Exploring Resi’s anthro look c:

She’s pretty fluid and I like her that way because I can draw her any way I want depending on my mood or just whatever kind of drawing I want to do. Oh and her eyes are either black or teal/turquoise depending on how realistic you want to be    


Just figuring out how Resirie’s arms/wings are going to look like. Her arms will change depending on what situation or mood she’s in.

She can be drawn like a normal crow. I might try to draw a more human version of her as well

So I’m thinking of making this crow my sona character. I had a hard time deciding what animal or creature I wanted but I finally settled on a crow. She’s a hooded crow with inverted markings. 

Currently her name is Resirie which doesn’t mean anything. Its just a name that’s been swimming around in my head for a while and I like the sound of it. If a better name comes up I might change it.

Oh and she’s also going to have an anthro-ish form      

Since I’ve been doing some traditional paintings I wanted to give digital painting a go since I always rely so much on just colouring sketches. You can still see quite a lot of the sketch in this but at least it’s a step out of my comfort zone c:

Also using this as my header

Resirie doodle

Figuring out her anthro form. And I just realised her beak is too long oops.

I guess she could have these feathery arms but I could switch to more winglike ones if I wanted to draw her flying or something.

Since she’s a sona and not like my normal characters I could be pretty fluid about her design. Just make her more crow like or anthro depending on my mood c: