The whole crew!

I just started collecting this year, with my sweet Maura arriving in January - things got crowded so fast! I definately like the bigger sizes better, but I love my littles sooooooo much, too!

I don’t have a real direction for my collection, but I have a few dollies on my wish list that I’m slowly working at. I need bodies for Tagnnost and Lunnula (the floating heads), and I’m planning on putting a strawberry Merry Doll Round Ophelia on layaway next month. After that, I’d like to get an Ifit from Argonautica Dolls, and a Brioche from Nympheus Dolls. Also hope to one day own a Lillycat Ninon, who I count as my grail doll. One day!

For now though I’m really happy with everyone I have!

Been a little productive today, yay me?! Got busy sewing a pair of sweatpants for Darren along with finding him another, quite nicely fitting wig as well and had to snap a quick picture. He’ll have a white long sleeve tee and some knit shirt of a kind to go with this, but that won’t be before tomorrow. I think he’s rather pleased, and he was half the pain in the ass posing which says a lot when it’s a RS body, but hey, I’d be too if I had had to wear some ill fitting pajama pants and some weird wig where only the blouse was okay'ish for I don’t know how long. Yup, he’s coming together nicely alright :D

About Me (And My Dolls)

I’m writing from a quiet American farm town where I spend my days sculpting, 3D printing, drawing and knitting.

And, of course, collecting dolls! I have made several 3D printed and clay prototypes, but also own eight ball jointed dolls (BJDs) from China and Korea. Most of these are ~60cm 1/3 scale– and none of them are are recasts.

The 3D Printed Prototypes

I’m building my own doll on Blender 3D, and hope to cast it in resin (eventually.) The prototypes do not have official names, just version numbers. For short, I call them “V1,” “V2,” etc. I adore these guys :D!

Ram (2013 ResinSoul Gang in Light Tan)

Faceup by SheCow

Ram was my first BJD! He gets strong reactions. Someone once referred to Gang as the “ugliest” BJD ever made, and another decapitated him on sight. But these incidents also gave this sculpt free publicity– many people bought him afterward, including yours truly :D! In any case, I think he’s cute.

Character-wise, Ram is the “quiet one.” And although people say that those are the to to look out for, Ram is perfectly harmless.

Darcy (2008 Bobobie Weylin in NS)

Faceup by Himi*Mo

I purchased Darcy and Ram at the same time. Unlike Ram, Darcy is conventionally cute (as far as large male BJDs go, anyway)– but came to me in bad condition from a secondhand seller. The day he arrived, I restrung his body and set off on a year-long process of cleaning, styling, and restoring this sculpt (Himi*Mo painted his face!)

During that time, Darcy grew into my favorite male BJD– he is a very good doll.

Character-wise, Darcy is the mischief-maker of the group (his heart is in the right place– gone! Dolls don’t have bodily organs.)


Faceup by Himi*Mo

Ahh, the “unloved” Reza!

I bought this permanently-scowling sculpt from a fantastic secondhand seller. The angry expression stood out to me because it isn’t common to see an angry doll. Now I take him to almost every doll convention.

Character-wise, Reza is the cunning villain of the crew.

None of my dolls are recasts, but I don’t list Reza’s manufacturer because I don’t like their current business practices.

Laurel (est. 2013 Aidoll / Customhouse Laura in NS)

Faceup by SheCow

My 5th BJD– and the “fancy” part of the group.

Laurel was an accident: I wanted a large Korean BJD for many years, but couldn’t afford the $400+ pricetag. One day, I met a seller who had an un-assembled BJD kit in storage for 50% off! I bought it immediately. (This was before recasts were common.)

Thankfully, he was not a recast but one of the “forgotten” CustomHouse (CH) sculpts released between 2010 and 2015. During this time, CH temporarily outsourced production from China to Korea– with disastrous results: New sculpts had casting defects and didn’t sell well. No known recasts of Laura exist, and CH has since moved their resin casting operation back to Korea (via LUTS, which is much higher quality.)

Laurel may be a “Chinese” Korean, but he is still my first Korean doll. For a whole year, I put him on the highest shelf and hardly touched him! But today’s pretty “shelf-sitters” become the “creepy heirlooms” of tomorrow– so I’m handling him more now, to develop his style and character.

For now, Laurel is the ditzy prettyboy of my doll crew.

Emile/Emil (est. 2014 Doll Family-H DuanYu in NS Yellow)*

Faceup by OnionBulb

They say you never forget the first doll you really want. Back in 2013, I had my heart set on a Doll Family DuanYu (but purchased ResinSoul Gang instead.) Flash forward to 2015– DollFamily officially discontinues the DuanYu sculpt and I get one of the last ones by accident! I bought him on a whim, but never thought he’d be my LAST DuanYu. I don’t typically buy two of the same sculpt, but would make an exception here.

In any case, Emile stayed blank for a year until I plotted his style and character. After all, there is only one!

Character-wise, Emile is the bright heart-and-soul of my doll crew. He provides a sunny contrast to all the brooding prima donnas.

*The name has two spellings because his manufacturer has since released a baby doll with the same name, and I don’t want to confuse anyone. It’s pretty clear that my Emile isn’t a baby… hopefully? :F

Finch (est. 2014 Doll Family-H HanJing in NS Yellow)

Faceup by Kayke Knadle

Finch was a happy accident. Back in 2013, I narrowly picked DuanYu over Hanjing as my favorite DollFamily sculpt. Years later, I purchased DuanYu alone— but surprise! The seller kindly included a free HanJing head. I was over the moon! Two of my favorite heads (yee!!)

Despite that, I almost sold HanJing (!). Unlike DuanYu, HanJing looks very grumpy and old-fashioned. I already had two dolls like this– did I really need another brooding prima donna? Answer: Yes!!! And what a prima-donna he turned out to be.

I called him “Finch” because Finches have a way of finding their way home.

Ramiel (2005 CustomHouse Ramiel Petite Ai in NS)

Faceup by Rolling Pumpkin (Default Faceup)

Ramiel needs a better photo! I took this photo the week I got her, and almost never take new pictures because she lives on my desk while I paint, sculpt, sew and do other things. I never thought I’d like the ~30cm YoSD size, but now know that there is a “YO” out there for everyone. Also, the name of this blog comes from her… my name is not Ramiel!

Not all my dolls are listed here… I’ll try to add more as I take their pictures.