired. So confused. So hurt, hm?”
Humans were never designed to fight what felt good to them. Pleasure had someone who was expecting a fight as disorientated as a baby bird that just hit glass. To make someone who loathed you melt in your hands..the rush of power was intoxicating. 

Breaking Point / Montgomery de la Cruz

Words: 1441

You didn’t want to be at Bryce Walkers’s house. You would prefer to be literally anywhere but there right now.

Despite your reservations, you had given into your boyfriend who spent all day trying to convince you to join him and your friends tonight.

You hadn’t felt like yourself for a while now, you’d started to have some terrible feelings rise within you whenever you shut your eyes. Something wasn’t right, everything just felt wrong.

Your body was numb most of the time and you knew something was happening inside your head-something was trying to get out, be unleashed or unlocked, you couldn’t put in into words.

Trying to explain it to Monty…that just wasn’t working. Whether it was the way you had tried to word what was going on or simply his disinterest-it just wasn’t getting through to him that you weren’t yourself.

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Can I have bts reaction when their GF whip their makeup and doing for them face treatment after they came exhausted from award show?

Ofc, thanks for requesting!

He’d be so grateful, just smiling at you as you busy yourself around him. You’d have to tell him to stop grinning at you because he’d mess up the sheet mask you had put on him.
‘You are truly a blessing, Y/N.’

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He’d try and insist to do everything his self, and he’d keep trying to get up until you sat on his lap to keep him still. He’d eventually give up and would pull you back to his lap when you went to get up.
‘You’re the best jagi, I love you.’

Originally posted by mean-suga

He’d probably want to go straight to sleep when he got home, but you’d promise you’d come and cuddle him in bed after you were done, and that was enough motivation to do as you asked.
‘Thank you jagi, now come and fulfil your promise.’

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He’d try and act like he wasn’t tired, but you knew that he was faking when you saw him yawn in the reflection of your mirror as you were getting products. Your touch relaxed him and he ended up letting you do everything.
‘Ah, you really are my angel.’

Originally posted by jhope-shi

He’d resist the most, thinking that you must be tired as well and trying to do it all himself. You pouted cutely, makeup wipes in hand and he caved (he’d always been weak for your aegyo.)
‘You should have let me do it.. but thank you princess.’

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He wouldn’t try and stop you, but insist he do the same for you after you finished, and no matter how hard you protested that he needed sleep, you ended up taking a cute sheet mask selca together.
‘Ahh, we look so cute! Good idea of yours jagi.’

Originally posted by kimthwriter

He’d huff about how you were ‘treating him like a baby,’ but he’d let you do whatever you wanted and later apologised about how he acted, saying his tiredness got to him.
‘I can do that myself, jagi! I’ll do it…’

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How Far I’ll Go

A/N: Thanks to @memento-scribet and @uncpanda for encouraging me to go rogue and write this one despite having other fics to write. I’m glad I did! 

Prompt: This one’s shamelessly based on ‘How Far I’ll Go’ and ‘Where You Are’ from Moana. The reader is Bruce’s half-Atlantean daughter who he keeps away from the ocean. The ocean has always called to her and she had no idea why until her father finally comes clean as to who she is. 

“I thought I’d find you up here.” Dick said startling. You let out a shriek and almost fell out of the tree branch you were sitting perched on but Dick reached out and stabilized you.

“Don’t sneak up on me like that asshole!” You cried punching your brother square in the chest. He flinched and rubbed the sore spot that you had just created.

Ow! It’s not my fault you were too in your own little world to hear me coming. I was calling your name for like five minutes before I spotted you.” He replied defensively. “What are you even doing up here anyway?” He asked.

“Just thinking.” You sighed and turned your gaze back out to what had your mind preoccupied. From high up in this tree you had the perfect little nook that gave you a clear view of Gotham City and the rivers surrounding the island that flowed into the wide blue ocean that expanded beyond the bay. You often stared at the sun’s blinding glint across the water’s surface and wondered what lay below it’s depths.  The line where the sky met the sea seemed to call out to you but you never knew how you could answer that call. You were absolutely mesmerized by the ocean but it was the one place that alway seemed to be kept just outside of your reach.

“Earth to [Y/N].” Dick called waving his hand in front of your eyes. “You disappeared again.”

“Sorry.” You mumbled.

