The grump is 2 years old today! This day also marks my two years in the BJD hobby.
Alistair is a very special doll to me and he’s one that is always going to stay.

He is a WS ResinSoul Gang on a WS Doll Family-A Gen 3 body.
Eyes: Ersa Flora 16mm “Deep Love”
Shirt: Alice’s Collections
Wig: made by me

Been a little productive today, yay me?! Got busy sewing a pair of sweatpants for Darren along with finding him another, quite nicely fitting wig as well and had to snap a quick picture. He’ll have a white long sleeve tee and some knit shirt of a kind to go with this, but that won’t be before tomorrow. I think he’s rather pleased, and he was half the pain in the ass posing which says a lot when it’s a RS body, but hey, I’d be too if I had had to wear some ill fitting pajama pants and some weird wig where only the blouse was okay'ish for I don’t know how long. Yup, he’s coming together nicely alright :D

About My BJDs

Not counting my 3D printed and clay prototypes, I have 8 BJDs. They are from many different companies, and all are legits.

I mostly collect SD boys, but I also have a YoSD and a 1/6 scale PlanetDoll girl.

Ram (2013 ResinSoul Gang in Light Tan) was my first. Shecow painted his faceup.  Ram’s face is super cute and dorky in real life— but his resting bitchface comes out in photos!

Darcy (2008 Bobobie Weylin in NS) was my second BJD.Himi*Mo painted his faceup. I bought him secondhand in bad condition, and spent a year cleaning, restringing, and restoring this sculpt– except I didn’t de-yellow him. His face sculpt is the most expressive I’ve ever seen in person, and changes a lot depending on the light! Darcy is my “favorite,” and a very good doll.

Reza is my 4th BJD, and Himi*Mo painted his face. Although he is 100% legit (all my dolls are), I am not listing his manufacturer because I do not recommend buying their dolls. I kept him because of his angry, sinister face! :)

Laurel (est. 2013 Aidoll / Customhouse Laura in NS) is my 5th BJD. Shecow painted his faceup. Laurel was my first Korean BJD, and I got him by accident. I never thought I’d be able to afford a Korean SD boy. His owner sold him to me at a discount because she expected “Laura” to be a girl— not a boy. I bought him immediately. He is not only male, but surprisingly buff! I just love him, and feel that he’s the prettiest sculpt in my collection. I love Korean BJDs!

Ramiel (2005 Customhouse Ramiel Petite Ai 2015 in NS). Ramiel needs a better photo! She is a 30cm YoSD, and I almost never photograph her because I always end up playing with her. I didn’t think I’d like YoSDs, but I now think there is a Yo out there for everyone. They are wonderful!

Not all my dolls are listed here… I’ll try to add more as I take pics.

‘May I kiss you?’ He asked, looking down into light blue pools slowly intertwining his fingers with the smaller guys. Lips opening up into a smile, a small nod and a whispered confirmation of ‘yes’, he leaned in capturing the pink lips in front of him in a sweet lingering kiss.

Darren doesn’t entirely see why Taffy is so infatuated with him, nor why he insists on clinging to him just about 28x9. But as time passes, the less he cares and the more he wants the guy to cling for dear life to him and never let go.

Oh look, I did a meme.  Dolls pictured are Bates (Resinsoul Gang), Amaryllis (Resinsoul Ling), and Princeling (Be With You Grape).  Oddly enough, Bates is white skin and Amaryllis is normal skin, but the lighting almost makes them look reversed!  Another thing to note is that Bobobie/Resinsoul has changed their normal skin formula so that the resin has pink undertones instead of yellow.  

Meet Darren, an RS Gang head. Got him some 2 years back, he was bought for the sole purpose of being a practice head and his body being used for another of my floating heads. I never saw anything in him until about a year back, even had the intentions of selling him off. That weren’t to be so. He’s still without a face-up as he never did reveal much of how he looked so he stayed blank. Not that he doesn’t look nice like this either.

He can be quite the opinionated jerk, he was terribly much so to start with, but I guess the guys around here have told him a thing or two that got him to either shut up or loosen up. Don’t know which and I’m kinda glad he’s come down to earth some.

I need to find him some better fitting eyes, the ones he’s wearing is 16mm and are a tiny bit too small so I think 18mm will fit him just fine. Going to go find some at KanisAugen and order some with both small iris and pupil in one of their blue colour variations. Also just placed an order for a wig for the guy, and do those RS SD-dolls have small heads. 

Just hope it will fit him size-wise, it should fit him just fine. It’s such a nice colour and love the style, bet he’ll get to look just gorgeous in this, face-up and all.