“Well anyway, Dad wants to talk to you. You should probably go inside.” Dick said before climbing down the tree. He stopped at the base of the tree and looked back up to you. “Are you coming?” He called up. You took one last glance towards the sparkling sea before descending from the tree.

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t get your panties in a wad.”

“You wanted to see me Dad?” You asked, peeking your head into the study where he was working on some paperwork. Your dad glanced up and smiled proudly at you. He set his paperwork down and rounds the desk before putting his hands firmly on your shoulders and gazing directly in your eyes.

“[Y/N], you are my daughter and I would stop at nothing to keep you safe but I think it’s time you knew the truth about our family.” He said leading you towards the tall grandfather clock.

You’re heart sped up, absolutely sure that this would be the moment that your father finally opened up and talked about your mother. For as long as you could remember he would always avoid talking about her and when you asked he quickly changed the subject. You loved your father but you had an undeniable desire to know about the missing half of you.

Your father reached out and opened up glass protecting the clock face and moved the hands of the clock to a specific time. The old clock rung once before it swung open to reveal a dark passageway.

This was not what you were expecting.

Your father motioned for you to follow him down the passage and you apprehensively stepped into the dark corridor. When you reached the end of the corridor it opened up into a large cavern that was covered with platforms that held everything above the water below. You took in your surroundings noticing everything from the supercomputer to the cars and the giant T-Rex. In the corner you saw a row of display cases that held costumes that were emblazoned with a familiar bat insignia that often lit up the night sky above Gotham without fail each night. Your father is …

“Batman.” You whispered. “You’re Batman.” You stated. Your father nodded once and placed his hand on your shoulder.

“I should have told you sooner, I know. I wanted to keep you out of this world for as long as possible but I think it’s time you are allowed to make your own choices.” He said. “You and your siblings are Gotham’s future, [Y/N]. Your brothers have chosen to walk this path with me and if you decide that this is what you want I will gladly teach you everything I know.”

“You mean I would become …?” You trailed off not really sure what this meant for your future and what your father was offering.

“What you become is up to you. I won’t be around forever, I am just giving you the foundation to become the hero that this world will one day need.” Your father explained. Your heart swelled at the honor that was being shown to you. It was clear now that this was a rite of passage for your family, a rite that all your brothers had gone through. A swell of pride filled your chest to be trusted with the family’s greatest secret.

“I won’t let you down, Dad.” You promised.

“I know you won’t.”

Did she say yes yet?” You heard a voice whisper from a nearby corner.

I can’t hear if you keep talking dumbass.” Another voice retorted.  

Oh my god guys! Shut up! You’re going to get us caught.

“-Tt- Amateurs.” Damian sneered at the corner where your brothers were clearly hiding.

Your training started almost immediately after being brought into the fold. After everything settled down again you felt disappointed that you were trusted with this secret but yet your father still refused to tell you about your mother. It felt unfair to you.

Being the newest family member to join the effort you were often relegated to monitor duty. You didn’t mind it so much because you soon figured out that the Batcomputer had classified files on just about anything you could think of. On a particularly slow night your curiosity got the better of you and you typed in your own name into the database. The computer pulled up your file which had just about anything you could know about you (you had hoped it would have something that even you didn’t know). Your eyes scanned for anything that could possible do with where you came from.

Mother: [REDACTED]

The words stared down tauntingly at you from the bright monitor. Frustration and anger welled up inside of you. Why didn’t he trust you with this? What was your father hiding?

Before you could do any more digging on the subject matter you heard the Batmobile roaring into the entrance of the cave. You quickly closed out of the files you were looking at and attempted to calm your expression so that you didn’t look as enraged as you felt.

“Slow night?” You asked as your father stepped out of the Batmobile.

“It’s the calm before the storm.” He grumbled.

After discovering that your mother’s name had been redacted from your file you later tried to ask your father about your mother again. He gave you a hard frown, not saying anything on the matter except, “[Y/N], in time you’ll learn just as I did that you must find happiness right where you are. Whatever reason you have for pushing this, drop it. It will only bring you pain.” He then walked away, leaving it at that.

Your heart deflated at your father’s words and you resigned yourself to never finding out who you truly were.  You had a family and a role here so maybe it was time that accepted things for what they were. Your mother had never been in your life and if your father was so resistant to tell you anything there must have been a reason to shield you from her. She would never be in your life and it was time for you to accept that fact. But then why did it still feel like you would never feel complete without at least knowing who she was?

“[Y/N], I want to show you something.” Your father said almost a year into your training. You were well on your way to stepping into the role that your father saw for you and you were eager to prove your worth. In the time since you had been relegated to monitor duty you honed your skills and carved your place by your brother’s sides. You were easily finding your future by your family’s side but you still could help but to feel you didn’t quite belong as well as you should.

“What is it?” You asked curiously.

“You’ll see. Suit up and follow me.” He instructed. You quickly dawned your mask, changed into your uniform and followed your father to whatever he had in store for you.

As it would turn out, your father was taking you to a place that very few ever had the privilege to even see: The Watchtower. You were completely in awe of the place, it was everything you imagined it would be and more.

“Oh wow…” You breathed looking out the observatory window that overlooked Earth. You were astounded by the sight. The oceans were a deep sapphire with scattered swirling white clouds obscuring the view of the surface. The continents you once thought large and expansive now seemed like small islands isolated in a sea of blue and white.

“Amazing isn’t it?” Your father said, admiring the view right alongside you.

“It’s funny, I’ve seen this pictures of this view countless times but nothing beats seeing it with your own eyes.” You said, not able to take your eyes off the sight. Even from this far away the ocean still seemed to enrapture you.

“My thoughts exactly.” Your father chuckled. “Come on, there are some people I’d like for you to meet.” Your father said guiding you away from the window. You looked back over your shoulder to steal one last glance at the sight before you turned your head back and allowed yourself to be led into the Justice League’s meeting chambers.

Your father spent a while showing you around the Watchtower and introducing you to various people. They were all kind and friendly in greeting you. You were quite honestly starstruck in meeting a few of the heros that your father introduced you to but none had you more starstruck more than meeting Aquaman in the flesh.

“Hello. It’s good to meet you again after all these years. The last time I saw you you were just a little guppy.”  Aquaman greeted, extending his hand out to you. You took hold of his hand and eagerly shaked it.

“It’s such an honor to meet you, your highness! I think you are just amazing! What’s Atlantis like? Does the kingdom span across the whole ocean or is it just isolated cities? Oh! What are the cities like? I bet they’re just spectacular!” You said, talking a mile a minute. Aquaman chuckled at your excited line of questioning. Your father gave you a hard warning look which immediately resulting in the end of the questions you had wondered all your life.

“Sorry.” You apologized rubbing the back of your neck sheepishly.

“You’re curious, no shame in that.” Aquaman dismissed. Your father’s eyes narrowed at him. If Aquaman had been anyone else, your father’s hard glare would have reduced him to a puddle of fear. Aquaman looked at your father curiously. “You haven’t told her?”

“We should be going.” Your father said taking your arm and leading you out of the room. You looked back over your shoulder at Aquaman, you still had so many questions for him. Before your father could lead you out of the room, Wonder Woman stepped into his path.

“A word?” She requested. She looked at you briefly before clarifying “Alone?”

Your dad glanced at you hesitantly before nodding curtly. “Make this quick.” He said before disappearing with Wonder Woman. When your father was gone Aquaman reappeared by your side.

“Stubborn and prideful, as always.” He said shaking his head sadly.  “It’s not my place to tell you what he should have shared with you all along but just remember when the time comes you are your father’s daughter. Mind what he says but remember if a voice is calling out to you to follow where your heart leads, that voice is who you are.” Aquaman said, placing a hand on your shoulder. His words resonated deep in your heart but how could he possibly know what you had never dared to tell anyone before?

“I-I don’t understand.” You stuttered.

“You will in time, young guppy.” He offered, patting your shoulder gently. Your father returned from his meeting with Wonder Woman, Aquaman excused himself and your father quickly led you back home. When you got back to the cave, your father pushed off his cowl and sighed. He braced himself with both hands on the table and bowed his head.

“How much did he tell you?” He asked, his voice sounding defeated.

“Nothing! What’s going on? Everyone’s talking in riddles around me and honestly it’s pissing me off!” You cried in frustration. Your father didn’t answer you and turned to walk towards the Batcomputer. He pulled out the chair from the desk and collapsed into it with a sigh. He hung his head in his hands and rubbed his face.

“It was stupid of me to think I could keep this from your for forever.” He said, leaning back in the chair and sighing. “You aren’t from this world, [Y/N], not entirely. Your mother was Atlantean. When you were born she left you on my doorstep and went back to the sea without ever looking back. I’m sorry I thought I could protect you if I kept you in the dark.” Your father confessed.

So there it was. After all these years, there was your truth.

The truth wasn’t as satisfying as you thought it would be. To come to find out that the reason you didn’t have a mother was because she didn’t want you in the first place? It hurt. And to find out that you didn’t even belong in the world that you had grown up in made your heart ache. So much about you made sense now but you wished your truth was different, you wished you could feel more satisfied.

You tried to search for the words you wanted to say but came up empty. You wanted nothing more than to run as far as you could and just keep running so that’s what you did. You got on one of the motorcycles stored in the cave and raced to the only place that had ever provided you with solitude. You raced through the city until you finally came to a beach on the outskirts of the city that overlooked the ocean.

You walked along the rocky beach looking out towards the line where the sky meets the sea. The glint off the water and the crash of the waves against the shore calmed you. You took your shoes off and threw them to the side and stepped up to the water’s edge and let the cold sea water wash over your toes. You let your eyes slip close and just enjoyed the sounds of the water and the cries of the gulls.

You opened your eyes back open and looked longingly out to the water. Knowing what you knew now you wondered where your home truly was. Was it here with your family where you knew you would never quite belong or was it somewhere in the unfamiliar depths of the ocean that had always called out to you?

You had been standing at the edge of the water for as long as you could remember never knowing why the sea called out to you. Now you knew but if anything that only strengthened the draw. You wished you could be the perfect daughter, the human daughter, that your father hoped you would become. You desperately wanted to be the daughter he could trust would one day fill his shoes to protect the surface but doubt filled you. Would you always turn back to the water? Was that where you truly longed to be, even if you would be met with an empty ocean?

Everyone in your family had their role. They were happy with their role. So why couldn’t you find it within yourself to accept yours? Would you ever be satisfied in playing along when the voice inside you pulled you elsewhere?

“What’s wrong with me?” You sobbed dropping to your knees in the water. You dug your fingers into the sand below you as the water soaked through to your skin. Your tears flowed down your cheeks and dropped to mix with the salt water of the sea.

You were so confused. You had no idea what your place in this world was now.

Warm soothing arms wrapped around your shoulders and pulled you to a strong chest. You let out a sob and wrapped your arms tightly around your father, not ever wanting to let go. As you sobbed against him, he soothingly stroked your hair and rocked you.

“I’m so sorry.” He whispered, his voice thick with painful emotion.

“Who am I?” You choked out. You father smiled sadly and  lifted your chin, pushing a lock of hair away from your face and behind your ear.

“Only you can answer that, [Y/N].” He said. He then pulled something out of his pocket and slipped it into your hand. You looked down at the object to see a wide gold bracelet that had intricate swirls and waves curling around it. At the top of the band was a silver shell imbedded in the gold. “This was your mother’s, it was all she left with you when she left you in my care.”

“It’s beautiful.” You admired, running your fingers along the gentle curves and turns of the design.

“You’re a part of both world’s, [Y/N]. As much as I always wanted to keep you safe here on the surface I understand if you feel the desire to go out there and find out who you are destined to be.” Your father said. “I was the same way when I was your age.” He smiled bittersweetly. Tears welled you up in your eyes and you constricted your arms around your father in a tight hug.

“If I go there’s no telling how far I’ll go.” You whispered into his chest.

“I know.” he replied. “Just …  promise me you’ll come back home when you figure out what it is that you want.” He requested, unshed tears glimmering in his own eyes.

“I promise Dad.” You swore tearfully.

“I will always be proud of you [Y/N]. I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for.” He said gently cradling your cheek. You knew it must have been hard for him to give you up like this and it was equally hard for you to leave but your heart told you that you had to do this. You had to find what’s beyond that line that you have yet to cross.

One day soon, you’ll find out how far you’ll go.

How the heck did I make that Ahsoka Tano headpiece??? A tutorial with lots and lots of pictures

Hey! So I liked have gotten some messages about how I made my headpieces for my Clone Wars season 3-5 Ahsoka cosplay.

Message no more (well actually keep messaging if you want, I like getting messages) because here it is, all in one place! Be warned, there are tons of pictures below the cut~

Ahsoka Tano, Clone Wars Season 3-5 Headpiece: Lekku (headtails) and Montrals (horns)

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